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Ms. Jeffries never disappoints! I loved this one and can't wait to read more in the series. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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The story begins with a duchess who’s third duke-husband has died. Duchess had a son per husband, so there are 3 grownup Duke-sons who are called home after hubby #3, Maurice, croaks.

Grey is the hero, and he keeps his family at a distance. He’s persuaded by one of his brothers to stay because they think Maurice may have been killed. 

The Duchess has taken on Cousin Beatrice as her latest project. She’s going to polish her up for society so she can catch a husband. Bea ends up catching Grey’s eye. 

Joshua is Beatrice’s cranky, reclusive brother. Naturally, the Dukes suspect him of murder. At his brother’s suggestion, Grey tries to get closer to Bea so he can find out more about her weird brother. He flirts and ends up being the one with a crush. 

This is Grey:
“Hmm...Beatrice is lovely, interesting, and intelligent. Too bad I don’t like her. I was abandoned as a boy, so I can never let anyone into my heart again.”

That lasted for about three days. Instalove. Lots of boring sex. She won’t marry him because he’s only doing his duty. Grey has an instant epiphany and shouts his love for Bea from the rooftops!

Never mind about solving that pesky murder mystery, because true love eclipses all. Blah! 2 stars.
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This was so good . I pre-ordered the next in series. Can't wait. Loved all the characters. Loved the story line.I have read ms Jeffries before and she writes lovely stories.
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This was enjoyable. I liked the main characters (and the less-main ones too) quite a bit. Plotwise, however, it seemed very fill-in-the-blank. Hero is tortured and believes he cannot love because ______. Heroine has ________ secret trauma in her past. Hero and Heroine jump to conclusions/miscommunicate an exhausting number of times before finally reaching their HEA.
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Excellent book from an excellent author.
Review to appear on and Goodreads very soon.
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I’m a big historical romance fan and have really enjoyed all of Sabrina Jeffries’ past books. Project Duchess was no exception and was a delightful intro to a new series! I love a strong heroine and Beatrice was perfectly witty and outspoken. Romance series centered around large families are my favorite so I can’t to read more! I’m looking forward to getting Grey’s siblings’ stories next!
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Heat Factor: I need a tall glass of milk, because this one is on FIRE.
Character Chemistry: He’s an upstanding dreamboat with a bad boy reputation, she never stood a chance (and neither did I).
Plot: A young duke meets up with his family of half-siblings and his mother when his step-father dies unexpectedly. The penniless cousin of his half-brother sweeps him off his feet. But, MURDER! But, INTRIGUE! But, SEXY WOODLAND ROMPS!
Overall: Pretty much crossed my fingers this would be a series by the close of the first chapter because I hope it never ends.

I re-entered the world of regency romance after taking a pretty sizeable hiatus and chose Project Duchess. This one did not disappoint. 

Grey is a very successful and put-together dreamboat who has a reputation as a bad-boy. I was probably 80% on board the moment I realized that. Yes, please. Beatrice is witty, loyal, even-keeled, and interesting. They have these moments I can’t get into without spoiling the plot for you (and I just can’t do that when you’re going to read it, and you are), but imagine that Grey made a call that perhaps would have been an insult to Beatrice’s sense of pride. Normally you’d expect a big blow up to result, but Beatrice is nothing if not even-keeled, so like normal people they get a mildly heated and then talk it out rationally and then are “otherwise occupied” for a good while. Which is just win-win-win, in my opinion. Their relationship is just deliciously solid and it suits their characters perfectly.

Plus, Jeffries sets up the series perfectly. I’m intrigued by the secondary characters. I can see the plot thickening surrounding Grey’s step-father’s mysterious death. I have some inkling that Grey’s mother has some interesting depth and perhaps some surprises in store. I can’t wait for the next installment. I want to know if Grey and Beatrice start their own kennel of puppies. I want to know if I can come over for tea sometime. I’m kidding. Kind of.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt, is estranged from his family. He hasn't forgotten that his mother let his cruel uncle raise him. Now she needs him. Her 3rd husband's death has left her broken. Reluctantly he goes to her. Suddenly he finds himself facing a spirited beauty who speaks her mind and a murder investigation. What happens next is a romantic adventure. Can he help find the truth and get Beatrice to be his? Grey is a bitter man. His fears haunt him. I wanted him to find love. He deserves to be happy. Beatrice has suffered. What she endured angered me. It's an all to familiar occurrence. I wanted her to realize that she's a beautiful woman who deserves to be treated with respect. She and Grey have powerful chemistry. I hated that their circumstances make a relationship difficult. Their flirtation pulled me into their romance. The dialogue is sharp and sassy. Each of their  encounters are interesting especially since he considers her brother a suspect. Grey's interaction with his mother and siblings add more drama. The setting and the death of his stepfather kept me reading. I wanted resolution and a HEA, but I wasn't sure I would get it.  I enjoy the writing of Sabrina Jeffries. She never disappoints. I can't wait to see what happens next in The Duke Dynasty series. 
I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
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A very interesting concept of a family of brothers that are Dukes. A little far fetched that one woman would marry that many Dukes, but if you set that aside it's definitely a new spin on the genre. 
We follow the eldest Duke in this story in which he must assuredly is not looking for a wife.  He comes to console his mother after the death of her most recent husband. And the mystery surrounding the recent deaths still remains unsolved.
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Historical romances are a relatively new genre for me (especially mass market romances), so I’m not familiar with all of the popular authors. Unsurprisingly, this is my first Sabrina Jeffries book. Also unsurprisingly, I’ll now be adding her to my must-read list.

This is the first title in a new series that weaves together stories of an extended family of siblings, primarily. There’s misunderstandings, repressed emotions, murder, laughter and love. Jeffries creates strong females who are unique for the time period, but not egregiously out of place. Her men are proud, wounded and strong, unafraid to eventually show a little vulnerability. 

I would compare the feel of this world to Grace Burrowes’ Windham’s or Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton’s, except it totally stands on its own merit. I cannot wait to read the next book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, has been summoned to the country to help his grieving mother whose third husband has just died. Grey's mother has married three different dukes and given birth to five children. Grey is her eldest child, and the one estranged from the family as he was sent to live with his paternal relatives when he was ten.  When his brother seeks his help with the strange circumstances surrounding the recent death, he reluctantly agrees. 

Beatrice Wolfe is no stranger to death and funerals. When her aunt asks her to assist with the funeral of her husband Beatrice agrees. When she meets her aunt's firstborn son, she knows as a poor relation, she has no business feeling attracted to him, even if she is the granddaughter of a duke they can never be together. 

Sabrina Jeffries is one of the best wordsmiths in her genre, and this book is the start of another brilliant series. A beautiful blend of mystery, romance and steamy hot sex scenes. 

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Lydia Fletcher has been married to, and widowed by three Dukes.  They are the 4th Duke of Greycourt. the 2nd Duke of Thornstock, and the 3rd Duke of Armitage, who has just passed away.  Lydia has been able to give children to each of these men.


Fletcher (Grey) Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt, age 34, has returned to his London home to find his cousin, Vanessa Pryde, waiting to see him.  She is a lovely woman whose mother, Grey's Aunt Cora, would like to see the two of them marry and won’t even hear of Vanessa marrying anyone else.  But Grey and Vanessa disagree with this.  They are just friends and wish for their relationship to stay that way. 

Grey learns that his stepfather has just passed away and his mother needs his help with assisting his stepbrother, Sheridan, age 28, as he takes up the mantle of the 4th Duke of Armitage.


Miss Beatrice Wolfe has not cared for the Duke of Armitage as he always tried to make passes at her.  She is supposed to help her cousin, Sheridan, as he deals with his grief at losing his father.  Beatrice and her brother, Joshua. live in the former dower house on the Armitage estate.  He aunt Lydia had promised to give her a debut in London.  She looks upon Beatrice as her project.

Sheridan has inherited an estate with debts whereas Grey’s estate is very wealthy.  When Grey arrives and he and Beatrice meet, she feels he acts arrogant and she doesn’t care for him.  But as Grey and Beatrice get to know one another, they spark an attraction.

Sheridan thinks his father had been murdered and he thinks that Beatrice’s brother, Joshua, may be the guilty one.

This book was complicated and confusing.  Too many characters to keep up with.  The first part of the book throws lots of characters at the reader, slows down in the middle, and picks up in the end.  The attraction between Grey and Beatrice was so fast and sexual that it was huge turn-off.  

Sabrina Jeffries is a prolific and popular author.  I have read several of her books, some of which I enjoyed, and others not so much.  I’m not sure that I will stay with this series as it just isn’t my cup of tea.  However, I’m sure that others of her fans will love it.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt, is called to the country after his stepfather dies quite suddenly. He meets Beatrice Wolfe visiting Lincolnshire helping her Aunt (Grey’s Mother) plan her husband’s funeral. Beatrice gave up on romance long ago, and the arrogant Grey with his rakish reputation isn’t exactly changing her mind no matter how attracted to him she is. He agrees to help his mother and the hoyden and unfashionable Beatrice for her debut. He can’t help but be attracted to her, but they have wounded hearts to heal.  I loved this romance story of two wounded souls I voluntarily read and reviewed this excellent book.
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Sabrina did it again. I had my doubt about her new series but I am hooked. This book is very funny and has all the family drama that we love from sabrina jeffries. 

I am so happy she included a family tree because it gets complicated. Grey Pryde family is complicated his mother married three dukes. Therefore, this family has three dukes brothers. Grey has just lost his stepfather when he finds out that his mother new project is to make Beautrice Grey's younger brother cousin into the bell of the ball. Beautrice is not related to Grey via blood only marriage. So guys its a great series and I can't for the next book.
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Another great book from Sabrina Jeffries. It will not disappoint.

I received this ARC for an honest review.  all opinions are my own.
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This book has it all...murder, mystery, romance and sex! It was hard for me to put this book down. I loved Beatrice. She was smart, opinionated and kind. I look forward to reading more about this family of duke's.
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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3.75 stars--PROJECT DUCHESS is the first instalment in Sabrina Jeffries’ adult, DUKE DYNASTY historical romance series focusing on the children of a multi-widowed dowager Duchess. This is Fletcher ‘Grey’ Pryde, Duke of Greycourt, and Beatrice Wolfe’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Grey and Beatrice) PROJECT DUCHESS follows the search for the truth. The mysterious death of his step-father Maurice finds Fletcher Pryde, the fifth Duke of Greycourt and his half-brother Sheridan Wolfe, the fourth Duke of Armitage struggling with what happened and why but duty called and Grey found himself preparing his mother’s latest project, Beatrice Wolfe, for her social debut. When information about the last person to have possibly seen his step father alive comes to fruition, Grey begins an investigation of his own.  What ensues is the building relationship between Grey and Beatrice, and the potential fall-out as family secrets reveal a more sinister and heart breaking possibility at work.

The relationship between Grey and Beatrice begins acrimoniously as Grey’s reputation as a womanizer precedes his introduction to our story line heroine. From the outset, Beatrice doesn’t trust Grey’s attention or ministrations, and the not so veiled accusations against Beatrice and her brother, of potential involvement in his step-father’s death. The $ex scenes are limited but passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Grey’s half-siblings:  Sheridan Wolfe, Heywood Wolfe,  Marlow ‘Thorn’ Drake and his twin Lady Gwyn; Grey’s cousin Vanessa; their mother Dowager Duchess Lydia Fletcher, and Beatrice’s brother Joshua.

PROJECT DUCHESS is a story of family, betrayal, secrets and lies. The premise is engaging; the characters are colorful and energetic; the slow building romance struggles with issues of trust and presumptive guilt.

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I have been a reader of Sabrina Jeffries for quite some time. I really love her books.

This one had a heaping dose couldn't happen...just in the main premise of the series.

See in Regency England...there are were only about 60 non royal how a woman could have been married to as many as Mama Lydia did was a bit of a stretch...and then to produce all these young handsome rakish Dukes is an even bigger improbability.

But I'll forget that because this is fiction and romance and not totally based on reality.

Getting into the story was not the easiest thing as there was a lot and I do mean a lot going on at the onset, but once you settle in, its a good read.

I even learned something. What you ask? There is such a thing as Funeral biscuits. (AKA Cookies) Seriously, they are a thing. Check out this link for more info . And while I'm at it, I didn't know that many women didn't attend the funerals of their loved ones because of their delicate sensibilities. Wowzas!

The story itself is part romance and part mystery, as there is a question in his half brother's mind that the current Duke that had died might have been murdered and the prime suspect would be Bea's brother. 

I loved Grey and Bea. They were strong and likable characters that made this a fun read as a roundabout investigation brings the two of them together and apart.

The story also touches on abuse on a few levels that happened in the pasts of both main characters, which made for some interesting reading.

I like how the mystery is what is going to tie all the stories in this series together. I look forward to seeing how all the things play out.
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A c!ever set up for a new series by Sabrina Jeffries. A woman married 3 Dukes and has an heir from each marriage (and daughter as well). The first of her brood we are introduced to is Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, known as Grey.. 
His upbringing has left him skeptical of others and closed off to love but when his step-father dies, loyalty brings him back home, Once there he is quickly introduced to his mother's project, Beatrice Wolfe.
Beatrice is a niece of Grey's step-father and has lived in the property since the death of her parents. The newly widowed Duchess wants to help Beatrice enter Society and asks Grey for his expertise in decorum. He stays to help his mother while also assisting his step-bother solve the mystery of latest Duke's passing. But once the lessons begin, who is really being taught the necessities of life?

This book was a good start in what looks to be a fun series.
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Oooh, a mystery, wrapped inside a romance!  This one was a little formulaic...plain speaking (unsuitable for marriage to a duke) heroine and an emotionally stunted aristocrat who can't keep his hands off of her.  They jump into all kinds of steamy situations even with the investigation of a mysterious death or two hanging over their heads.  
Drama?  Check.  
Sex?  Yep.  
Common Sense?  Well...
But who reads a sexy historical romance novel for common sense anyway?  Enjoy this one with a glass of wine in your comfy clothes.  Bonus: this book has a cliffhanger ending which will pick up in the next one in the series!
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