Attracted to the Earl

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Guy Neville  suddenly inherits his title and estate due to his elder brother's death . Abigail rises above her birth and raising to be a Success at her ventures. Their paths cross on his estate and so enjoyed their tale of overcoming their perceived deficits to find love.   Settle into comfortable chair for this one.

Ebook from netgalley and publisher with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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This was a good story. The main characters are flawed individuals that come together through trust and passion. The only negative I had was that the ending was tied up rather quickly. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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Attracted to the Earl is the third in Bronwen Evans’ Imperfect Lords series. I am a big fan of the authors and typically really enjoy her books. While I liked the main characters of this story, the plot itself wasn’t the strongest. Abigail Pinehurst, who has raised her younger sister, is an artist who illustrates greenery for a living (which seems like an odd career choice for someone who needs a stable income and is responsible for herself and her sister). Abigail is given the opportunity to visit the Early of Argyle’s estate to capture the image of a rare orchid. Unfortunately, she is pressured by the Earl’s cousin to spy on him and help him find something to help him take the title away from him.

Guy Neville just inherited the earldom after his brother passed away. He is hiding a secret – one that could cost him the title. Both characters are intrigued but wary of each other and circle around each other as they fall in love. The tropes in the story are really common and not very creative. While the characters are both nice, the book is slow and not very engaging. It was not as interesting as the other two books in the series.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, I lost this book during transfers of my computers. I wasn't able to download another copy. I hadn't finished the book yet.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Erica – ☆☆☆☆
Bronwen Evans is a new-to-me author.

Attracted to the Earl is the third installment in the Imperfect Lords series. I can attest that this novel can easily be read as a standalone, simply for the fact that I had not read the previous two books in the series and had little to no confusion. However, I do plan on going back at a later date to read the series from the beginning, then reread this novel, which will give me a better idea if it was a more enriched experience for doing so.

The pacing was something I appreciated the most by Evans. Both our heroine and hero hold secrets. Guy's secret was revealed from the get-so, which satisfied my instant gratification level of curiosity. While Abigail's secrets were slowly revealed, hand-feeding the reader to keep them turning the pages to find out.

Imperfect and resilient. Not only is Guy mourning the passing of his late brother, he is now tasked with taking control of his legacy. Maintaining a large estate, accepting all the responsibility of a title, while taking his seat in the House of Lords. There is only one major issue for Guy... he has a learning disability. In today's times, that isn't a big issue, how Guy struggles to read or write, but in that era, people were institutionalized for far less. They most certainly didn't have positions of great power, so he must keep his learning disability close to the vest.

A sketch artist who specializes in detailing plants, Abigail is an empowered woman in that era, her career offering a stable life for her and her sister. Cerebral. Loyal. Abigail would do anything to protect her way of life, as she and her sister are orphans. But then she's blackmailed into finding dirt on Guy by a cousin seeking to usurp his title, which is the very thing that Guy assumes when he meets Abigail.

While both intelligent, not necessarily driven by lust, attraction, or emotion, Guy and Abigail are still drawn together, even under a cloud of suspicion. Their romance isn't the driving force of the novel, but it will most definitely keep the reader interested who is primarily there for romance, as will the secondary coupling of Dara (Abigail's sister) and Kit (Guy's right-hand man).

Attracted to the Earl was a strong introduction to this author for me, one that will have me checking out Bronwen Evan's backlist while biding my time to read what she has to offer next.
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While I appreciated that this plot tackled an unusual subject - illiteracy - the full story didn't grab my attention.  Not sure if it was the romantic relationship between Guy and Abigail that didn't connect for me or something else, but overall, this book was just okay.
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This was such a brilliant book, and one that is very close too my heart. My husband also has dyslexia. I found Ms Evans tackled this subject very well, in fact at some points I became a little teary.
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This book was different and I really liked that. 

When Guy Neville finds himself suddenly The Earl of Argyle, he steps up and works it out for his family and all the people dependent on him, in spite of his disability. Ms Abigail is a strong independent woman who is trying to take care of her family the best she can. When these two come together and trust each other it turns out be the best thing for everyone. 

I really liked the secondary characters in this book they also made things interesting. The story is interesting the villain is horrible and the rest are loveable. The author did a great job keeping this book interesting and I didn't want to put it down until it was done.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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I am loving the Imperfect Lords series.  There is something endearing about her “imperfect characters” finding a love so deep it changes their lives. Guy and Abigail’s story is no different.  I found Guy’s inability to read an interesting affliction and thought it was weaved throughout the story well.  I found this to be a good read, but there are parts that lagged a bit for me.
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Guy Neville is at a complete loss since his brother and protector has died and now he’s the new Earl of Argyle.  Shamed by an inability to read or write he’s not sure how he’ll cope and continue. He has a couple of close friends who work for him, but when he meets Miss Abigail Pinehurst he’s strongly attracted to her.  He has to wonder is she working for his wicked whose uncle trying to see him lose his title and claim it for himself.  Abigail is there to find and draw a picture of the ghost orchid and Guy’s uncle has blackmailed her into helping him discover Guy’s family secret, what’s wrong with him he never went to school. The attraction grows between Guy and Abigail, but can they trust their instincts and trust in the love growing between them?  I have voluntarily read and reviewed the wonderful book and this is my honest opinion.
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The plot is so new to me that I immediately wanted to have the book.
Guy Neville inherited a title without any preparation. And most importantly: he doesn't even know how to read!!

And then, we are introduced to Miss Abigail that because of a certain blackmail and to protect a loved one, she needs to participate in a scheme to spy on Guy.

Obviously Abigail and Guy end up feeling the attraction, but before anything, they needed to solve the two major problems in Guy's life: the stalker bastard cousin and the fact that Guy did not know how to read.
Secrets and plans ahead.
3,5 stars
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I really liked Guy and Abigail. A cute sweet story! 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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While I enjoyed this book I felt it touched on a trope I had been seeing more and more in romance novels - learning disorders as life-destroying factors for the heroes that only the heroine can help them get past.  I understand the urge on the part of authors but I'm not sure how I feel overall about this trend. It seems like just another version of the scarred hero who terrifies everyone but the heroine...I honestly am just unsure
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I liked this book!  It was interesting to me to find a flaw in the hero of the love story.  He was more likable having a  problem other than finding a bride.  I also liked that the woman didn't care about her appearance as much as most characters in this era did.  It caught my interest and kept it.
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I have read many romances in my day and the plot in this book is notable for the unexpected subject of illiteracy in the nobility.

"His father’s stupid, idiot son was now the earl. The boy who could not read or write, the boy his father had beaten until he was almost unconscious on several occasions, but that still did not make Guy able to read or write . . . was now the Earl of Argyle. His father must be turning in his grave, and Guy liked that idea."

Guy never wanted to be Earl of Argyle, but his beloved brother's death left his legacy to Guy. Now Guy's secret of being illiterate may be discovered by his evil cousin, Patrick, who is next in line to the Earldom. And Patrick would try anything to discover Guy's secret...even murder.

"Lies, all lies. How she hated the lies that followed her everywhere she went. That is why she never let anyone close. And now Patrick Neville added to her lies."

Guy's cousin Patrick blackmailed Abigail to spy on Guy to find out his secret. With the attraction building between them, she cannot reveal his secret, but she cannot stick around for her secrets to be discovered either. 

An interesting and suspenseful romantic mystery with vulnerable, but strong and determined protagonists who rise up from their horrible childhoods to find love. 

If you like "imperfect" heroines and heroes, give this book a try. It is third in the series but reads well on its own. 

Thank you to Ms. Evans, Loveswept, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.
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A pleasing read!

Guy Neville finds himself suddenly The Earl of Argyle, a happenstance he did not expect or want. His secret will come out. Guy cannot read or write. Abused by his father for this disability, Guy is wracked with shame and despair. How can he take his place in the House of Lords with this impairment? The situation's not helped by the fact that there's a dastardly cousin waiting in the wings to use any excuse to take over the Earldom. Guy fears exposure.
And then there's Miss Abigail Pinehurst. An unusual woman, something of a bluestocking and a botanical artist who wants to use the Argyle Library and study a rare plant that's part of the estate. 
Of course these two will get together and put in place a plan to maintain the illusion of Guy being able to carry on as Earl.
The getting to that place makes for a lively read.

A Random House Loveswept ARC via NetGalley
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)
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This novel presented a different take on a regency romance, with the main male character having a disability that could be seen as disqualifying for the position and responsibilities of an earl. The main female character was smart and talented and adventurous, particularly given the circumstances of her youth. The descriptions were captivating -- I wish we could have gone back to the lover's bench and seen it restored. Enjoyable reading, although readers should be aware that there are sexually explicit scenes. I'm not sure that the book needed those -- it would have been as enjoyable without them. Recommended reading.
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Dyslexia would be a problem.

What kind of secret does she have to be forced to do this schmuck's bidding, I wonder.

Dora is so her daughter.

They are both very forward.

That's a very good reason to hate the woods.

PTSD will do that to you.

Definitely a concussion.

At least his mother is decent.
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Attracted to the Earl ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️by Bronwen Evans

I have read many of Ms Evans books and she is to be admired as a creative writer. This author hits on several issues like the hero has a handicap and is unable to read. His acute memory has let him deceive many during his life. Now, as he has inherited the title of Earl, he finds this handicap monumental. The loss as of his brother and the mistreatment by his father has all but crippled him.
He finds himself faced with Abigail Pinehurst.
Abigail has also suffered as a girl and women. Her only concern now is to study and catalogue the ghost orchid. 
With both their background so polarized but their attraction to each other burning, the romance begins. 
I did like this story but I wished more was put into their growing relationships.
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A very good historical romance story of two individuals from opposite sides of the social scale. Both suffered the worst childhood that you could imagine and have overcome them to a point. But now they have been brought together by circumstances and have to face the reality of mutual attraction. These are not teenagers but individuals in their early 30's and know what they want and what is permissable by ton standards. Can true love overcome these obstacles and a happy ending be had for all concerned parties? Read this stunning tale to find out.

I have rated this book 4.5 stars.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
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