Lives Reclaimed

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Lives Reclaimed by Mark Roseman is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early August.

A book of six members of a socialist group saving Jewish lives before, during, and after WWII. Ultimately, it's a teetotaler inter-community reform league (aka bundisch or 'Bund') formed in 1924, existing as singular and primary within the lives of its members through shared homes and living spaces, group conversations, celebrations, exercise, and their children schooled within the Bund. It's mostly written in a style of the Bund being a pillar of stability amid the terror of dictatorship and vast amount of violence (while hiding people with Jewish ties on the premise of offering job training, running communication, and supplies) and only shows its historic research-based underpinnings (i.e. through archived correspondence, motivational speeches) a small amount of the time.
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Lives Reclaimed by Mark Roseman is a historical novel that is about a group of idealists in Germany ( called the “Bund” in short) that was founded in the 1920s at first as a “society” that gave themselves certain expectations and goals on how to live their lives and how to treat the world surrounding them and others. 
After the onset of Nazi Germany and WWII, their plan took a different angle and the group helped play a part in adding back a bit of actual humanity to the atrocities that were occurring to their fellow men and women. 

The author presents a fabulous background in setting up how the group was created and how it evolved into what we know of it now. The amount of research that went into this novel is impressive and astounding. 

This is just one example of how the flame continued to burn despite the Nazi’s goal of trying to extinguish the hope that continued to survive in the hearts of humans inside the front lines. 

A very informative and fabulous read.

Thank you NetGalley for this advanced read and in return this is my honest and unbiased review.
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