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Fabulously sweet and romantic story of the woman trying to work out her next steps and the notorious player that quickly has her in his sights.
Set in the fantastic Greece and a beautiful setting described so beautifully you can imagine yourself there. This is a truly awesome romance filled with pure fun and escapism.
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This book reminded me of and old movie I would watch growing up...and that is a good thing. It has all the ear markings of a good movie but in a book form. It has the beautiful women and even hotter  men. It's set in the Greek isles which in themselves are stunning. Frankie is there to recover from a broken heart and waiting for her marriage to finally end in D.I.V.O. R. C. E. back in England. She is not looking for "love" after catching her husband in the arms of a younger office worker. BUT love does come looking for her in the hot and smeky body of Captain Nik, who happens to be a millionaire and so much more. This book has action, adventure and romance. It lost me at times and there are a lot of Greek words I found myself translating (cause yes this gal wanted to know what Nic was saying to Frankie). But in the end this is not only a book I enjoyed but one I will re-read but I plan to read the next book and hope Ms Walsh will continue this series until we get all the brothers stories and I do mean ALL of the brothers.
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Nik looked over at the woman who introduced herself as Elsa and let it be known she was available. But he didn’t want her, not tonight . Even though he wasn’t a stranger to one night hookups with female tourists vacationing on Kathos. He wasn’t sure why. Friday night after a heavy week of commuting between his two bars and nightclub?   Also he was on call this weekend as a volunteer captain for the local fire department service. Or the growing feeling of discontentment over the lifestyle he’d pursued over the last ten years where pleasure seeking had filled his downtime and every now and then a vacationing woman in his bed. Nik knew of his own inability to commit. People he’d loved had been taken from him, and that had marked him. Whenever there was the chance of a lasting relationship he made sure to leave before he was left. He definitely needed when it came to his love life. Either he lived like a monk, or he needed more of a challenge. Six months ago Frankie wouldn’t have believed she would be here at the Kathos Animal Temporary Shelter or  KATS helping temporary her mother’s friend Allison while she contemplated how to rebuild her life after being married for seven years. But back than she didn’t know her marriage was going to blow up in her face. That Andrew was having an affair with Becky the junior negotiator of their shared real estate agency. Suddenly everything she;d known had been swept away, She had filed for a divorce on the grounds of Andrew’s adultery but it would be awhile before she would be free of  Andrew and financial stability. Andrew was dragging his heels because of the financial aspect. She was here in Agra Kalamaros to sort out her head out, and start making plans for her future. Than a hot man came in and greeted her, he was a fireman who she had an instant attraction to which startled her. She did not welcome this awareness and paid attention to the dog he had brought in that needed help after being in a fore. The owner was going to put the dog down but Nik- the volunteer fireman captain. Frankie introduced herself and thanked him for the intervention for the dog. He gave her money for the dogs care. Nik thought about Frankie when he was back at the firehouse.He was amusing Theo who he was an honorary uncle to. He thought how Frankie wasn’t easy or just out for a good time. Her reserve was the challenge he’d been craving. Perhaps a visit to the shelter to see how the dog was doing as well as a way to see Frankie again. He thought about the dog being rescued and being a mascot for the firehouse as well as a companion for the people there. Also if it helped him to win Frankie over…
In a few days Nik pulled up to KATS, Frankie had continued to hijack his thoughts and his libado. He decided on a plan of action. Though he wanted her in his bed he wanted to get to know her. It felt surprisingly good to be this interested in a woman again. He deliberately kept his relationships short and sweet for many years. First he has to overcome Frankie’s reluctance to go out with him. Than Frankie fell and he held her up and he kissed her and she had wanted him to.  Frankie’s mom called to let her know Andrew and Becky were expecting a baby. Frankie decided now she could never go back to live in the same town asAndrew and Becky. Then she saw some ads and she was interested in an unfinished villa - on the inside- and Nik offered to be her partner but she turned him down and saw a picture of. Frankie thought about it and went to meet Nik. He said he’d back her but they were to be lovers until she paid him back . He gave her forty eight hours to give him an answer. Frankie got the news from her lawyer Andrew was now willing to sell the house and give her half and had someone willing to buy her half of the company. Frankie went online and saw a picture of Becky and Andrew. Andrew had his arms protectively around Becky’s small but apparent baby bump. Frankie told Nik she agreed to his terms. 
I really loved this book such a good romance but also a broken marriage, a lost brother, cheating, mistrust, and so much more. I loved Nik and Frankie together. It broke my heart what Andrew had done to Frankie than when Nik didn’t trust Frankie and ended up ending things with her.  I loved the pace and plot. I read this in one setting as I didn’t want to put this down. I also loved how the author described the scenery and things in that nature as well as the villa. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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Looking for a sexy read? A summer’s reading delight for the beach or the patio? Then THE GREEK’S BEDROOM BARGAIN fits that need perfectly.

Frankie’s put her past and her ex behind her – for the most part. The ugly memories still surface now and then, but she’s headed to Greece to help a family friend and get her life back together on her terms. She hadn’t counted on an adorable pup or a sexy as sin firefighter who just happens to be a millionaire as well. Sure the sparks fly but she’s not interested in his terms since Nik has a very real reputation as a player. Unknown to Frankie is that Nik pretty much got hit with the thunderbolt when they met. He’s tired of his no relationship lifestyle and Frankie is the woman he could see himself with for a lifetime. Now he just has to convince her of that. And when the perfect opportunity comes along to not only help her out but get oh so much closer well, he’s no fool – usually.

THE GREEK’S BEDROOM BARGAIN is full of fire hot sparks between Frankie and Nik, misunderstandings, a few arguments that no one wins, beautiful scenery and an agreement that just might lead to a happy ever after. I had fun with this one, and I know I’ll always get a sexy, entertaining story with amazing travel beauty included in any story by Joanne Walsh. I liked Frankie and Nik, their story has rough moments and sexy ones as well. It’s a perfect summer (or any escape time) read plus there are more stories in this series to come as Nik’s brothers meet their own match or lifemate.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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A bargain is defined two ways: as an agreement, a promise or a transaction and also as a good deal or a good value. Both definitions apply to the deal struck between Nik Kontarinis and Frankie Worthington in this sexy hot romance fraught with misunderstandings and personal turmoil at just about every corner. All the tension comes together to create hot scenes in the bedroom and a romance that goes uphill and down dell. It’s a hot summer read for sure!
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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A steamy business proposition quickly escalates to much more.  

Frankie was licking her wounds while going through a divorce.  She left England to join one of her mother’s friends at her animal shelter in Greece.  When Nik, a millionaire night club owner/fireman, walks into the shelter with an injured dog, Frankie couldn’t help but be attracted to him, but she isn’t ready for a relationship yet.   Just looking can’t hurt, or could it?

Nik has the reputation of being a playboy.  He enjoys short term romances, the shorter, the better.  A woman on vacation is perfect for him.  He can be with them and then they go home.  No strings attached.  But, when Nik meets Frankie, she changes his entire attitude.  He could actually see them together long term.  When Frankie comes to Nik with a business proposition, he counteracts with his own proposition.  He will loan Frankie the money to buy her first home to flip, but she will need to be available to him, in any way he desires, until she sells her first property and pays him back.  This leads to a passionate affair that leads to feelings neither expected.

This book was a fun escape.  Through the writer’s words, I could easily picture the gorgeous scenery.  I really liked Frankie and Nik, but the secondary characters were an important part of the story too.  I became attached to them all and had a hard time saying goodbye when the book ended.  I’m glad this is just the first book in a series because I can’t wait to visit with everyone again.  There is also a running story, about one of Nik’s brothers who went missing as a child, that I hope will be wrapped up by the end of the series.  I am curious about what happened to him too.
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The Greek's Bedroom Bargain by Joanne Walsh is the first book in the Greek Island Millionaires. I like this author style of writing but I really don’t know what to do with this review. It is well written, with interesting characters in a solid plot. The books I have read by Ms. Walsh usually took me on a travel vacation to places I had never been. The same is true for The Greek's Bedroom Bargain..

However, I don’t know anyone like these people in real life. I know some volunteer fire fighters especially since I live in a small town that can’t afford to pay the many that are needed. However, none are millionaires. A millionaire Greek male with a strong work ethic falls madly in love with a newly divorce woman. This happens in our dreams and on certain romance channels. The story is simply a pure escapism read.
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I really enjoyed reading about the setting but the couple just fell flat for me. Not that interesting or that interested in each other. Just okay. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Spicy and fun, The Greek's Bedroom Bargain by Joanne Walsh offers a wonderful escape on a lazy afternoon, especially if you love stories set in international settings!
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A nice story with likeable characters, but I felt they lacked real chemistry, couldn’t find the spark they should usually have. It was well written and a nice enough book, but it just didn’t click with me for the characters

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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3.5 stars

Frankie is licking her wounds when her husband/business partner cheats on her and her marriage ends. Nik is a millionaire/firefighter (that made no real sense to me!) who is attracted to Frankie. She wants nothing to do with this male whore. But he keeps running into her because she's living at the animal shelter where a dog is recuperating that Nik rescued. 

Frankie is no dope and she sees a real estate opportunity. But...she has no access to funds to develop her idea until her divorce is finalized. Nik comes up with a bargain (that involves sleeping together) that Frankie agrees to enter. Now, this is where I found it hard to believe. She was so against his playboy ways but she agrees to sleep with him for a business deal??

Anyway, it was a quick read with little angst.
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I didn't expect much from this and as usual I was right. There wasn't any real spark between the characters to keep me interested, the plot was rather dull and boring, and I found myself skimming through the pages to get to the 'good’ part which obviously never happened. Sadly enough this series was definitely not worth the time not effort to finish.
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Frankie went to Greece after her husband told her that he didn't love her anymore and had been having an affair, and is in the process of a divorce. Nik  lives in Greece and owns many businesses and is also a volunteer fire fighter when he rescues a dog from a building he takes it to the clinic where Frankie works, they have instant chemistry between them but both have been burned in there past so when Nik asks Frankie out she says no as she is not ready for another man in her life. Will they eventually go on a date or will Frankie keep Nick at arms length after all he is a bit of a player and Frankie doesn't need that again in her life. I really enjoyed reading this book as it was well written.
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Steamy sexy hot lovely special amazing. Loved this. Greek background. Hate to love. It has everything.
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What I liked:
The writing style 
The characters 
Part of a series: Greek Island Millionaires

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.
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A Greek volunteer firefighter with a wickedly charming smile...would he help Frankie forget the pain of her failed marriage? Perhaps, but Frankie wants nothing to do with Nik, who has a notorious reputation for one night stands with foreign women. She doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost, so she avoids him the best that she can. She turns down his numerous offers for dinner and other dates, and tries not to think about the handsome millionaire.  

But that's rather difficult to do, since she keeps bumping into him on the small Greek island where she is currently staying.  Deep inside, Nik  knows that he's grown tired of shallow, short-term relationships. He realizes that the attraction he feels for Frankie is much deeper and unlike feelings he's had for other women in the past. Therefore, he's not willing to give up on her easily. 

He looks for ways to get to know her.  He shows up at the farm/animal shelter where she's currently living.  She's caring for an injured dog that he rescued from a fire. He knows that the shelter is low on funds, and offers a home for the dog with his young nephew, and proposes that the dog can also be a mascot for his fire department.  The more he visits the shelter, the more their attraction to each other grows. 

When she learns that the island has a number of vacation homes which were only partially built or renovated (due to the downturn of the Greek economy), Frankie realizes that she may have found a new job. In England, she co-owned a real estate agency with her husband, and she was quite good at selling homes. She has the idea to finish building/renovating a nearby partially completed vacation home, then sell it using her contacts in England, many who would be interested in owning Greek vacation property. 

But she doesn't have the money to finish the home until her divorce settlement is finalized. Nik proposes to fund her renovation project and work with her on it.  With one caveat: they must sleep together while the home is being renovated.  Frankie agrees.

At this point, the story seems a little unlikely to me. Yes, she felt an attraction for Nik, but she was very adverse to hooking up with him. Now suddenly, she's interested?   She doesn't come across as mercenary or a gold digger, so it seems unlikely that she would change her opinion so quickly, jumping from not really liking Nik to suddenly agreeing to be his "bed partner and business partner."  (Perhaps the author needed to develop their relationship a bit more before this happened in the story.) 

So, they begin working on the project together, but their personal relationship has its fair share of hurdles and misunderstandings, some which are caused by the stunning Swedish woman who is the manager at one of Nik's restaurant/bars. Elsa does whatever she can to break up Nik and Frankie.  So when Frankie finds a naked Elsa in Nik's apartment, she breaks off her relationship with Nik, thinking that she has again become involved with someone who will cheat on her.

Until a tragedy brings them back together...

This is a good story; I especially loved the descriptions of the Greek island where the story took place. It's a little predictable (no 'I didn't know that was coming' moments) but still an enjoyable read.   This is the first in a three part-series about Greek millionaires that the author, Joanne Walsh, will be publishing.  I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming stories, which will focus on Nik's two brothers and how they find their true love.
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I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of the series.  It was an easy to follow story with likeable characters and an engaging storyline.  Highly recommended.
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I loved Frankie and Nik!  I enjoyed reading their struggles and eventually finding a HEA. Joanne Walsh captures the beautiful Greece setting perfectly.   I am looking forward to reading more of this series.
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I was given an advanced copy for an honest review.

Frankie moves to Greece after her marriage fails (her husband cheated on her). She is harden about love and wants nothing to do with Nik when she first meets his shirtless self when he brings a hurt dog to the animal rescue center she works in. Nik is a rich playboy and is intrigued by Frankie and wants her immediately. She pushes off his advances at first and then he presents her with an offer she pretty much can't refuse (and doesn't) that ends up changing her life for the better.

Let me say first that I had a hard time starting this book up. I think I had a hard time getting around the broken English Nik had. That made the writing a little off putting for me. As well as the "bargain" he gave her. While I've read several books with money in exchange for intimacy, the way it was written had put me off for some reason.

After I got quarter into the book, the writing and the story turned around. I started to enjoy the characters a bit more. Frankie seems to loosen up some and Nik seemed to open up more, especially about his past and to why he has been a playboy. The book seemed to fly by then.

I wish I could give this book 2 1/2 stars, only because I didn't care to much for the characters (as I felt Frankie was a bit whiplash with her feelings) and the writing I didn't in particular care for, and the bedroom scenes could have been a bit steamier. Though if you like light romance then this one is for you.

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