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Vow Of Justice by Lynette Eason is a nail-bitingly good Christian contemporary thriller suspense that I just could not put down. It is the fourth book in the Blue Justice series. I have thoroughly enjoyed following the St John family as they work together to defeat corruption, murder and greed.
In this book the past catches up with the present. Things pushed down deep inside need to surface and be faced in order to move freely into the future.
There are always choices to be made. We always have the opportunity to choose to do the right thing.
Revenge or justice? This is the question explored within the novel. We need to make sure it is justice that we seek and not revenge that we plan. 
Life draws us towards God or away from Him. He longs for us to continually communicate with Him and He is big enough to take all our emotional outbursts. “God had gone deaf, because her desperate requests had gotten her nowhere.” God is not deaf. Sometimes it is us who are not listening for His answers. God always answers prayers in His perfect timing. “God has a way of… speaking to you when you need it.” God knows just what we need and when.
This Blue Justice series has been absolutely fantastic. I have greedily devoured all four books quite quickly. My nerves have been tested, my heart has raced and I have had a ball of a time. Lynette Eason is a fabulous author who knows how to construct and tell a marvellous tale.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book. The story is filled with constant action, suspense and mystery. It's one intense moment after the next. Stunning conclusion to an amazing series. Keep up the great writing Lynette!
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Wow!!! Even though I wish there might be more in this series, this was an wonderful, nail-biting end to the series..  What a way to end the series!!! I hope that we will catch glimpses of the family in future books!  Loved this book!!!
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Awesome book. Lynette Eason has a way of creating well-balanced characters that grab you from the beginning and won't let you go until the end. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone loves a good suspense-filled book.
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Another masterpiece by Lynette paced, sensitive, realistic and human.  Loved this series.  Five Stars!!!
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I did not read any of the other books, but when this book opens the action does not stop until the last page. You are caught up from the last book, as Linc St. John thinks his partner has been killed. Yet Allison Radcliffe is alive she also knows that when Linc finds out that she is alive he will be upset, hurt and that their relationship that their boss it felt like did not want will never be the same.
The boss tells Linc that she is dead and also tells Allison that this is the only way to keep the investigation going by the people thinking that she has died. Everything sounds great and is except for one thing, Linc is going after the person who killed her and you cannot stop him. Oh, wait you can stop him when he sees Allison alive, she sees him. What will win the case or them or both or neither? Read this fantastic book to find out.
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Romantic Suspense, Christian faith elements
Linc and Allie's story was fast paced and suspenseful. It was a perfect read for me right now. More of a 3.5 for me as a reader, but loved the cover, the general story line, so rounded up.  The tension was there from the first few moments of the novel, Allie's care and concern for Linc, ever apparent, and loved how they both fought to protect the other one as they could. The unraveling of the secret and the clues for Daria and the mole were cleverly done.  Loved seeing the family support for Linc as they fought to figure it all out. It was fun seeing their cameo's.
I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review, my opinions are my own.
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This thrilling suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read chapter after chapter trying to find out who the killer is. I quickly fell in love with the characters, and have loved every single book in this series. I love Lynette Eason's books, and this one simply did not disappoint! I found myself unable to put the book down a lot of the time. I read until late in the night until I was forcing myself to put it down so I could sleep. I found myself wondering, will Allie and Linc be able to figure out who is the killer on the loose before it's too late? How is the killer one step ahead of them all the time? Who can they trust? If you too love suspense I highly recommend this entire series!!

**I received this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I'm so sad to see the series come to a close. *cries* I loved the Blue Justice series! Called to Protect and Code of Valor were my favorites, but Vow of Justice is definitely high on the list. ;)

I loved Linc's personality! Being the oldest of six siblings, he's naturally very protective and tends to like being in charge of everything. Yet for me, these traits weren't portrayed in an annoying way—rather, they were what made Linc's story so much more real. (And, I mean, the dude practically got blown up. Gotta give the author points for that.)

Linc's partner, Allie, was a fabulous character. Her past was shrouded in a mystery, so at first I was so confused as to why she was being so secretive about it. But the more that was explained, the more okay I became with her secret. If that even makes sense. (That one twist with Greg, though. I didn't see the first part coming, but the second twist? Yeah, totally called it.)

The plot? Fabulousness. All the fabulousness. It was one of those stories where you just can't wait to read what's coming next. So many twists and turns. Almost predictable . . . almost. But right when you think you have it all figured out, another twist will have you second guessing yourself!

Of course, the romance wasn't a favorite. But it didn't make me choke, so that's a plus. ;)

*I was given an e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Vow of Justice Is the fourth book in the Blue Justice series by Lynette Eason.  Lincoln St. John is providing support as his partner Ally Radcliffe is working undercover in a Russian mob boss' house.  As the op falls apart and the danger mounts, Eason drops the reader into an intricate plot involving kidnapping, long lost relatives, and people coming back from the dead keeping the reader flipping pages until the end.  Eason focuses more on Ally than Lincoln, but concludes with giving updates on the entire St. John clan.
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Vow of Justice by Lynette Eason

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Story Notes

Lynette Eason brings readers the much anticipated conclusion to the Blue Justice series that will have you holding your breath and hoping the bad guys get caught ASAP.

I’ve learned over the years not to start a Lynette Eason book before bedtime if I expect to get any sleep. This one was no different and I managed to wait until daylight hours to begin this anticipated bullet train of a story. It begins with the death of Allison Radcliffe, the love of Lincoln St. John’s life. She has been undercover in a Russian Mafia boss’s house in an attempt to bring his long crime spree to an end. Things didn’t go as planned and Allie finds herself in the middle of a very dangerous game of cat and mouse. Pretending to be dead at the moment is the only way that she and her boss can think of to keep her reasonably safe, even if it means hurting her friends and former boyfriend, Linc. But it soon becomes necessary to let him in on the ruse if they expect to solve the case and find their missing witness. Linc’s anger over being deceived is more than expected and Allie will have to earn his trust back soon if they are to have any chance at a future relationship. When they are thrown together in a race to find the missing witness/daughter of the Mafia boss, they will be given ample opportunity to develop trust in each other which they will need to close out the case. But their future together will not be possible unless they work through the past and let go of the hurts they have from each other and others. The entire case will come to a terrifying end and their choices will make or break their relationship, if they are brave enough to attempt one again. Ms. Eason has a way of crafting a story that draws you closer with each turning page. You have to know what happens, you have to know who the hidden criminal is, you have to know if the main characters will stay together or walk away. There is no setting down of these books without much disgruntlement and I, for one, read it in one day. I really enjoyed the suspense she included without going overboard. Everything was realistic and plausible while still remaining relatively non-gory and clean. The sharp wit and spicy dialogue between the main characters was fun to read and made me laugh aloud several times. Snappy wit is a must for a book to hold my attention. I also enjoyed the inclusion of spiritual journeys for the main characters that flowed well with the story. It was not overpowering but also did not shy away from answering tough questions or delivering hard truths. I will certainly be recommending this book and the series to others as I am sure they will find it engaging and highly suspenseful. Very much looking forward to what is next from Ms. Eason.

I received this ARC E-book from Revell Publishing via NetGalley and am providing a review. I will receive no fiscal compensation for this review and the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.
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The story line might be a bit over the top, but the novel is suspenseful, the characters lovable and the pace is fast.
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Lynette Eason has a gift for teeth-clenching suspense, and unexpected twists. Vow of Justice tells the story of FBI Special Agent Linc St. John and his partner Allison Radcliffe. When she dies during an op, he goes after her killer, only to discover that he's been duped. Allie didn't die, but the danger to her is very real. Can both of them survive long enough to find the REAL killers, and save a teenage girl from the mob's wrath?

There is a reason I read every book Eason writes, and Vow of Justice is a case in point. I can't tell you how often I "jumped" as I mentally put myself into the story, only to have one of the characters startle me with their action. The suspense screams, and the back-stories - especially Allie's - are well-done.

If you love romantic suspense stories, pick up anything Eason writes! You'll be hooked from the first book. While Vow of Justice is #4 in the Blue Justice series, it can be read as a stand-alone. You'll want to read the rest though, since each book features another St. John sibling, and all have amazing stories to tell.
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If you've read all the books in Lynette Eason’s Blue Justice series up until now, you’ve probably fallen in love with the St. John family and if you haven’t read any of the books, you are bound to fall in love with Linc St. John and the rest of the St. John family in this fourth installment. The siblings bring a little levity to a storyline that is fraught with crime, fake deaths, intrigue, traitors, and more. Some people may be able to figure out who is behind everything that happens to Linc and Allie but the motivation behind it remains a secret until Allie herself finds out. This is an excellent addition to the Christian romantic suspense genre.
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It is no secret that I enjoy reading suspense novels. This author is always one of my go to authors when wanting a book filled with intrigue. She writes characters that pop off the page with realism. I have been waiting for this book and couldn't wait to dive in.

When someone has done something wrong to us, we think for a moment how sweet it would be to get revenge. Of course we don't take action. In this fast paced story we find Special Agent Linc against the wall when he loses his partner. You can feel his anger and disbelief that someone was able to kill his partner.

I loved how Allie's past becomes the center of the story and the secrets that unravel as time goes on. There is more to Allie than Linc knew. Her secrets start to pile up and leaves Linc wondering if he really ever knew her. The plot is exceptional and intense with revenge as a real possibility for one of the characters.

Allie is in deep with undercover work and needs help to find her way  to the truth. Her journey is one that is hard at times as she has to accept that it is not her place to take action against someone. Can Linc and Allie find a way to work together? The story is a roller coaster ride as we read how revenge can take over if they aren't grounded in faith. It is a wonderful story that I loved reading and was filled with many surprises.

I received a copy of this book from the Early Reviewers Program of LibraryThing. The review is my own opinion.
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Each book in this series featuring the St. John family has been suspenseful and absorbing.  This book, featuring Allie and Linc’s storyline, has been my favorite.  Allie is quite a compelling character. She’s tough, driven, and  resourceful.  Because she’s needed to keep her younger years a secret, the officers she’s worked with have considered her something of a mystery.  But that didn’t keep Linc St. John from falling in love with her.  As Allie’s undercover assignment goes terribly wrong, Linc is the one who must fight to keep her alive.  However, as Allie’s past becomes her present, it places all she lives in great danger, too.  This storyline had a couple of twists in it that I did not see coming, and the ending kept me turning pages as quickly as I could.  Lynette Eason is one of my favorite Christian suspense authors, and I always appreciate the emphasis in trusting God she has as an emphasis in her stories.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Lincoln and Allison are partners, and close friends besides. Then they are on a boat that's blown up and Alli is spirited away, badly hurt, while Linc is rescued ... and told that Alli is dead. He is devestated vows to serve justice to the responsible party. He has an idea of where to start looking, but he has no idea that these events are tied to her past.

Alli has a very traumatic past and in fact joined the FBI in order to bring the responsible parties to justice, which has turned in to getting revenge. Which agenda will win out?

I am really enjoying this series, one of my top favourites of this year. I am enjoying the St John siblings and the significant others they are picking up along the way. I have to say, though, this time I felt really smart. I was suspicious of the right person from fairly early in the story. 

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Have enjoyed many books by Lynette,  this is no exception.  The St John family is a huge reminder of the things a family can be to others and how to be there together.  This is not exception.  It was good to be reminded of God's constant  love and care for  each person.
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I books by Lynette Eason and this one absolutely did not disappoint. I love that she wrote this Blue Justice series and I especially loved the Badge of Honor in the front of the book. I was very sad to see this series end. But I love that she touched all of the prominent characters in the book. 

I love how brave Allison was in this book, especially as a women I love strong female leads. But I also loved the crime boss's daughter and her strength and knowledge. Both of these female characters stole my attention and heart right from the beginning. And of course there was Linc. He has always been a favorite character from his cameos in the other novels. I think his connection to the case and his hard work ethic and love for christ made him a perfect lead for the final book in this series. 

Full of a lot of twists and turns, it was still slightly predictable however Lynette's writing style still keeps you on your toes throughout the whole book. 

Like most of hers, I didn't find it preachy and felt like the amount of faith and discussion about God, gave the characters hope and connection. I will definitely be picking up her next book in whatever series that might be.
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Love Lynette Eason. You will recognize many characters from past books, with some new ones thrown in. With all the hints and omniscient view, the reader suspects what is coming and follows the characters as they discover the why and how. Amazing book. Can not wait for the next one.
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