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Stacey Lynn always pull at your heart strings with her stories. I couldn't put this book down. Loved the dynamic between Caitlin and Jonas and it was nice to catch up characters in her other books. as well
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Great book.  Liked the writing and the story line.    I would definitely recommend to others and would read more from Tis author
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I loved, loved loved this book. It was cute, quirky and just fun. I loved Caitlin and Jonas. They were off the charts perfect together!
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This was a cute book with a good level of steam. I had a bit of a hard time getting into it but it ended up being an enjoyable read
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Will they, or Won’t They?

Stacey Lynn has done it again. I loved this from start to finish I am a big fan of a book that loves into soulmates. 28 Dates is the story of Jonas and Caitlin. From the outset, we understand that Caitlin and Jonas have a “friends with benefits” relationship. They have engaged in this type of relationship for a couple of years, and, seemingly, it has satisfied both of them. Until it doesn’t. Jonas asks for a date, and Caitlin pulls back, not wanting any further commitment. This devastates both of them, and they choose to be strictly friends, albeit strained ones. Caitlin is a self-admitted commitment phobic. Enter Trey who is the best friend every girl should have. The app developing guru who has now designed a new dating app to find love and not just a random hook up. Caitlin has the job of testing this new app for him and even though she is not completely over her situation with Jonas.  Unbeknownst to Caitlin, Jonas is also stuck on what they shared, she has become his new standard for what love should be.  I love that again this author makes her female leads so easy to relate to yet again because after each bad date When Jonas finds out what Caitlin is trying out this new app he asks Trey to be a part of his trial as well.  I loved the dynamic of this read. It gives you the hard core feels and I loved every minute. With this read specifically you have to ride the wave with Jonas and Caitlin and find out will they get it right or will they lose each other.
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Cute story. I would have given it 4 stars if there was a bit more angst and anger on Caitlin's end when she finds out that her best friend,Trey, tells Jonas her deepest secret and then plots together to rig his dating app so he can secretly match with her but he does so using an alias. A few pages of groveling never hurt. 

Caitlin and Jonas have been FWB, friends with benefits, for a little over 2 years and one morning after an awesome night of sex together he finally tells her that he wants more with her; starting with a date. The truth of the matter is that he is in love with her, but saying that to a commitment-phobe will have her running scared. So he tells her he wants to take her out on a date. She immediately shuts him down. He tells her he wants more than what they have, when she can't give him an answer, he walks away forever. 

Caitlin was brought up in a very wealthy home with no love whatsoever. When she was in college, she was assaulted at a party and 2 guys came to her rescue before it got much worse. To this day, Trey and Corbin have been her protective big brothers. Trey even bought her an apartment in the same building as his so he can keep an eye on her. When she told her parents what happened at school, they disowned her, that's when the boys took her in. She works for Trey, he's a multimillionaire software designer, and she's his right hand girl, helps run his business while he designs.

Six months after her split with Jonas, she regrets not trying for more. He's already dating someone else. Before they broke up he told her he met someone but would not pursue it if Caty gave him a chance. So every time she goes into the bar he owns, Dirty Martini's, she sees him with his new girlfriend and it hurts; but she shows no expression at all. But deep down, it's killing her.

Jonas can't believe that Caty never felt anything for him, that it was only sex. they were so close, they talked about everything, he was the only person who truly got her and vice versa, they had movie marathons etc. It wasn't always about the sex. It's a blow to his ego and pride; when he sees her watching him kiss his girlfriend, Caty doesn't look bothered by it and has a blasse' expression on her face, like it doesn't bother her. His new relationship is lacking something big, that fiery passion he had with Caty. He can't stop thinking about her. Which is a red flag to him that It's time to end things between them. 

When he finds out that Caty is going to be Trey's guinea pig for a long term dating app, Jonas is upset at first, she wouldn't even go out on a date with him but she's doing an app? So he goes to talk to Trey seeking his help. Trey knows that Jonas is in love with Caty, he agrees to help as long as she doesn't get hurt. Trey also warns him of the battle he has ahead of him; her past. 

Caty finds out from one of the waitresses at the bar that Jonas dumped his girlfriend, so when she asks him how she is, he lies and tells her she's fine. The fact that he lied to her hurts more than anything. He used to be her best friend, Now she's just an acquaintance now and he feels he has to lie. 

Caty goes on one creepy date and wants to call it quits, but she promised Trey 30 days. So she asks Jonas if he minds if she meets her dates at his bar, because she feels safe there. He agrees, but regrets it later when the dates start happening. 

Meanwhile, Jonas is using the messenger part of the app to contact her under a different name and with a hidden face in the picture. He wants her to get to know the man, he knows they have sexual chemistry, he wants her to know the real Jonas. He sends her funny Stars Wars jokes daily, because he knows that she loves the movies, and sometimes he just drops her a line to say hi or give her a nice compliment. But he remains very evasive when it comes to personal information.  

Near the end of the 30 days, she starts to lose hope. She meets an amazing guy online, good-looking, a gentleman, great personality, and a sense of humor. They agree to meet. He checks off every box, but there is no spark on her end. She's hopelessly in love with a guy who put her in the friend zone. 

When "Michael" texts her that night, she's ready to call the whole experiment a failure and quit if he doesn't answer any of her questions she asks. He surprises her and agrees to meet her the next night.

Boy is she surprised when she sees who shows up.

A must read!
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28 Dates, the third book in Stacey Lynn's Crazy Love series, reminded me of a fun rom com movie!

Caitlin and Jonas have been friends with benefits for awhile, an arrangement that Caitlin is 100% happy with. Jonas, however, has strong feelings for her and wants a relationship. Things come to an end when they discuss their differing hopes for being together. They might have a second chance months later, but Caitlin is testing her friend's dating app and Jonas needs to figure out how to make his move.

I liked that this story was told from both Jonas and Caitlin's points of view. Especially as Caitlin comes to understand her own feelings about Jonas and relationships better. I do wish there was a bit more communication between them because it would have definitely lessened the confusion about what they wanted, I understand why both were a little gun shy to talk to each other.
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This was a cute book. It was a bit hard to believe that she didn't recognize her good friend in his messages, but for the sake of the story, I overlooked that. The author captured the experience of online dating quite well, from the fun ones to the flat-out weird ones. 

This was a great, light romance for a fun read.
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Caitlin and Jonas have been friends with benefits for a while. When Jonas wants more, Caitlin declines but they agree to stay friends. Caitlin agrees to test a new dating app for her boss and soon realizes what she had with Jonas was real, but she isn't sure how to tell him. Jonas has also moved on and is dating someone. Jonas wants Caitlin back and signs up for the dating app and takes the alias "Michael." It takes them a while, but finally Jonas makes his move and admits he is Michael and that he loves her. She says she loves him back. After a night of making up, he asks her to marry him and a year later they are pregnant with twins.
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This was a fun and somewhat cringeworthy  story about a dating app. Caitlin is a commitment-phobe who is talked into trying a newly developed dating app for a month. You never know who she's going to meet. Her friends also help make this story entertaining. Buckle up for a sweet, but crazy ride.
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5 sweet and spicy stars! 
Review by Angelique
Late Night Reviewer
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

It has been a while since a book has made me physically cringe and curse this much – but certainly for all the right reasons.

In the third, standalone book of the Crazy Love series by Stacey Lynn, we are invited to the virtual world of dating and how one very anti-commitment fiery redhead might just meet her match.

We meet the two main characters, Jonas and Caitlyn, in the first few pages of the story and it’s obvious that there are fireworks that set the pages on fire. But unfortunately, that was all that Caitlyn wanted – the physical magic they have whenever they are together. When Jonas hints on wanting more from her, she rejects the possibility and so ends their friends with benefits relationship altogether.

As time passes, Jonas starts seeing Ashley, a sweet and bubbly pediatric nurse who is a great companion but still misses something, although he doesn’t put too much thought into that. Caitlyn, on the other hand, is eventually lured into trying one of Trey’s latest apps which, of all things, is a dating app focused on long-term relationships instead of just flings. Agreeing to try it for a month – what is the worst that could happen right?

"I turn back to my purse. Focusing on it intently. What am I looking for? Lotion? A new life?"

There certainly comes a lot of surprises with the development of these perfectly written characters and it is impossible to stop because everything that happens is intriguing.

Will Caitlyn find someone worth her while? Will Jonas find true happiness with Ashley? Without giving too much away, their stories are unexpected and beautiful and you’re guaranteed a few giggles.

"Good Lord. I need a nap. And a drink. Possibly a therapist."

Everything comes to a literal high that you won’t see coming. 

Through one of her best friends and the woman in his life, Caitlyn might just learn to see the possibilities of giving it all to someone. But just like with any brave and daring adventure, there’s always the possibility of things going the wrong way.

"Ugh. Mind-blowing shifts in life perspectives are a pain in the butt."

Could the potential risk really be worth it all?

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***
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I liked the premise of this book. Caitlin is resistant to commitment, Jonas is in love with Caitlin.  I liked the idea of Caitlin using the app to see if she could meet someone she liked enough for a relationship and Jonas using the app to prove to Caitlin that she likes him more than just as a friend with benefits. Watching their relationship evolve was cute, and I could sympathize with her horrible dates with the others guys. A cute fun read.
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Caitlin and Jonas had my attention right from the start.  I always love when a book has me excited right from the start and this one did.  I am loving this series!  Can't wait to see who is next.
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We met Jonas and Caitlin in the Fake Wife, the first book in this series. It's their story now and...well, it's complicated. What can you do when love is not enough, when you love someone deeply but for reasons of his - or in this case her - own, they run the moment something looks even remotely like some kind of commitment?

Caitlin is still trying to get over the end of her (commitment-free) friends-with-benefits arrangement with Jonas. Jonas found someone right afterward but Caitlin is just starting to realize that she feels lonely. When her best friend and boss talks her into trying out a dating app, she isn't overly enjoyed because - yeah, commitment-phobe, but she tries.

"But I can't be alone forever, either, and maybe it's time to give something else a chance." (chapter 3)

Some interesting experiences later that make her rethink this stand somewhat because something else, right, some things are definitely something else, she is still trying though and with Jonas seeing a chance for the two of them now that she has opened herself up to the possibility of something more, things get interesting. Jonas gives his all and works hard for another chance with the one woman he can't forget. So, to fight for her heart, he has to be a bit sneaky ...

I really loved Jonas and Caitlin. I don't know how often I would have loved to kick Caitlin to make her see what she misses and what she needs but she was sweet and very lovable at the same time and her issues were understandable considering her history. And Jonas, well, this guy did everything right. Okay, less cheesy jokes would have been nice, maybe, but Caitlin loved them, so who am I to judge.

Once again a wonderful story, well-written and with a storyline very different from Fake Wife, the first book in the series (I don't know the second one yet, so I can't say anything about that one) which makes it even better. Sometimes the different books in a series are just some variations of one and the same story, really good but still very much alike, this is definitely not the case with these books. I love our hero and our heroine, their story and their chemistry, and I love how all of those friends care for each other. I mean...

"This is why best friends rock. They know you have a favorite knife and keep it clean just in case you make an emergency, post-horrible blind date visit." (chapter 5)

I mentioned that those blind dates were different right? And in case of such an event, you need your friends. And a good knife. Well, who could need more?
28 Dates is a book with many twists and turns and a great story that I really enjoyed reading.
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I received 28 Dates by Stacey Lynn for free in exchange for an honest review. I have to say that I really liked this book. The storyline was definitely not surprising, as you could guess how things would end up and the problems that would occur, but it was still a very enjoyable read and I will definitely keep my eye out for more books by this author.
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Ironically, right before starting this, I had just finished reading "My Favorite Half-Night Stand" by Christina Lauren which had a bit of a similar premise, but for some reason, I had a really hard time connecting with the characters in this book.  I'd only read the second book in this series (to which I gave 4 stars), but although characters from the first book make and appearance, this does read as a standalone. It's a second-chance romance, and it is a bit angsty, but it's also a slow-burn before the characters finally get back together again. It just seemed to drag a bit for me.  Also, I have to say I get a bit frustrated when, in second chance romances, the heroine spends the time apart from the hero "alone" (either pining or "struggling" to move into a new relationship) while the hero is busy "getting it on" with other women. I get that Caitlin's dating struggles are a big premise of the book, but it still bugs me a bit.  Not a bad book, but not my favorite read – but I will definitely read this author again in the future. 

*Advance copy provided by NetGalley. All opinions are my own.*
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Caitlin and Jonas were in a two-year exclusive “friends with benefits” relationship, but when Jonas tells Caitlin he wants more, she lets him walk out the door. Fast-forward six months, Cait and Jonas remain casual friends, and he’s dating Ashley. When her boss/best friend Trey insists Caitlin beta test his new dating app, she agrees to give it one month, secretly hoping maybe she’ll find someone special. Meanwhile, Jonas realizes he’s been in love with Cait the whole time, and he persuades Trey to let him use the app to win over Cait.

28 Dates is another delightful romance from Stacey Lynn. I love the easy, comforting feel of the story, paired with a couple who genuinely belongs together. Although Jonas knows from the start of the book he wants more from Cait, it takes splitting up their arrangement for her to realize she may be ready for more. Cait is unwilling to commit due to scars from her own parents’ relationship, but missing Jonas (and seeing him with someone else), together with a string of bad dates, helps her realize she’s ready for more.

It does take some page time for the couple to come together, which is necessary for Cait to get past her issues. I was a bit worried that the premise of Jonas using a fake name to get a date with Cait would backfire, but the author does a great job with the reveal, and I was more than happy with how it all went down. And I like that since the bulk of the story was about them coming back together for a real relationship, the author keeps the climax drama-free, allowing the pair to finally arrive at an HEA.

In the end, 28 Dates is one of those perfect summer reads: easy, fun, sexy, and a great HEA.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot

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*I received this book free from Netgalley via Loveswept.*

Jonas Reeves is ready to settle down. Running a bar and having a friends with benefits seems like all fun and games until Jonas discovers he has real feelings and wants to move in a more serious direction. When he brings it up Caitlin wants nothing to do with it.

Caitlin Pappas has a commitment phobia. Now that she has lost the benefits that she had with Jonas she gets to watch him try to move on with his life. 

Jonas and Caitlin remain friends even though both still have feelings for each other. Caitlin does her friend a favor with a new dating app that he is programming. She has agreed to go on dates to meet new people.
 Although she wants to stay safe due to some personal issues she decides to meet all of her dates at Jonas's bar. 
Jonas gets the idea to join the app and try to get the one woman he wants back.

This was a fun read.
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The story was written a dual first person narrative. Characters are described in a direct manner from the point of view of the two narrators. The major conflict is a mixture between internal and external as characters battle themselves, other characters and society norms. The popular themes shown throughout include communication, companionship as salvation, everlasting love, facing reality, love and sacrifice, pride and downfall, progress and self-preservation.

Caitlin Pappas is afraid of commitment and that causes her to lose the guy of her dreams. She has no problem holding on to friends and she works and lives in the same building as her best friend Trey. She is afraid of falling in love but is willing to test out a dating app in order to help out her friend. Jonas Reeves is a bar owner and used to a good bit of drama. Unfortunately he is ready for commitment, even if that means breaking things off with the girl of his dreams. He is always willing to help out is friends even it means keeping secrets or sacrificing his own desires. Caitlin and Jonas are involved in a friend with benefits relationship when Jonas begins to realize that he wants more form this relationship but Caitlin refuses to put her heart on the line. Six months later Caitlin is talked into Beta testing out a new dating app that her best friend has designed. She agrees to try it out for one month, but after a disastrous and creepy first date she begins to second guess herself. She goes to Jonas and asks if she can meet her dates at the bar as it is where she feels the most comfortable and safe. Jonas doesn’t like the idea but agrees for the matter of her safety. He then goes to Trey and asks for access to the site to see if he can show Caitlin that they could have a future together.

The ideas are interesting and have a unique twist to them. The flow is organized and logical as the voices are individualized per character but complement each other. The word choice and sentence structure help to enhance the overall story. Yes, I would recommend this book. It would be a good read for young adults, anyone who may have a commitment phobia, or are into dating apps. This would not be a good read for those against friend with benefits relationships (though minor), or are against dating apps as a whole.
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I loved this book it is much like the world today. Everything is apps. This book i could not put down and am going to look for the other books by Stacy Lynn, second chance is a great story line.
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