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Loved this book. Its a quick read and seems perfect for anyone who has been betrayed. Especially seems to speak to a female who has been in a narcissistic relationship. All of those elements are perfectly portrayed. Very healing
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This was an interesting book of collected poetry. I generally read other authors and don't stray from them much. I did enjoy what I read, but probably won't be reading more of this authors collections.
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I really liked the way this was written. It was an enjoyable, quick read, and I would love to read more from the author.
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Good collection, some I really enjoyed some I didn’t really connect with. Somewhat enjoyed it but not outstanding
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I'd love to thank Pierre Alex Jeanty, Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for this amazing book in exchange of an honest review!

First, I'd like to say that Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur was the first modern poetry book I've read and I loved it enormously! It was everything I needed in that moment. Then I had a few tries of reading poetry but it didn't worked out too well for me. But I didn't gave up on reading poetry! And then I found this book on NetGalley. The premise sounded exactly like what I was looking for, so I read it.

Let me tell you that this book made me smile, made me cry, made me feel peaceful towards the end! I will definitely buy this book in the paperback edition! These poems understand you and your crushed soul. Please, read this book! It's one of the greatest out there and you won't regret it!

There were poems with titles and then some parts where the author gave some apologies that never came from the people you wanted to hear these words from, like:

I am sorry that they awoke a flame in
you that they weren't ready to feed.
I am sorry that they've helped you find
the worst in you.
I am sorry that it's becoming harder to
find the best in you.
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Some of the poems in this book are really nice, but I have to admit that some readers might get bored really fast of the main theme - I think poetry collections should have more themes, even if very similar, as long as there's diversity in poems, then the volume is great. But after a few poems this collection was really hard to enjoy and read...
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There are some beautiful lines and images throughout this poetry collection, but the thing that I felt was lacking the entire book, which is the biggest reason I'm only giving this two stars, is subtlety. Poetry is supposed to be the form of the subtle and beautiful, while these poems rushed headlong toward their subjects, often with titles that sucked any chance of mystery out of them. I didn't have to think about any of them for any longer than it took to read them to know what the poet thought or wanted me to think about a subject.
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I  received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I've loved the other works of Pierre Alex Jeanty. This one fell a little flat for me. I didn't connect with as many of the poems as I've had in the past.
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There were a lot of awesome aspects to the poetry in Apologies That Never Came. There were many poems that really drew me in and spoke to my soul, and others that seemed thrown together. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Pierre Alex Jeanty's poetry and I would definitely read more of his work.
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I found this book interesting but it had a hard time holding my focus. I didn't particularly connect with it and the writing was a little plain. It read more like advice than poetry.
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I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  
Thanks NetGalley!

Another great poetry book.  This one hit me in the feels as I suffer from anxiety and depression as well.
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Thanks to NetGalley, I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This book struck me and left me bleeding from a wound which I thought was healed. It made me think all over again about my journey and helped me to realize that the wound caused by "Apologies That Never Came" is not yet healed but I have to let go of my anger for me not for them. 
If you have the same experience I'm sorry that you never received the apology you deserved.
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I really enjoyed the poetry and prose in this collection, although I enjoyed the poetry more and would have preferred the whole collection was poems. Jeanty tackles universal subjects such as loss, heartache, relationships falling apart and emotional pain. I could relate to a lot of the pieces in this collection. There is a lot of sadness and regret and pain in this collection. There is also hope as well; hope that no matter how bad things get it will work out in the end. I enjoyed every page.
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This collection didn’t really stir any strong feelings in me and I found myself quite bored. Jeanty did not provide anything new or profound. I’ll skip on this one.
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"I am sick and tired of being the one who got away when I had every intention of staying."

Disclaimer: I received an advance digital copy of this poetry collection from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This was the first poetry collection that I've read from Pierre Alex Jeanty, but boy it warmed my heart. There's something about his writing style that's so direct you wouldn't see the emotions coming. This might be a resounding theme on his previous works, and now I'm convinced I should get my hands on them.

Truly, Apologies that Never Came is a collection that makes you feel things, especially for those who is at a time of finding one's self. And if you're lucky, it might just stitch your heart back together again.
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***I received an ARC from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review****

This book read more like a book of advice rather than poetry. Didn't capture my interest.  Felt like I was being forced to listen to my grandpas advice about love and heartbreak. It wasn't personal or original. I felt like it was very vague and trying too hard. I couldn't feel like the author had anything to say, it kinda felt like he was writing to write and there was no emotion behind it. Very Disappointing
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I think there's a lot of good here! But there's also a feeling of a lot of it being fairly trite. There wasn't really any new thought or anything profound, it felt mostly like a person complaining heavily. I understand the theme of heartbreak, and as someone who has experienced heartbreak a lot, I thought this would be a collection to which I could relate. Unfortunately that just didn't prove to be the case. Many of the reviews out are incredibly favorable, so it's likely just a personal disconnect from the material. It just didn't make me feel anything.

*Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for access to this collection in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved the title of this book, I hated the cover.
This is a poetry book solely about emotions, mostly focusing on love and regret. It's a sad book but it has a hopeful streak to it.
For those that like deep artistic quotes for their social media, this is the book to find them.
I liked most of the poems, some of who feel more like a friend telling you about their problems than just reading.
The entire book feels like an extremely cathartic experience for the author and offers guidance to the reader.
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I am normally not a huge fan of poetry, but the description of this one drew me in.  I really identified with the themes in the poems - as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression and has never really been lucky in love, a lot of them really struck a chord.  Thank you for the ARC, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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[Thank you to NetGalley for providing the ebook in exchange for an honest review]
Book 3 for April for poetry month

At first, by reading this title, I knew that this book of poems was not going to be a book that I thought would show me anything that I needed to see because I have been in a very happy relationship for years. However, I decided to keep an open mind in regards to the poetry and as I was reading it the poems made sense to me in relation to one of my current friend’s past relationship. I took a photo of 3 poems and sent them to my friend who said that she was looking for a sign today in regards to her past relationship. She said that those poems really hit her hard and made her think about what she actually wanted in her own life right now. So with that said, these poems do make sense for those people who are currently experiencing or have recently experienced heartbreak and are looking for a way to get themselves back to who they were before it (or who they can be now).

I really liked how the book was set up. I thought that the intro to each section with an apology from the author was heartfelt and then the poems after that short apology seemed to be about what the apology stated. I also thought that at the end of the section where he provided a quote of an issue and talked real for a moment about his own personal experience really added to his poetry.
I also loved the last page in which he ends with the apologies that never came for the readers.

Poems that I saved or liked as I was reading them are:
Not so different
What’s Next
Happy for You
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