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The book was ok. It wasn't my favorite book ever but it wasn't bad.

Gray is a Duke. From a family of Dukes. This sounds like it would be obvious right? His dad had to have been a Duke and his grandfather before that. Makes sense. What is a little strange in this book is that Gray's mother is a three times widow. Each of her husband's we're dukes and had untimely demises.  The premise seems a little weird but it was ok.

At the start of the book, Gray has been a little estranged from his family and he goes home to the funeral. And there he meets  Beatrice. Beatrice had a difficult upbringing but has managed to be a strong confident woman.

I liked the story but I wouldn't read it again. Something was off with the pacing of the book so the middle felt very slow and boring.  I also felt that the author introduced alot of characters in a short period. I get that it was a setup for future books but it was kind of confusing in some places.  Overall, I might recommend the book to fans of the author but probably wouldn't recommend it otherwise
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Yes! I love this convoluted family: four sons and one daughter from a woman who loves plays and her three husbands. All dukes. All dead. Fletcher aka Grey is the oldest. He reconnects with his mother and half-siblings in this book while investigating the death of his stepfather Maurice. Sheridan, who is one of Maurice's two sons, is suspicious of the circumstances of his father's drowning. And he suspects one of his cousins of murder.  Project Duchess has romance, passion, a mystery (or two) and wonderful, incessant bickering and teasing among the siblings. Loved it! I can't wait for the next installment in this series.
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I usually love love love anything Sabrine Jeffries writes, but this one fell a little flat for me and I can't quite figure out why. All the elements I like were there but somehow they didn't come together to make a story that kept me reading.
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

This was very clearly the first in a series, setting up all the siblings and step-siblings and cousins who will go on to get their own books. There was even a family tree, although the format of it doesn't really work on a Kindle. Some of these minor characters (Wolfe, Vanessa) were much more interesting than Grey and Bea, the hero and heroine here. Grey's character was inconsistent and hard to understand and he acted dishonourably. Bea was supposed to be practical and sensible and behaved without a thought for her future and well-being, There was a also a mystery (lots of the step-father figures had died, query been murdered) which was investigated in a faintly hysterical fashion by Grey and his step-brothers and this remains unsolved to be carried on to the next book.

I'd be interested to read Wolfe's story, but this one wasn't great.
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It has been awhile since I’ve read any historical romances and even longer since I’ve read anything by Sabrina Jeffries so I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to read the ARC of Project Duchess.

I really loved Grey and Beatrice’s story.  Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt had a very difficult childhood.  He was sent away to live with his aunt and uncle where he was treated horribly.  This resulted him to become cold and distant with everyone around him.  But when he meets Beatrice Wolfe, who has become a sort of project to Grey’s mother, something about her draws him to her.  Unfortunately, due to Beatrice’s own difficult upbringing she is very leery of Grey’s interest in her.  There are many obstacles that makes their road to their happily ever after very bumpy; secrets they are keeping from each other, interfering secondary characters and a murder mystery.  But the close proximity and chemistry they feel towards each other is very strong which makes them inevitable.

Overall I really did enjoy this book.  There were parts that I felt were a bit slow and the back and forth from Grey did get a bit tiresome, especially with his suspicions, but all in all the chemistry, the banter and the murder mystery kept me interested.  I am definitely looking forward to reading the future books in this series, especially with the secondary characters and unanswered questions lingering.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.  All opinions are my own.
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4 stars

I enjoyed this book though it went a bit slowly in the middle.  This might be because the hero seems to blow a bit hot and cold, probably understandable as the author wanted to show him conflicted! 
I think that it was a great introduction to the family I can see that the series will have some interesting heros and heroines.  The Death of the Hero's step father and heroine's Uncle was introduced and I would imagine that the author intends to add clues to the culprits as the series continues.  

I wonder if Grey's mother will get to have wedding no 4!

I noticed that the author sent them on honeymoon to the Lakes County....probably meant the Lake District which I think became popular around that time when Wordsworth published a guide. 

I  voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Another wonderful, lighthearted story, well written and totally enjoyable. Grey and Bea are a great match, both strong and honorable. I loved that there wasn't a lot of hand wringing angst that some romances resort to now. Another series to look forward to reading. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read and give my opinion on this book.
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I’m just back from Le Festival du Roman Feminin in Paris where I was lucky to meet a bunch of awesome authors, so I have a bit of struggle put back my feet on earth.
This is my second read by Mrs Sabrina Jeffries, I do remember my first one, I liked it but I had mixed feeling about the heroine.
But here, she outdid herself and crafted a great young woman, with no weak knees ( how I dislike women who become puddles of drool at the sight of a man! ). Beatrice is strong woman, she was shaped by her upbringing and the behavior of her uncle toward her. Instead of undermine her character, it strengthened it, she blossomed in a woman who speaks her mind and lets nobody thwart her projects. Sure, it renders her less prepped to face London society.
Fletcher Pryde has ressentes his family since he was estranged at ten to be raised by his uncle and guardian. Worst, his uncle abused him to have him comply to his wills. He changed him to a man who refuses any emotional involvement. Why his life is turned upside down when around Beatrice, he feels a compulsion to be close to her, to hold her, to kiss her when at the same time he suspects her to might been part of some wrongdoings. 
I loved they were able to tell what they have in mind, that they do not shy away and ask instead of turning around. They are far from perfect as their faith in the other is put to test at each bend. Their trust is balanced between their certitudes and hearsay and rumors. They each time come to realize when they have made mistakes and then they try to fix them, as it often done by blurting out before thinking but words can cause great pains. Why the truce they made to be true when they are together is often challenged as they must compromise between sentiments and secrets.
As a first in a series, the storyline introduced a wide range of characters, will each of the sibling get its story?
I just wondered why Gwyn, Grey’s half sister, never had a debut, even when they were not living in England. If I figure out my sums, she is in her thirties, I do like my heroines not fresh out of the nursery which it is more a spinster’s age than a debutante’s, but she acted rather like a very young woman instead of an adult one. 
In all, it was a good beginning in this Duke Dynasty series, there are plenty of great tales in the making.
I was provided an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the editor Kensington Books/Zebra but I had previously preordered my own copy, so here is my true and unbiased opinion.
5 stars
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I don't read alot of historicals anymore but Sabrina Jeffires is a fantastic writer and so I gave it a shot. It was well writtend and was an enjoyable story with a whole set of characters I enjoyed reading about and will look for in future books. That said it was different than I expected, I love reading about London life and balls  and that was really not something that was in this story.

Grey gets word that his step father Maurice has died and his mother needs himfor support. So he leaves London to help her out. He is very estranged from his mother and brothers and sister as Maurice sent him away to live with an evil aunt and uncle when he was a boy.

There he meets Bea, who is  a relative of Maurices and her and her brother live at the manor and help out. His mother while in mourning decides to get Bea ready with her daughter to present in London after they are done mourning.That is where Grey comes in, he is tol help get the women ready for town life.

However Grey's brother believes Maurice was murdered and maybe even the former lord who was Bea's relative and he thinks Bea's brother did it. So he asks Grey to get close to her and find that out. That is essentially what the plot is really about. To find a killer or to not....

It was well written and enjoyable just not what I was expecting when I started this story.
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Historical romance novels are my kryptonite.

There is something about the historical fiction genre that is utterly captivating. I adore the witty banter, longing glances and Hallmark movie-esque moments (shout out to Regency gazebos and strolls through picturesque gardens!). Romantic connections develop under the pressure of social conventions, familial expectations, and future prospects...and become stronger for it. It's a world of contrasts - composedness and spontaneity, rules and rule-breaking, cool regard and fiery passion.

Project Duchess is an ode to your inner romantic.

Following its characters as they find love, despite the ghosts of their past, is an absolute delight. Sabrina Jeffries is an incredible wordsmith and does a brilliant job of bringing these characters to life. My thoughts on this TBR literary gem are below.

My thoughts:

Project Duchess is a historical romance creatively embellished with murder-mystery elements. It's a clever take on a rogue wooing a lady of lower status (a tale as old as time!) and the trials standing in the way of their happily ever after.

I read Project Duchess in one sitting (10pm - 1:30am) and couldn't put it down. Bea and Grey were characters who didn't simply reside statically between the pages of the book - they projected themselves through it. They were vibrant, full of personality and complex motivations. Their initial interactions were playful, even when they were at odds:  (quote here)

Their connection was a steady flame that carried itself throughout the novel from start to finish. Even during dancing lessons, the chemistry between the two characters was off the charts: (quote here)

But it wasn't just the surface-level attraction between the two that drew me in. It was their deep and abiding respect for one another. Even when he is not yet fully aware of the extent and intensity of his feelings for Bea, Grey's admiration for her is clearly evident: (quote here)

Project Duchess made me smile and it made me tear up - a rollercoaster of emotions for a thrill-ride of a read. If you love historical fiction (or want to be whisked away by a romantic duke for an hour or two!) be sure to grab yourself a copy when it is released on June 25th.
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I received a free copy for an honest review from Netgalley. 

I love historical romances, and for anyone who has read the Cynsters would really love this. There’s a great supporting cast who are not 2D, and both the mystery and romance are delightful. This has the possibility to be a fun lengthy series if the future characters are just as well written.
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Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt, is not looking forward to going to his stepfather's funeral and seeing his mother and siblings. Sent away from the family, who resided in Prussia at the time, Grey endured a harsh childhood with an uncle who wanted to swindle Grey out of his properties and have learned to hide his feelings from everyone. He's never forgiven his mother for making him go to England. At the funeral he meets his half-brother's cousin, Beatrice Wolfe and he's immediately taken with the beauty. Too bad Beatrice has no interest in getting to know him, but that doesn't stop Grey from trying to spend as much time with her as he can.

I really liked these two characters--both have been hurt by uncles who took advantage of them as children and are reluctant to open their hearts to each other. Ms. Jeffries does a great job of letting them slowing reveal their feelings to each other throughout the story. I much prefer this than the "insta-love" in some other regency romances. Along with the banter, budding romance, and sibling rivalry, there is a mystery running through the book. The plot moved along well, and while Grey and Beatrice found their happy ending, the mystery was left hanging. I'm excited to read the next book about Beatrice's brother, Joshua, a war hero, who came home from the war with a permanent leg injury.
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*Review of eARC received via NetGalley*

Hooray! Another new series from Sabrina Jeffries!

I love the setup in this one. The unique family dynamics, all the drama inherent in those dynamics, characters who’ve had had times and still try to do better than their circumstances. All of it’s great!

Then you have Beatrice and Grey and they are just perfect together. I loved the spin of Grey falling in love with Beatrice while he’s trying to investigate her brother for murder (which he is obviously innocent of - there being the mystery that is going to weave through this whole series). They are wonderful and I loved watching them work for their happy ending.

Top marks yet again for one of my favorite authors!
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I was sent this as a complimentary copy by netgalley - thank you

I love this genre of romance and Sabrina Jeffries novels so was thrilled to be able to read this before publication date

This is Sabrina Jeffries at her best.  I love the historical references - she really does her research

I loved Beatrices and Grey's journey - the elements of feminism were a treat.  Its easy to think of those times as completely submissive with regards to women.  Its great to read strong female characters.

There are lots of threads here, the romance, a bit of mystery.  I love the rounded characters throughout.  This clearly would lend to a series of novels about each of the characters which I would love

A great holiday read with enough interesting threads and topics that would lend well to a book club

I would highly recommend this and, in fact, all Sabrina Jeffries books
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Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries is the exciting start of a brand new series - the writing as usual for the author is sparkling and witty, however the tone is slightly different, much more serious and deeper. I won't spoil the plot, but it feels like it's inspired by the metoo movement, which is unusual for a regency romance, but i welcomed it wholeheartedly and enjoyed every second of this book. Having said that, the plot in my opinion, is in not triggering, and the characters posses litheness and humor, which made me read this in a few hours. Recommend!
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My heart broke for what Grey and Beatrice went through in their younger years. I enjoyed, Project Duchess. There was a lot of guessing throughout that made this a page turner. I kept saying, just one more chapter.
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This is my first Sabrina Jeffries novel and it won’t be my last.

Project Duchess is a fun and flirty romance combined with an interesting and compelling mystery.  It introduces the reader to a treasure trove of characters that will make all the titles in the new series, Duke Dynasty, must reads.  

Fletcher Pryde, Duke of Greycourt and Miss Beatrice Wolfe are well matched in wit, temperament, and past baggage.  

Great couple.  I am looking forward to more books in this series.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC
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We always buy Sabrina Jeffries for our library.  Her books are the perfect mix of wit, charm and romance.
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