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This is the first book that I have read by this author. I really enjoyed this book. I liked Rena and Wes. They both had personal challenges to overcome. I feel like once they met each other they pushed one another to see their struggles and fix them. 

Rena and Wes meet when a mutual friends sets them up on a date. Well Rena thought it was a date, and Wes thought it was a business meeting of sorts. After their 1st encounter they had a connection and continued to be be around each other. Wes is a nerdy handsome and not really a people person. Rena is very pretty but she really doesn't flaunt it and is a total people person. So while they are very different their different personalities push the other. 

This book is dual POV, funny and some romance. Great supporting characters who were fun to read about as well. 

I received ad advanced copy for an honest review.
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Wes is a hot nerd with a DNA dating app that he invented and is looking for help with it. Rena is a sex not love kind of girl. She just might end up changing her mind after Wes. The chemistry between the two is instant and things start out as business, friends then more. This a slow burn, nerd gets the girl romance. An excellent read that I recommend.

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Oh man, this book was amazing! Talk about slow! Such a sweet story that I never wanted to end. I loved Wes and Rena together. Wes is smart, nerdy and doesn't really have much in the way of social skills. Rena has a great zest for life, incredibly social, intelligent and fits with Wes perfectly even though their views on love and relationships are totally different from each other. I loved the update on Jax and Haley. Piper Lawson is incredible! I can't wait for her next book!

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Love it! The story and the characters were interesting and dynamic. The storyline kept me intrigued, it was definitely a winner!
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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Piper Lawson is a brilliant writer, Easy Love is one tremendous read!
I first was introduced to this amazing, fantastic writer, Piper Lawson about 2-1/2 years ago with her Play, NSFW & Rise series, and have read every single one of her books since, I was definitely hooked. Somehow she pens the most outstanding books, she has a way with words that no other author can emulate, definitely one of a kind! Easy Love was written as only Piper Lawson can, fabulous, amazing, you will be hooked on this slow burns that even surprises Wes & Rena. They are almost exact polar opposites, yet the chemistry & burn is simmering below the surface until they both seems shocked of the intense pull & emotional tie to the other, a reality they each must face. Personally I read it in one sitting, couldn't put this one down. These two had this witty, charged banter that was spectacular! Most definitely recommend Piper Lawson most recent release, Easy Love. Can't wait to see your magnificent writing in the next two of this series, Dirty Love & Twisted Love. Positively Amazing Piper Lawson!!
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5 Stars!

Really great read!  This book pulled me in from the beginning and wouldn’t let me go until I was finished reading.  I’m kicking myself that I let it set on my to be read list for as long as I did.

Rena and Wes are fantastic together!  Great chemistry with just the right about of slow burn. 

Definitely put this one on your list to read!  Loved it!!
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This was my least favorite Piper Lawson book, I liked it but I didn't love it. Just felt like it was missing something, for me.

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I enjoyed this story way more than I thought I would-- being that I thought it was a typical romance book with a typical trope.
So while this is along the lines of beauty and the nerd, I loved how Lawson wrote Wesley Robinson's (nerd) character. She did her homework/research. I haven't come across a character like him who was written with intelligence and also didn't demean his intelligence as something not attractive or something that many would be intimidated by or would mock. Equally so, she wrote Rena's (beauty) character with some edge and smarts so that she wasn't just a pretty face. Wes and Rena weren't stereotypical. The banter and chemistry between these two characters was fun to read. A perfect match because of their opposing personalities. Easy Love had a great balance of humor, sexiness, and a little bit of angst. I also really enjoyed the slow burn and that every page wasn't filled with gratuitous and often times boring sex scenes that really didn't build the story.
D 4/5
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This is an awesome contemporary romance. It is honest to goodness perfection. The hero is this smart, hot scientist who has had to work for nearly everything. The heroine is genuine, fun and beautiful. She’s from a wealthy family, but is trying to make it on her own dime. There’s a young brother, a pet skunk, a set of affluent but jaded parents, and a mom who is the sort any son would want. Together, this cast of characters create a rich story, full of realism and just the right doses of tension, want, support, pressure and love.

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My thanks to  the author, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
This was a very well-written adult romance.  Wes is an aspiring academic, looking for tenure at a good college when he meets Rena (whose father is on the board of directors of Baden College, where he currently teaches.)  Rena is in marketing and helps Wes build a campaign for a new dating ap he designed.  The road to true love is a rocky one, especially when Wes seems to be willing to set aside his feelings for a potential teaching position in a Seattle University, leaving any chance for a relationship with Rena behind.  I enjoyed the excellent writing, and the realistic issues facing these two likeable characters.  I rate this a 3.9 out of 5.
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This is the first book I have read by Piper Lawson and it will not be my last. I loved her writing style! This story about Wes and Rena hooked me from the beginning. I thought both characters were likable as well as realistic. A romance between the two of them should be unexpected since they are total opposities, but by the end of the story I thought they fit so well together. I definitely recommend this one. 

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Piper Lawson is an author that has hit it out of the park for me more than once. Her writing style makes every book a pleasure to read, and her characters have fantastic depth. They are multi-dimensional, and are very genuine.

Wes and Rena are no exception to that. Both are strong characters witn distinct voices and you really like them straight away. She's got confidence and friendliness for days, while he is serious and a bit awkward.

The idea of the story was one that I really loved. Two people who are working on a unique dating app? A spunky heroine and a slightly-roigh-around-the-edges scientist? Slown burn romance with just the right amount of anticipation and wickedness? What's not to love?

To be honest, I don't know how to answer that. But despite everything that should make this another favorite, I just couldn't really connect with the characters or their romance. There was just something missing for me.
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Loved this book, the story of Wes and Rena

He is a scientist and doesn't believe in falling in love. She is in PR. They are both total opposites, and as they start to spend more time together they realise that opposites do attract.

A quirky and entertaining read.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.
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This is the kind of slowburn that I love to read! Easy Love was my introduction to Piper Lawson and I've got to say that I'm ready to read every book she's ever written. 

The characters were complicated, interesting, and experienced great character growth throughout. 

Our first interaction between the H and h left me with mixed feelings toward Rena, but she grew on me the more I got to know her. It was a hilariously written meet-cute filled based on a misunderstanding that the heroine thought it was a date when it really was a business proposition! 

Wes and Rena might seem like an unlikely couple, but they are perfectly imperfect together. 

Also, how funny is it that Rena has a pet skunk? So weird, but it totally fit with her character. 

Hilarious, smart, heartfelt, and well-written.
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Wow!!   This book was such a pleasant surprise.  It's the first book I've read by Piper Lawson and it was really enjoyable!  I absolutely loved the chemistry between Wes and Rena.  They started out with her awkwardly thinking they were being set up on a blind date when he was meeting up with her for business help.  Then they moved from a business relationship to friendship to ...well...other things.  They each bring different hangups into their evolving relationship.  Rena always used sex as an escape from her life and ran from relationships as her parents had never been good relationship role models.  Wes, on the other hand, connected emotionally with sex and couldn't help but look for a relationship even when he didn't know he was.  In the past, his research had been his prime focus and he had never taken the time for a true relationship.  

They had such cute banter between each other.  I also thought it was sweet that their relationship basically sneaks up on both of them.  They each realize they have feelings for the other (more than they want to admit) but they keep trying to ignore them and push them aside.  Eventually, they have to address their emotions and the relationship they have developed without truly trying to.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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I received a copy of Easy Love by Piper Lawson from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Overall, this novel missed the mark for me, but I do think it had potential and I would try a novel by Piper Lawson in the future to see if a different pair of characters worked instead. I felt that the plot should have been interesting given the story's summary, but the plot wasn't evenly paced and the main characters' chemistry wasn't really believable. 

I'd give Easy Love by Piper Lawson 3 stars.
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This is my first time reading this author.. The story features Wes and Rena. Wes is a  scientist who came up with a dating app that uses your DNA. Rena works in PR  and agrees to help him sell his app. However I just didn't feel the sparks and I found the story too long to build the back story.

I did not read the whole story through because I just didn't connect with the characters and I did not love it. The description of the book sounded fun and intriguing but when I started reading I just did not connect to the characters.
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3 stars
 Wes and Rena are a cute couple. They have a weird but cute relationship. I liked this book, I didn't love this one as much as I loved Piper's other books.
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Wes is just real appreciative of his woman's assets, "Wes drags my tank top up and off my arms. Then pulls back to look at me. “Whoa.” His voice is reverent and a little stunned. I have good boobs." I liked this book, I liked Wes.
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