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Amazing Evolution is a beautifully illustrated, bite-sized science overview of the origins of humankind. Probably best for middle to late elementary school students, but the illustrations will capture the eyes of any age group (including adults)! The topics range from the beginning of our modern theory of evolution to how we categorize organisms (Kingdom, Phylum, etc.). There are no pictures at all, but the illustrations are clear and lovely to look at. The text is well organized, with no one section or paragraph so long as to lose the attention of a young reader. I wish I had had this book when I was a child!
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Easy to understand, colorful and lots of pictures!  Great resource for kids who are interested in science.  I loved the timeline running along the side of the page.  I learned quite a bit reading this book!
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Loved this one as much as the "Amazing Expeditions".  The illustrations were beautiful and the content was very informative.  Definitely recommend for kids and classrooms.
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I've learnt more about evolution recently than I ever did in school. This stunning offering looks into the history of Charles Darwin and the human geography as well as the scientific evidence that provided the basis for the theory.
It's written in a way that's easy to understand and the images engage and reinforce the learning.
Can't wait for this to be released so I can purchase it for my nephew.
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Special thanks to Netgalley, Quarto Publishing Group - Ivy Kids and Anna Clayborne for the opportunity to read and review this AMAZING book on evolution for kids!

I could not be more in love with this book. Science can get kind of science-y (definitely not a real word) sometimes and be sort of dull. If you don't have the write presentation of the information I can see anyone, especially kids just sitting there with eyes glazed over. Well fear not friends!! This book is EVERYTHING you could ask for on this topic. It has bright, colorful pages, cool illustrations and breaks down a very important topic in a very accessible way. It's good for the read/write learner as well as the visual learner. There is something in here for everyone. 

I will absolutely be buying this for my daughter. She loves animals and nature and I can't wait to read this with her and teach her how exciting the world around her is. I highly recommend this book for you and your kids!
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