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FINAL DECISION: Intellectually satisfying with damaged hero and heroine that find happiness together and a secondary romance. The only negative is that I didn't feel a great emotional connection between the hero and heroine until the last quarter of the book, but I liked the story anyway and it ended on a high note.

THE STORY: Abigail Pinehurst just wants to work to build a life for herself and her sister, but she is under the thumb of a man who wants her to spy on his cousin, Guy Neville, Earl of Argyle. The kind man she ends up meeting hides a secret that could threaten his ability to keep control of his estate and his life. The two begin a romance, but Abigail has secrets of her own that threaten any chance at happiness the two might have.

OPINION: This book begins with two characters who had very bad childhoods and both have secrets which could destroy the lives they have built. Abigail comes to Guy's estate willing to rat him out because she is concerned about her own future. But she is a good person and quickly she has a conflict because she likes Guy and yet she is supposed to be working to destroy him. I found her admirable. She has managed to make a life for herself after horrible abuse. I also really liked that although she knows that society views her past as shameful, she has managed to have good relationships with men and also to build something valuable for herself.

Guy is also self-made. He was abused by his father because Guy was unable to learn to read. His disability is something that he has learned to deal with having become a military hero. At his kind older brother's death, Guy unexpectedly becomes the earl and all his feelings of lack of worth overwhelm him. Worse, his cousin is sniffing around trying to find out anything he can use to take control of the estate.

These two characters find their worth with one another and with their friends and family.

My complaint is that the heavy emotional work between these characters doesn't take place until late in the book when their romance seems doomed. At the beginning of the book felt a bit emotionally disconnected for these characters. I didn't really get why these two wanted to be together other than sexual attraction -- which was fine for that but Guy's immediate emotional attachment didn't feel right to me.

But by the end of the book, everything felt emotionally right between these two. The resolution of the serious problem keeping them apart felt contrived and too convenient, but since I don't care about the plot as much as the characters, it was fine.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book has a secondary romance that I enjoyed very much.

CONNECTED BOOKS: ATTRACTED TO THE EARL is the third book in the Imperfect Lords series. While the books have connecting characters, this book can easily be read as a standalone as the romance is self-contained.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.

NOTE: I received an eARC of this book via Netgalley. I was not required to write a review or to write a positive review. All opinions contained herein are my own.
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Attracted to the Earl is the first book by this author that I have read. I loved following Guy and Abigail's story, even though they both have secrets that could be harmful if found out. Though this is the first book from the series that I have had the pleasure of reading, I am definitely going to read the others as well.
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DNF Review: 

I was hoping to be able to jump into an historical romance to see what all the craze was about. They are constantly recommended to me, so I knew I wanted to give it a try. 

Unfortunately, I don't think I was either intrigued enough with the flow of this one, or if the "voice" wasn't working for me. Either way, I wasn't able to finish it so I had to step away. The writing did feel catatonic/slow in some areas because I had a hard enough time staying focused on the book, the characters, and the storyline, and not wanting to rush through to see if anything was really going to happen.

I didn't really get a warm fuzzy feeling reading it. I didn't feel a connection with the characters, nor was I able to feel any real emotion coming from them or for them. I also didn't connect with the style of writing. Again, I am not sure if it was the actual voice or the storyline, but either way it didn't work for me. I will try to give HR another go, but I am not entirely sure that I am going to rush into it again.
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I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was the third book in the Imperfect lords series. It was a good addition to the series. I like how the heroes have a flaw that they have to overcome. Guy is an Earl that can't read and is desperate to protect his secret and Abigail is trying to protect her family. They have to work together to fight the villain. I liked it.
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Heartbreaking story with a happy ending. Loved that Guy and Abigail were able to overcome major obstacles to find their HEA, with a few twists and turns thrown in the mix.
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The Earl of Argyle has died suddenly, leaving his brother Guy Neville at a complete loss. The dull-witted second son, as his father used to call him, Guy is now responsible for the estate and his brother’s seat in the House of Lords. Shamed by an inability to read or write, his distress is multiplied by an inquiry from a dyed-in-the-wool bluestocking who wishes to use the Argyle library and study a rare plant on the estate. Guy’s first instinct is to decline her request—until he catches a glimpse of Miss Abigail Pinehurst.
As with all of this author’s books, this was a great read. I liked both main characters and liked the twist of dealing with the illiteracy a pleasant surprise. I liked both main characters and really enjoyed the story. I highly recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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I truly enjoyed reading this book.  If you, like me, like swoon worthy flawed heroes and strong willed heroines, you should enjoy this.  It dealt with autism in the Regency era.  Guy Neville finds himself the new Earl of Argyle, after his brothers death.  Miss Abigail Pinehurst shows up to study a rare orchid on his estate.  The two of them are instantly attracted to each other. Secrets run rampant between them and how can they learn to trust each other.  The characters are well developed and likeable.  Secondary characters are well developed as well as evidenced by an evil blackmailing uncle.  This was my first book by ms. Evans, but won’t be my last.  I was given this book to read by NetGalley and the publisher.  It is my honor to write this review.  My opinions are my own.
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Guy Neville had run away to the army as a teenager because he was ashamed of his inability to learn how to read or write. He had an excellent memory and was a great strategist, but felt compelled to hide this secret because he was the second son of an earl. After his brother died and he was named Earl of Argyle, Guy had even more reason to hide this secret, especially when his cousin expressed interest in the estate. When the bluestocking artist Abigail Pinehurst arrived to sketch a rare orchid and inventory his library, he wanted to continue the farce, especially when he wasn't sure if she was working for his cousin. She was, as his cousin threatened to expose her past, but the two had an instant attraction despite their differences in station.

As part of the "Imperfect Lords" series, this is another standalone novel about a nobleman has a serious flaw that he is desperately trying to hide. This makes him fear he will never be able to marry, as he endured terrible abuse from his father as well as threats and ridicule. Abigail's past is rather sordid, though not through her own doing. Both fear exposure in society, which is the biggest stumbling block to their happily ever after throughout the novel. The cousin is such a caricature of a villain, and the ending that allows that happy reunion is distinctly a deus ex machina that comes out of nowhere. I would have liked to see some kind of clue leading up to it, as opposed to feeling like the author had painted herself into a corner because of the societal strictures and had no way out otherwise. Aside from that criticism, I did enjoy the story and the way these unconventional characters meet and grow to truly care for one another. The epilogue is really sweet, and what they do deserve.
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I remember reading this months back and feeling such a connection to Guy since a lot of the things he experiences was due to his difficulty with reading. I recognized so much of his feelings from my own child who suffers from dyslexia and knows her information if she is read it, but can't read it on her own lots of times. Bronwen Evans writes that character so perfectly it helps you connect with them. The feels Guy deals with are hard to read sometimes because of the person experience I have with them, but it was wonderful to find that he has a woman who is so willing to help him and not out him or his secret.
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I enjoyed reading this historical romance very much. It was well written with a smooth pace. The romance was interspersed with realistic dialogue and a suspenseful story line. Escapist reading at its best! Highly recommended! 
Arc provided by NetGalley for honest review.
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Guy Neville  suddenly inherits his title and estate due to his elder brother's death . Abigail rises above her birth and raising to be a Success at her ventures. Their paths cross on his estate and so enjoyed their tale of overcoming their perceived deficits to find love.   Settle into comfortable chair for this one.

Ebook from netgalley and publisher with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This was a good story. The main characters are flawed individuals that come together through trust and passion. The only negative I had was that the ending was tied up rather quickly. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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Attracted to the Earl is the third in Bronwen Evans’ Imperfect Lords series. I am a big fan of the authors and typically really enjoy her books. While I liked the main characters of this story, the plot itself wasn’t the strongest. Abigail Pinehurst, who has raised her younger sister, is an artist who illustrates greenery for a living (which seems like an odd career choice for someone who needs a stable income and is responsible for herself and her sister). Abigail is given the opportunity to visit the Early of Argyle’s estate to capture the image of a rare orchid. Unfortunately, she is pressured by the Earl’s cousin to spy on him and help him find something to help him take the title away from him.

Guy Neville just inherited the earldom after his brother passed away. He is hiding a secret – one that could cost him the title. Both characters are intrigued but wary of each other and circle around each other as they fall in love. The tropes in the story are really common and not very creative. While the characters are both nice, the book is slow and not very engaging. It was not as interesting as the other two books in the series.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, I lost this book during transfers of my computers. I wasn't able to download another copy. I hadn't finished the book yet.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Erica – ☆☆☆☆
Bronwen Evans is a new-to-me author.

Attracted to the Earl is the third installment in the Imperfect Lords series. I can attest that this novel can easily be read as a standalone, simply for the fact that I had not read the previous two books in the series and had little to no confusion. However, I do plan on going back at a later date to read the series from the beginning, then reread this novel, which will give me a better idea if it was a more enriched experience for doing so.

The pacing was something I appreciated the most by Evans. Both our heroine and hero hold secrets. Guy's secret was revealed from the get-so, which satisfied my instant gratification level of curiosity. While Abigail's secrets were slowly revealed, hand-feeding the reader to keep them turning the pages to find out.

Imperfect and resilient. Not only is Guy mourning the passing of his late brother, he is now tasked with taking control of his legacy. Maintaining a large estate, accepting all the responsibility of a title, while taking his seat in the House of Lords. There is only one major issue for Guy... he has a learning disability. In today's times, that isn't a big issue, how Guy struggles to read or write, but in that era, people were institutionalized for far less. They most certainly didn't have positions of great power, so he must keep his learning disability close to the vest.

A sketch artist who specializes in detailing plants, Abigail is an empowered woman in that era, her career offering a stable life for her and her sister. Cerebral. Loyal. Abigail would do anything to protect her way of life, as she and her sister are orphans. But then she's blackmailed into finding dirt on Guy by a cousin seeking to usurp his title, which is the very thing that Guy assumes when he meets Abigail.

While both intelligent, not necessarily driven by lust, attraction, or emotion, Guy and Abigail are still drawn together, even under a cloud of suspicion. Their romance isn't the driving force of the novel, but it will most definitely keep the reader interested who is primarily there for romance, as will the secondary coupling of Dara (Abigail's sister) and Kit (Guy's right-hand man).

Attracted to the Earl was a strong introduction to this author for me, one that will have me checking out Bronwen Evan's backlist while biding my time to read what she has to offer next.
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While I appreciated that this plot tackled an unusual subject - illiteracy - the full story didn't grab my attention.  Not sure if it was the romantic relationship between Guy and Abigail that didn't connect for me or something else, but overall, this book was just okay.
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This book was different and I really liked that. 

When Guy Neville finds himself suddenly The Earl of Argyle, he steps up and works it out for his family and all the people dependent on him, in spite of his disability. Ms Abigail is a strong independent woman who is trying to take care of her family the best she can. When these two come together and trust each other it turns out be the best thing for everyone. 

I really liked the secondary characters in this book they also made things interesting. The story is interesting the villain is horrible and the rest are loveable. The author did a great job keeping this book interesting and I didn't want to put it down until it was done.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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I am loving the Imperfect Lords series.  There is something endearing about her “imperfect characters” finding a love so deep it changes their lives. Guy and Abigail’s story is no different.  I found Guy’s inability to read an interesting affliction and thought it was weaved throughout the story well.  I found this to be a good read, but there are parts that lagged a bit for me.
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Guy Neville is at a complete loss since his brother and protector has died and now he’s the new Earl of Argyle.  Shamed by an inability to read or write he’s not sure how he’ll cope and continue. He has a couple of close friends who work for him, but when he meets Miss Abigail Pinehurst he’s strongly attracted to her.  He has to wonder is she working for his wicked whose uncle trying to see him lose his title and claim it for himself.  Abigail is there to find and draw a picture of the ghost orchid and Guy’s uncle has blackmailed her into helping him discover Guy’s family secret, what’s wrong with him he never went to school. The attraction grows between Guy and Abigail, but can they trust their instincts and trust in the love growing between them?  I have voluntarily read and reviewed the wonderful book and this is my honest opinion.
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The plot is so new to me that I immediately wanted to have the book.
Guy Neville inherited a title without any preparation. And most importantly: he doesn't even know how to read!!

And then, we are introduced to Miss Abigail that because of a certain blackmail and to protect a loved one, she needs to participate in a scheme to spy on Guy.

Obviously Abigail and Guy end up feeling the attraction, but before anything, they needed to solve the two major problems in Guy's life: the stalker bastard cousin and the fact that Guy did not know how to read.
Secrets and plans ahead.
3,5 stars
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