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A dark, dangerous investigation for the Euro Crimes Division!

I very much enjoyed "The Memory Man" so I guessed that "The Black Shepherd" would not disappoint. 

Yes, the second in this series followed on beautifully, leading into another dark, dangerous investigation for Frankie Varg and Peter Ash of the Euro Crimes Division. Please note that both books could be read as stand-alone, but I recommend that both books are explosive, so enjoy!

Frankie Varg sets off to Tallinn, Estonia. She is personally involved as her niece has suddenly disappeared from university, and it appears that she has joined a religious cult, called "One World." The figurehead is called "The Shepherd." Is this cult harmless, just full of religious fanatics, or is there something far more sinister beneath the veneer?

Peter Ash also becomes involved, as a mysterious charred body is discovered near to Tallinn. Is there any connection? Frankie is working undercover and of course gets embroiled in a very tough situation, even putting herself in grave danger.

Soon things get even worse as more girls start to disappear, and each time One World crops up. Peter has his own contacts at Euro Crimes as the mystery deepens, and he follows up several leads.

I thoroughly enjoyed this roller coaster of a ride, but I need to inform the reader that there is a horrendous scene near the beginning, so be warned! Thank you Steven Savile, I love your books, as they are certainly page-turners.

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Excellent Continuation. This book picks up shortly after The Memory Man leaves off, with some major changes for the team – yet can also be read independently of the first, if you don’t mind getting references to the ending of the first book while reading this one. Yet again, Varg and Ash find themselves starting a seemingly straightforward quest only for it to spiral into so much more very quickly. I will note that those sensitive to rape scenes will likely be disturbed by one scene in particular early – a not-overly-graphic rape is described “on screen” – and potentially by later developments in the story, though later scenes are likely not as problematic for people with these sensitivities as the early scene. Overall yet another very strong outing for Savile, and particularly with the rather abrupt ending in a cliffhanger, I very much want to see at least one more book in this series. Very much recommended.
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Peter Ash is just returning to work after six months of recuperation from his last case. His office, Eurocrimes Division, has been moved from London to Germany, a more centralized location for the twenty-eight countries they serve. His first case back is personal. His partner\'s cousin is missing from the university she attends, and his team has been tagged to find her. He learns that his partner, Francesca (Frankie) Varg, is already on the ground in Estonia working undercover as Cesca Volk, a homeless runaway.

Peter\'s team also includes Laura Byrne, an expert computer analyst who guides Peter along his was as he goes to Estonia to investigate and keep Frankie safe. It is believed that Frankie\'s cousin, Irma Lutz, is mixed up with a cult / religion called One World, that is using run-away girls for the sex trade. Frankie easily ingratiates herself with a soup kitchen volunteer who works for One World. There she meets their leader, The Shepherd. He invites Cesca (Frankie) to join their organization, telling her he sees much potential in her to be a leader in their group. Frankie is in, but what follows is a harrowing experience, not just for Frankie, but for her cousin as well. Is it just sex-trade, or is there something bigger, even global, at work here?

THE BLACK SHEPHERD is an exciting Eurocrimes Thriller by Steven Savile that you will not be able to put down. It\'s not exactly action-packed, but the cyber technology behind the investigation moves at lightning speed, enabling Peter to move in real time to keep pace with the One World organization. The plot moves steadily along to keep the reader engaged. The characters on the investigative team are a mixture of diverse personalities who work together quite seamlessly. The female characters are strong, smart, and driven. Peter is a little more laid back, but ready to engage at a moments notice. The supporting characters are a mixed bag, but you never know if they are trustworthy or not. THE BLACK SHEPHERD is the second installment in Mr. Savile\'s new series, and I look forward to this continued story.
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The book was full of action and sped along at a rapid pace. The story gets going straight away and the story really piqued my interest and kept me reading on. A really absorbing thriller with great characters and an intense story.
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An excellent Euro crimes story of murders, a cult and a charismatic cult leader.
I couldn't put this book down, it has a fast, pacy storyline with interesting characters. New technology helps to solve the crime along with good old fashioned legwork.
Thoroughly recommended. 

I'd like to thank NetGalley for sending me this ARC to read and review, TY.
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