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Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries is book One in the Duke Dynasty Series.  This is the story of Beatrice Wolfe and Fletcher 'Grey' Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt. 
Fletcher's mother has married three times to different Dukes, that has produced 5 children (him being one of the 5) but now her last husband has died.  Fletcher was taken by his Uncle when he was young which turned his world upside down...he started keeping his distance from his mother and siblings.  Now in their present day he steps forward to do his duty to his mother now that her husband and his step-father has died. This lands him to meet Beatrice who is the granddaughter of the Duke but he misunderstands who she is at first.  Of course Beatrice isn't like anyone he has met before which set the tone of their relationship. 
Loved this book.
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Reviewed on Instagram on 23 of June 2019. I also did a story about it, which reached around 100 people. 

Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries, out June 25 2019. Shoutout for the arc @netgalley, buckle in for my reckons.
EMOJI SUMMARY: 🎩 💰 🤝 👒🗣👗🔜💃
⚠️tw: sexual harassment
“She’s firmly on the shelf.”
[the hero]: “What a ridiculous notion. As if a woman were a knickknack to be put away.”
Don’t you think this cover is like the moment in Cinderella where the mice and birds make her the pink dress? I LOVED that scene.
The first page is a family tree! Brilliant! I forget names easily but I love a complex family history, so this is catnip to me. It’s based around a 3x widow, and tbh I think the best possible career for a woman in the Victorian era was that of a widow. I would be aiming for that, personally. 😂
Our hero Grey is being set up with his cousin and he’s like ‘eww why would I be interested in this young thing I saw her grow up’ and I like him instantly. This is a Pygmalion premise, and when Grey meets Beatrice, he thinks she’s the undertaker’s daughter and tells her the biccies are weird. She shuts him down and he apologises when he learns she’s a lady. It makes me realise even good men in historical romances this thing where non-titled women were nothing, and Sabrina does this easily without making you hate him. Good shout.
I actually like Grey. He’s a good man doing his best for his fam. Actually, the further I get I realise that all the brothers in this book are good men. And Sabrina writes some beautifully feminist moments.
I didn’t find the mystery plot particularly mysterious or surprising, but that could just be because I’m a hard nosed sleuth. 💁‍♀️
In terms of the tw; there’s a thing where her uncle is a lecher. It’s reasonably well handled and didn’t feel gratuitous, although there are issues with the way the romance genre in general handles these confession moments and I’ll do a story about this tonight.
This is the first in the new #dukedynasty series, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.
RANK: 3 ⭐️
QUESTION: Do you like an Eliza Doolittle premise? I 🧡 them. Any recs? Bonus points if it’s the dude doing the learning.
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Loved this book, the main part of the book is romance, with overtones of abuse within families.  Sabrina Jeffies deals with this great.  She does not shield away from the issues, or hit you over the head with it but shows that abuse changes who you were and who you become..  This is a new family, new mystery so I hope there are more books to come.  A must read
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*scroll to the bottom for content warnings*

Trope: Duke helping with debut
Cover rating: beautiful if inaccurate for clothing (not sure where her dress is from, I hate when they do that!), dancing is a pivotal plot point so it makes sense to be the cover
Book description accuracy: accurate from a high level but plot is watered down from what this led me to expect
General review: 
This reminded me why I don’t usually pick up Sabrina Jeffries any more. She writes an okay historical, gives you a pleasant escape from real life; but in comparison to other authors publishing today her stories are watered down. The content warnings aren’t described in vivid detail, giving the illusion of human characters. I’m not saying I wanted to read through child abuse or attempted incest but these were among the reasons the characters were the way they were, fighting all attraction for each other but their experiences seemed minimized. I’m not sure if it’s just I couldn’t relate to the content- these aren’t triggers for me thank God- but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I couldn’t understand the attraction between H & h- major instalust that didn’t fit the storyline. I also did not like the language used- h’s Grandmother used to refer to her as a ‘naughty saucepot’ and the number of times rascal, arse and weird ‘supposed to be period swears’ were used was too much. Every time it happened it took me out of the story, making this one that took me several days to get through- after the publication date no less. The series looks like it will follow the rest of the family (both H & h’s, because this is a weird ‘they’re sort of related’ story) and I don’t think I’ll be picking up the next ones. 
Angst style: OW misunderstanding
POV: 3rd person, both H & h
Relationship stage reached: married, in epilogue
Epilogue? yes, on wedding day

Content warnings: child abuse, death of multiple family members, attempted incest

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. #ProjectDuchess #NetGalley
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I've enjoyed pretty much everything Sabrina Jeffries has written, with a number of 5-star books scattered throughout her oeuvre. But, for my money, she's at her best in a series set within a family, with a mystery at its core. She excels at family dynamics; creating realistic, and entertaining, relationships among siblings such as those within The Hellions of Halstead Hall, my favorite of her many series. Her Duke Dynasty series introduces readers to a new (blended) family - a thrice widowed mother of three dukes, a second son, and a daughter - and a new mystery to be solved. Based on the recently released first book, Project Duchess, where we meet the entire family, it just may give those Halstead Hall hellions a run for their money.

Beatrice and Grey are wonderfully complex characters, both with hidden emotional baggage. At first glance, their "playing field" appears to be very unequal. Grey is a wealthy duke from London while Beatrice is a poor spinster from the country. Yes, she's a duke's granddaughter but she's never had a debut and is much more at home running her dogs or walking the woods than at a dinner party. But Beatrice isn't about to let Grey walk over her. She's opinionated, fond of cursing, and holds her own with our rigid duke. Rather than repel Grey, those qualities only make her more attractive to him, as evidenced by the sizzling chemistry that flares whenever they're in the same room. It was so much fun to watch our calm, collected, and controlled duke fall head over heels, even though he doesn't realize it until it's almost too late. And the banter between these two! So good!

Beatrice may appear confident but she also has a vulnerable heart that could easily be broken and secrets she guards zealously. Grey has a few of his own. There are good reasons why he isn't close with his siblings; why he keeps his emotions safely locked away. My heart broke for him when those reasons were finally brought to light. 

One of the things I most liked about this book is the fact that both Beatrice and Grey evolve over the course of the story without losing the essential elements of their character. Neither is "transformed" to better fit their new role, especially Beatrice. Rather, they gradually help one another overcome the pain of their individual pasts, they protect one another's secrets, they learn to trust in love and one another, and most importantly, they help each other heal and recognize their true worth. I adored them and can't wait to, hopefully, see more of them throughout the series. They are going to be one fun - and formidable - couple!

4.5 Stars
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Advance copy received from author. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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I have a new series!! Sabrina Jeffries writes some of the best romance stories, and I loved this little series starting romance. 

Fletcher Pryde, Duke of Greycourt, is one of five siblings, three of whom are dukes. Attending his stepfather's funeral, Grey meets Beatrice Wolfe, cousin to his brother (and not related to Grey at all by blood). Beatrice intrigues him, and their banter is cute, cute, cute. Not going to lie, Grey is a sweet, considerate hero who just can't seem to make a wrong move. There's tension with his siblings, which will be great for the series in the future, and a mystery to solve, although not too much time is spent on that mystery. Grey is kind but controlled (mostly) through his and Beatrice's story, and he's a hero that most readers would want to marry themselves.

As for Beatrice, she's delightful! Strong, frank, and practical--all things I love in a heroine. She helps Grey reconcile with his family, even though her involvement has more to do with his own happiness in meeting her than her direct involvement. Really, the only problem I had was with the power dynamic, because Beatrice what would be considered a poor relation to Grey's brother, Sheridan, but I decided to shrug my shoulders and let it go. 

Truly, this was what I would consider a sweet, entertaining romance and a great start to this series. In fact, I can't wait for the other siblings, especially the only sister, Gwyn, and Beatrice's injured war hero brother, Joshua. Sparks flew when they were on the pages, and brooding hero Joshua will make him distinct from Grey, who was not the brooding type, really. 

Definitely, everyone who loves a sweet, sincere romance should add this book to their TBR pile, and anyone who likes series that focus on families should keep track of the comings and goings of Jeffries' latest.
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Both Grey and Beatrice have sworn off love, they meet while helping with the funeral arrangements for the Duke of Armitage.  Grey’s step-father and Beatrice’s uncle. Grey’s mother thinks it is best if they find a husband for Beatrice and asks Grey to help.  What will happen when sparks soon fly between them.  What will happen when Grey begins digging into the family secrets?  Fast-paced read with lots of drama and suspense.  The chemistry is steamy and the story really draws you in with its twists and turns.  An entertaining historical read.
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From the first moment Fletcher "Grey" Pryde meets Beatrice Wolfe sparks fly. At first, there's a bit of disdain, which is fulled by desire. Grey is called home when his mother is widowed and upon his arrival he meets the spunky Beatrice. They soon find that they have more in common than either of them imagined. However, there is fowl play afoot. Grey's brother thinks his stepfather may have been murdered and the Wolfe's might be the culprits. 

Family secrets, intrigues, love, dancing, and maybe a wedding? What more could a reader want? Sabrina Jeffries new Duke Dynasty series is a hit. I love the mystery element as much as the romance. Grey and Beatrice have great chemistry. I could have gobbled up this book in just one sitting. If you're looking for your next beach read, here it is! 

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New Series, New Family, Same Fabulous Sabrina Jeffries! 

Project Duchess marks the first book in the Duke Dynasty series and just like her previous series it features a big, loud, somewhat crazy family, a mystery that’s sure to span the series, and lots of steamy regency sexy times! 

Grey is convinced he can’t love due to his past...until he meets Beatrice, the cousin of his half brother and the only woman to call him on his arrogance. Beatrice just wants to secure her future and forget about the assault and harassment she faced at the hands of her uncle...until she meets Grey an arrogant Duke who seems as wounded as she. 

I absolutely love a Pygmalion retelling and even more so when the hero knows early on that she’s the one in every way. Sabrina Jeffries is a master at crafting wounded heroes and heroines who are still absolutely willing to fight for what’s right and aren’t afraid to fight for one another.  Grey’s reaction to and affirmation of Beatrice and her experiences is spot on!  

I can’t wait for more from this family and for more pieces of the mystery!
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What happens when you are more alike than you think.  Why a romance that just about imploded when a murder is discovered.  These two have a push/pull relationship.  Each must face and reveal the past in order to get to the future.  Full of tension, drama, romance and danger.  A nice start to a new series.
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Project Duchess is the first book in the Duke Dynasty series by Sabrina Jeffries. A series of stepfathers and a difficult childhood have left Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt, with a guarded heart, enviable wealth, and the undeserved reputation of a rogue. Grey’s focus on expanding his dukedom allows him little time to find a wife. But when his mother is widowed yet again and he meets the charmingly unconventional woman managing his stepfather’s funeral, he’s shocked to discover how much they have in common. Still, Grey isn’t interested in love, no matter how pretty, or delightfully outspoken, the lady. Beatrice Wolfe gave up on romance long ago, and the arrogant Duke of Greycourt with his rakish reputation isn’t exactly changing her mind. Then Grey agrees to assist his grief-stricken mother with her latest “project”: schooling spirited, unfashionable Beatrice for her debut. Now that Beatrice is seeing through Grey’s charms to his wounded heart, she’s having trouble keeping him at arm’s length. But once Grey starts digging into her family’s secrets, she must decide whether her loyalties lie with her family or with the man whose lessons capture her heart.

Project Duchess is a historical romance with well fleshed out characters, both complex and relatable in their way. Grey has been through a lot, and has a hard time getting past his trust issues and allowing himself to feel. Beatrice has not had an easy life either, and is doing the best she can to live her life and support her brother and extended family. Both have emotional scars, and I feel like those wounds are what bring our couple together. They are both very outspoken and genuine- even when they are trying to avoid talking about things they would rather avoid. I loved their banter- and often found myself grinning and they verbally spared. I liked the secondary plot line, a murder mystery that continues on in the series. I spent a good part of the book trying to figure out the mystery, and while I am glad parts of it were resolved- I am eager to get more pieces to the puzzle in the next book of this series. I am intrigued and want to see all players have their happy ever after and the mystery gets solved.

Project Duchess is a historical romance with all the elements I have come to expect from Jeffries. I was fully engaged in the read and will continue on reading the author's work.
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Due to circumstances beyond her control, Lady Beatrice Wolf did not have the traditional coming out  that benefitted the granddaughter of a duke.  For the past few years, she has simultaneously escaped the flirtatious behavior of her uncle while trying to care for her brother.  Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt,  has not had the closest relationship with his mother and his half brother.  But with the death of his stepfather, Fletcher feels obligated to visit and offer comfort and support.  Interestingly enough the circumstances surrounding his stepfather's death are a mystery.  I believe this will lay the foundation for this series.  
This is the backdrop for both Fletcher and Beatrice.  The hero is used to maintaining an emotional distance and does so even though he is attracted to Beatrice.  The heroine who is known for speaking her mind and isn't sure she can trust the duke.  But even still sparks fly.. 

I received an ARC through Net Galley
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A lady marries three times and has five children. Mix in cousins and you have an extended family. The oldest son Fletcher Pryde, Duke of Greycourt is called to the funeral of his stepfather.  He meets Beatrice and her brother Joshua, who are cousins to his stepbrother and stepsister. Yet, suspicions arise over the death of his stepfather and an uncle. It seems evidence is pointing to murder.  Grey pursuing Beatrice, family drama, a murderer and witty dialogue, you can't be bored.  A very entertaining book all the way around. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series.
A free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.
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I’m going to say this very simply – this title had me at the mention of “new series”. It’s just that simple because Sabrina Jeffries is a go-to author of mine for Regency Romance and the beginning of a brand new adventure with her is cause for celebration – at least, for me it is. (and that cover is swoon-worthy indeed!)

PROJECT DUCHESS begins the Duke Dynasty series with a powerful, a bit darker and completely intriguing romance between two people who appear, on the surface, to be as opposite as it’s possible to be. There is some world building in this first story, there has to be really, but I didn’t find it or the snippets of background provided the least bit overwhelming.

Grey’s step-father (or at least one of them) has passed and he is reluctantly returning to his mother’s side which means he’ll also be around his siblings as well and he fully expects the usual bantering and tensions to make an appearance as well. His relationship with his mother is not the greatest, however, he does owe her respect at this time. He makes a huge mistake early after his arrival when he mistook Beatrice for a servant and not the distant family member that she actually is. To say that this meeting ended up with harsh words and very bad attitudes would be an understatement. Also, their first meeting gives an intriguing start to an interesting romantic attraction between this couple. Beatrice has no trouble at all speaking her mind and tells Grey exactly what she thinks of him – even if her emotions are speaking something else in her head.

Toss in the suspicion of murder, a new pet project that Beatrice really doesn’t want to be part of, sizzling steamy moments, interesting secondary characters and a rather large family of unusually related siblings and you have a delightful beginning to this new series. I had fun with this story. There is a lot I will not mention for that falls under spoilers, but if you love a good love story, a bit dark in places and madcap in others – then you’ll want to pick up PROJECT DUCHESS and get in on the beginning of this new series.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Talk about a murder mystery and historical romance merged together! Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries was edge-of-my-seat thrilling; full of romance, humor, intrigue and lust. I devoured this book and award it 5 out of 5 of whatever you love.

Thank you to for supplying an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest readers review. By chance this was my first Sabrina Jeffries novel, but by choice it will definitely not be my last.

This is the start of a new collection of novels by Sabrina, the Duke Dynasty.  I am hoping it covers the many husbands and children born to Ms. Lydia Fletcher. Project Duchess takes place soon after the death of Lydia’s 3rd husband and stars her first born son Fletcher Greycourt, who happens to be a Duke.

Immediately we fall in love with Greycourt and his jaded past. We feel sorrow for his childhood and want to ease his inner battles. Our heroine, Beatrice, enters just as quickly with her own guarded past and inner battles. She is a cousin of a brother and you soon identify that this family tree is not exactly tangled… just extremely branchy.

Whilst Lady Lydia grieves her husbands untimely death, she distracts herself by teaming with Greycourt to turn Beatrice into the young debutante she was never able to be– due to a disgusting uncle. Although Greycourt is not exactly interested in turning Bea into a lady, he has an alternative agenda– mainly the murder of his step-father and Beatrice’s brother’s guilt.

Our two find themselves together, alone, very easily and flames fly. The honesty is wonderfully romantic and the stolen moments are steamy.

Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries is set for release on June 25th, 2019. Please check with your local libraries for a copy, or purchase on all your major platforms. As usual I promote the eco-friendly electronic copies. Happy reading.

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Fletcher "Grey" Pryde is the eldest of an unusual family. His mother married three times, and now three of her children have inherited dukedoms. Reunited with his family for the funeral of the third husband, Grey meets Bea, a ward of his late stepfather. His mother has taken Bea under her wing and is determined to give the woman a society season, and Bea goes along with it because the dowager duchess seems like she could really use a project.

Sabrina Jeffries is an auto-buy author for me, but this one was a bit of dud. There's a side plot about how one of the siblings thinks his father was murdered, by Bea's brother no less, and Grey tries to help investigate without raising too much suspicion. But, frankly, that was the most interesting thing going on and also got the least amount of page time. Most of the book was just introducing the large cast of new characters and setting up for future sequels, which left Grey and Bea very little room to be interesting. Their arc was just "Who are you? Oh, hot. Hm, I like you after spending time with you. Let's get married!" Which is a perfectly respectable progression for a healthy relationship, but not very interesting to read about.

However, it seems like "who's doing a murder?" is going to be a series long mystery and I'm curious to see where that goes. Also, the leads for the next book met in this one, and it's "grumpy bodyguard and cheery debutante" so you know I'm going to be there for that!
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This is a great start to this new series.  I liked all the characters, but it was a little confusing at the beginning trying to keep all of the relatives straight.  With their mother being a widow three times and each time she was married to a duke, there are quite a few relatives.  Grey is the oldest and has decided that he will never risk his heart.  After meeting Beatrice, he is having a hard time keeping that vow.  But of course the road to love is rocky and there is a bit of mystery threaded throughout the story.  I really enjoyed it.
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When Grey's stepfather dies unexpectedly, Grey is forced to go home to comfort his grieving mother and siblings. It's not that he doesn't love his mother, and he loved and admired his stepfather, but he's never forgiven them for sending him away when he was a boy. Prepared to do his duty and flee, he is unprepared for Beatrice Wolfe, the sharp-tongued spinster helping with the funeral, or for the news that his stepfather was murdered, and the prime suspect is Beatrice's reclusive, war-wounded brother. Charged with helping solve the case, Grey does not object to spending time with Beatrice, but only because it means he can have her brother arrested as soon as possible. It has nothing to do with how he feels when he's around her. At least that's what he tells himself.

Tired of being a charity relation, Beatrice longs for a life and family of her own. Though she is daunted by the idea of a London season, she allows Grey's mother to make a project of her, knowing how badly the dear woman needs a distraction from her grief. Lessons in etiquette and dancing with the arrogant Duke of Greycourt are something she must put up with, even though she finds it harder and harder to deny her attraction to him. But as that attraction deepens into something more, Beatrice is stunned to learn Grey suspects her brother of murder and that he's been using her for information. Both Beatrice and Grey will have to determine where their hearts and loyalties lie and how far they're willing to go to protect their families.

I have enjoyed previous Sabrina Jeffries novels, but this one was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I really liked the characters, and the banter between them was sizzling, but I can't say there was anything really original or memorable about this story. I'm all for a mystery, and it appears the mystery of who murdered Maurice and why will run the course of the series, but I felt like it needed to have more substance in this first book to set it up. It seemed like more of an afterthought against the backdrop of dancing and etiquette lessons. The sex scenes, while hot, were too flowery for my tastes. Too many "ohs" and exclamation points. But I still found it an enjoyable way to pass the time, and I may read the next book to see if the mystery deepens.
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Project Duchess - Duke Dynasty book 1
by Sabrina Jeffries

WOW! I’m utterly speechless! Sabrina Jeffries has another keeper, this was very entertaining, loved the story.
A fast paced read that keeps you turning the pages wondering what secret Grey and Beatrice are keeping. As a child Grey had a very tumultuous upbringing, his mother having married not once, or twice but three times! And to Dukes no less, who died mysteriously. Grey believes that there was foul play at hand, and he means to find the culprit. 

Being orphaned at a young age Beatrice, knows all about loneliness and pain. Her brother, Joshua suffers from the horrors he’s witnessed at war is a broken man. Grey believes that Joshua is a link in his stepfathers death. He keeps him close by asking for his help. When Beatrice is the funeral coordinator Grey is shocked to realize that passion is not the only thing they have in common!  As her brother becomes a suspect Beatrice is torn between her loyalty to her brother, and Grey the man she’s fallen in  love with! What unfolds is a story full of romance, passion, mystery, intrigue and many secrets. A story that keeps you engaged from the first to the last word! 

I received a complimentary copy  from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest unbiased opinion.
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This was an interesting story centered on two relatable and compelling main characters. I loved the banter between the leads and their families.
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