Make It the Same

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Make it the Same is full of scholarship from the highly influential Walter Benjamin (where his Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and The Arcades Project seem to provide Edmond with inspiration) to Russian Samizdat writers, Chinese and Chinese-American writers, to Xerox to Twitter. This type of book is created for other scholars, whether they are other research professors or students, so most casual readers of poetry will find the writing much too academic for their tastes. Still, Edmond's research includes a vast number of poets and literary writers throughout the book who will appeal to non-academic readers, but perhaps just sticking to those readers will suffice.
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Make It the Same
Poetry in the Age of Global Media

by Jacob Edmond

Columbia University Press

Nonfiction (Adult) , Poetry

Pub Date 30 Jul 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Make it the Same through Columbia University Press and Netgalley:

In this book we are reminded that repetition has played a role in culture. We are reminded too that having several versions of the same piece is by no means a new concept but with new media and globalization new awareness comes to these iterations.  

Make It the Same not only uncovers fundamental changes in both the production and distribution of literature, but it also argues the fact that these changes make it necessary for us to learn to study world literature in a way.

We learn how things like the tape recorder allowed for recorded lectures, and recorded ideas, and transcriptions eased the way into other forms of media, such as the internet, and other forms of global media, which allowed us greater access to world literature.

I give Make it the Same Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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"Make it the Same" is a fascinating read. There is a lot to love and to learn from this one. I'll definitely recommend it.
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"Repetition has always played a role in culture, from the reiterated words that constitute language to the intricate rhythms of dance, music, and poetry. But never before have these repetitions been so overts and pervasive. If copying has become the dominant mode of cultural production, it is equally the condition of its distribution and consumption."
Well detailed and thoroughly researched; Baudrillard would be proud.
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I have to admit that this is above my level.  Poetics is something that does give me troubles.  The book is well written and organized.  Excellent documentation is also provided. The detail and depth of the book are geared for someone with an advanced English degree or someone with a media degree.
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Interesting read though I found the book slightly on the lengthier end and also I did not find the title very appealing to me.
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