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What a sweet book! With a name like book charmer, how could I go past it? The story is about a small town which is failing but with a bit of magic and sneakiness, the residents find a way to restore the town. I love Grace and how her character develops - I’m a bit in love with Sarah and want her to be my bff. There were a few times where the book skipped a week or two and I would’ve loved more info but it wasn’t completely necessary. I would recommend the book because of the warm characters that belong in a hallmark movie! And books, duh. Well worth the read.
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This author has pulled off a wonderful book! Her writing style just awesome. You could tell it comes from her heart.
Sarah and Grace each tell their own story. It's like 2 books in one!
Sometimes I don't like books like that because it's too confusing but I followed along nicely on this.
I think that Sarah and I would be great friends! Why you ask? Because we love books! Books are our friends. They are the best friend anyone could have!!
But I like Grace too. I admire her for her courage, compassion for others and the care she gives. But this poor woman has her hands full. This is why I admire her. 
I found myself wanting to reach out and help lift her burden some but I caught myself. Instead I just kept turning the pages to see what would happen.
About the only thing I could relate to Grace was moving to a new town only I did the whole 9 yards!!
It's hard to make new friends it really is! All it takes is for one person to reach out and things do get better.
I have to admit that some things are pretty far fetched in this book lol bit that's what makes it good!!
Two subjects that are in the storylines, the author has nicely weaved in without overdoing it. I think this what I enjoyed most about the book. It certainly isn't written about much. 
This book will make you laugh and cry so please be advised to have some tissues nearby just in case!
I will be looking for more by this author because I simply enjoyed this book. I recommend this book
My thanks to Netgalley for a complimentary copy of this book. NO compensations were received. All opinions are my own.
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I was given this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The town of Dove Pond finds good fortune whenever there are seven Dive sisters. Sarah, as the youngest of this set of sisters, is the town librarian. Like her sisters, she has a gift - hers involves making sure the right books get to the right person. She doesn't pick; the books tell her. And the journal of one of the first Dove sisters tell her that Grace is going to save their failing town.

Grace comes to town to regroup. After her sister died, Grace leaves her great paying job to bring her niece and the foster mother who raised Grace and her sister to Dove Pond, trying to figure out how to help her grieving niece and ailing foster mom. 

This book was, for want of a better word, charming. I connected with the characters, loved the story, and o can't wait for another one. I hope there is a long series because I NEED to know what else happens to these new characters - I'm invested!
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4 stars

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This was a fun, lighthearted read. I don't read this type of book very often, and it's a nice change of pace from the fantasy and mystery/thrillers that I normally read. It was a quick and easy read, and the perfect book to read if you want to feel good and escape for awhile.

Grace is an ambitious woman with a fast-paced city life. When her sister tragically dies, she finds herself at a loss. Caring for her young niece and ailing foster mother, she moves to small town Dove Pond, N.C. to grieve and pull things together before she returns to her former life. Giving herself a year in town to figure it all out, she is not interested in making a life there, let alone make friends or get romantically involved. She certainly has no intention of getting to know her neighbors, quirky and talkative Sarah Dove and cynical veteran Travis Parker. But life is funny that way, and best-laid plans have a way of changing. 

The town of Dove Pond always seems to have good luck when the Dove family has seven daughters. Books have whispered secrets to Sarah Dove her whole life and she uses her position as the town librarian to make sure the perfect book makes it into the hands of the person that needs it most. Lately the books have whispered that change is coming to Dove Pond, and Sarah believes the outside help of Grace is just what is needed to save the town. Initially reluctant to get involved any further than necessary, Sarah eventually convinces Grace to help save the town. Grace finds that perhaps her idea to keep people at arms length wasn't the best idea after all. 

This is a warm, entertaining book. If you're looking for a feel-good book to read, then I recommend you read this one.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Magical realism is not usually my thing, but I sort of liked that aspect of the book. The small town setting was also well done. But while I have read a lot of romances that are companion books in a series, I have never read a book that felt as unfinished as this one – the ending was strangely unresolved. I guess the romances in this and the saving of Dove Pond will have to finish playing out in later books, but this one, while charming, felt to me like one piece of a larger puzzle.
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The Book Charmer is quite a charming story.
Small towns, quirky characters, and a bit of magic come together nicely in this story. Sarah, the town librarian to whom books speak, and Grace, who moves to Dove Pond with her ailing foster mother and niece. Sarah is the seventh daughter, and town legend has it that the seventh daughters of the Dove family will do special things for the town.

Grace wants no part of Dove Pond. She is there for a year only, planning to pick up the pieces of her life and put them back together again. Dove Pond - and Sarah - have other things in mind for her. Mama G, Grace's foster mother, is a wonderful character, struggling with Alzheimer's issues. Daisy, Grace's niece, is a troubled child. The town works its magic on the mostly unwilling family. The characters - next-door neighbor Trav, Mayor Moore, Aunt Jo and her dog, Moon Pie, felt realistic and well rounded, making them interesting to spend time with.

This book is probably not for everyone - one has to believe in the magic of books and that for every reader there will be a book. The Book Charmer has the ability to become a fast favorite.
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This appears to be a first book in the series of Dove Pond. This is a refreshing and light hearted story of Sarah [the book charmer] and Grace [the new person in town] and Trav [the neighbor to both]. The books that 'tell' Sarah who in the community should receive them...they [books] talk to her. Although she is the only one who 'hears' them. Sarah knows that Grace is the person who is suppose to save the town, but can she get her to stay more than a year? Read and enjoy.
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I am a sucker for small town stories. I’ve always wanted to live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone’s business, everyone greets you by name at the one-of-two diners on the main street, and life is relatively slow. This book transported me to Dove Pond, and I am sold. 

It’s your basic fish out of water story of a big time city girl moving back to the small town she grew up in to find what she didn’t even know she needed. There’s no uniqueness in the plotline, but it’s the town that you will fall in love with. That small town charm of wanting to help vs. minding your own business, and in this day in age where competition runs rapid and everyone is trying to outdo everyone, this was a nice change of pace to know that maybe towns like Dove Pond do exist out there, towns where knowing your neighbor’s name is more important than your bank account. And I’m a sucker for those stories. 

The funny thing to me was the title. I was expecting way more magic in this book, based on the title of “book charmer”. I assumed books would be dancing in the air while the librarian picked out what book goes with what townsperson. And while there was a couple instances of that, this book is so much more about character development, the townspeoples' charming quirks, and the town itself. 

Thank you Netgalley and Gallery Books for the ARC!

Four (and a half) Goodreads Stars

The town of Dove Pond and all its quirky inhabitants
The character development

Some storylines were predictable
Slower pace/unraveling of characters
Not really about a Book Charmer!
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Reluctance turns to inclination, and duty to love in the enchanting, candied romance of The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins. Fans of Sarah Addison Allen and Alice Hoffman will find a new author to follow in this Dove Pond series by best-selling author of historical romance. 

As book one, it does an excellent job of setting the stage for all sorts of delightful and magical tidbits that are sure to come our way as the series progresses. Sarah Dove is a most charming character, it’s no wonder she claims the title of ‘book charmer.’ A woman from generations of ‘gifted’ women, the Dove luck is in high demand when The Book Charmer sets off. On the precipice of falling into bankruptcy, a thing far too many delightful small towns suffer from, Sarah Dove has been waiting for a sign, and with a little of her family luck, she’s about to get her hopes (or perhaps her destiny) answered. In rolls Grace Wheeler, a grieving sister who has newly adopted the role of mother to a recalcitrant eight-year-old Daisy. Daughter to Hannah, Grace’s younger sister, this young girl is in need of a steady ship to call home, but Grace is not feeling like she’s capable of steering any ship at the moment. Poor Grace is a woman on the edge, and moving to Dove Pond is a chore, but a necessity, at least until Grace can get her feet back under her. 

Sarah has other plans for her though, and as the town unveils its list of quirky characters, scintillating history and demand for a savior, Grace might find herself unwilling to let go of the love she not only finds for the town, but also the love she’s found for herself. Easily, these characters slip into the readers’ memory as if they too have lived years with Aunt Jo and her bulldog Moon Pie, or spent time with neighbors who talk to books, or spot flowers changing colors when two people in love walk by. This is the type of book that reminds us to pause and take note of the good things, however small. The smell of an old book, the hint of a loved ones cologne, or the remembrance of childhood summers on the scent of freshly clipped grass, all coalesce in this most inviting book. Perfect for a summer at a beach cottage, but equally as warming if read by the fire in the dead of winter, The Book Charmer is simply magical.
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Many people say Sarah Dove loves books but the opposite is true, books love Sarah Dove. They talk to her and guide her on who needs them. Sounds crazy right, however this is the main story in this delightful book about a small town that is falling apart. Luckily for them the person they need just moved to town they just have to convince her to stay.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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The Book Charmer is positively enchanting. The mystical and magical of life blended skillfully with the challenging and disquieting hurdles in life make this book sing.
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Whether you are a book lover or not this story of small town life will appeal to many. The struggles of the characters are very realistic and the storyline was such fun. I can’t wait to read more in this series and more from K. Hawkins.  A good book club selection.
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The Book Charmer is one of those utterly delightful, small-town stories built on a wonderful cast of quirky characters. It's a fun and easy read that also manages to tackle a few hard topics (PTSD and Alzheimers) with great sensitivity. This story is centered around Grace and her move to Dove Pond, with her niece Daisy and foster mother Mama G in tow. She has a plan that will be challenged as she gets to know the community and learns the importance of friendship, loyalty, and healing. 

Karen Hawkins writing is flawless and I look forward to the next installment in the series and getting to know more about the magical Dove sisters.
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A heartwarming story of how opening yourself to friendship can change everything in your life for the better.
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I loved this book! I am a huge fan of Sarah Addison Allen, and this story hit all the same good emotions. My only complaint was that the story ended before finishing up some loose ends regarding some of the characters, but it was only after finishing that I realized this will be an on-going series (which I am very excited about following). This book tells the story of Dove Pond and it's many citizens. One of the main characters in this first book is Sarah Dove, who has a special gift that allows her to communicate with books. She uses her ability as the town librarian to pair books with whomever may need that book (most of the time they don't even know it themselves!). The Dove family is well-known for their special gifts, and are accepted by the community. However the community has become worn-down and is at the brink of bankruptcy. Sarah believes that a newcomer, Grace Wheeler, holds the power to save Dove Pond, if only she can get Grace to stay. This was a great read, and made me feel genuinely happy to experience the novel. I wish there was a real Dove Pond for my family to move to and experience. I would give this book a 10 out of 10, and highly recommend to any fans of magical realism.
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I am a sucker for a magical realism novel.  I enjoyed this one about a magical family living in a dying small North Carolina town.  Members of the Dove family all have different gifts -- Sarah Dove, the town librarian -- can talk to books.  In fact they talk to her and tell her which books people need for whatever is happening in their lives.  The town of Dove Pond is struggling, so when Grace Wheeler moves to town, Sarah senses that she is the person who will help save the town.  I enjoyed this sweet book full of quirky characters in a charming (and a little bit magical) small town.
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The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins is the story of a small town with a magical family. Dove Pond was founded by the Dove family in the 1700s. A family with special gifts. As the story opens in 2001, we meet Sarah Dove, the seventh daughter, on her seventh birthday when something extraordinary happens: a book speaks to her! Not just catches her attention but speaks to her. Once she embraces the books, a whole new world opens to her. Grace Wheeler and her sister, Hannah, have been bounced from one foster home to another, and their last chance to stay together is at Mama G’s house. For the first time, despite her best efforts not to, Grace finally feels like she’s home. Fast forward to 2019, Grace is headed to Dove Pond with Mama G, who is now suffering from Alzheimer’s, and her niece, Daisy. Grace has taken a job as the town clerk, reluctantly, but they all need a change of scenery for a while. When she arrives, Sarah, now the town librarian, feels a change in the air, something good is going to happen to their town. At first, Grace keeps everyone at arm’s length, determined to do the job she was hired for and move on. Will the Dove Family Good Luck help win her over? How will the books help Sarah convince Grace to stay?
I loved, loved this book! From the open chapter, really a girl who can hear the books?!? To the closing pages, I fell in love with everyone in this lovely small town. I laughed, I cried. I smiled so much my face hurt! I could sympathize with Grace as she struggles to care for her ailing Mama G, learning to raise her niece and learning to ask for help. As a foster child, attachment meant pain, so Grace pushes everyone aside because it is what she knows. Sarah, who believes Grace is the key to save their town, won’t be pushed aside. Every small town has their characters from the mayor who likes the status quo, to the wealthy family who likes everyone to know it and those who hide their pain and suffering, everyone has a story. The Book Charmer is the first book in the Dove Pond series and I highly recommend it! I cannot wait to read more about this town and its wonderful residents. 

The Book Charmer
is available in hardcover, paperback, eBook and audiobook
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I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did! The setting was reminiscent of Gilmore Girls - small, sleepy town with eccentric residents. The back story of the main characters was nicely developed. This was a perfect book to read at the end of summer.
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A sweet book - I enjoyed the characters and loved the small-town vibe.  The elements of magical realism were just enough to give it a fun whimsical touch and I appreciated the fine balance the author achieved with that.  I did find some plot points to be a bit predictable - which unfortunately allowed my attention to wander a bit - but overall, a satisfying read!
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This was such a wonderful book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to the end.  I cannot point to one thing that made it interesting, I just have to say any story with books is always exciting.
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