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Travel Light, Move Fast

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Alexandra Fuller can't get over watching her mother save a pack of terrified dogs from a large cobra with her walking stick. Her father used to say that reptiles kept everyone on their toes! This kind of courage is probably what you need to successfully run a farm in Zimbabwe, and Alexandra's formidable parents had been through even worse times. There are many anecdotes like this in this enjoyable book.

It is both a love-letter to her larger-than-life parents and a love-letter to Zimbabwe, and not the vanished colonial world but modern Zimbabwe as well. It sounds like an idyllic life with wild birds and frogs, and beautiful countryside, but, of course, it's extremely dangerous now. But when Alexandra's father suddenly dies in Budapest, she realises even more deeply what her parents and her homeland mean to her.

I found that this book moved fast, like its title, and tended to flit between tragedy and comedy. However, life can be like that, and, perhaps, it increased the poignancy of the situation. I'd love to read more of Alexandra Fuller's books.

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This was a fitting tribute to the author's father, who was an eccentric man.  The writing was great, as this book was humorous.  Like the author's father, this is truly one unique read.  I recommend it to anyone that loves memoirs.
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I received an Advanced Reviewer Copy of Travel Light, Move Fast by Alexandra Fuller from the publisher Penguin Press through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What It’s About: This is a memoir about grief and dealing with the loss of a parent, but Fuller's parents are quite eccentric so this memoir despite its tough material has humor. 

What I Loved: I loved all this book, this is the first memoir I've read by Fuller and found it to be fantastic. As someone who lost her father, I connected with Fuller but unlike other grief memoirs, I didn't sob and feel pain. This book has so much humor and heart, it was a delight reading. This was a loving tribute to her father. God, I loved it. 

What I didn’t like so much: I didn't dislike most of it, but I could see if you read some of her other books this might seem a bit of the same (I don't know because I've never read her others but she alludes to this a bit). 

Who Should Read It: People looking for a great memoir. People looking for a grief memoir that isn't super sad. People who like eccentric stories. 

General Summary: A memoir of grief with humor and heart.
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Alexandra Fuller has written an ode to her father a book full of his outsize personality his spirit his adventures.Through her eyes her words she is keeping him alive .Memoir writing at its best. #netgalley #penguinpress
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While reading the beautiful words of Fuller I felt breathless and full of heady air all at the same time. The wisdom was dripping off of the pages, making me full fulfilled and like I truly learned many things while reading this book. I was truly astounded by the level of truth and real ness provided by Fuller. It was truly wonderful on all accounts.
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