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How to Think Like a Fish

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I selected this book from netgalley because I love buying fishing books for my avid fly fishing husband.  I  must be honest in saying I skimmed the books technical aspects before handing my husband my kindle and asking him to read this book.  His opinion is that it is very informative and would be a great help to young people learning the wonderful art of his favorite past time.  My husband has asked me to order a few copies to provide  to non profit  outdoor center that has a wonderful library.  This is high praise coming from him.
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Written by the star of the television series "River Monsters", this book goes into so much more depth! The author describes the parts of fishing that you can't see on the show. The planning, the scouting, the rigors of getting to the best locations, the stealth necessary, and the techniques used to catch fish. In essence, how to think like a fish! As an avid fly-fisherman, I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm going to buy several copies to give to fellow fishermen friends who think that I'm either, a) just lucky, or b) just not sharing some secret tip with them. Maybe if they read this, they will start to catch fish too!
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