The Speed of Falling Objects

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I enjoyed this book, though I felt parts were pretty predictable. Overall, the adventure present in the story and the relationships between the characters will make this a popular choice with my students.
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As with most books on NetGalley, this book is a great read. Captivating and intriguing. Thematically beautiful. Gorgeous writing.
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DNF @ 52%
I wanted so bad to like this book and was so excited that I was given the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for my honest review earlier this year. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned. When I first started the novel a few months ago, I had a hard time connecting to the main characters as well as the plot line (this bad boy takes off slooowww). But I put it down as I thought it was just me and I wasn't in the right mood to read this.

That was a lie.

I picked this one back up again this week, and even borrowed the audiobook to see if it will help get me through the slow portions of the novel. To some extent it did, and I got farther that way than the other, but I still could not for the life of me get through the rest of the novel. I have some questions/thoughts on the disability rep within this novel, as our main character is partially blind; as well as I couldn't connect to her as an individual on any level. Her father I wanted to choke. From the amount I read, no one felt authentic and because of that I felt a huge disconnect from the overarching story.

Maybe it gets better later down the road, I'm unsure, to which I wouldn't deter anyone from picking up this book and giving it a go! But as for me, this one is sitting back on the shelf for someone else to give it love as I wasn't the right person.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!
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I adored this book! It is a survival story with heart. The only thing I would change would be to make it longer so that we can see more character development.
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The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson is an incredible young adult adventure book.  After I read this book I gave it 4/5 stars.  Two day of thinking about this book, over and over, I bumped it up to 5/5 stars.  Any book that makes me relive parts of it, deserves high rating.  This book tells the story about a young lady turning 17 who is afraid of everything after losing her eye when she was young.  Desperately wanting to get her father's approval agrees to go on a trip to the Amazon rain forest.  This book is full of everything, action, romance, and family dynamics.  I will definitely be reading more books by this author.  

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher. Thank you.
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Danny, sixteen about to be seventeen, lives with her mom. Her dad is famous but she has little to no relationship with him because he is too busy as a survivalist TV star; her relationship with him consists of watching all of his shows on TV. When her dad calls to invite her to be on his next survivalist show, she hastily accepts. But, the plane crashes, lives are lost, and they are faced with the true wilderness. Danny begins to see her dad for who he truly is, but can she forgive him? Sacrifices are made in order to survive, but does that mean sacrificing human decency? While the group struggles to survive in the Amazon wild, they also struggle to cope with each other.

Family resentment and forgiveness is celebrated through Danny's tale of survival. She battles the ghosts of her parents decisions: Did her mom keep her from having a relationship with her dad? Why didn't her dad try harder to see her and form a meaningful relationship with her?

The beginning is mostly about the background relationship between Danny, her mom, and her dad until 24%. Because of this, the beginning was slow. Danny's dad had little to no redeeming qualities throughout the entire story. Danny wants to be part of his life so bad, and wants to be accepted by him for who she is. Manipulative and egotistical, I did not like him and he is a major character. Without him though, Danny could not experience the growth she had in the end. I did enjoy the constant reminder of how manipulated the world we live in is; the insurmountable negation of our natural world even to the state of death itself is echoed in this novel.

This is a **small spoiler**, but important to read because it concerns sex education. Towards the end, Danny decides to give her virginity to Gus, the famous hot movie star on the trip with them. Gus has told her before that he has had sex with more than 15 women. The morning after Danny and Gus have sex, Danny makes it clear that they were "safe" and she explains that they were safe meaning that no unwanted babies were conceived. This either means A. Gus had a condom on him after being stranded in the wild, trudging the swamps, etc. -or- B. he pulled out. I am going to assume B since all Danny makes sure that readers know is that no babies will be birthed. I thought this inclusion was poorly executed because there was absolutely no mention of protection against STD's. (This was not factored into my "star" rating, but I did want to mention it in my review.)

3.5 stars
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy. Opinions are my own.
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Danny is a 16 year old girl who wants her her non existent  father's love. When he offers her the trip of a lifetime to the Peruvian rain forest, she jumps at the chance to go. Danny's father Cougar is a tv star that goes to remote locations and does survival shows. Danny was involved in a childhood accident when she lost her left eye so her mom doesn't want her to go on the trip with her dad. When their plane goes down the survivors must do everything in their power to survive in the rain forest. This is a story of survival! I loved Danny!! She is strong but vulnerable and she made for the perfect heroine!!! I would love a sequel with the characters in real life and see how they are doing now!!! I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own.
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This was a fast-paced, exciting read that offered a lot more depth and thoughtfulness than I originally expected. I was intrigued by an adventure story featuring a TV survival personality and his estranged daughter. That's unique enough for me to be excited to read it and high-interest enough for it to appeal to my teen readers. 

I didn't expect the story to be quite as high-stakes (more character deaths than I anticipated), but I found it to be better for those details. A real survival story is not likely to end cleanly with little fallout. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Danny as a character and how much growth she experienced on the trip. This was a coming-of-age story, but it didn't follow a clear and easy path. The romance between Danny and Gus was fairly predictable, but that path was also nicely varied from some traditional tropes.

I have already purchased several copies of this book for my high school library and expect it to be popular with my students.
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This was one I was checking out for my students and I have to say that I would highly recommend it. Quite an intense read and one I will be purchasing for my library.
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Need a new book to fall in love with? Step out of your reading comfort zone, and pick up something completely different, that something being this book. I couldn't wait to check this out, and I'm so thankful I got the chance to, because it's quickly become one of my new favourites. Although, could I expect anything less from author Nancy Richardson Fischer?

The story begins with a girl suspended in an airplane seat upside down, somewhere in a tree in the rain forest. Someone is dead and bleeding above her, which is just a crazy intro to Danger Danielle Warren's life. Four days prior, she was just another high school student, dissecting a pig in a classroom. She likes that kind of stuff because it's clean, controlled and everything is in it's place. And who wouldn't like that? After her dad left to become a celebrity, that's what she needed; everything in it's place. 

Something I always love about the author's writing, is that all the characters are so unique and have really rich backstories. They're really believable as real people, and really interesting people at that. It helps the story move along and suck you into it.  Every twist and turn was completely surprising. 

Danny's life turns around when her dad, Cougar, calls one night when her and her mother are having dinner. He says they're going to go on a trip together in the rainforest, and she feels stoked and relieved that she doesn't have to talk about university with her mom anymore. But her mom has other thoughts on the matter. She doesn't want her to go, and tries to force her to stay home, which only drives a wedge between the two. But I don't think anyone could have guessed what really happened on that trip.

My favourite quote from the book has to be "You know what happens when you take your hand out of a bucket of water? It doesn't leave a hole, the water level just goes down a little." It's just so interesting and haunting at the same time, I don't want to forget about it. 

If this is something that you think you'd be interested, let me say that you absolutely have to read it. Not only is it a story of a broken family, but a strong female lead who is forced to work with people she barely knows in a wilderness survival situation. While I was reading this book, I was so into it that I could imagine everything that was happening, and that's not something that's easy to do for me. I wasn't confused about anything, and all of my questions were answered at the end of the story. Like I said above, it's definitely one of my new favourites, and I'm extremely happy to have it on my shelf. And I hope you like it too.

Thanks for reading! 
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The Speed of Falling Objects is a fast paced story that takes an honest look at relationships. Ones with parents, others and ourselves.

I really liked how honest this story is. Danny has had to learn how to navigate the world and deal with a disability of being blind in one eye. Which I found interesting it is to hear her talk about learning how she had to relearn simple actions.

Another big part of the story is Danny’s relationship with her parents. What I really thought was honest was how sometimes a child can be used against another parent. Which happens, especially in divorce. It’s sad but reality. Also Danny’s parents had her very young, which does have that residue of resentment. They had to make adjustments to their life for her. Doesn’t mean they don’t love her but I’m glad it was something that was addressed.

The plot itself is also intriguing. They are on their way to film Danny’s dad show, which deals with being out in the wild and then their plane crashes. They are trapped in the Amazon and have to find a way to get rescued. This isn't everyone makes it out alive situation either.

I don’t want to give too much away about Danny’s personality because it’s a big part of the story and how she grows through the experience. How things that she once saw one way, now have a different light to them.

It’s a very quick read and great if you are in the mood for something a little different. There is romance in the story but it’s really not the main part.
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The Speed of Falling Objects is a survival story but also a tale of love, family, strength and courage above all. .

Danny had lost an eye in a childhood accident and she's learned to keep herself occupied, to work hard. But that doesn't stop her from missing her famous father, and questioning her worth. So when he calls her up to join in the filming of his new TV episode, Danny jumps at the idea of getting to spend more time with her dad. What results is a horrifying journey of surviving in the dense forest and uncovering secrets that were hidden deep inside.

Can we please talk about the cover first? It's SO GORGEOUS I can't stop looking at it 😍

The story is engaging too. I loved the distinct personalities that the author created for each character and how well they were articulated in the book. Danny was a great character with strength and courage. I hated her father and how ignorant he was throughout. Simply wanted to punch him in the face oof. Gus was adorable but I didn't ship the two enough. I guess I liked them both individually and thought a few weeks were too less of a time to fall in love.

There were some issues I had with the story, of course. I felt some parts were dragged a bit and felt a bit forced. I really did feel bad for Danny at how her father treated her. Some scenes were a tad bit unbelievable but I suppose, anything could happen in the Amazons.

I loved how well researched this book was. Usually, adventure and survival stories don't intrigue me much but TSOFO kept me hooked to find out the end. And I adored the fact that the end wasn't unrealistic. It was subtle and cool and went amazingly with the flow of the book.

The author did not shy away from torturing her characters and I admire that. She tried to show a true image of what survival would look like and it was gory, scary and terrifying. Right from the beginning, I can assure you that there are a lot of deaths. So be aware.

I enjoyed the book and completed it within a day hehe 🤭 thanks to Netgalley for the e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was one book that surprised me so much.  It follows Danger through going on a trip with her dad and wanting to show him that she can be strong and not be afraid of the world.  Danger lost her eye when she was little and I really think that she blamed herself for not listening.  Even though as us parents know that kids just don't listen sometimes.  The story really gets going once the plane that Danger was in crashes and she finds herself alone in the Amazon.  

I have to say that this was a very interesting story.  The main character of Danger only has one eye and that really messes with her ability to see depth as well as anything on her left side.  I thought that as character disabilities etc. go this was one that I hadn't seen before.  Overall, Danger not having vision in her left eye didn't really affect her trip though the Amazon.  I would have liked it to affect her more since it was a big topic in the story.  The rest of the characters were great.  I think the author did an amazing job with this cast. 

The story itself from start to finish was wonderful.  I liked how we started out learning about Danger and how we only get tidbits of how she lost her eye until almost the end of the story.  It gave it a slight mystery feel.   

Overall, this was one that had a little bit of everything in it from danger to romance, to one girl finding her own voice.
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So, if I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would like this book very much.......even after I was a couple of chapters in. I don’t know why I didn’t like Danny to begin with...maybe the victim mentality? But, wow. Did she grow on me?!?!?!? Yes. Yes she did. 

The best thing about the book, though, was the stuff I learned, not just about the Amazon or rainforests or even surviving. I learned things about me from reading about these folks. It was cool. I love this line best of all: “Kindness is underrated (and you are overflowing with it).” It really is. This is a good book. I’ll be buying it and recommending it often. 🤓💜📚
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Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for sending me a free advanced reader copy of this book for an honest review. The Speed of Falling Objects debuted October 1st.

If there ever was a book to convince me that I don’t want to visit the Amazon rain forest, this is it. The book progresses from a page one plane crash to poison dart frogs, killer snakes, leeches, and all the creepy crawlies you could ever want. MC Danny, short for Danielle, must confront all these and more as she and her survival TV star father, along with a reality television crew and a teen heartthrob movie star, endeavor to make their way to safety.

But this book isn’t just about the perils of the Amazon. Danny’s mission is to use the time in the jungle to get closer to her dad, who, to put it bluntly, is a total dick. She hardly knows him, but has spent most of her life obsessed with his wilderness survival television show. Much of the book revolves around her hopes and expectations about her father being summarily dashed; she has to learn who her father really is and whether she can accept that reality or not. The book was a bit introspective for my taste, but that’s a personal preference thing.

The writing is strong, and Fischer holds no punches. The inclusion of the teen heartthrob character made me think at the outset that this would be a bit of a fluffier read, but it’s definitely not. People die in this book, permanently, and not just the ones you’re kind of hoping might. If you’re looking for a wilderness-themed page-turner, this is definitely a book to pick up!
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This book explores adventure with a touch of romance, family dynamics, insecurities, and overcoming your fears. Fans of YA will love it!

Danielle "Danger" Warren decides to put her life on hold to go on an adventure to the Amazon forest in the hopes of forming a relationship with her father, star of his own survivalist TV show. Doesn't take long before this wonderful trip takes a turn for the worst, and Danny is left facing her fears while exploring a new love interest.

The amount of research that was out into this book is quite remarkable. There were no details left unexplored. The story felt a little predictable, but overall still capturing enough to keep me reading. I would strongly recommend to YA fans.
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Whew! What a whirlwind of a book!

The Speed of Falling Objects takes off at light speed and does not slow down even once. This story was swift, well-paced, and a thrilling survival tale of a family doing whatever it takes. I had ups and downs with this story, but overall- a frightening, wild tale. Starting the first page off with a plane crash sure does jump-start a book!

The best thing about this book was the rich, descriptive, immersive world that the author creates in the boundless Amazon Rainforest. What seems like such a beautiful and rich place, full of all kinds of different life forms that continue to flourish, proves to be a much less hospitable place than I imagined. For instance: when so much of what’s around you is poisonous, how do you find anything to eat? I’d never thought about that before.

Fischer has a great writing style that clicked well with me too. Her writing simple, straight-forward, and focused. This made it so easy and effortless to read and I flew through this YA contemporary survival story.

My only struggle was that I profoundly disliked one of the characters, the main character’s father. I’ve read some other reviews that struggled with the same character, which leads me to believe- maybe that was the point? Were we supposed to hate him? I’m not sure but, regardless, he will not win father of the year.

Overall, this was a fast, fun, and crazy ride through the jungle at top speed and I flew through this book. If you like thrilling survival tales, this book might be for you. If you like complex characters that make you feel conflicted, this book would be right up your alley.

Check it out for yourself! This one hits shelves tomorrow.
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Title:  The Speed of Falling Objects
Author:    Nancy Richardson Fischer
Genre:  YA
Rating:  5 out of 5

Danger “Danny” Warren is nothing like her father, a popular survivalist TV star…but she used to be. And she wants to be again. Danny lost her eye in a childhood accident and had to re-learn how to move and relate to spatial relationships. Danny knows that if she’d just been enough, she’d have a relationship with her father now.

So when her dad calls with an offer to join him on the set of his next adventure in the Amazon, Danny is all for it. She’ll get to prove to her dad that she’s still the adventure-seeking girl she was—and getting to hang out with the hottest teen actor on the globe isn’t a bad thing, either. Until their plane crashes in the rainforest and Danny finds out a horrible secret about her father—while fighting to stay alive and find safety.

I enjoyed this book so much! Danny’s feeling of never being enough is something I think we can all relate to, so that made this book completely relatable. Her larger-than-life father is kind of a jerk, but Danny loves him anyway, although finding out who he really is was a tough experience. A movie star crush, a rainforest adventure, a strong female main character—this book had it all!

Nancy Richardson Fischer used to write sports biographs, but now she plans fun adventures and writes. The Speed of Falling Objects is her newest novel. 

(Galley courtesy of Harlequin Teen/Inkyard Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)
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What I liked

This book was intense! I mean all of these survival adventures in the Amazon and that plane crash that happened before the horror survival trips it was seriously intense. I couldn’t describe it any other way. It was really a great thing and you had the feeling to watch some TV show where people need to show off their surviving skills in the middle of nowhere.

The descriptions in The Speed of Falling Objects were beautifully written and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved her writing style and hope to read more of it in the near future.

I found the storyline to be intriguing as well and I have to say Fischer did her job very well because I kind of hated our main characters father so so much. I’m sure that you will understand what I mean by this once you’ve read this novel but he is a man you honestly don’t wish to have as a family member and especially not as your father. He was cruel!

What I didn’t like

I found all the characters kind of annoying and couldn’t get to find them nice. Some of the times I wanted to smack them on the head. But I guess that that also made this book great. It might have even been the intention of the author. Who knows? That’s also the only negative thing I might have to say about it.

Overall, if you like these survival shows on TV then I’m pretty sure that The Speed of falling objects will be your next favourite book!
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A teen survival story in the rainforest is kind of an unrealistic plot but very enjoyable none the less, a fun and light read. The main character's coming of age by understanding life and loss in an extreme situation. And finding love of course.
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