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I loved this story.  The storyline is filled with faith, hope, and love.  The characters and their stories are compelling; and the setting of the story with the Christian school added much to the book.  It’s a wonderful story of forgiveness and second chances that will have you cheering with with tears in your eyes at the end.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Overcomer is a contemporary Christian fiction novel by author Chris Fabry. It is also a movie tie-in by Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Tarsus Steel, the largest employer in Franklin closed its doors. This would be devastating to the town putting many people in the town out of work, forcing them to move. Just when things seemed to be looking up everything seemed to be falling apart.

Hannah Scott had a bad reputation, not only that she saw herself as bad. Not just a girl who did bad things. Which left her grandmother, Barbara Scott, feeling defeated. Barbara didn’t have money to send Hannah to the best schools, she had no answers. Until one day she received a surprise phone call. Would this call turn Hannah Scott’s reputation around?

Coach John Harrison’s life also changes after the plant closes. What would he do with most of his team leaving town? Principal Olivia Brooks puts him on the spot when she asks him to teach a class and coach cross-country, which he has no desire to do.

This inspiring story speaks on several hard subjects, including diabetes and loss of family. I do suggest keeping tissues close by. I recommend this novel to fans of contemporary Christian fiction.

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I’ll admit, the first half of this book was hard to read. I felt like the plot was dull and didn’t hold much interest. Maybe it is because I couldn’t connect to the ‘small town problems’ that the characters in the book were confronting. But when Hannah’s dad came into the picture, the book totally changed for me. I loved seeing the development of Hannah’s faith as her earthly father introduces her to her Heavenly Father. I still felt some elements were cheesy but there was a lot of truth in this book that kept me reading and appreciating the story. I’m not sure if I’d want to watch the movie after reading the book - I felt like the book did the story pretty well.
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I enjoyed this story about second chances and God's grace. Even we think there is no way He could ever love us or forgive us, He draws us to Him and pours His sweet love over us. 
I do wish I had read the book before seeing the movie because I think I would have enjoyed the book even more. It was some of the scenes in the book that weren't in the movie that were the most riveting as I read the book.
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Beautiful story of second chances and Christ’s love for us.   Thank you NetGalley and to the publishers for  allowing me to read such wonderful stories.  Can’t wait to see the movie.
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the  growth and change in  Amy's  character . The  reader  will be encOvercomer is  by Chris Fabry.  It is an inspirational story based on the movie  produced by  Alex and Stephen Kendrick.  John  Harrison is a coach at his high school  . He   currently  was coaching  basketball and was  asked  by the principal to coach   cross country. A  large manufacturing plant  got  shut down because many families   left  their  town.   Amy is a new  student in  the school. She  decides to  run cross country.  She is the  only   person on the team.  The principal is  very  supportive and encouraging of Amy being on the team even though  she is the only person on the team.  Amy is  very motivated to    increasing  her times every time she  runs.  John and his  wife  Amy  view  coaching as a good opportunity to  mentor Amy. The book  is  very inspiring and shows   how  Amy   grows and  changes . This  book  shows the importance of  having  a  good identity in Christ and knowing who you are as a person.  This book   has  been made into a movie.  There is also a Bible  study to go with the book. The  Bible  study  gives the opportunity to apply Christian   values and principles from the book and movie.  It  challenges the reader to  think about their life. This  book was given to me  by the publisher to read and review. I am not obligated to give a positive review.
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“Who are you?” is a mighty important question that deserves an answer. Characters in this inspirational novel answer based on their jobs or activities. But eventually the question evolves into “Whose are you?” and personal peace is found. Frustrated basketball coach is forced to become cross-country coach with a team of one—an asthmatic girl being raised by her grandma. The story moves quickly as all the characters move from the first question to the second, led by a dying diabetic with a ver
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Overcome is a beautifully written inspirational book.  A great plot with believable characters.  A nice clean read.  Thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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A inspirational story that is sure to give readers what they need even when they weren’t looking for it.
Sometime life draws up a play that throws everything off.  When the largest manufacturing plant in Franklin closes its doors, it has unseen ramifications.  People now have to leave to find jobs in other places.  Other business close because of the reduced population.  Basketball coach John Harrison and his son Ethan can only watch as the championship quality team they had stacked for the year dwindles down to only four players.  Fortunately, Brookshire School that employs John and his wife Amy hasn’t had to close its doors, but they did have to take a pay cut.  Now without a team, John is struggling to fit in.  When the principal asks him to coach cross county, he reluctantly agrees because he doesn’t believe it is a real sport.  On the day of tryouts, he has one runner come forward and she has asthma.  As John begins to coach Hannah, he finds that he is about to embark on a journey that only God can control.
Sometimes God just knows what book you need to read next.  This was the case for me as I picked up this book to eagerly read about the upcoming feature film.  This story is very powerful and it makes you stripped to your core as a reader to evaluate who you are.  If everything you poured your time into were suddenly stripped away, who would you be?  What could you say about yourself?  Would you be proud?  Or would it make you reevaluate your life?
Having seen several of the Kendrick brother’s movies, I could easily hear the character’s voices as the book played out in front of me, just like one of their movies.  I haven’t read any of the novelizations before, but this one was very enjoyable.  I loved both John’s and Hannah’s stories.  Each was different but connected.  John was used in a way to bring healing to a family full of bitterness for over 15 years.  Hannah was finally able to stop filling her void with useless items and have it filled with love.  There are still some sad parts to the story, but it is worth the read.  Highly recommended for those who love the Kendrick brothers’ movies as well as those who enjoy Fabry’s unique writing voice.
I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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This book was so amazing. I loved every second of reading it. It encouraged me, inspred me, and helped me deepen my faith. 

This story was inspirational and tugged at all my heartstrings. I laughed, I cried, and cheered a lot.  

This book didn't feel like fiction, it felt like it was really happening. The writing was so vivid and descriptive, I felt like I was in the story myself. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone! Seriously, anyone.
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Books like this one make me glad I'm a reader.

I wanted to check this one out simply because it features the Kendrick brothers, and I really enjoyed their previous work, Facing the Giants. This book, written by Chris Fabry but connected to the upcoming "Overcomer" movie, is a 5-star read and is similar in nature to Facing the Giants. There's a small-town in the backdrop, a high school sports theme featuring an underdog, and a seemingly hopeless situation for more than one of the characters in the script.

What is so great about the book is the plausibility of the plot. There's a teenage girl who competes in cross country but has just gotten kicked out of her school and has nowhere to go. She's being raised by her grandmother after her parents were involved in a tragic situation and were no longer around to raise her. She has asthma, but she has no friends. She has trouble trusting others. She gets an opportunity to attend a private school through a mysterious benefactor, but her past still haunts her as she tries to fit in and make meaningful connections in a new place.

There's also a championship caliber basketball coach who is finally on the verge of a state title. Not long after finishing their season, coming so close to a title and with solid hope for the next season, the largest employer in town shuts their doors and thus begins a mass exodus of the citizens of the town along with about half of the student population, resulting in the school having to scale back the athletic and extracurricular offerings to students, including basketball. The coach's first instinct is to become bitter and question God.

For a while in the book, things look hopeless. And even when things begin to look like they are starting to turn around, there are additional setbacks. In that sense, the story is very realistic... and relatable. The author does an outstanding job of presenting the thoughts of each of the characters in a way that connects the reader to what is happening on an emotional level. When the basketball coach finds himself in crisis, he prays sincerely, and the author gives us a glimpse into his thoughts and struggles, and the reader learns that his own struggles are a lot like those of the coach. When the troubled cross-country runner begins to question God and His goodness while also beginning to discover the grace she never knew she needed from Him, her thoughts are sincere and may mirror those of the reader.

And then the reader begins to see how God can really work in and through difficult circumstances. The answers may not always be what was expected, and the endings are not always happy ones, but there is substance in the discovery of God's love, and I don't remember ever finding a book that articulates that in such a real way as this book does. This book is a faith-booster and God is at work in so many different situations in this book that anyone who picks this up will find something to connect with somewhere among these chapters. If you've ever questioned anything about God and who He is or what He is doing in your life, and you're looking for answers in practical and relatable terms, don't miss this book.
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A book that is hard to put down. The Overcomer provides readers with much insight into the mind of a young girl searching for answers. Hannah was a very mixed up teen, stealing and getting into trouble without knowing why. This story tells of God's shaping Hannah's life like a well designed puzzle - each piece fitting perfectly. I would love to see this as a movie. Highly recommended!!
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OVERCOMER by CHRIS FABRY is a book that really spoke to me and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The Christian message running through it is about overcoming in really difficult circumstances. It is about listening to the Lord and being obedient, about forgiveness and honesty and the power and importance of prayer.
Hannah lives with her grandmother, Barbara, a bitter woman who works two jobs in order to provide for them. She is bitter because of what happened to Hannah's mother and is worried that Hannah is going the same way. Hannah is expelled from Franklin high at the age of fifteen and no other school will take her in until an anonymous benefactor pays for her to go to Brookshire Christian school. It is here that she meets John Harrison and becomes the only member of his cross country athletics team.
I am not going to tell you any more as I do not want to spoil the read for you, excepting to say that the story is beautifully told and will really keep your attention to the end.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Tyndale House Publishers. The opinions in this review are completely my own
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