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I recognise that I'm probably not the target audience for this book, not having children (yet and none on the horizon) and happy in my career as a teacher. However, should I ever have children I know that I will wrestle with whether to return to work full time, part time or not at all and this book helps with that consideration. 

The change from working professional to stay at home parent must be one of the biggest shocks after leaving education to start work, or retirement, and must surely come with many questions about who you are and what your purpose is in life. 

Jen Babakhan honestly and openly shares her struggles and joys, and some helpful Bible verses to help the reader to know they are not alone in their journey. 

I like to think that this is a book I will return to, should it ever turn out that I am the target audience for such a book!

I received an eARC of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I can not say enough good things about this book. If you are looking for a good read I highly recommend. It is well written, inspiring, and suspenseful.
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Navigating a Detour

Sometimes God blesses you with a message that fits perfectly with your season in life.  For anyone who is contemplating pursuing a dream or choosing a non-traditional path in life, Detoured: The Messy, Grace Filled Journey from Working Professional to Stay-at-Home Mom by Jen Babakhan, is an excellent addition to your summer reading list.  The book chronicles Babakhan’s transition from being a teacher to stay-at-home mother to author.  It is also part journal or devotional with helpful reflections and questions to ponder and pray over at the end of every chapter.  Babakhan is no stranger to navigating a fork in the road having already left a career as a marketing professional to become a teacher.  Detoured picks up as she is beginning a new chapter in her life as a stay-at-home mother. 

Leaving the Work World
Babakhan gives an honest portrayal of the range of emotions that come with a significant shift in life.  After striving to be the “perfect” stay-at-home mother, Babakhan describes her swing to the other end of the spectrum which included struggling to do the bare necessities to maintain her home.  While friends would praise her for being “lucky” since she did not have to work, she struggled with guilt and depression. Babakhan eventually began to pursue interests outside the home.  Even then, she felt God pulling her back when she did not wait on his timing.  After volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, Babakhan began to maintain her own blog and take on more writing projects, which eventually led to launching into a career as a writer.

Chasing a Dream
Initially Detoured may seem like the perfect gift for the new mother in your life who has decided not to return to work, but the message goes deeper.  This book is also about the ups and downs of choosing a non-traditional path, the impact it can have on those around you, and being true to the subtle voice of God guiding you through the difficult choices.  For example, despite her desire to find a position working from home early on, Babakhan notes that she felt the lack of responses she received to her application was God telling her it was not yet time for her to return to work.  She also describes the guilt she felt watching her husband go out to work daily to support the family while she stayed at home. The reality of her decision to follow God meant that others may be inconvenienced.  She was blessed to have such an understanding support network.  Detoured is a useful guide for anyone who is navigating the myriad of emotions that come with changing seasons and paths in life.
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Jen really captures the struggle of career and motherhood. I was nodding my head throughout each chapter - couldn't help but underline passage after passage. Jen's vulnerability and personal testimony makes the reader feel as though they are conversing with a friend. I appreciated the practical, applicable ideas she provides in each chapter. I'll definitely recommend this to friends!  Well done.
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This is something that I have personally been doing for years. I used to work at a bank then left a good job to stay home with my two boys. I wouldn’t change a thing, I love being home with them.
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