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This is the first book that I've read in the series.  I had high hopes since one of my library patrons loves this series.  I found that I was forcing myself to read it until I was about halfway through.  (And I like mysteries!)  When I reached the halfway point, I found that I was interested in what was happening in the story.  There are a lot of characters and a lot of back stories.  The character list in the front of the book was helpful in keeping it all straight.  The mystery didn't seem to  be the focus of the book.  Tricia didn't really spend as much time sleuthing as I would have expected.  There seemed to be a lot of bad-tempered characters who were fairly hostile to Tricia.  Having so much conflict between the characters was off-putting.   Perhaps, if I knew the back stories, the hostility wouldn't have been as off-putting to me.  I think I would have liked the book better if I had read the series from the start.  It was a decent read, but not one of my favorite cozy mysteries.
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It makes me very happy that Tricia has grown so much since the start of this series. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue as she seemed very rigid and unfriendly that I didn't care much for her character. However, Lorna Barrett has done a great job of showing how Tricia has grown more secure in herself and in her ability to run a business. Getting rid of those earlier boyfriends really helped too.

I enjoyed this book because it showed how creative Tricia could be with regards to baking and allowing herself to actually enjoy her food. This enjoyment seems to have also moved into her professional and personal life, which is great to read. I have started to really enjoy reading these books.
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The latest in the Booktown Mysteries series is a nice addition. There were a lot of subplots going on in this one, and I do hope Tricia is able to find some happiness soon. 3.5 stars... Thanks to Net Galley and Berkeley for the complimentary digital review copy of this title.
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Barrett's Booktown mysteries are always delightful to read, with plenty of small town mayhem and murder.
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Once again book owner Tricia Miles is in the thick of things. She never tries to find dead bodies, but somehow they always find her.  Now that she has an assistant manager, Tricia has more time than ever to find the person who skewered the grumpy neighbor with a pitchfork.  The murderer was a bit easy to spot, but the journey getting to the reveal is always fun.  The characters of Tricia and her sister Angelica are wonderful.  Can't wait for the next entry.
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I've missed reading a handful of titles in this series, but it's easy to pick up  and not be lost.  The author does a good job of explaining the back story of all of the characters including Trisha's several ex'es Russ and Grant.  I sort feel sorry for the new friend with benefits because I don't think he's going to last long.  Because this is the 13th book in the series there are a lot of characters and lots of side stories. Trisha is bored since she turned over her shop to her assistant manager.  She is trying to work with the local pet adoption group but is made to feel very unwelcome.  She then tries out her hand at a cupcake bake-off.  She also looks into gardening as a hobby and another bookstore owner offers to show off her garden - where the find a dead body. And she's off snooping and jumping to conclusions which makes the story interesting.
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This was a fun, cute cozy mystery! I love the theme throughout, and I will definitely be continuing with the series.
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If you enjoy the cozy genre then you will enjoy this book. While I haven't read all the books in the series, it's easy to catch on between this list of characters at the start of the book and the storytelling I felt as if I knew the characters after just a few chapters.

A big draw to the cozy genre, for me, is the recipes, and A Killer Edition delivered another batch of kitchen fun.

If you are looking for a quick and easy read, this is a good place to start.
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Lorna Barrett  has her amateur sleuth and bookstore owner fall over an unpopular lady who has been killed with a pitchfork in a Killer Edition.  Between preparing for a charity bakeoff and volunteering at an animal shelter, Tricia Miles is drowning in red herrings and cute animals.  Whodunit and why?  A great cozy.
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I loved visiting Stoneham  (aka Booktown) in the latest edition of the Booktown Mysteries, A Killer Edition! Lorna Barrett is a big name in cozy mysteries, and I always enjoy her books. This one was a bit heavier on the cute and cozy side than the mystery, though there are a few twists towards the end that brought the mystery back to the front of the story!

In this latest mystery, Tricia Miles—owner of mystery bookstore Haven’t Got a Clue—finds herself with extra time on her hands. Her newly promoted assistant manager Pixie and her store clerk Mr. Everett are running the shop even better than ever, so Tricia is finding other passions to pursue to keep herself from micromanaging at the store.

Determined to get a spot on the board at Pets-a-Plenty, the local animal shelter, as well as enter the amateur cupcake bake-off, Tricia finds herself with plenty of activities to occupy her days. But when her friends-with-benefits situation doesn’t totally fulfill her evenings, she takes the advice of her therapist and heads over to the romance bookstore owned by her friend Joyce Whitman to add some steam back into her life.

While browsing the shelves, Tricia witnesses Joyce’s neighbor Vera having some heated words with Joyce. A few hours later, Joyce and Tricia discover Vera’s body just outside Joyce’s garden gate with a pitchfork pushed through it. Tricia doesn’t believe Joyce had anything to do with it, but who did? The more she looks into it, the more she realizes that Vera was well known through Booktown, volunteering at the animal shelter, working on the school board. Tricia may be busy with the upcoming bake off, but she still has time to solve a mystery!

Booktown is like any small town—filled with kooky characters, feuds, and local gossip. I loved that we got a who’s-who list at the beginning of the book to reference, since I have missed many of the books in the middle of this series. It helped me to reference who owned what local spot and who was involved with who, without Barrett having to recap too much in the text.

Tricia and her sister Angelica have a fascinating dynamic. They are a mix of close and supportive with a bit of an ongoing feud. Angelica is highly successful, and for the first third of the book I actually couldn’t tell if Tricia even liked her sister. But by the end, their relationship was well-rounded, and I understood them better. The sisters really look out for one another, but also are a bit competitive.

I would have liked the mystery to be more central, but I felt that a lot of the investigating happened by chance because Tricia was already involved in many of the activities that Vera had also been involved with. Tricia was much more fixated on the bake-off, the animal shelter, and her sadness to not be so central at her book store than she was about the mystery.

That aside, I thought the whole ending was fascinating as clues began to come together. I certainly was surprised by the twist the mystery took! And I do love the small town cozy parts to this series. A fun and light mystery that Booktown fans will love!

Thank you to Berkley for my copy. Opinions are my own.
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Predictable,  yet enjoyable,  read for the series.  The series does need to expand a bit though fi keep it fresh and the characters interesting.
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"A Killer Edition" is another good entry in Lorna Barrett's "Booktown Mystery" series. Fans of cozy mysteries will definitely want to keep up with this series.
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A Killer Edition provides a quirky hometown murder mystery with amazing cooking recipes to boot. A story that is guaranteed to delight and make you a bit hungry.

Book store owner and amateur sleuth finds herself in the middle of another hometown murder mystery all the while plotting her up and coming bake-off. The closer Tricia gets to the truth the higher the danger level rises.

Great hometown feel, wonderfully twists and turns and some great family dynamics make for a book vacation you won't want to miss.

I received this ARC copy of A Killer Edition from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. b>A Killer Edition is set for publication Aug. 13, 2019.

My Rating: 4 stars
Written by: Lorna Barrett
Series: A Booktown Mystery (Book 13)
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley 
Publication Date: August 13, 2019
ISBN-10: 1984802720
ISBN-13: 978-1984802729
Genre: Women Slueth

Barnes & Noble:
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This is one of my favorite series. I have always liked the dynamics of the sister's Tricia and Angelica's relationship. The small cozy town of bookstores has some interesting characters. I like Barrett's descriptive writing style and she pulls you into the storyline from the beginning. The books can be enjoyed as a series or stand-alone. There is enough background that you are not lost if you start in the middle or the end of the series. This finds Tricia entering a baking contest and it has a fellow book seller with a neighbor found dead in her back yard. Lots of red herrings and a great ending.
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Notice: I received an ARC copy of A Killer Edition from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. 

Tricia and Angelica are back in this quick, compelling read, and it's always a pleasure to be back in Stoneham. Pixie's shining as the assistant manager at Haven't Got a Clue—so much so that Tricia's feeling a bit unnecessary. After Tricia decides to visit another bookshop in the village, she's shocked to find a corpse in the shop owner's backyard. Who could have killed Vera, and did it have anything to do with a dispute over a garden? Or was the victim's estranged family behind the killing? Tricia has plenty of time on her hands to find out.

This was a fun read, although it seemed a bit short to me. There was a bit of a clunky note around a possible same-sex relationship. However, It was refreshing to see someone in a cozy mystery actually know how to use Facebook and Google to find things out, though. I definitely recommend this book, and this series, to any cozy mystery fan.
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Tricia is looking for tasks to occupy her time, now that Pixie has expanded her role as Assistant Manager in the Haven't Got a Clue Bookstore. She wanted to join the board of directors for the Pets-A-Plenty animal rescue, but its president doesn't seem to like her. So she has decided to sign up for the Great Booktown Bake Off. Her cooking and baking skills have drastically improved and she has time before the event to practice making a cupcake that would rival those of professionals. But of course, in typical Tricia jinx style, she once again finds a murder victim. Though she vows to keep out of it, she just can't help asking questions. This is a series best read in order to fully appreciate the growth of all the characters, not just the main characters of Tricia and her sister, Angelica. I like how Tricia's character is expanding her horizon, not just because she is entering a baking contest, but because she is more comfortable with herself, as witnessed by her new relationship with Marshall compared to the previous failed ones with Russ and Chief Baker. I think it is sad that these last two and a few others in the community carry such a grudge against Tricia, but that is the nature of small towns. This mystery took several interesting turns, and the final solution came as a complete shock (I am normally good at figuring out the clues way before the end.) Will the next story see Tricia traveling abroad? Disclosure: I am voluntarily reviewing this book received through Net Galley and all opinions are strictly my own.
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Tricia is feeling at odds, every since giving her assistant Pixie more responsibility she isn't needed much at the bookstore leaving her with the perception that she is unneeded.  With so much time on her hands Tricia realizes she would love to give back and decides to join the board of the local animal rescue.  Tricia also decides that she would love to show off her new cooking skills and enters a local baking competition.  Her sister has also entered the competition and the rivalry between them is jovial and fun.  Tricia is enjoying trying out different recipes, wondering all the while which would be best to enter into the contest, her employees have made great taste testers so all she needs to do now is choose one.  Trying to become a member of the board is another matter entirely, it seems that the president doesn't care for her and is making it difficult for her to join.  She isn't quite sure what his problem is but she isn't ready to give up on the idea yet.  Tricia would also like figure out the best way to grow some vegetable for herself so when the local romance book store owner says she would be happy to help her Tricia can't wait.  While visiting Joyce's house Tricia trips over the body of Vera Olson, Joyce's neighbor, who turns out to be dead.  Tricia knows that the two had an argument earlier in the day, could Joyce have killed her neighbor?  If not Joyce than who?  After talking to several people Tricia learns that not everyone like Vera, but it also come to her attention that Joyce was a huge advocate for animals.  Vera even volunteered for the animal rescue that Tricia has been doing her best to come a part of.  Not everyone appreciated Vera's love for animals and it soon becomes apparent that she had quite a few enemies.  Will Tricia be able to find some truths in all the gossip that she is hearing?  Follow along as Tricia soon fills up her time investigating Vera's death hoping to figure out who the killer is and why they would do such a thing.  This is a lovely series that is always filled with a wonderful whodunit, interesting characters, and a local that I would love to visit.
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Tricia Miles has more time on her hands these days since she promoted Pixie to assistant manager. Tricia makes up her mind to fill this time by joining the board of an animal rescue but is getting some resistance from one particular member. While deciding what to do next she makes plans to enter an amateur baking competition. But in between her plans Tricia stops by Joyce Whitman’s book store looking for a new book with a little romance and suspense but what she finds is an argument between Joyce and Vera Osborn. Hours later Tricia arrives at Joyce’s house for a gardening lesson and to pick some fresh vegetables only to find Vera’s dead body. Tricia can’t help but get pulled into the investigation.

This is one of my favorite series. I mean how could it not be, it’s about a town of bookstores and the protagonist owns a mystery bookstore. The books can be enjoyed as part of the series or stand-alone mysteries. The aforementioned setting of Booktown has a small-town cozy feeling. Author Lorna Barrett spins a well-written story with well-developed complexed characters. My favorite character, Tricia and Angelica have a wonderful relationship. They support one another but sometimes can get on one another nerves and have a healthy sense of sibling rivalry like the baking competition. I felt bad for Tricia in this book because she seems so lost and doesn’t know what to do with so much free time. The mystery has great pace with several well placed red herrings. All this and some tasty recipes included for the food lovers. 

I voluntarily agreed to read a copy of this book supplied by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way have been influenced.
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Series: A Booktown Mystery - Book 13
Author: Lorna Barrett 
Genre: Cozy Mystery/Bookshop
Publisher: Berkley 
Page Count: 318

Publishing Date: August 13, 2019

The newest addition in the “A Booktown Mystery” series written by Lorna Barrett is A Killer Edition. Published by Berkley. This is the thirtieth cozy book in this series.

Tricia is an unusual business owner. She has far too much time on her hands and has allowed her assistant manager to take over running everything. She fears she is losing control of her store. Tricia also fears that she no longer knows what is going on in her own business, but more than that, she fears she is no longer needed. A lack of work to do allows Tricia to get involved in things she should stay out of, like a murder investigation.

The characters in this cozy book series are well established. Their personalities are complementary, and each one has a way of making readers care about their lives. Tricia’s sister keeps things interesting and moving forward. Readers will enjoy reading about the many bookstores in Booktown, but I did not feel that Tricia spent enough time at her business, and she spent far too much time doing nothing.

The murderer in A Killer Edition is unexpected, yet not necessarily inappropriate. Tricia catches the killer but mainly due to chance. There does not appear to be any type of real investigation and it looks as if the police do not feel the need to look beyond their original suspect. There is little to no evidence in the book to point to anyone, not even the suspect.

Overall this was an easy cozy book to read, with developed characters and relationships. Although not as good as I had hoped, it wasn’t awful. If readers have read the other twelve books in the series, they will enjoy the slower pace of this addition. New readers will most likely need to go back to previous books to catch up on who the players are and their function.  The recipes in the back will make your mouth water. 

ARC provided by Berkley and NetGalley
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A Killer Edition
(Booktown Mystery #13)
by Lorna Barrett

Hardcover, 318 pages
Expected publication: August 13th 2019 by Berkley

Goodreads synopsis:
Murder's in the mix for mystery bookstore owner and amateur sleuth Tricia Miles, in the latest entry to Lorna Barret's New York Times bestselling Booktown series.
With her assistant, Pixie, picking up more responsibility around the shop, Tricia Miles suddenly has a lot more time on her hands. Tricia decides to join the local animal-rescue board and enter the Great Stoneham Bake-Off, but neither pans out as smoothly as she’d hoped.
Balancing a bake-off that’s heating up with a frosty reception from the board, Tricia stops by Joyce Whitman’s romance bookstore looking for a book to get her fired up. She stumbles on something hot, but it’s an argument between Joyce and her neighbor Vera Osborn instead of a steamy read. When Vera turns up dead in Joyce’s garden hours later, Tricia has to wonder—could Joyce be the killer? Or is the culprit still lurking in town?
One thing is for sure, someone in Stoneham is stirring up something more sinister than sweet. Tricia is determined to win the cutthroat cooking contest, but first she will have to make sure no one else is in danger of getting burned.


4.25 Stars

This is the thirteenth book in the Booktown mystery series by Lorna Barrett.

Tricia Miles has one of the many bookshops located in Booktown. Her vintage mystery shop called Haven’t Got A Clue is doing well and she has made her assistant Pixie more of a general manager while she has time to do other more relaxing things … like entering a amateur baking contest and of course, solving the newest murder in town! 

While visiting a fellow bookstore owner to learn about gardening and planting an herb garden Tricia and Joyce find the dead body of Vera Osborn. Vera is Joyce’s next door neighbor and neither have gotten along with each other since the day Joyce moved in. Vera is found dead with a pitchfork jutting through her body which seems like a pretty extreme weapon to just have hanging around waiting to use for a murder. Joyce immediately jumps up to suspect number one.

There was barely any help in the investigation from one time flame, Chief Grant Baker and Marshall Cambridge, owner of the Armchair Tourist bookshop. Both linked romantically to Tricia at one time. Not to mention there was barely any interaction between Tricia and either of these men. I wish they had been more included in the story. I think it would have made a richer product in the end.

The story came to a satisfying end but I wasn’t jumping up and down about it. I felt like Tricia was left out in the cold a lot by people who said they cared about her. Her sometimes flame Marshall barely acknowledged her and her sister was so clueless that she named her new day spa in the same fashion as Tricia’s bookstore. I fear neither of them would have noticed if she had gone missing or for heaven’s sake, abducted.

Good story but I wanted more. Gimme some romance in this, please. Just a touch. Something. Keep me coming back to Booktown.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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