A Merciful Promise

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If you are a fan of this series, you know about Mercy's past. Being raised by survivalists and leaving that life behind, and now an FBI agent, she is the go-to person for any dealings with survivalists or militia type organizations. In this story, she is recruited by the ATF (Bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms) to go undercover to replace an agent that had a medical emergency prior to entering the cult. She has a difficult time following orders and keeping a low profile, so you know she is going to get herself in trouble. Meanwhile, back in Eagle's Nest and the surrounding area, dead bodies are turning up, naked and shot. You can surmise that these two plotlines are connected, but how?

I really enjoy this series. Mercy is a great protagonist and hero. She is gutsy, smart, independent, talented and always stands up for the underdog/victims. This story is no different. In her undercover role, she comes into contact with a pregnant woman, a seriously ill child and a teenager who doesn't want to be there. She sticks her neck out for medical care and even taking the child to the doctor which does not put her in the leader's best graces. She plays the role of girlfriend who just wants to be with her boyfriend well, but when he is sent on a mission and she is left back at the camp with no way to communicate with the outside world, it becomes very tense. I do not want to spoil the story here, but suffice it to say, there is a lot of suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat. Once again Truman is involved in the murders as well as the investigation of the cult as he finds out about the danger that Mercy is in. This is the final book in this series and I am sad to say goodbye to the characters, not just Mercy and Truman, but the secondary characters that we have come to know along the way. This book is referred to as Romantic Suspense, but it is so much more. It deals with families, all types of them, the issue of survivalists and militia (they are not the same at all), trust and more. I definitely recommend this series, but you might want to go back and read the series in order as their is a lot of development along the way.
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A Merciful Promise was an excellent conclusion to the Mercy Kilpatrick series with an exciting plot and wonderful progression for the characters.

FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick has a different background than most FBI agents which makes her the perfect candidate to infiltrate a militia. Having been raised by survivalists, Mercy understands the mind-set of those in the compound and knows how to blend in. Just as Mercy cuts off all contact with the outside world, her fiancé Truman Daly, Eagle’s Nest chief of police, is dealing with a bizarre set of murders where the victims are shot execution style before being dumped in random locations around town. With time running out for Mercy to stop a terrorist attack before it’s too late, it will take all of her wits to find the culprit before she’s discovered.

Of the two plotlines in this book, I found the militia plot with Mercy to be the more interesting of the two, however I did enjoy them both. Mercy is given very little time to acclimate to the idea of going undercover as she is only given a day’s notice before she’s sent in. I found the fast-paced aspect of the story works in the book’s favor though as it kept things interesting and kept the suspense up. Truman’s plot with the murders is a bit slower and the book doesn’t spend as much time on it. However as the book went on I liked how the author slowly started to tie the two plots together before eventually merging them in an action-packed finale. I thought the ending was very well done and I really enjoyed the way everything played out.

For a large portion of this book Mercy is isolated on the compound which means we see a lot less of the side characters we’ve come to know throughout the series. I was happy whenever we shifted to Truman’s point of view as that usually meant we’d get to see more of the characters, Ollie and Kaylie particularly who are favorites of mine. It was interesting seeing Mercy so isolated as she’s come to rely more and more on those closest to her. As a result of her isolation and the fact she’s supposed to be blending in, a lot of Mercy’s personality is muted in this book which I thought was a shame as I’ve gotten used to her directness and take charge attitude.

A Merciful Promise as well as the rest of the series are fantastic reads and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for romantic suspense with more of a focus on the suspense.
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She's baaack. This is the last story in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. I've read all of these and have really enjoyed them. 
Mercy was raised with survivalists so who better than to infiltrate a militia? 
There's danger and excitement in this story that will keep you guessing. The were parts where I realized I was actually tensed up waiting for something to happen.
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Thrilling story, great plot and characters that keep you guessing right til the end.  Great for fans of this genre.  Really enjoyable.
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I get so excited when I see there’s another installment of Mercy’s story. I’ve been hooked on this series since I read the first one.
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I was so sad to learn that this would be the final book in this series!  I've really enjoyed all of these reads and I can't wait to see what the author has in store next for her readers!  That being said, this book ended the series with a bang!

I really liked the fact that Mercy and Truman were apart for much of this story.  It showcased the strengths and weaknesses of both characters and also conveyed just how strong the bond between the two of them really is.  Mercy really shines in this book!  Her upbringing is finally aligned with her career and she can use the skills that she was taught to help her navigate her assignment.

The plot was engaging, interesting, and most of all, suspenseful!  I loved how it twisted, turned and seemed to surprise you at every turn!  It was very difficult to put the book down for breaks!

I would highly recommend both this series and this installment of it!
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It’s  no secret that I’m a big Kendra Elliot fangirl, and that I’ve especially loved her Mercy Kilpatrick series... so reading A MERCIFUL PROMISE, the 6th and final book in the series, has been somewhat bittersweet. In A MERCIFUL PROMISE, Ms. Elliot delivers the same perfect mix of nail-biting suspense and character-driven storytelling as in the other Mercy books, bringing to a satisfying conclusion Mercy and Truman’s growth arc and their delightful romance, made all the more impactful by the fact that much of it happens behind the scenes. In a previous book, we saw Mercy at her lowest when Truman went missing investigating a heinous militia group and saw her commitment to Truman and their life together crystallise; in A MERCIFUL PROMISE, we get to see the other side of that coin— though Truman’s commitment to Mercy has always seemed more overt and steadfast, seeing the evidence of how his world falls apart (and, ergo, how essential she is to his everyday) and how unwilling to give up when she’s missing and the odds seem strongly stacked against them is both heartwarming and reaffirming— and makes the eventual HEA (truly ‘ever after’ now!) that much more rewarding. If you haven’t read the Mercy Kilpatrick series yet, do yourself a favour and binge all 6 books... now that the series is complete, you have no excuse not to!

**ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The word extreme applies to the Mercy Kilpatrick series...every one of them gives the reader an extreme trip into some of the hardest cases the FBI is called to solve.  Kendra Elliot has maintained this excellent series from book one through this one, the last.  Mercy's childhood gives her a unique view of the prepper extremists, from the inside out.  She uses this knowledge to work into the latest group with all of the danger attached to a community of people ready to kill or be killed for their ideas.  At the same time, her husband the sheriff is investigating murders that someone is trying to make look random.  As his case draws closer to Mercy's, they will work together to put the bad guys away.
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I (sob) don’t know if I can (sniffle) review this story because it’s the last one in the series (commence wailing). I’m so sad.

I was torn between racing through the story to find out what happens next and slowing to savor these final pages . I am a hardcore fan since book 1. 

This entry is the usual fantastic. These books are flawless. If you haven’t read them, start at the beginning. You’ll love yourself for it. 

As for now- Mercy and Truman, farewell. I hope that you’ll be back. You are counted as some of my favorite characters.
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An absolutely brilliant ending to this series of amazing stories. I loved each & every page written. I will be investing the other series asap.
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A Merciful Promise, the latest in the Mercy Kilpatrick series sees our heroine posing as a former nurse to infiltrate a militia hidden in a compound in the hills to find a cache of weapons they are believed to have hidden, whilst her police chief husband is dealing with bodies found abandoned locally. As both stories intertwine, ATF, FBI and the couple combine to solve the murders and rescue Mercy after the agent she is to assist  in the compound ends up being one of the bodies.
Yet another exciting, harrowing instalment in the series, and read from cover to cover. Kendra Elliot never disappoints.
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Kendra Elliot is an amazing writer and I read everything she releases. I loved this book. It was an easy read and  I read it in 2 sittings. I definitely recommend all her books.
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Kendra Elliott is a new author to me ad when I picked up this book I had no idea it was the final book in the series and with that being said I think I would have got so much more from it if I had read the previous books. This is a romantic suspense and I really enjoyed getting to know this group of characters, it’s a well written fast paced story and I was drawn in from the first page and I will be going back and reading the previous books in this series.
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Nail Biting suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat as Mercy gets herself into a situation that seems doomed from the get go. I always love the weather elements that make you feel like you’re there. Kendra’s novels never disappoint and this was no exception!! Tidge of melancholy knowing this is the finale. Oh but what a wonderful one it was! *thank you NetGalley and Kendra for the ARC
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Really enjoyed this book. It kept me interested all the way through. I would definitely recommend to a fellow reader. I like the cover as well.
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The sixth and final book in the Mercy Fitzpatrick series, A Merciful Promise sees Mercy go undercover in a militia group when the ATF need some help in a hurry. Their agent is due to go in the following day and has come down with shingles, and Mercy is the only agent in the FBI or ATF who fits the bill physically. Her ‘be prepared’ philosophy makes it a no-brainer; she can think on her feet and fit in with the militia members almost seamlessly.

With Mercy completely out of contact, her fiancé Truman is at something of a loose end - at least, until the bodies start turning up. Three in all, naked males who were apparently executed at close range. When the murder cases tie back suddenly and shockingly to Mercy’s undercover operation, Truman might just be the only one who can help her.

I’ve really enjoyed this whole series, and this is an absolutely stellar final installment. Mercy is at her best when forced into survival situations and she got to really shine here. The bloated cast which got on my nerves a bit in the last couple of books is pared back here to focus primarily on Mercy and Truman, and it really works well.
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I enjoyed this book but it was not a book to read in the dark all alone! Mercy! I was scared several times and had to convince myself that the strange noise I heard was not someone from the book breaking into my home to murder me. Definitely read this one in the daylight wnd finish it before bed!!!
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#AmercifulPromise #NetGalley The last in this series and the first for me but still able to read as a standalone.  The pace started off slow for me and I found the telling of the story from the two different perspectives - Mercy, and FBI agent working undercover and Truman her Chief of Police fiancé - a little disjointed at times.Towards the end of the book it became quite frustrating as you would just get to a gripping part in Mercy's story to then go back to Truman and when it eventually got back to Mercy the drama had moved on! Nevertheless the action picked up considerably in the second half of the book and became quite unputdownable!!  Overall, an enjoyable read that has made me interested enough to go back and read others in this series.
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An excellent conclusion to the ‘Mercy’ series of books by Kendra Elliot. The FBI agent is looking forward to her wedding when she is guilt tripped into undertaking a dangerous undercover mission. Elliot builds up the excitement and tension so much that I found it hard to stop reading. She builds sympathetic characters and even shows how charismatic leaders can influence vulnerable people. to carry out evil acts. The ending is a satisfying conclusion to both the book and to Mercy’s story. I’m looking forward to finding out what Kendra Elliot gives us next! Warmly recommended.
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A deep undercover assignment that cuts her off from everything ups the ante in this final, daring entry in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. As usual, I felt the danger close by, hoped all would turn out well, and relished the love between Mercy, Truman, and her family.

As I pointed out, A Merciful Promise is the last in the series and the sixth installment. It worked best getting it in order because Mercy and Truman's romance and Mercy's relationship with her family grew through the series even if each book posed a different case for Mercy and Truman.

A Merciful Promise starts out with Mercy being segundoed to work on an ATF assignment that takes her undercover into a militia compound where she has no outside contact to Truman or even her own FBI office. She has to figure out if they have stolen weapons and verify the details of rumors of some big plot involving the weapons' cache.
Meanwhile, Truman encounters a series of murders that have him dreading that a serial killer is loose. The wedding draws nearer and he worries about what could be going on with Mercy.

I love this series and I slid easily into this latest book. Mercy and Truman are great characters and I enjoy how they are both smart and capable in their respective law enforcement fields, her prepper background, and have a loving relationship full of respect and friendship besides the attraction. They were separated for most of the book, but because of the circumstances, it worked- though of course, I would have loved more time with them together.

I had a weird reaction to this book. I enjoyed it and I was all in as I whipped through the pages, but I felt a mild disappointment in how the big mission wrapped up.

It had the sort of plot that got intense fast because it starts with Mercy being plunged into a mission with barely a day's warning and little preparation. She's in a compound of extremists who feel more like a cult with the men waving weapons about and everyone living on the edge of deprivation with little to no survival or preparation skills with crazy conspiracy notions. Crazy, but still dangerous as a mob with a charismatic leader.
Truman's side investigating murders seemed almost blase in comparison. In a previous book, Truman was off in danger and Mercy was left fearful, this time the shoe was on the other foot and Truman was helplessly on the sidelines having to hope for the best in the face of tough odds. This situation did allow for some tender moments when Truman is able to slide into a real father role with Mercy's orphaned teenage niece and the orphaned youth Ollie. They all draw close while Mercy is away and in danger.
I enjoyed the updates on Mercy's family and to get some closure there since this was the end book.

I was fine switching back and forth between Mercy and Truman's side of the story since they are apart, but then that stopped working for me in the last third of the story. For example, without too much detail, Mercy is literally in a life or death moment, then the narration switches to Truman, but when it comes back the moment is over and the time has jumped ahead and what came during the narration switch is summarized quickly in past tense. This all served to take me out of the story rather than heightening the tension for me until it could build when a new situation came.

And, then my one true niggle, and this could be semi-spoilery so skip if you want.
(view spoiler)

I don't mean to say that it was dull or that I didn't like it, because I would even say I loved it with a few caveats. The final scenes leading to the big climax had my heart in my throat so to speak and offered a great finish with a nice denouement to wrap things up nicely. Mercy was her usual tough self and Truman had to find the courage to trust in her to keep herself safe, but now it is finally time for them to become a family with Kaylie and Ollie.

I will really miss this series and I'm glad the author said there will likely be cameos in later series. Meanwhile I must go hit her backlist and anticipate the new releases in her other ongoing series. This is a fab romantic suspense series that I can heartily recommend.

I rec'd this book from Montlake via Net Galley to read in exchange for an honest review.
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