After the Flood

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 03 Sep 2019

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I absolutely loved this book.  I started this book right after I had finished another dystopian type book set in the future, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to dig into another dystopian book.  The world is pretty depressing place right now as it is.  But I went for it anyway and I loved it.  I felt so drawn to the characters and really devoured this (even though it's pretty bleak) because I couldn't wait to find out how it ended.  It's beautifully written and structured.
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"Do all natural things but man conspire toward life, but man alone has a death drive? If life exists to fight disorder, will violence and disorder evolve right alongside us, the shadow that we need to keep breathing? If rage is a reaction to disorder, does that make rage the original life source?"

It's been years since I've picked up a post-apocalyptic book that did more that tell the tales of destruction and death. Montag's book takes a look at the power of grief and learning when to let go of old ghosts.

Set in the distant (or no so distant?) future, an isolationist mother, Myra, and her emotionally stunted yet expansive daughter, Pearl, live a life of survival on the coast of a newly water-logged world. Consumed with the thought of finding her eldest daughter, Row, who was kidnapped by her father, Myra sets out on a journey that shows the power and all consuming pain of a mother's love.

Taking you through the seemingly monotonous daily rituals Myra and Pearl engage in to survive, Montag weaves first person narrative with lush, haunting descriptions of this new world, sparing no expense. And in crisis and disaster, her narrative is gripping and heart-wrenching. 

Her book, although fraught with death, has a lightness to it. She writes about natural life cycles, crisis and chaos in a way that engages the reader instead of leaving them exhausted. 

I flew through this book in about two days, completely gripped with Montag's characters and the emotionally engrossing way she makes you both love and detest them. Riddled with human emotion and realistic reactions, her characters are easily some of the most relatable. 

I cannot recommend this book enough. Filled with magical prose, big universal questions and small treats of powerful dialogue, this book is perfect for someone that's curious about what our world would actually look like after a flood.
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After the Flood is set in the future by 100 years. A great flood has turned the earth to mostly water. Chaos, mountaintop colonies, and pirates rule the world. Myra and her daughter Pearl sail the water with a boat her grandfather made. She has been desperately looking for her daughter Row whom her husband took when the flood started. Trying to survive is very very hard. This was a good post apocalyptic story. I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own.
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Rising floodwaters have taken over most of the world.  Groups of marauders have begun taking over, enslaving those who are left.  Myra and her daughter Pearl make a living on the water, fishing and bartering.  8 years ago, Myra's eldest daughter Row was kidnapped by her father.  When Myra hears that Row is alive and  living in a marauder's colony, she is determined to reach her.  When Myra's ship is wrecked, she and Pearl join forces with a larger boat.  Through lies and deception, Myra convinces them to sail to the marauder's colony.

This was an interesting and engaging story.  The characters were realistic and dynamic and the book was well paced.  I would love to read more books set in this world.  Overall, well worth picking up.
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I got an ARC for this book. After the Flood definitely gave me a vibe of the movie Bird Box and Quiet Place combined. It conveyed a life that honestly, is not too distinct in our world if climate change continues to manifest. This book really describes them mother-daughter relationship, especially at a time of distress. How two people can live in a world that has been destroyed and is now trying to rebuild their lives. 

The setting describes a place that were submerged underwater. In order to get to one place to another mountain top, Myra and Pearl must travel with a boat. Myra also found out that her other daughter that was taken by her husband was alive, and in danger. It is a story about resilience, about adaptation, about overcoming fears, violence in order to preserve the love for her child. 

Worthwhile read - if you enjoy these post-apocalyptic world.
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A dystopian novel reminiscent of Waterworld.  An ugly look at the future after climate change has caused water to rise and land is a commodity that is hard to come by.  The main character is haunted by the loss of one child which drives her through out the entire novel, putting others in danger.  All of the characters have something in their past, showing the effects of the past impacting today's decisions.  Highly descriptive, putting you in the new water-based world.  Would recommend to those wanting adult dystopia.
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DNF at 24%: I was really excited for this story. The cover is beautiful and the premise is intriguing. The author did a really decent job of illustrating the state of the planet after devastating floods. I was ready to delve into the story and get lost in it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The protagonist only seems to meet characters who make her journey convenient (like a cartographer). I really want to care about the characters, but I don’t. I may come back to it later because I really did want to enjoy it and may decide to give it another chance.
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