Between You and These Bones

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I wasn't able to download this title in time but I did end up buying a copy and I'm really glad I did. 

These poems were soft, wholesome, and full of honesty. Similar to authors such as Neil Hilborn and Trista Mateer this collection is personal and uplifting. 

My personal favorite is "It's A Beautiful Thing To Need" because of the imagery and emotion that obviously went into it. Overall a wonderful read and I'm happy to have it in my personal collection.
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A beautifully written set of poems. I found that I was saving numerous pages so that I could easily come back to them in the future. Again, beautifully done.
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Overall the poetry was good, however personally I couldn’t really connect with the words which didn’t make me feel anything for the book.
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I would love to thank F.D. Soul, Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review.

Beside the beautiful and unique illustrations throughout the book, the poems weren't exactly what I expected them to be.
It was hard for me to understand some of them, and as for the others I was easily distracted by my surroundings as I was reading them.

The author seems nice and artistic and I like her, but the writing is full of "artistic expressions" that I didn't seem to get.

If you love reading poetry, give this book a go. Maybe you will like/love it. But as for me, it was kind of a big dissapointment.
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I always find poetry hard to review but I overall enjoyed this collection. I enjoyed the authors style and messages contained in the words. I would definitely read more poetry by F.D. Soul.
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The illustrations in this book are amazing, but unfortunately I couldn't connect or feel anything when reading these poems...

I know I am not big on poetry, but tumblr poems (that's how I describe them, yes) is something I like to read. Not this collection though.
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A lot of promise within this collection. Quietly subtle book where the author's talent doesn't hit you until the first few poems.  Nice use of imagery throughout many of the verses and the poems themselves don't come across as anything other than sincere.  Will be interested to see how the poet evolves in future works.
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Nothing special. The poems are deeply personal, but the style and the format are largely overdone and it doesn't feel original one bit. If you've read anything by Rupi Kaur, Nayyirah Waheed or Warsan Shire, you'll have seen it all before.
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This is another poetry collection.

To be honest, I didn’t like it all that much, there were poems about so many things that I felt lost.

There were also lots of poems about writing poetry, something I don’t appreciate. They annoy me, they’re the kinds of poems I had to analyse to death in my Portuguese classes.

And to add to all of that, it felt like the poet thought they were a better poet than they actually are.

The drawings are pretty, though.

Rating: 2,5 stars
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Visually gorgeous, I wish it had spoken to me more, though. But at least some parts of it really spoke to me. Especially this gem:

I dare you not to call it flirting
the way a bookstore will hug against the back of you
breathe behind your ears.

there are others incredibly beautiful poems in it, but you'll have to read it to see if you can find them. I'm a sucker for anything that mentions books, reading.
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This was a really sweet collection of poetry. Nothing was incredibly memorable, as I finished it a few weeks ago, but I did save a few.
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From the prose, to the poetry to all the illustrations, Between You and These Bones is a great book.
With the type of writing that catches your attention and doesn't want to let you go anymore. That makes you wanna feel everything with every word, so that even while you want to keep on reading, to taste the next and the next, you feel yourself stop and FEEL. 

An amazing read.
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Well, Art was beautiful. 

Ok, I'm a classic poetry person, I'm sorry, I didn't find anything interesting or not-boring or super in this collection. The art is beautiful, and I think that the images are really impactul, they are connected with the poems, but the poems didn't have any meaning to me, while the drawings were really good and poems in themself. Maybe it's beacuse I live through images. I don't know what to add, because I can't remember anything about this book and I've just read it. I can remember God, rain and neck. Stop. I'm so sorry.
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Not the typical Instagram poetry that we can often see on internet. I like the illustrations present throughout the collection.
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This collection of poetry by F.D. Soul was just not for me. It was too whimsical. And I, normally, enjoy whimsical.
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"good poetry is closing your eyes when you hear my heartbeat
and wonder if it is your own."

I wanted this collection to last forever. The imagery was beautiful, the illustrations as well. The poetry felt good. It wasn't repetitive, and was written in a variety of formats. I'd recommend giving this one a try.
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2.5 stars

This collection of poems are mostly about depression, love associated with home, and family.

I didn't like this as much as the other poems I read in the same category.  It's wasn't too bad but I wasn't a fan of most of the structure of these poems. 

There were some poems that didn't make sense because they weren't written in a coherent way (that's the only way I can describe it). I'm aware that the author mentions in the beginning that since she's an author, she write a jumble of words if she felt like it. But that doesn't mean that any random words (in my opinion at most) could sound and look good.

Let me share an example.

"I think I need to wear a dress for a while. fish
  from a river near my father
  talk more
  to old friends like I know them
  grass-stain my knees kiss you
  swim until my lips blue
  hold my breath
  sit at the back of the church."

Moreover, some of these poems feel like diary entries rather than poems and some feel like bullet points. The way you get an idea and write down one word in a rush just as a reminder for later when you have time to go back for it however, once you do, you remember nothing.

"Sarah / open cracked dry earth hot wet as a mouth as the West as ink / stained cuffs freckled knees folded edges tucked in collars bottoms of pockets / bookstore promise / kerchief in ironclad helmet sweat breastplate / shells that are kept by the hundreds and never used for anything / ...."

I'm sure you get what I mean.

When it comes to poems, I usually have a lot of favorites but when I comes to this, I only got a few. 

"You are an ocean that will perhaps
   never stop crashing,
   what a beautiful thing that is."

Overall, it wasn't too bad and the illustrations are very pretty.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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This is a poetry book that discusses depression, and sensitive love and the warmth of a home. The illustrated cover made me feel some sort of way and I knew I had to read that book. I started it the minute I received it, and have no regrets.

The best way I can put how I felt about this book is a warm blanket in your favorite color and a soft hand caressing your shoulder. This is the feeling this book takes you through and even when the poem is sad, it is still so so gentle that you feel yourself on the verge of breaking apart.

Some days

my prayers dress up as poetry

as if they are not the very same thing.

I had a few problems with some of the poems because they seemed like snippets of her diary. Just scribbles of thoughts written down in a rush, all messy and tangled up. It was not poetry or artistic. A few of them were just her talking to the reader, and there is a poem called “The Sex Appeal of Tall Buildings” and the entire poem has nothing to do with either of those things, which was… interesting.

Also, I didn’t see why there was Part 1 and 2, as if there was some sort of invisible transition I couldn’t read. I wish I understood.

The illustrations are gorgeous throughout the book, and I have a soft spot for poems that have sketches and art surrounding them, it’s like the art builds a home for those words and makes them way more special.

Burn the house down in search of yourself.

Don’t you dare ever stop looking.

Don’t you dare

ever think you won’t be worth the finding.

I have so many favorite bits and  I feel the need to document all of them right here, so please excuse the fact that there are so many quoted masterpieces of sentences.

I will tell you

(as I tell myself; draped in kindness)

of how I spent a lifetime of tall dark nights

breaking into pieces

and still risen again in the morning.
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Between You and These Bones by F.D. Soul

3.5 stars

“There are flowers in my chest again
the kind
that do not lose their bloom.”

Between You and These Bones is a poetry collection filled with soul and the breathtaking grit of poetry. F.D. Soul is an innovative poet compared to most of what scatters the shelves today. Her poems are short at times, but they are also long. She isn’t afraid to have three or four-page poems which is saying something. The art in this collection is absolutely stunning and is cohesive to the poems. As much as the poetry speaks, the images smattering through the pages speak and interweave with each to convey a full message. This collection has a lot of soul and there were poems that I really loved, but there is a lot of lines within this collection that don’t make much sense. My eyes had the tendency to gloss over and have to reread when I got lost. I suspect this collection is very sophisticated and I’m probably not very smart about deciphering it. It’s a good collection and I think it will find a good-sized audience. If you are looking for a collection with more heart and a bit more grit then I think this one will be a good pick.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 3.5

Plotastic Scale: 3.25

Cover Thoughts: This cover is stunning. One of my favorites.

Thank you, Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing, for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Between You and These Bones is an raw and emotional, yet beautiful poetry collection with some amazing artwork.
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