In the Kitchen with Grandma

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I don't get to see my grandchildren nearly as often as I would like so when we visit, I like to have activities we can do that they may remember. This book is fantastic. There are seasons of cooking for the section. I think this is creative. Some of the recipes that I cannot wait to try with my grandchildren include the mac 'n' cheese cups and the scones. I think this is a great cookbook for anyone that wants to cook with children.

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5 Stars:  5/5 stars
What a fun book and exciting way to make memories while creating yummy treats to enjoy together.  The author incorporates Bible verses as well to tie the recipes together with life lessons and scripture.  These can be shared with the grandchildren as you cook.  I used several of these with my grandchildren and they were a big hit!   There are simple ones for younger children and more complicated ones that would be perfect for older children.  
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I loved this book. I dont know about you but I started cooking with my Grandmother and Mom. Spending time learning about family recipes,stories and family history connecting these recipes. Lots of these recipes I share on my blog I learned and cooked in my grandma kitchen which is my Mom now and my kitchen is actually my other grandma kitchen. Every time I cook a recipe or sit around a kitchen table I remember these ladies. So cook with your kids and grandkids and make some great memories. PS- write those recipes down and pass them on
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This fun cookbook is packed full of great ideas of recipes to fix for children. Although geared to grandmothers, it could be used by anyone. I found several I want to try myself. Not only does it organize foods by seasons, it includes ideas for talking about spiritual things with children and how to share your faith. This would be a great gift for Grandparents Day. The one thing I wish is that the ingredients were printed with a darker text to make them easier to read without having to get so close to the page. Each recipe, which has been tested by a home economist with her grandchildren, indicates the level of difficulty and gives the prep time so you know how to plan. And many are gluten-free, a must for me! I received a copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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Always fun to cook with Grandma.  Build life long memories by cooking with your children and grandchildren.

This is a very cleverly written cookbook.  The recipes are written with an ingredient list and then divided into chores the child can do on their own, then parts of the recipe that the child needs to do with Grandma, and then parts Grandma may have to do on her own.  That way the children are apart of the process but cannot get hurt.

It is always more fun to eat something you have helped prepare.  This will encourage children to try foods they may not have if they just sat down to the table.

The recipes seem easy.  The food choices seem kid friendly.
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This is a great cookbook that offers grandparents and grandchildren many memories together. Encourages talking and discussion about Christian values during each cooking session. Recipes are labeled gluten free or instructions are given to make each recipe gluten free. Overall a good book to promote family interaction.
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Know that picking up this book, will also give you scripture.

But, that's ok. It fits in with what is being made, and the seasons.

No, the thing that annoyed me, the first recipe calls for pre-made waffles, when the whole point of the book is to cook things together.

The second does have fresh veggies, but suggests using frozen to make things easier.

The third has kids filling plastic easter eggs with stuff. (Popcorn, cherries, blueberries, ham) and then hiding them. The "recipe" is to prepare the food.

The book says that the recipes can be made glutton free.  And how does one do that? Use glutton free ingredients of course.

The one for quiche says get a ready made or home made piecrust.

On the plus side, she does later give us a home made piecrust recipe.

And some of the "preaching" she does is actually good, such as "All cultures are special and we can learn from each other".

While I prefer more "bake from scratch" type cookbooks, there are people out there who would prefer to buy pineapple juice, rather than cut open a pineapple, that would prefer to buy pie crusts, that would prefer to use pre-made waffles.  Just because they are not me means that this book couldn't have some uses for those who want to teach kids to cook.

There is nothing more loving then passing down cooking skills, and spending time with each other, and that is what we should be looking at here. So, although this book is flawed, it still has merits, and kids do love learning how to cook.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Even though I am a frustrated but still trying to be vegan/vegetarian, biblically kosher, and minimizing my sugar, I still look into regular cookbooks and gain ideas from them.

I find this an endearing book that upholds the values of family bonding, discipleship, and (I totally agree that food tastes better when made together so yes,) good cooking. I love how it incorporates vegetables or fruits into almost everything so that it is healthy too!

I did not grow up cooking with my family but when we got older, I knew it was a basic lifeskill and insisted that our mom teach us to cook. It is a lot of work that she makes to appear so easy. I hope and pray that in time it will become as enjoyable and as delicious as the experiences described in this cookbook so that later on, we will be teaching our own. 

It is such a blessing to have grandparents living near enough to help grandkids grow up nicely. That is my dream too!
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I knew I would like In the Kitchen with Grandma (Stirring Up Tasty Memories Together) by Lydia E. Harris as soon as I read the dedication at the front of the cookbook. It has many wonderful easy to use with common ingredients to make with children. Along with each recipe is A Spoonful of Sharing, which includes a Bible verse and a thought. This one added feature makes this a unique cookbook which is both fun and a way to share our faith with our family. 

The cookbook includes recipes for main dishes, salads, snacks, breads and desserts. Instead of being organized by titles or categories, it is grouped by seasons and holidays. This is wonderful because of the Spoonful of sharing thoughts which fit a certain season or holiday. The many easy recipes have names make them interesting to children. A few of the recipes that I especially liked were Bananapillars, Goin’ Fishin’ Snack Mix, Out-of-the-Park Cheesy Potatoes and the Blast Off Rocket Snack.

Perhaps because I received a digital review copy there were no illustrations or photographs. I hope that the published book format will include many since that is the one complaint my oldest grandchild had for the copy I am reviewing. That one missing element brought it down to 4 stars for his rating. Since I am hoping that they will be included in the final of this otherwise fabulous cookbook, I still gave the cookbook a 5 star rating. Together that is a 4.5 Stars rating.
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There are some fun activities/recipes in this book, but it is not what I expected. I was looking for a little more in the way of cooking and a lot less in the way of scripture.
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It would be nice to think that, doing things with your grandchildren and talking about family and the world around them, was a given. Sadly it would seem not! I hope that this book will go so way to changing that.  Pulling kids away from interactions with technology and back to connecting with living people. Starting to do this with children as young as possible is the key and what better way to do that than with food. Here the recipes are easy and use simple ingredients or bought mixes. There are also suggestions as to the conversations that can be had while making the kind of sweet foods that appeal to children. I know there will be those who will question these recipes but, at this point I think the conversations are more important. One conversation could look at the benefits of healthy eating and what is being cooke. It then becomes the child's idea of what to cook next time that might be healthier. I recommend this book as a starting point for lots of valuable conversations.
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The premise behind the book was to give an interested adult some guidelines and help as they teach children to cook.  Cooking together is not only fun, it gives a child a look into an adult's world while keeping the cooking process easy enough to enjoy.  The book is broken into seasons and grouped by recommended age.  Any or everyone should find something here to motivate a child to spend some time away from the tv and games.  I have so many memories of cooking with my Grandma that I have shared her lessons and recipes with my grandson.  While everyone may not agree with the content, there are many recipes in here that do not require a lot of special ingredients or several hours of prep before you get to taste the yummy results!
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This book was so fun to read. Even though I am not a Grandmother yet, I enjoyed the recipes and the stories. I plan to try some of the recipes with my own daughters.  I do wish there were more pictures.  The memories are to be made though.  I received a copy through Netgalley.  A review was not a requirement.
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This was a very well written cookbook. I found the layout to flow well and the recipes were easy to understand and follow along to. I look forward to trying some of them out for my family.
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This book wasn't for me at all. I enjoy cooking and love spending time with my children in the kitchen but the recipes in this book were just not the sort of thing we would make together. Making shop bought waffles look like a butterfly? Why not make waffles from scratch it's not hard is it? My children and I have been making them together since they were very young.

I also didn't appreciate the religious scripture and ideas on how to brainwash your child while they help you cook. It seemed that every recipe somehow had a link to God. The book should be  called Cooking With Grandma And God. I would have known what I was getting into then. 

I was expecting good wholesome old fashioned recipes from my childhood that isn't what the book delivered. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an advance copy of this title in exchange for an unbiased review.
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"In the Kitchen with Grandma" by Lydia E. Harris is an interesting cookbook for Grandmas and their grandchildren. It is filled with recipes broken up by season and includes various Scriptures from the Bible that loving grandparents can teach their grandchildren.

What's unique about this cookbook is the varying degrees of difficulty so that the recipes can be selected based on the age of the child or the cooking acumen of the grandma. I would assume most grandmothers would be accomplished cooks, but you never know.

This cookbook encourages grandmas spending quality time with their grandkids and making lasting memories no matter the time of year or occasion. It could be a typical weekend or a special holiday meal, this cookbook contains recipes to fit them all.

I received this eBook from Harvest House Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.
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Condescending rubbish, with religion rammed down each page for good measure.  Not a recipe book at all, given that the first recipe calls for frozen or ready made waffles - how hard are waffles to make from scratch??  Read-made pie crust?  Whipped cream for breakfast - totally unhealthy.  This is nothing about old-fashioned cooking, as the title implies - my grandmother never used convenience foods and would be disgusted by this book, and refuse to eat anything produced within it.  Any child I know would throw it away and want to make proper food, like waffles, from scratch.  And in todays world, healthy eating should be fundamentally included in any such book - I'm not talking about stopping naughty grandparents dosing their grandchildren up with sugar - that's a given - but this is gratuitously on each recipe.  I'm disgusted.
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This was a great cookbook and how broken down nicely. It brought so many memories back of cooking with my grandmother. The recipes are very easy to follow. The spoonful of sharing parts were very nice to have a deeper conversation.
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I really enjoyed how this book had recipes separated into seasons and also had biblical verses throughout. However, none of the pictures worked which meant that none of the recipes are enticing enough for me to make and it also makes some  recipes confusing to know how to assemble without a picture to see what they are referring to. I really wish there were pictures because some of the recipes sounded so fun!
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book.

This charming book is meant to facilitate interactive time in the kitchen between grandparent and grandchild. What grandchild, boy or girl, does not like to cook or bake with grandma? Recipes are organized by seasons, mainly.
This makes it easy to choose an appropriate and timely recipe. Included at the
end of each recipe is a suggestion for a topic to discuss and often includes an appropriate Bible verse to focus on. The rating system of one to three spoons helps identify the difficulty of the recipe. This is especially useful if your grandchildren vary in ages and abilities.

If you enjoy cooking and or baking with your grandchildren,this book belongs on your cookbook shelf.
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