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I think due to the simple fact that this book is masquerading as a thriller instead of a erotica story is what made me put the book down. I was looking forward to reading this story even though it was the 3rd book in the series but when a book starts out sounding like a porn instead of what was promised, it's time to put the book down. 

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Competently plotted thriller with an interesting (though imperfectly characterized: she's not very believable as a woman, at times) protagonist. Saul Black's style remains lively despite being definitely toned down in comparison to his superior Last Werewolf trilogy.
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This one started off really strong for me and the writing style was great, but I felt like it drug on too long for a bit.  The last 25% picked up quite a bit again but I struggled to stay interested.  However, I didn't realize this was part of a series when I started reading so that may be part of the reason I didn't feel as connected to the characters.
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This is my first book by this author. Sadly I did not like it. This story has strong sexual content. However, that wasn't the problem and it's nothing I can't handle. The whole concept of the story was slow burn. The twist was great but by the time I got there I was already over it.

Thank you at Netgalley and St. Martin'a Press for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review
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I think this was not a bad mystery or "whodunit" book.  It was a big case and I think there were some great twists and turns in it for me.  The author goes into detail in the book, so this book is for adults only in my opinion.  I still enjoyed this book for the most part.  Valerie Hart is a good character for a detective.  "This book was given to me for free at my request from NetGalley and I provided this voluntary review."
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Usually, I can read anything and enjoy it, but I will say this book has some triggers including rape and sexual abuse. I personally don’t really need to hear the graphic details, but if you like things more explicit you will enjoy this book. I’ve always thought that great writers can use more than vulgarity to describe a story, and this book definitely overuses the word “cunt”. 

Anything For You has sex, lies, murder, and a great twist. A San Francisco prosecutor is murdered and his wife is left barely alive in a horrific attack. Valerie Hart, a detective, is put on the case and she realizes she’s connected to Adam, the victim. There are many secrets and twists, and Valerie is forced to confront her past. The story flips between points of view and you get good details about what’s going on, but still are left with surprises. 

I am happy that I had the chance to review this book, but it wasn’t necessarily a great fit. As a woman, I think Saul Black writes what he wants a woman to be thinking, but not what she actually would be thinking or saying. Not that this is a rule, but women generally don’t think about themselves as they were written in this book. I like stories that can seem real, and this one missed the mark for me. If the main character was a male, perhaps this style of writing would be a better fit. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read this book. While I wouldn’t recommend it, everyone likes something different so this may be for you.
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I thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book. This author was new to me and I was not let down. It was a great story and very well written. The characters were easy to relate to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this to everyone!!
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A few weeks ago I discovered that Saul Black is actually Glen Duncan.  Under his own name, Duncan wrote "The Last Werewolf, which is an amazing story, beautifully written, and full of existential angst. Upon this discovery about Black I knew I must request "Anything for You."  

This is the third book in the Valerie Hart series and I will read the first two books.  Rich, successful attorney Adam Grant is murdered and his wife Rachel is injured during a home invasion. Fingerprints and DNA tell the police the killer is Dwight Jenner who has just been released from San Quentin where he'd been incarcerated for six years for participating in an armed robbery of a gas station.  Valerie Hart, a Detective with the San Francisco Homicide Department is the police lead in hunting down the now missing Dwight Jenner.  

The writing is wonderful, the sense of place is perfect, and what appears to be a routine crime novel actually explores the depths of human nature and what people will do to survive in challenging circumstances.  

This book is not for those who are squeamish about graphic sex and violence. But, the sex and violence are not gratuitous, rather an important part of this truly compelling book.  

"Anything for You" is literary crime fiction at its best.
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Boring, unengaing, painful are just a few of the words I would use to describe this book. It is a dull soft porn book masquerading as a crime novel. One can figure out in the first half of the book who done it, but the author drags out the second half to te point that it is a good book for anyone suffering from insomina ( as a couple characters in the book). As it has received a number of favorable reviews it is obviously appealling to some, but I found it an utter waste of time.

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This book is 3rd in the series. I hadn't read the others so didn't know what to expect. This book wasn't my taste. It was rude, offensive and sexually vile.
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On a hot summer night, a watchful neighbor locks eyes with an intruder and unwittingly alerts the police to a vicious crime scene next door: a lavish master bedroom where a man lies dead. Next to him, his wife is bleeding out onto the hardwood floor, clinging to life.

The victim, Adam Grant, was a well-known San Francisco prosecutor—a man whose connection to Homicide detective Valerie Hart brings her face-to-face with a life she’s long since left behind. Adam’s career made him an easy target, and forensic evidence points towards an ex-con he put behind bars years ago. But while Adam’s wife and daughter grapple with their tragic loss, Valerie uncovers devastating clues that point in a more ominous direction. Lurking in the shadows of the Grants’ pristine life is a mysterious blonde who holds the key to a very different—and much darker—story.

As Valerie struggles to forge a new path for herself, the investigation forces her to confront the question: can we ever really leave our pasts behind?

The suspense was great, but it was a very difficult book to finish. There was an overuse of violence, so I don't think this book is for everyone.

Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC of Anything for You by Saul Black
Pub Date: 05 Nov 2019
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This book was just not for me. I enjoy mystery but could have done without the erotica. This book just needs the right audience.
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Very violent, rape, and substance abuse but had lots of twists and turns that keeps the reader interested and pages turning. I'll be interested to see more development from this author. I think that this book could have had a little more depth to it and everything there to make this great, just a touch from great and falls in the good category. 
Thank you to Netgalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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DNF. A poor constructed mystery that overuses sex and violence instead of crafting an interesting plot.
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A sleeping family was awakened by, what would appear to be, an intruder and alerted the authorities of such person.  But, when the police arrived, they didn’t find an intruder, but they did discover a vicious double murder, or so they thought.  Turned out that a well-known San Francisco prosecutor, Adam Grant, was found murdered in his bedroom, while his wife was barely clinging to life.  Homicide Detective, Valerie Hart, arrived on the scene only to discover she knew the victim all too well.  Det. Hart had a very real dilemma.  Should she alert her superiors of the connection she had to the deceased, or continue to work the case and see where the clues led her?

As Det. Hart begins to navigate her way through this web of sex, lies and deceit, she soon finds out that she isn’t the only one who is hiding a secret.  A rather beautiful blonde is alluding authorities, but continually surfaces as she’s trying to figure out the blonde’s connection to Mr. Grant.  The further she digs into the case, the more twisted and deranged the story got.  And from there, the reader is left with a state of confusion.

So…yeah, this story wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.  I’m a bit on the fence with this one. From other reviews I’ve read, I gather some were disappointed with the vulgarities of the story, but for me, that wasn’t my problem.  My sole issue with this story is that it appeared to read like a damn good movie, but it lacked the excitement.  I kept waiting for the excitement to happen, and unfortunately, I was unable to find any.  In fact, I found the story dragging in many sections and too much emphasis on mundane things instead of Det. Hart going around town trying to figure out what was happened. 

I will say that this story had plenty of twists and turns, and thankfully, that kept me tapping the Kindle to find out what the heck was happening on the other side, but again, it just fell a little flat for me.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  Not sure what I wanted, but I just didn’t feel fulfilled, if that makes any sense to the reading audience?

Overall, I felt the story was ok, but just wasn’t my cup of tea.  This is not a bad read and it had a lot of elements to the story, just wasn’t the excitement I was expecting.  This author has a nice following, so he has an audience that likes his style of writing.  I never give up on an author.  I may try some of his earlier work and see how I feel, but unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling this story.

The Sexy Nerd gives Anything For You three killer stars.  If you enjoy a whodunit, I think this will be a great story for you to try.  Just because it wasn’t for me, certainly doesn’t mean it’s not for you.  Anything For You goes on sale, Tues., November 5, 2019.  Please make sure you pick up your copy wherever books are sold.  Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown!
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***Warning: There are triggers for rape, sexual abuse, and drug & alcohol abuse in this story.***

This was such of good suspense-murder-mystery!

Valerie Hart is a wonderfully imperfect, cynical homicide detective.
Detective Hart does not see the world through rose coloured glasses, if anything nothing surprised her anymore and she often expects the worst out of people.
That's what being the Police for so long has done to this investigator.

This mystery was well written with great, complex, interesting characters and wonderful twist at the end. 

I loved the ending!

(I am so going to stalk Saul Black's backlist!)

I highly recommend this story!
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Definitely a good mystery if you can get past all of the sex and violence, which this book is chock full of.  I have never read anything by this author before but all in all this was a pretty good book.  Third in a series but I didn't feel like I was missing out by not reading the first two.  Valerie Hart is a strong main character whom I really liked.  The gruesome murder she is investigating definitely has her working hard with multiple layers as she unravels the case.  There are many twists and turns in this book that I did not see coming, and I definitely did not expect the ending.  Definitely worth reading if you don't mine a lot of sex/erotica and violence.
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4-5 stars, but probably not for everyone!  The more disturbing, the more I love the book, and while not disturbing exactly this one has lots of crudeness and sex.  If you like the raunchier and racier books, then grab this one!  Very fast paced and hard to put down!  
Will let the members of Chapter Chatter Pub know about it’s upcoming release!
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I tried like heck to finish this book since I requested it. I just can't do it. It is very crude and sexually disgusting for my taste.
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No way. Crude, nasty and offensive. DNF 

I've never read this author and if this is a sample of all his work, I don't think I ever will.

Thanks  to Netgalley for the advanced galley. Opinion is strictly mine.
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