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Girl goes to bar meets and sleeps with a guy. Finds out she pregnant and the drama begins. Turns out the guy is a frog and his brother is a prince! A very quick enjoyable read.
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This was a short that was a quick read and enjoyable.  The character's situation was unusual and tangled but saved by a meddling family.  The villain was a true one until the end.
     Our prince in this modern romance was Luke the villain’s brother, who had to learn the hard way, to stop protecting his older brother.  It was not helping because he wasn’t learning from his mistakes.  Plus, he was hurting more than himself but family members.
     Then, you have, Emma.  The unfortunate woman, this time, to bed Mark.  And who gets pregnant after a failed marriage where she couldn’t get pregnant.  She does, by this, as she says “asshole!”
     Luke and Emma never met until the signing, of the agreement to relinquish said baby.  When they do instant chemistry.  Not good. 
     See how this cupid’s arrow that misfired twice effect Emma emotionally.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by 

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I received a copy of Without Love by Theresa Stillwagon from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Overall, this novel missed the mark for me, but I do think it had potential. I felt that the plot should have been interesting given the story's summary, but the plot wasn't evenly paced and the main characters' chemistry wasn't really believable. 

I'd give Without Love by Theresa Stillwagon 3 stars.
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I have really mixed feelings over Without Love.  You find out about half way through the book that Emma’s difficulty with becoming pregnant caused her first marriage to end.  Former husband remarries and his new wife is pregnant.  This is her reason for having sex with Mark Benjamin, a man she just kind of picked up at a bar.  His brother/lawyer Luke is taking care of the ‘arrangements’ in connection to the pregnancy.  There is an instant connection between Luke and Emma that cannot be mistaken.  I love those kind of instant connections!

There are two big concerns with this romance.  I cannot get over the fact that her uncle/lawyer/judge left her Luke following that meeting.  Even Mark left the meeting leaving Emma and Luke alone together.  Even as a book and fictional, that is so far from realistic I could not get past it.  With some other way these two might have connected following the meeting, I could go for it, but never leaving a lawyer and the other client alone together.

The other big issue I have is the way each of the families reacted in the pregnancy and then, the romance between Emma and Luke.  The acceptance was too easy!  Maybe if this had not been a novella and allowed for more time for the families to ‘adjust.’  I believe Ms. Stillwagon has potential; so, I will try reading her work again, but this may not be her best.  As long as you know about the two issues I mentioned and are okay with them, you will still enjoy the book.
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