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Although there is many books on the subject, I have found this one to be very useful and there was quite a bit of information that I did not know prior.
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I found this book to be very interesting, even for someone like me who has read many similar books.  I learned some new thing and discovered some new gemstones I have never heard of.  The meditations and prescriptions are well done.  All in all a very thoroughly thought out book.  I enjoyed it very much.
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinion is my own. I use  crystals in my daily life as a part of my green witch practice and I have found this series very illuminating to my personal use of crystals. This is the "definitive" series on use of crystals.  My review was delayed due to illness . 
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This is the perfect addition to this series ! Having read most of the series I was thrilled to receive this for review. This is a book that you will want to savor and learn much from for your crystal practice.  You will find yourself referring to it often as every time you utilize this book you have much to learn. 
Inside the author has included list of crystals along with how to use crystals for healing, physiological issues , chakras and ancestral healing. You will find teaching here for astrological signs and planets. I found each section a wealth of information . She has included toxicity which is key and a A to Z guide of crystals for the reader There is so much vital information here for all levels of practitioners. This is a highly educational book. 

If your new to the use of crystals or a new witch you will find this very helpful for your continued crystal practice. With each one of these books i learn more and have incorporated the teachings to my everyday practice. Very well done to the authors.
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I am a Reiki practitioner and while I don't use crystals with clients I am very drawn to use them myself. I have never, however, used crystal essences so was very interested to have the opportunity to read Judy Hall's latest book.

As a complete newcomer to essences I would now feel confident to start creating them. The book includes detail information about ways to make essences, using the crystals themselves or pictures if the crystals are unavailable. Also it advises about making essences with crystals which are either soluble or poisonous.

However this is just scratching the surface of what the book provides. It contains a wealth of details and I am sure the most experienced practitioner would find something new and of interest. There are A-Z lists of crystals which would help when working with chakras, earth healing, karmic or ancestral healing, physiological issues, addictions and underlying issues, emotional and mental health healing and expanding consciousness. There are also suggestions for essences for young people and adults as well as details about contraindications. There is also an astrological section, which includes information about using essences with birth charts, with charts relating to a particular project, or just on a daily basis to work with planetary influences - however I will freely admit this section was way beyond me. 

Having read the book from cover to cover I was left feeling rather overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information. It is certainly a book to keep referring to rather than reading through as I did. I noticed another reviewer mentioned that a lot of the crystals referenced seemed unusual. There were certainly a number I have not come across, however, plenty of reference is made to crystals which are readily available.

As Judy Hall states in her book, her book is based on 50 years of working with crystals. I am sure she would not claim that her lists are either prescriptive or exhaustive. However if you are new to working with crystals and essences, this is a great place to start and if you note the section on contraindications and cautions you will be able to work safely. It is certainly a book I would recommend.

My thanks to NetGalley and to the publisher for a review copy of this book.
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One of the biggest questions I hear from people who are into crystals is, what do I do with them?  Besides the simple things like carrying them with you as a talisman, gridding with them and using them in meditation, there seems to be a lack of applications for people's growing collections.  This book takes things further by discussing gem essences and developing them as tools to promote physical and spiritual healing.  Havin a trusted crystal guru like Judy Hall taking the reins in teaching this is wonderful.  She has the vast knowledge necessary to guide those new to the subject through the potential pitfalls with toxic stones as well as potential self doubt in the power of these tools. You can trust that Judy Hall knows what she is speaking about and has tested these methods herself.  I found it easy to follow and probably best for the intermediate crystal user who has already delved into Judy Hall's crystal bible series. There is also quite a bit of background information on preparing your crystals for use, cleansing and charging, selecting stones and developing your intuition with crystals. I would absolutely look into more volumes from this series.
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There is one other book on the market which is dedicated to this subject so it was refreshing to see someone like Judy Hall bring out this book. 
Its very informative and certainly a book I would recommend to students when teaching on the subject on their reading list. 
It's a good book for beginners which is where I feel its strength lies. Nice for the book shelf of someone who has worked with crystals a while but I'm not sure how much it would add to your knowledge if you are a trained Crystal Therapist and Teacher however I do not feel that's where its marketed anyway. 
I think this is a refreshing new book to the series which brought it back to my radar moving past all the correspondence type ones. Would certainly recommend!
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As someone who has all 6 previous volumes, I am beyond happy with Volume 7: Creating Crystal Essences for Abundant Well-Being, Environmental Healing and Astral Magic! Crystal essences are one of the greatest ways to use crystals. All crystal choices in this book are spot on! This book will open up a whole new world for people unaware of the subject. A perfect book for all people, no matter the experience with crystal essences.
It was a pleasure to have yet another one of Judy Hall's Prescription books. She really out does herself every time!
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This book takes you from the definition of what a Crystal is, what they are used for and anything else you want to know about them. Healing with crystals is one of the most interesting parts to me. The use of them for healing doesn't mean just physical problems, but deals with addiction, PTSD and other mental health problems as well. Crystals have been used for many things over the centuries. Crystals are frequently used in conjunction with astrology, the birth signs and how to make and use your own essences. One of the most indepth books on the subject.  The author cautions to use with care as some may be toxic. You can tell that the author cares about the people she writes for. I recommend this book highly. I received this book from Net Valley and John Hunt Publishing for a honest review.
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This is an in depth but clear guide for crystals and how they can help improve and support your mental and physical well being. 

It’s the kind of book you can pick up and delve into when ever you’re in need. It’s been particularly useful in helping me manage my stress levels and anxiety. I’ve used it to help my Children relax at bedtime. I find that using crystals and aromatherapy oils at the same time to be extremely effective at calming me down and unwinding in the evening. 

Thank you #netgalley for letting me review this book.
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I am a big fan of Judy Hall's Crystals book. This is another one of her brilliant books. Informative and detailed whilst giving you plenty of information on how to create essences, without treating you like an idiot. Definitely one of my go to books and one I will and have used time and time again.
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Fascinating. This book covers a wide range of methods, crystals and ailments, making sure to emphasize that this are not one size fits all and that some experimentation may be needed. I'll be starting with mine as soon as I can! This is a book I'll come back to a lot. Fantastic read.
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I found this volume to be useful. The layout makes it easy to find the prescriptions you may seek. However, many of the stones are rather obscure. There are many common stones that will work with you for various issues. I do not see why we have to start searching out for these obscure stones that can be quite rare and expensive. Judy Hall claims that you may make a gem essence made from a picture of the stone if you don't have the actual stone. I am skeptical about this. I will keep an open mind and try it out soon.
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The latest volume of Judy Hall’s popular Crystal Prescriptions series covers a subject very close to my heart: crystal essences. As both a Witch and Vibrational Essence Practitioner, there was a lot of very juicy content for me here. 

Vibrational essences are made from flowers, crystals, the environment, and/or other natural sources, and contain the energetic blueprint of a perfectly balanced emotional or spiritual state. When taken orally or used topically on the skin, they gently nudge us back into a more balanced way of being. Anyone can use essences — they are safe for children, the elderly, animals, plants — and they do not interact with any orthodox medicines or procedures. 

In Volume 7 of Crystal Prescriptions, Hall takes the reader on a journey through crystal essences — what they are, how they work, and how to make them. She gently and clearly encourages the reader to create essences themselves and walks them through that process with examples and useful tips. There is also lots of advice about how to best choose and prepare your crystal(s) when making essences, and also how to choose essences and then take them when needed. 

The information here is vast and detailed; Hall covers chakras, colours, auras, astrology, and astral magic as well as a number of emotional, spiritual, and practical uses for crystal essences. She also offers advice as to which crystals are best made into essences via an indirect method so as to limit their toxicity (as some crystals are naturally toxic to humans and animals, but safe to use as an essence if prepared correctly). 

The main section of the book is an A-Z guide matching matching specific crystal essences with specific needs or intentions — e.g. essences for emotional and mental healing, for protection, for past life work, for abundance. and so on. Hall does not shy away from more difficult subject matter, either, and includes essences for use in addiction, trauma, and other areas. The reference material and recommended reading sections are good, too. 

The only chapter I found difficult was the chapter on essences for physiological symptoms and conditions; at this time, the impact of essences on physiological is less well understood, and — speaking as a Flower Essence Therapist — we cannot make any claims as to their use or validity in this area. While I have personally experienced benefits from essences with regard to certain physical conditions, I have found that the essences help as mental and emotional coping strategies in relation to (say) physical pain or illness. Therefore, I would be wary about this section of the book, but I can understand where the author is coming from here, especially when I take into account the impact of crystals as a separate holistic healing modality in their own right. I am not saying this section is wrong, because advances in holistic and orthodox health are being made all the time, but — speaking at the time of reading — I would treat it cautiously. 

All in all, this is a valuable and useful guide to a different method of using crystals which may be new to many readers. It’s nice to see essences handled so professionally and clearly, with so much respect and understanding. Well recommended. 

I received an e-ARC from the publisher, O-Books, through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a very thorough book leading up to making essences with crystals, even including going into detail about different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals and how to decide which to choose. She also discusses grounding yourself prior, timing of making and using them, and multiple methods that can be used to make them. There are also sections on dowsing, chakras, astrology, and various charts and lists of when to use crystals for certain conditions, disorders, moods, addictions, etc. If you’re new to crystals, I would read some beginner books first before delving into the essences. The author does a good job with explaining some basics, but it would be helpful to have somewhat of an understanding in their uses in general first as this may seem a bit much at first. It may also be helpful to get a basic understanding of chakras, grounding, and intuition as this book gets pretty in-depth with all of those plus. It’s a great book, though, for someone ready to take their crystal practice into a more advanced form to get the most they can out of them.
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I've read other volumes by this author before, and this book is equally as informative. Charts were helpful, and even though I thought myself fairly knowledgable about a few crystals, I still learned a great deal about crystals and how they can be used.

I would recommend this book for anyone trying to learn more about how they can help themselves stay balanced and healthy.
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Another fantastic crystal healing book by Judy Hall. I think I've read most of them now and really enjoy each one. 
This one focuses on how to create your own essences from healing crystals which should enable you to fulfil your true potential. Each section tells us which crystals to use and how to care for them. Always insightful, bursting with information and I love making up the prescriptions.
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This is a wonderful, easy to follow book. It’s beautiful to read and very informative.
Thank you to both NetGalley and John Hunt Publishing LTD for sending me this book . I throughly enjoyed  it
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I've always been a fan of Judy Hall's work.  Being an avid reader of the Crystal Bible 1 &  2. I love how easily she breaks down the working with crystals.  This book does not disappoint.  It was extremely informative. I eagerly read this book in one sitting. I highly recommend this book. I voluntarily read this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Really nice to see the type of charts (for crystal essences - into different categories). Other topics are also introduced. Reader gets a lot of things thrown at them but there a focus on the crystal essence and the charts of that topic. Really enjoyed reading - don't need to read other volumes to get an idea of what is being talked about.
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Many readers are probably aware of flower essences and how they work, for the purposes of holistic healing. Well, this book looks at way the essence of crystals can be distilled and preserved in water, in an alcohol-based medium. Further, there are instruction on how this might be done at home, using the right products and media. Crystals here are said to allow the body to realign itself holistically, thus preventing or treating a multitude of ailments. The writer does, however, remind her readers that much also depends on the attitude of its practitioners. A lack of faith, for example won't help, though presumably those reading this will tend not to be too sceptical here. 
The bulk of this publication consists of an exhaustive series of  directories for any kind of crystal magic or healing you might need to perform.
You can find crystals for your sun sign, moon sign, for all planetary signs as well as fixed stars remedies from the ancient gods for  afflicted planets, over emphasis it too little emphasis on any one element.
Some of the crystals have extraordinary names! Such as eye of the storm, Lemurian Seed, Que sera. Are these names arcane crystal retailers would  recognise or are they this writer's terms for them? It would be interesting to know. I could also quibble over why there are different stones prescribed for emotional balance and emotional equilibrium? Or later on, in another prescription directory, for kidney cleanse and kidney detox? Why is the hippocampus categorised alphabetically, separately from the brain?
I must say I thought that the list for could have been simplified a little. There is no doubt, however, that any budding crystal healer will have no lack of choice in choosing which crystals will be right for them to use.
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