Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

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This was an okay book, I honestly got lost quite a bit and it was hard to finish. The characters were great but the storyline was not exciting
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This book turned out to be somewhat emotional at times, and also frustrating. Ty has come home from the rodeo circuit hurt from riding bulls, his body has healed but his mind is still gone with amnesia. This plays a part when Hannah shows up at the ranch. He thinks that she is there for a good time or was just one of his one night stands along the way. They are actually married but had to keep it quiet because she was the rodeo queen and she would have lost her crown because she was also pregnant with their boy Jack. Leaving Jack with her mother to find Ty was difficult for her but it was also hard seeing Ty like he was and the way he treats her. His brothers also think that she is just after his money and so she is looked down on all around. It takes a while for everything to start to work a little between them and when her mother shows up with Jack it changes things a little. Both are dealing with issues from their past as well and you the reader are wondering if and when he will remember. Overall a good book and keeps you going to the end.
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Hannah has always felt she had to perform and be this certain kind of girl. Ty rode rodeos until he got hurt. He’s had a rough upbringing. Two wounded soles that come together and heal each other. A heartfelt read.
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Ty has been riding bulls since he left home and joined the rodeo when he turned eighteen.  But when he falls and gets injured, the life he has known is over. And the worst part is that he cannot remember the last couple of years.  His fall caused amnesia and those years have not come back to him. One of the things that he has forgotten is Hannah. He does not know who she is and what history there is between them.  When he sees her again, it is like he is seeing a stranger.

Hannah was a Rodeo Queen who had it all.  But she gave all of that up when she met Ty.  She fell for him hard and when they secretly married, she was so happy.  When he had his accident, that all changed. Her life fell apart as completely as Ty’s.   She goes to Cold River Ranch to confront him and ask for a divorce. When she realizes he does not even remember her, things get more complicated (if that is even possible).   Ty and Hannah have lot of hard work ahead of them if they are going to figure things out and get their lives back together (either together or apart).

 I felt that the writing style was a little stiff and did not flow as smoothly as I would have liked.  It may have been the amount of inner monologue that went on through the book. Some is okay but I think this went way overboard.  That is only my opinion and others may not agree with me.   

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I felt that I was at the ranch, watching all of the action taking place.  She is also very talented in her emotional writing and there were a lot of heartfelt moments in this book. The author took me on an emotional roller coaster, which is not a bad thing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s contemporary romance.  

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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I want to start this review by saying that if I wasn't on vacation with a lot of time on my hands, this would have been a do not finish.  Ty is a rodeo star recovering from injuries he sustained in the ring and planning his comeback. He is at his family's ranch with his brothers and is basically being an ass hole to anyone who crosses his path. He also is trying to out back the pieces of his life as he lost 2 years of his memory. Hannah is a rodeo queen and Ty's secret wife who shows up at the ranch to make her peace with him. He doesn't remember her at all. After some back and forth she tells him she is is wife, but not about the son they have together.  This story drags on and on as they both talk...a lot.. There is barely any romance. Finally Hannah's mom shows up with their son and it is out in the open, but it does not go well.  More talking and they both retreat. Hannah goes back home and Ty continues to be an ass hole. But all is not lost, Hannah and he son Jack show up at the rodeo where Ty plans to ride one last time. They have a big conversation.. more talking.. before he gets back on the bull and wins. During this ride he also regains his memory. After that all is well in the world and they finally stop talking and start being a family. This book was torturous to get through with all of the talking and descriptions. Neither of the characters is particularly likable either.
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This second in the Cold River Ranch series is a VERY romantic read full of angst. Disclaimer for those only interested in clean romance, this though clean, still has intimate scenes but they are in the context of marriage and not erotic. Right from the time he sees her drive up, Ty Everett finds something about Hannah Monroe familiar yet daunting. She intrigues him yet he fears her because he can't remember. Even though she intimates that they have known each other for the past two years. He has no memory since his fatal ride on a bull.

His brothers and the rest of the Everett family have no idea of his memory loss because he has kept that a secret as well as his intentions to get back on that bull; and now it seems, he has another secret, a wife.

Hannah has her own secrets but doesn't know if she can trust her feelings or Ty, himself, especially after he confirms he has no memory of her and their past relationship that ended in marriage. So how can she trust him with the news that he has a son.

Thanks to St. Martins Press for allowing me to read this ebook through Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Ty Everett ran off to the rodeo when he turned eighteen and has been riding bulls ever since…until his last fall causes partial amnesia and he must return to Cold River Ranch to figure out what comes next. But how can he pick his next move when he can’t remember how he got here in the first place—much less the beautiful woman who appears at the ranch, claims she knows him, and warms his cold heart for the first time since he woke up in the hospital? Rodeo Queen Hannah Monroe gave up her crown for Ty Everett, and her innocence. What she wants from Ty now is a divorce. But Ty can’t remember her—or their secret wedding, or even the son she never meant to hide from him—and Hannah is torn. How can she leave the man she can’t forget and still loves despite herself? And even if she’s willing to start over, what will happen when the truth comes out?
This was a decent read. There were some things I didn’t care for about Hannah but overall it wasn’t bad. I’ll probably read the next book in this series. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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This was for me such an enjoyable read. I really loved it all; the angst and hope by Ty and Hannah, the family drama, to see how they love never really goes away although Ty doesn't remember it. It was a greatly written story and I truly enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for NetGalley
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This was sweet and enjoyable read - perfect for a rainy day. The writing was delightful, and the banter between the characters was entertaining.
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Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy by Caitlin Crews is the second book in the Cold River Ranch series. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Ty and Hannah, I was immediately engrossed in it and it was difficult to put down. As this is the second in a series, I also appreciated reading "updates" on Ty's brother Gray and his wife Abby. This is what I love most about series, the fact that the story line goes on for longer than just one book. I liked Hannah and felt she handled the touchy predicament she was in as best as she knew how. Obviously, with hindsight and more knowledge things would have been different, but she is young and lived through a pretty horrible situation with Ty prior to returning to the ranch. I loved how Hannah owned and embraced her "Rodeo Queen" self (even when she realized this was certainly not the way of people in the small Colorado town), complete with full makeup, big hair, and flashy clothing. It was also sweet how Ty loved her that way and also fully natural. I am definitely looking forward to the third book in this series that will feature Brady.
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It took time for me to appreciate the story.

The concept of having amnesia for the LI was a bit intriguing. There was a mystery with Ty though not a fan of his personality.

There was a lot of burden with Hannah and I was glad that she didn't walk away this time when he saw Ty.

Thank you for the ARC, Netgalley and St. Martin's Press!
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I've come to expect deeply moving and intensely emotional reads from Caitlin Crews, and in this second installment of her Cold River Ranch series, she doesn't disappoint, and since she had me in tears more than once while reading this novel, and because there was only one small issue that bothered me, it gets 4.5 stars from this reader.

Ty is a professional bull rider, but was nearly stomped to death by Tough Luck, one angry and nearly impossible to ride bull. It didn't help that just prior to his ride, he'd been slammed by the news that his secret wife, Hannah, a Rodeo Queen, and the reason they had to keep their marriage a secret until the end of her reign (Rodeo Queens are supposed to be single), announced that she was pregnant with his child. Ty didn't take the news well, since his father, Amos, was an abusive, mean, violent drunk, especially after his wife left him and his sons and didn't look back. Amos never stopped telling Ty that he was an irresponsible loser who was just like him. As a result of his bitter and painful upbringing, Ty had sworn off the very idea of marriage until meeting and falling madly in love with Hannah, and marrying her in secret in Las Vegas, but they never discussed children or the fact that Ty never wanted to be a father, believing that he was going to be as dreadful a parent as his own father. When he stormed away from Hannah after yelling at her about getting pregnant (as if she got that way alone), he was beyond angry, and his focus was on her and her pregnancy, rather than his upcoming 8-second ride on a rank bull, which ended in disaster.

In addition to his bruised and broken bones, when Ty finally wakes up the hospital, Hannah is at his side, but he appears to not recognize her, thinking she's just another buckle bunny, when in reality, he has no memory of the past two years, which included their meeting, secret courtship and marriage--and he keeps his amnesia a secret, even from his brothers. After another yelling match, brokenhearted Hannah returns to her home in Georgia, where her bitter, angry mother, who'd had Hannah when she was 16 and unmarried, never stopped telling Hannah that men were evil, that they weren't worth the trouble, they only wanted one thing, and they were cheats and liars and not to be trusted--her own teen pregnancy and rejection by her lover was the cautionary tale she drilled into Hannah's head all of her life. So, Hannah has Ty's baby, names him Jack, and nurses him and her broken heart, not knowing about Ty's amnesia, and wondering if he's divorced her yet.

Eighteen months later, she finally decides that she needs to know if she still has a husband, needs to confront him, and needs to tell him that he has a son, and one day she simply shows up at Ty's Cold River Ranch, where Ty seems to have no idea who she is or why she's there, and he certainly doesn't remember rejecting his pregnant wife 18 months earlier, so Hannah attempts to jog his memory, hoping to get him to remember their love and marriage, and Ty, who still hasn't told his brothers he has amnesia, or that he feels nothing and remembers nothing, or that within a month's time, he's about to make a comeback, attempting to go the full 8 seconds on the same bull that broke him. He's certainly attracted to Hannah, and gets her to agree to stay for a while in hopes that he'll remember their past history, but after two weeks, Hannah simply can't take his lack of emotion or his failure to remember any longer, and she desperately misses her baby son, so she returns to Georgia, where she lives with her mother and aunt. My only complaint is that I wish she'd have told Ty about his son far earlier than she actually did--it would have reduced much of her repetitive internal dialogue, as well as Ty's, since this novel is told from both points of view.

Determined to make one more try because Ty is the the only man she's ever loved, as well as him being the father of her child, Hannah returns again to Cold River Ranch, and what happens when she does makes for one heart-wrenching, angst-filled, dramatic and addictive read that leads to one emotionally-charged HEA ending, that had me in tears for the second time since starting to read this novel. Ty and Hannah are two well-drawn, fully developed characters and kudos to Ms. Crews for bringing them to life. If you're a fan of contemporary western romance, do not miss this one--it's a gem of a read.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy 
By Caitlin Crews
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Ty Everett ran off to the rodeo when he turned eighteen and has been riding bulls ever since until his last fall causes partial amnesia and he must return to Cold River Ranch to figure out what comes next. But how can he pick his next move when he can’t remember how he got here in the first place much less the beautiful woman who appears at the ranch, claims she knows him, and warms his cold heart for the first time since he woke up in the hospital?
Rodeo Queen Hannah Monroe gave up her crown for Ty Everett, and her innocence. What she wants from Ty now is a divorce. But Ty can’t remember her or their secret wedding, or even the son she never meant to hide from him and Hannah is torn. How can she leave the man she can’t forget and still loves despite herself? And even if she’s willing to start over, what will happen when the truth comes out? 

I was underwhelmed by this book.  I don’t like the memory loss trope.  The second chance romance is my catnip but this one was missing something.  I couldn’t connect with the characters and didn’t care for the inner monologue.  It’s a shame because I have enjoyed this authors other books. 
Thank you to the publisher for providing the ARC.
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This is a heart wrenching story of how one's parents can set expectations for our lives even in relationships. Hannah's mother has no use for men - they're all liars. Ty still hears his father telling him he's worse than worthless. How they overcome their own internal scripts is quite a story! Loved it.
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This is book two in the Cold River Ranch series and it features Ty and Hannah. The crown of the queen of Rodeo Forever couldn’t be tarnished and Ty and his reputation would definitely tarnish it. They were in love and secretly married. She got pregnant and when she went to tell him before his ride, he was not happy about it and they had a huge fight.  What happened next would set the course of Hannah’s life for the next year and a half.  This story is about Hannah’s battle to either divorce OR reclaim the man she loves but doesn’t remember her or the fight they had before his accident. She’s a fighter! I love that! I didn’t like  how long it took her to tell Ty about Jack. It kind of made her look she didn’t want to share either of them with each other.  I also didn’t like their extreme lack of communication despite living together. I do think there was too much left unsaid between Ty and everyone else. 

This was an emotional story line with fantastic characters! It’s a story full of introspection with a beautiful HEA. I can’t wait for Brady’s story.
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This was a captivating, charming story about second chance romance. I don’t read many second chance romances and I really think I should! Unfortunately this wasn’t quite a perfect match with me (though I feel it was a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”). But I thoroughly appreciated the story for what it was and can safely say that it matched up to what the synopsis promised it would be. It was a thoroughly powerful story with a unique storyline that had me turning pages at the speed of light! The love story between these characters was incredibly intense to the point wherein you could feel everything between the characters; everything felt so palpable, so real and true. It added so much to the story to be able to experience the characters in such a natural, realistic way and helped me forge a tight bond with the two of them which led to me further enjoying the story. These characters definitely are some of the most well rounded characters I’ve ever read. 

This story was definitely a character driven story for me as I felt that some of the descriptions of setting/events were a little too fleshed out and thus a little too difficult to plod through — so I tended to move over those and focus on the characters, which worked out well for me!

Will definitely be checking out more books from this author and would recommend it to everyone who finds the premise intriguing!
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Short Synopsis:
The second in Caitlin Crew’s Cold River Ranch series follows Hannah Monroe, ex Rodeo Queen, who arrives at the ranch ready to ask for a divorce from her husband, Ty Everett. She finds that it’s much harder cut ties and leave when he doesn’t even know who she is.

Ty Everett was lucky to walk away from his last bull ride with his life, but in the process lost the last two years of his memory, which happens to include his entire relationship with a beautiful stranger claiming to be his wife. While he may not remember her, he knows deep down he’s not willing to let her just walk away.

My Thoughts:
It took me a little bit to really feel attached to the relationship between these two characters. There was a lot of pushing each other away after they spent so much time trying to find the love they once shared, and that is what really annoyed me. Ty’s personality was very much “let me put on this false smile while inside I’m a mess”. I hated that he thought himself to be just like his father (the famous mean drunk, Amos Everett) and would only chase away his family.

There seemed to be a lot of talking/dialogue in this book and, while the writing was excellent, I wished to be “shown” more instead of told. Something as simple as the weather or going about running the ranch and the physical actions that took.

Of course, I loved seeing Abby and Gray and seeing their relationship still going strong. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the third brother, Brady. While a “city” boy, he seems like he has a lot to offer to Cold River Ranch.

Would I Recommend:
This is my second book of Caitlin Crew’s that I’ve ever read, the first being A True Cowboy Christmas (Cold River Ranch #1). Her writing is as amazing as I remember, and even while I was annoyed with the characters, she still had the power to bring out emotions in me as I was reading and I love that quality in a writer. So, yes I definitely recommend this!
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Someone send a therapist to Cold River, STAT! Those poor, tortured Everett men are in desperate need of someone to help straighten them out because good grief they are hard on their women…

When rodeo star Ty Everett first saw Miss Rodeo Forever queen Hannah Monroe, he was smitten for the first time in his 30 years of life. But rodeo queens aren’t allowed romantic entanglements, so she rebuffed his attentions. That didn’t matter to Ty, and he chased and chased until Hannah finally let him catch her. And not wanting to let down the people who helped her get to her position as queen, Hannah insisted their relationship stay secret (which included a wedding!) for the next several months - until the end of her reign.

But before they could go public, Ty is seriously injured by a bull and he no longer remembers the last two years of his life...the whole time he was with Hannah. When Hannah doesn’t hear from Ty for 18 months after his accident, she decides it’s time to cut her losses and hunt Ty down to ask for a divorce. And as much in life, things don’t go as easily as she thought they would.

When Ty feels himself inexplicably drawn to Hannah, he asks her to spend some time with him on his family ranch. With each passing day, Hannah is falling even more in love with her husband and his family, while Ty grapples with the after-effects of his injuries, his family dysfunction, and where he goes in life now that his rodeo career has ended. Throw in the emotional issues Hannah has from her childhood, and the child she wants to protect from a potentially-absent father, and there was a whole lot of drama going on. The GOOD kind of drama!

Once again, Caitlin Crews gives us a compelling, heartrending story that steers clear of the tired, cliched storylines. She steers clear of the tired, cliched writing. (Tired and cliched = SO MUCH writing about how hawt the hero is and how much the heroine’s body parts are affected…) The characters have big feelings, and they feel them all. They work through them all, without letting their hormones take over. And it’s SO FREAKING refreshing.

I did have a little bit of an issue with how things ended. Minor spoiler alert here...I think I would have liked it better if Ty’s memory hadn’t all-the-sudden come back. Yes, I know this is fiction. Yes, I know this is a romance and all the wrongs are supposed to be righted and everything upside down should be turned back to right-side-up. Of course Ty is going to get his memory back. But to me, what would have been more romantic would have been Hannah not giving up on Ty AND Ty falling in love with her again, despite not remembering their past. I like when a couple has to fight hard for their love, and I feel like the way things ended was the easy way out. But that is the ONLY thing I didn’t care for. Everything else was really, really good.

I am a huge fan of second-chance romances, I’m a huge fan of secret babies, and I am becoming a huge fan of Caitlin Crews. Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy satisfied in so many ways. I can’t wait for the final book in this Cold River Ranch series!

* thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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"You and I are complicated, whether you remember it or not."

In Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy by Caitlin Crews, everything about Ty Everett and Hannah Leigh Monroe is definitely complicated - secret relationship, secret wedding and a secret family - and Ty doesn't remember any of it.

After a rodeo accident where Ty had been thrown and then stomped by a bull, Hannah went to the hospital to see him.  He didn't remember Hannah, but she isn't aware of his condition.  When he tells her to leave and never come back, she takes him at his word.

Fast forward 18 months, and Hannah goes after Ty to find out her status and "clean up her messy life" - is she a wife or not?  She is strong, has learned to handle what life has thrown at her, and is raising her son, Jack, alone.  What does the future hold?

Faced with the documented evidence of their marriage, Ty believes Hannah even though he doesn't remember.  His life has been on hold but now has a jump-start.

"He had a wife.  That probably meant a lot of things he didn't want to face, but it was possible it also meant that she could remind him how to live.  How to feel."

Crews paints a vivid picture of the rodeo and life on Cold River Ranch.  She develops the relationship between Ty and Hannah based on their new dynamic, and they both learn to accept the past and look forward to their future together.  

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Two characters fall in love then split up, can they work through their past for a second chance? Their relationship had a lot of secrets and when one of the characters has amnesia there could be a disaster. I quite enjoyed this story.
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