Ada and the Number-Crunching Machine

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I learned a lot about Ada Lovelace and I felt very strongly for her parents and the education she received. I loved that she was let free to read and learn anything she wanted and think on her own.
I would love to get a paper version of this book to read to my daughters, so they know they can be smart and curious and overcome any glass ceiling people will try to put on their way.
Girls are incredible! Thank you Ms Tucker for this beautiful and inspiring book!
I read an English, Kindle version of this book. Well it's my second children book on a Kindle and it's a mess, children book need to be read with double pages.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for an earnest review.
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Picture book biographies can sometimes oversimplify a person's life, especially glossing over the more negative aspects. Tucker certainly doesn't take that route. We're told how Ada inherited negative personality traits from both her parents. She's described as moody and short tempered. But we also see how her determination and mathematical mind lead her to take a vague description for a calculating machine and develop a programing language to achieve that goal, drawing up designs and figuring out logistics. A great choice for a young reader needing a little inspiration.
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'Ada and the Number-Crunching Machine' with words by Zoe Tucker and art by Rachel Katstaller is a picture book about a young girl who liked inventing things.

The book shows us Ada Lovelace as a young girl, who liked things normal children like, plus numbers and solving problems.  Since she was female in a time when girls weren't allowed to go to school, she had to find education another way.  One of Ada's friends had an idea for a new machine and Ada thought of a way to program it.  It was considered the first computer.

The book finishes by telling more about Ada Lovelace and how she continues to inspire people.  There is even a programming language named after her.

The story is fine and written well.  The illustrations were cute too.  I like the supplemental material included.  

I received a review copy of this ebook from North South Books Inc. and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This is a very well written and approachable picture book biography. My only complaint is that these biography series in general would branch into lesser known figures.
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This is a quick little read, packed full of great STEM history along with Ada Lovelace carrying the way as a strong female character.  While reading this with my son and daughter, both of whom love STEM, they were highly intrigued to learn more about Ada’s background, her literary famous father (which my English teacher’s heart happily taught them more!), as well as the time period! It’s beautiful how a scientific-based text opened so many conversations with my children about Ada’s connections and reach beyond technology and our world today. I highly recommend this text to anyone with children that love to read and are interested in learning more about strong females in STEM. I cannot wait until this releases so my children and my classroom can have a copy!
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This is a great book for the young reader that loves learning. The illustrations are charming. I didn't know about Ada Lovelace, so enjoyed learning something new.
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Ada and the Number-Crunching Machine by Zoe Tucker tells the remarkable true story of a young girl who, without any formal education, created the world's first computer program.

Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, had always been fascinated by the inner workings of machines.  Incredibly, without any training beyond her voracious reading and curiosity, she was able to achieve what was previously unfathomable, adding to Charles Babbage's proposal of an analytical engine, and laying the foundation for the modern computer.

This is an incredibly motivating story that is told in such a way that it is accessible, educational, and entertaining for even the youngest of children.  Beautifully illustrated and with such an inspiring message, particularly for young girls, this book should be a mainstay on every school library shelf.

Many thanks to NetGalley and North South Books Inc. for this informative and delightful ARC.
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Ada Lovelace Day will be celebrated internationally on October 8 of this year to honor the achievements of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.

I admit that prior to reading this book, I didn't even know who Ada Lovelace was. And it seems so strange to me now (and quite embarrassing, too) that I rely so much on a machine without really knowing or even once taking an interest in its origins and the brilliant minds that worked together to bring about its earliest form.  

For it was through Ada and her mentor/friend Charles Babbage's collaborative efforts, boundless curiosities, and pioneering vision that we are able to enjoy the astounding benefits of computers today. Their story has definitely piqued my interest and made me more appreciative of the number-crunching machines in my life.

I also really loved that much emphasis was given to the role that Ada's parents played in her life and education, which makes this book such a  perfect reading experience to share between children and the adults who care for them. Every kid has a curious mind. But a curious kid will only ever be a curious kid without people to support and guide them towards great things.
Ada followed her bliss. Her parents guided her along the way. And look where that got her. ^^
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This is a delightful book full of fun facts about Ada Lovelace. The pictures are darling. My 3 daughters loved this book and highly recommend it!
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I loved this little book. I have a science degree and I never knew about Ada Lovelace! I will be buying a copy for my niece as this is the kind of books we need right now that showcase and celebrate the achievements of girls and women.
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I like this book also because I'm a fan of Ada. This brilliant woman is not so known as some other scientists, but she deserves some more credit for her work and achievements. Great children's graphic book. I would recommend for all young girls to own a copy.
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This is a good one to have in a younger classroom for girls to be encouraged to think about STEM activities being for them too, not only boys can build computers & be interested in maths.

The illustrations were beautiful too.
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This was adorable! It gave information on Ada and explained her love of learning in a neat and lively way. I enjoyed the artwork in this book so much and the last blurbs about her and Charles Babbage were neat.
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Fabulous book. Zoë Tucker I believe may have been the first person to write a children's book about Ada. The story was captivating, and the illustrations were gorgeous. Ada's story is a fantastic one to read to young girls, especially when we so direly need more women in computer science. Excellent read, beautifully written, and something I must have on my shelf for my daughter!
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This book is adorable! I loved the illustrations. Ada Lovelace is an amazing example for girls to look to and this book tells them just that. The story of Ada and her invention is a story every child needs to hear and this book is a great first biography for them to read.
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I love books that make me think about their subject days or weeks after having finished them. Although a children's book, it made me want to look for more information about Ada and the number-crunching machine she helped invent. This is the kind of book I prefer to buy for my children or give as gifts to others.
We have read about Ada's story in another book, but I find this one better. I also liked the illustrations; for a small child, the captivating pictures are a must.
Thank you to Net Galley for providing me with an e-book copy in exchange for my honest review!
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The book has a natural, informal tone of writing I enjoyed and touches upon feminist ideas and the importance of education.
I was a little sad the whole story was not put into illustration but it does inform the reader of who this woman was nicely. I see now the split in the story from arts to numbers is much like Ada herself and makes it more memorable. A nice touch. I give it four star
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So many years after the incredible life of Ada Lovelace it seems strange that she is remembered by some and not everyone, despite her achievements and inventive mind.
Happily this book adds and subtracts nothing from her brief life in 19th Britain by tagging on the Number Crunching Machine.
It seems strange that for so long in a mighty empire like Britain oversaw, girls and women were considered less capable to have minds filled with knowledge. Consequently their education was ignored and they were not expected to add to society in terms of discovery and invention.
The child Ada should be an inspiration to children, especially girls, who in some societies are still held back and denied a complete education.
Ada was fortunate that her parents were influential and her Mother was determined that if she could not attend school she would be taught at home.
That she has access to books and great scholars to lead and guide her enabled her to reach her potential and somewhat more. Certainly, life as we enjoy it today has been enhanced by her studies, contributions and abilities.
This book will encourage children to read, be delighted that history is their past and that the future is theirs to discover.
Don’t think I was ever taught about Ada in all my educational years.

It is good that a child’s book can teach a grown up.

Enjoy.  Marvel at the unique illustrations and story telling style that makes this a memorable book. Learn about a character no-one should forget. Together we should ensure in the 21st century that education is for all, a right for all children.
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Such a cute book!  Love Ada and her spirit, such a great book to show kids they can do anything!  Ada perserveres throughout the story and creates a computer program.  This shows girls that they too can participate in computer science fields.
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Adorable, inspiring book for kids about a true innovator! The illustrations are very cute and the text is clear for even little kids about a pretty complex topic. The translation uses slightly different words than expected at a few points, but in a clear way that might expand kids' vocabulary. Has the approval of both a 1 year old and a 5 year old, both of whom now demand "Ada book" nightly. The 5 year old agrees with Ada that not going to school would be very boring!
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