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When John Smyth is tasked to stealing Pandora's box with the rest of his crew his organized life is about to be turned upside down by the very woman who stole the box . Harmony Andrews who works for the immortal pirate during the day . Taking risks in investments and is a thief by night .  As they set out on an adventure into the unknown but will they survive each other with their heart intacted , 
  The characters in this story are well written you will love them . John is an immortal pirate who is well he is sexy and he has his life set up in such a way that it seems he is a little OCD  he has his life set up and organized . He is oh so hot and trust me ladies you will love him . Harmony well she is a bundle of energy .It seems like she is the female Robin Hood a thief at night but she does it for a good reason . She helps people who cant afford life saving medical procedures .  There are moments that she comes off as pushy person trying to push her deals on others . You will like her or hate her at the beginning but she does grow on you with her sassiness and her hard working attitude . The rest of the crew are back too and man they just keep getting better and better . 
   I sat down and dove into this book and  I just couldn't wait to see where the author was going to take us . She took us on a fun filled romp . But I will say before I go on that I had a hard time connecting with the main characters at the beginning of the story . I just felt that there wasn't enough emotion coming from them, like the other characters in the series .They did grow on me as I got deeper into the story and I did fall for them both .  Over all I did enjoy this story and had a fun time reading it . The author made me laugh and had me on the edge of my seat a few times . So if you want a really good read for your summer check out this book and fall in love with the Pirates of Savannah
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I really enjoyed the concept of this book- not your typical pirate romance! Instead there is a (near future?) alternate world with modern pirates. Don't fear, however, as the story still contains plenty of romance. I found the characters to be likeable and they showed growth in the course of the story. The mystery part of the story moves along at a good pace and is resolved by the end. I didn't have any trouble reading this as a stand alone story, even though this is part of a series.
The edition I read (an ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback) did need additional proofing, but not so much that it interfered with the story.
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John Smyth has done everything in his power to make sure his crew is taken care of. They've traipsed around the world together, seeking objects many have heard about but never seen. Objects that are better kept away from idle hands lest something goes astray. His world is turned upside down when he crosses paths once more with his beautiful secretary, Harmony Andrews. The woman has secrets. Many he wishes to explore. First, however, he must make sense of the reasons behind her drawing his attention. Only then will he be able to set all wrongs to right.

Despite the fact that I've come into this series while reading this book, I've enjoyed the fact that Pirate's Pleasure also acts as a standalone story. You don't get lost with prior book details. Lisa provides just enough so that you glean what's happened within books 1 and 2, while pushing forward with this book's premise.

We're given an entirely refreshing take on John and Harmony's current plight. These characters are total opposites, yet they mesh in more ways than one. I love the camaraderie that exists between these two characters. They bicker and bite, yet they're not afraid to let each other know just how much attraction exists between them.

I've got a feeling there more to come for John and his crew. Definitely looking forward to more of this delightfully titillating series.

Please, can I have some more?
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Was glad to jump back into this series with another pirate you witness getting his treasure. This one has John whom we will get a more closer look at especially when he finds out a secret about his employee. Harmony will give a run for she is a modern day version it will seem of a pirate and he with his old world that together good harmony will come forth. Good adventure with danger and everything else you could ask for. Best thing was seeing who got the best at the end.
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Lisa Kessler has created a unique, original series with the Sentinels of Savannah. Each story has been an awesome addition to the series. From the beginning this paranormal suspense romance has been full of twists and turns that it can no way be considered predictable. However, no story surprised me more than Pirate’s Pleasure. 

The title is perfect because it is a literal and figurative view of pirates which John Smyth was once one. He knows a pirate when he sees one and calls without a skipping a beat. Then there is the double sided, Harmony Andrews, one woman right under his nose, who is as audacious, fearless and determined as John. Conflict between these two with an attraction that is irresistible as much as it is astounding and danger from many sides makes for some rough seas on this journey to John’s HEA. Just as good in this story is the choice of the stolen relic, that was simply brilliant. 

Fans of paranormal or romance or action or well told stories will want this book and the entire series. I didn’t think that Smyth as the main character would be my favorite, but I loved it from beginning to the wonderful epilogue at the end.
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Another wonderful pirate book by this author. A great adventure surrounding Pandora's box. With the box calling out to be opened and trying to keep the Serpent Society from getting their hands on it makes this a pulse pounding tale. Harmony and John work great together, but John is worried about putting his heart on the line for his little thief. Enjoy matey's. I received a complimentary copy and I am voluntarily reviewing.
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John and Harmony are our protagonists in this latest book in the Sentinels of Savannah series. Each book has different protagonists featuring one of the Sea Dog’s crew. This time, Pandora’s Box is out in the open having been stolen from Department 13 and evil might be unleashed to the world. John’s employee Harmony knows more, and he needs to find out what’s going on. But how can he when she is making him feel more than he has for a long, long time. Loved this light romance book with a mystery undertone. I have loved every book in the series so far, and I can’t wait to read more. There’s fun, romance, mystery and suspense that keeps me glued to the page. As an aside, I’m really intrigued by David and Department 13 in this book. They both have lots of potential, and I really hope we get to see more of David, his past and the department he works in. Hint, hint! I highly recommend this book! I was provided the e-book which I voluntarily reviewed.
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This book is amazing!  Love the characters and world.  You get immersed in the story.  When it ends, you wish it did not.
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Wow this book was just so good and so easy to get lost in. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I just didn't want it to end. I just couldn't get enough of these wonderful characters and I just loved getting to see their journey. I will most definitely be reading more stories from this wonderful author.
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Our third outing with the Sea Dog Crew!

John was the money man of the crew, the one who made sure each crewmember got his fair share of the booty.  Not much has changed then, now he's a financial adventurer in the stock markets!  He can't believe someone has such a line on investments as Harmony.  He thinks she could be the one to take over his firm when he has to "die".  But Harmony is keeping secrets and they may come back to bite her!

Harmony is done with being poor. Sure, she takes risks but they always pan out.  But her 2nd job, as a digital, and occasionally real life, thief is quickly becoming her main focus. But can she really resist the lure of Pandoras box? It could be a huge payday for the digi robins but it could also wreak havoc on the world.  

John may come across as cool, calm and collected but still waters run deep!  Harmony seems to enjoy the thrill of the steal, she doesn't actually want the money for herself. Fast paced, intriguing storyline and great characters.
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A fun and fast paced continuation of the Sentinel series.  John and Harmony had a unique relationship and crazy journey.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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3.5 stars

It’s back aboard the Sea Dog for boatswain John Smyth’s romance with his employee and thief-with-a-heart, Harmony who has something the crew are on the hunt for.

“You believe in the myth of Pandora’s box?”

Following the series theme so far of immortal pirate falling for human and the potential heartbreak that scenario will bring in the future, there’s plenty of push/pull as John and Harmony give into their feelings and, as the title suggests, there’s much pleasure to be had.

“The siren in his arms was luring him into a stormy sea, away from the safe harbor he’d created to face eternity.”

In terms of the overall story, this one took some time to get going with not a huge amount actually happening in the first half. But I do love how Lisa Kessler is centralising the romance around well known myths and with the passion and action all playing out in the second half, Pirate’s Pleasure is another enjoyable enough addition to the series.
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John Smyth is an immortal pirate along with the rest of the crew of the  Sea Dog.  He has survived many disasters and hundreds of years living with his secrets. He and the rest of the crew do certain jobs for a paranormal branch of the government. This time, they want Pandora's Box found.  Harmony works for John as an investment broker, making money for the clients. He is grooming her to be a stand in CEO for his company when he is gone. By night, she is a member of a gang of thieves who steal artifacts and sell them on the dark web to help people who are in desperate need for money. What John doesn't know is that Harmony has already stolen it. Now what? This puts her in danger from many people, especially the Serpent Society.  Will John be able to trust Harmony? Will the crew get Pandora's Box before all hell breaks loose. I have really enjoyed this series. Can't wait for the rest. I received this book from Net Galley and Entangled Publishing for a honest review. I read this book voluntarily.
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3 - "Not bad for a pirate…" Stars.

The third book in the Sentinels of Savannah series gives us John Smyth’s story. Pirates Pleasure brings together a band of immortal pirates against modern day hackers come thieves; The Digi Robins both with the same goal, Pandora’s Box.

She was beautiful chaos in his well-ordered world…

One side are looking to secure the box so it can be kept out of harm’s way, the other trying to sell it to the highest bidder, and initially John doesn’t realize just how close the supposed enemy is…

"No Lies…"

I’ll be honest and say this was the least favorite book I have read from the series so far, mainly because I found the first sixty percent of the it to be a long drawn out pile of not much story at all, and although the final forty made up for it in terms of action, I also struggled with the ‘insta’ everything between John and Harmony too, particularly because I never fully warmed to her and didn’t see them as much of a match even in an ‘opposites attract’ theme.

She was quickly discovering she hadn’t known her boss as thoroughly as she thought she did…

I understood her need to remain independent in view of her past, but a lot of the time she just came across as arrogant and pretty naïve to the serious danger she was actually in. Her blasé brushing off, of certain things and lack of self-preservation for herself and those around her just annoyed me.

The main story arc has developed a bit more though, with Agent Bale still being a large contributor in the POV stakes, and I’ll be interested to see who the author decides to bring to the fore out of the crew, for the next book.
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**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. I received a copy of Pirate's Pleasure from Entangled Publishing and Net Galley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

Pirate's Pleasure by Lisa Kessler is the third book in her Sentinels of Savannah series and I loved John Smyth and Harmony Andrews story plus having been to both Tybee Island and Savannah I loved reliving the memories from past visits to this city.

John Smyth owns an investment business that has made the pirates quite well off for many years. But he becomes suspicious when his best employee Harmony tries to sell him on a investment that doesn't seem to be on the up and up. He knows that Harmony is a thief and but not what Digi Robins on the dark net sell historical objects to the highest bidder. They have stolen Pandora's Box that when sold will fund medical treatments not covered by insurance. When John asks Harmony about her "other" job he knows how dangerous the box is and will bring the crew, Captain and Department 13 Agent to keep the box from being opened. Once they become a couple will Harmony be allowed to sip from the Holy Grail and will the rest of the Sea Wolf crew vote her onto the ship?
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I enjoyed this book but I had trouble connecting to Harmony hence the four stars. She trusted cyber based people with lots of her money but she couldn't trust the actual people who sometimes provided the money. Harmony was a thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor who couldn't afford medical treatment. Harmony works for John Smyth, who is a 250 year old pirate and an investment banker. 

John and the crew of the Sea Dog have been contacted by the FBI's secret paranormal branch to help find Pandora's Box which had been stolen. Guess who stole it!
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing the book.
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John wore a coat of armor over his heart. For centuries he has kept his heart locked away knowing what he would have to do if he ever let someone close. This was his way until she pricked his heart. She was fighting for a cause and she believed in all her heart it was worthy, she knew from experience how important it was. A new twist to the story of Robin Hood this is filled with action and adventure and a pirates heart. Division 13 also has it's fingers in the plot and the battle lines are drawn. The pull between family, loyalty, country and love is a heavy one that will not go down easy. The Sentinels will have to make a stand and choose sides, because as always there's so much more than meets the eye. Hard choices will have to be made and nothing will be the same. Each book is a standalone but since the story is about this merry gang of pirates and their fight/work with Division 13 and the Serpent Society so characters cross over and can get confusing/overwhelming if you haven't read each book. These pirates have gone for centuries just going with the flow but now they are meeting their match in feisty strong women that make them want more than a pirates life and existing. Hard choices will have to be made and I plan on being around to read the results.
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Pirate's Pleasure explores love of money, power, family and the one person who makes you feel alive. Immortal pirate John Smyth has experienced them all but the last. Now he has found a woman right under his nose that has him feeling alive and adventurous again. But he has secrets and so does she. Their story is rollicking fun and as close to adventure on the high seas as a body can get.
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I received a complimentary advance copy of this book to give a voluntary honest review. This review contains only my own thoughts and opinions of this book.

Pirate’s Pleasure sure was something else. It had quite an unusual storyline with the different magical artifacts, cults, crews and the whole Robin Hood and Pirates twist binding it all together. The plot was original to say the least, especially since I don’t think anyone has ever even thought of pairing Robin Hood together with pirates and making it into a love story. 

As much as I’m impressed over the plot’s uniqueness, sadly the the execution was not up to par. It wasn’t that it was anything wrong with the story or writing. Standard-wise it was as it should be and the high quality was there. However it still felt like something was missing. I couldn’t really connect with any of the main characters and I didn’t feel that spark or chemistry between John and Harmony either. That made it especially difficult for me to fully care about them or the story in general and I often found my mind elsewhere when I read. It’s a real mood killer having to reread pages just because your mind has wandered of. 

I think the real issue as to why I had difficulty connecting to book and the characters were the lack of complex and realistic personality. While Harmony was described as a risk taker with spunk and John a reserved and businesslike man with an inner hidden pirate, it didn’t fully bleed through to the pages. Yes, they both were all those things and yes, they both had realistic flaws such as difficulty to trust and depend on others. All of that were there but at the same time not. I found things that contradicted this as well, for example Harmony trusting John, who she then barely knew with her secret agenda and criminal life and getting him involved. This also made her seem a bit TSTL since she time and time again trusted him with her plan and her safety and not once considering that the man she knew very little about could turn on her. I never felt like I could relate to the characters because these descriptions didn’t actually help form the personalities. They were just adjectives and objectives they followed sometimes and then sometimes not,  if that makes any sense. The rest of the characters were names I stumbled upon that sometimes had a voice. There wasn’t much else to them. 

It took a long time for me to finally find interest in the story and that was when the romance actually started to get places and add some drama and emotional struggle into the mix. At that point I was already over halfway done with the book. Not a good start, but I will give Pirate’s Pleasure three stars for the one of a kind plot and the later stages of the romance. There was potential, just not enough for me.
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Initially, I was really into this book. Despite not having read the previous two books in the series, it seemed to work as a stand-alone story and I liked the characters. I have to admit that the further on I went, the less that it worked for me sadly.
I liked John and the other members of the Sea Dog crew. I couldn't quite gel with Harmony though. I'm not sure if she was just a bit too hard or spikey to really get a feel for and I just couldn't warm to her. That of course, didn't help my feelings towards the romance element with John.
There was a lot going on in this book, both in terms of characters and the artefacts that they were protecting. I have to admit to getting a bit lost as to who was who in the later part of the book when there were agents, psychics and crew members turning up left right and centre. I don't know if part of the problem was that I hadn't read the previous books. 
It's a bit of a shame that I didn't like Harmony, as the rest of the book did work for me. I'd be interested to read others in the series as I may get on better with the characters in those. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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