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Blood Broken (Blackthorn Book 8)

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A well done ending to a well loved series. Fast paced and action packed. I look forward to more from this author.
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The final book in the beloved Blackthorn series. I am out of words for this series. It is spectacular, winding, harrowing, brutal, shocking and all the other adjectives one can associate with an excellently crafted story and characters. Blood Broken added to the epicness that I have come to know and appreciate with this series. One thing I did feel regarding this book was it was moderately paced but it still felt like it was too slow. Albeit, everything was wrapped nicely. 

This world needs to become a tv show with producers from game of thrones behind it or even the lotr people will do it justice. Just get it on our screens. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy.
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Blood Broken is book #8 and final story in the Blackthorn series written by Lindsay Pryor. This is the second title by this author and in this series that I read, my opinion this series can be read as a standalone. One of the best PNR I read this year.
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Love this wonderful series by Lindsay J. Pryor! This was another great installment and I loved the intriguing storyline and strong characters. Highly recommend!
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. What a great book , I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend to everyone.
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This is the final book in the Blackthorn series and I feel like I have been waiting forever for it to be released.

A must read.  You will not be disappointed.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a great read! I liked both main characters and read it almost straight through. Really enjoyed!
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I can't believe the time has come when I have to say good-bye to Leila, Caleb, Kane, Caitlen and the rest of the Blackthorn crew in this final instalment of the Blackthorn series, Blood Broken. The prophecy that has threatened our heroes and heroines over the last 7 books is about to come to pass....or is it? The fourth dimension has broken through, super lycans have wreaked devastation, the cons have escaped out of their territory killing innocents all while the Global Council has a devastating plan to rid the world of the 3rd species. Blackthorn has become a battle ground and Leila has the solution to all their problems. Can she be trusted? Will she succeed and save Blackthorn? I will leave it to you to find out.

You could be led to believe that this is another story of Caleb the vampire king and the vampire killer Leila but it's much more. All of the main characters across the whole series have full chapters or part chapters dedicated to their own personal story. All our favourite goodies and baddies have something to say about the prophecy and whether the 3rd species should prevail. I especially enjoyed those chapters dedicated to the various baddies that have made our heroes and heroines lives hell over the series. I especially like Sirius Throme. Even his name sounds nasty and boy he is really really nasty. Since most of the characters are paired off with their love interests there isn't a lot of character development until near the very end of the story and be prepared for the big plot twist that comes with that.

Blood Broken is rather a challenging book to read due to the violence, specifically the violence against women. I have mentioned in previous reviews that I have found the sex scenes rather disturbing and this is even more so in this instalment. If you read one of the sex scenes out of the context of this series then you could very much believe that it was a scene of sexual assault and not of love making There was nothing that was loving, romantic or caring about the scene and I am not sure it added that much to the story as a whole.

Violence aside Pryor ensures that fans of this series are left satisfied as every thread of the plot over the entire series are tied up, every baddy gets their comeuppance and there is a bittersweet HEA for certain characters. Pryor delivers a very satisfying epilogue to end the series which I thought was a good touch.  Overall, I liked Pryor's innovative and complex plot and this would have been a 5 star series had I liked the characters a bit more and she toned down the kidnapping and abuse of the female leads. If you like your bad boys to be really bad then this is the series for you.
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Blackthorn is one of my favorite PNR series, and I was beyond thrilled that my ARC request was granted by the publishers. Book 7, Blood Bound, blew my mind last year. It’s still one of my favorite books in the series. I rated Blood Bound 5 stars easily. It pains me to give the conclusion of the series anything less than 4 stars, but it didn’t live up to my high expectations. I was moved by the ending, and this series overall is still one of my favorites that I would recommend to anyone who loves reading PNR. Overall this series has almost ruined other books in the PNR genre for me. Many other PNR books simply don't live up to the quality that is this series. Pyror’s ability to world-build, create suspense, and develop interesting characters is almost unparalleled in PNR. Often I find myself frustrated with overly simple writing styles in this genre (think the writing style of Charlaine Harris and Karen Marie Moning), but Lindsay J. Pryor can write. She’s won me over as a loyal fan, and I look forward to reading more from her.

Now to list reasons why this book was only a 3 star read for me:

1) There were too many POVs. I understand why Pryor added in several POVs. This book needed to wrap up many story lines. Unfortunately, the constant switching around slightly ruined my immersion in the story, took away some of the suspense, and frustrated me. Some of the POV switches felt unnecessary and like they could have been edited out.

2) This book didn’t get interesting until I reached 70%. The first half was full of inner angst and back and forth between Leila and Caleb. It was also full of planning from the rest of the Blackthorn team. There were paragraphs upon paragraphs of dialogue. It felt tedious to read. I’ll admit I was irritated with Leila and Caleb’s inner angst and then their switch to lovey-dovey talk, but Lindsey Pryor made up for it with a HUGE twist later in the book.

3) This is just my opinion, but I was fascinated by Jessie and the new information revealed about the angels in book 7. The twist with Torren in book 7 was incredible… I could read an entire series based on these angels. So, I was slightly let down the angels had a lighter role in this book. I again understand why, Lindsey Pryor had to fit in A LOT in this final book.

4) Overall this book felt anti-climatic, especially after how epic and suspenseful book 7 felt. I think it suffered from law of diminishing returns. I feel the majority of this series was a suspenseful build-up (up to book 7) and the payoff didn’t match the suspense.

I see myself rereading this series, but in all honesty I probably will not reread this book. Jessie and Eden are my favorite couple, I suggest reading through this series just for them. Caitlin and Kane, and Caleb and Leila's story in Blood Roses is excellent too. The entire series must be read in order, but Eden and Jessie's story is in book 4 and book 7. Jask and Sophie are the most irritating, but its been worth pushing through their POVs to get to Jessie and Eden.

With all that said, I was moved by the ending and even shed a tear. I do believe Lindsey Pryor gave resolution to all these characters, and she should be proud of this achievement. I don't regret reading the book, and still consider Blackthorn one of my favorite PNR series.
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This is the final book in the blackthorn series and it will have your heart racing throughout ,its that spine tickling good.
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This series has been without a doubt phenomenal and that’s not a word I use lightly. The characters have taken twists and turns and truly been through the mill . I honestly wasn’t sure what the author could do to bring everything to a close in a satisfying way that would do justice to this amazing world building so let me start by saying this book whilst heartbreaking as it’s the last is imaginative and in a class of its own !
I’m going to be blunt and state that I wasn’t really feeling it initially as Caleb reluctantly let Leah back into his home . Leah left to find a way to bring Calebs brother Jake back from death but Caleb knows deep down that believing in a Serryn could lead to disaster. Caleb doesn’t trust easily but there’s more in play here than even he realises. The whole district is under threat and it’s time for Vampires and Werewolves to unite but is Leah going to be a help or is she the biggest threat facing Blackthorn?
Ok I admit it for me the beginning was a little slow with lots of unnecessary navel gazing from Caleb as he came to terms with his feelings towards Leah and I honestly thought that I as going to be disappointed. Well I should have known better as this story just rolled along gathering pace and old friends along the way. Truly the tension started to rise with danger escalating that left this reader so involved in the lives of these characters that at times it’s hard to remember that they are fictional. It’s a fabulous conclusion that is shocking, emotional and yes there’s romance here but it’s played out in a unique way that only this author could do. A fitting end to a series that goes in directions that no one could ever predict.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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Wow. That ending was insane. And I never saw any of it coming.
This book was quite literally all over the place. We jumped from past to present, from people we know to people we don't. Despite all that, it was surprisingly still easy to follow. And there was simply just that much going on here that we kind of needed most of it.

I had been looking forward to an epic conclusion for Caleb and Leila. Did this deliver? Perhaps epic is too strong a word, but it was a damn good one. I was constantly being bounced around and occasionally frustrated by what was happening with these two, only to be thrown a curve ball out of left field that knocked me on my ass.

I love Caleb even more after reading this book. The poor guy is trying to do right by his own beliefs and feelings but he's always being manipulated by those around him to the point where it's impossible to know who to trust and believe. I was so overjoyed when he manned up to his feelings for Leila and his little gift for her was priceless. Which is what made what happens afterwards all that much harder to bear.

While Leila is making her way back to Caleb and then trying to convince him to trust her and do a reversal spell, all the rest of them have their hands completely full with trying to protect as many people as they can. The six of them have organized the third species as best they can and come up with plans to evacuate as many innocents as possible while fighting off the escaped cons. Only adding to that stress is the discovery of the global council's plan for mass murder as a way of containment. And time is running out fast. Fortunately, Caleb was already one step ahead of Throme and because of him, one crisis is averted. UNfortunately, we find out that the prophecy was never what was widely believed and now time is running out fast for a completely different reason.

There literally is so much going on here that it's hard to even summarize it. Much of the beginning is the group doing the best they can to survive and save as many as they can while trying to get the word out to the other districts of what is really going on. But towards the end, Kane has made a devastating discovery and knows of only one way to stop it at great cost to himself. Jessie ends up having to fight Torren again for her position which leads to something happening to her that nobody expected. And Sophia is forced to do something she desperately doesn't want to do but knows it's the only way to save everyone. There was one moment of relative calm where both Kane and Jask got the revenge they both deserved, and I was happy for them.

In the end, they win. But at a great cost. Caleb and Leila's ending was so so sad, but also quite sweet. Now it's time to rebuild the system and their world. We get epilogues of each couple one year later and I liked each one. But if I'm being honest, I'm a little upset with happens to Caleb and Leila. Not that I'm surprised by it or even didn't expect it, but I guess I just wish it was a little different. Even so, it was still a good end for them. And a great end to this series.
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Leila McKay is both blessed and cursed. Her potent serryn powers are growing stronger, but they come with a heavy price. And to prove her love for vampire leader Caleb, she needs to bring his murdered brother Jake back to life. The only way is to cast a spell no one has dared to attempt before, that could tear apart the fabric of time itself. But Caleb fears that treachery runs deep in Leila’s veins. Although the heat between them grows hotter by the second, Caleb’s past has left him with a hard heart and a mistrustful nature, and it was at her sister’s hands that Jake was killed… but with his brother’s life in the balance, giving in to his primal instincts is more tempting than ever.
I am starting this review with a bit of a grain of salt. Somehow I missed the warning that all other 7 books should be read before this one. I did try it anyways. I also went back to find the first book and found that I’d read the first one years ago and that one had also been a bit confusing for my liking. DNF.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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A great end to a series, can’t believe it is ! I love this and the series, full of action, strong characters, great chemistry and romance. It’s a wonderful series I will go back and reread

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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I gotta say, I was not expecting that ending.  Years ago I picked up book 6 not realizing it was a series.  While there are so many characters, so much going on and the releases are kind of far apart...despite all that, the author completely captivated me with this story.  

I kept telling myself I needed to go back and start book 1 before I read anymore but did I listen?  No.  I just couldn't resist and I'm not sorry.  I still want to go back to book 1 and read this whole series over, especially now that this last book is done.  I think this is one of those series you need to read more than once because you'll discover things you missed in the first read.  

If you love paranormal romance, you gotta check this series out.  There are Vampires, Lycans, Angels, witches, modified humans, and a fourth dimension species that I couldn't even begin to describe as well as the author has.  It's scary good and sadly you don't want to get too attached to all the characters.  You never know who will survive.
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I thought that this book was excellent!!

It is action packed, quick paced and I was hooked right from the first few pages!

I thought it was a brilliant story and I loved every page

What more can I say except for well done!! 

5 stars from me, I loved it, so well written and completely addictive!!
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Thank you to the publisher and author for this copy through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely LOVE this series and am so sad to see it end, but what an ending. This book was amazing and I just cant put into words how much I loved it. This whole series is unique and beautifully written. Lindsay J. Pryor has a true talent and I will forever be a fan!
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8 books. The final one in this world of humans, vampires, werewolves, witches, angels and evil scientists. Locked away in Lowtown and Blackthorne, the so called dregs of society are at the epicenter of a prophesy that ushers in a war for supremecy of the 3 races. Gritty, heart wrenching, full of angst and loss. And vengeance, boy was the vengeance sweet. Peacefully ever after if I have to label the end. The epic battle ending was a surprise, and the epilogue's soothed my soul. I will miss this world. Kudos Ms. Pryor. This series is a great read.
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This final installment of the Blackthorn series does not disappoint. It is long, arduous and full of angst, as you feel the struggle of the characters. It often feels that this group cannot catch a break. It can be frustratingly dark and it is sometimes hard to tell who the good guys really are in this series. In conclusion we find it is true because there is good and bad in all of us. I have read and enjoyed the entire series and feel that readers would understand the series read best in order. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Be still my very beating heart!  Blood Broken is absolutely fantastic!

Gritty, emotive, shocking, furiously paced and beautifully written.  Not one wasted word or comma! Reading it was joyous.

This is as close to a perfect end to this series that I can imagine.  I’m completely breathless.  Lindsay J Pryor is truly a talent.  I’m in awe of her skill.

This is part of an 8 book series, so start at book one!
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