The Remedy Files: Illusion

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I could see this being the start of a TV series. If you are looking for something different (not typical rom com or women’s fiction) this is a great alternative! Just enough to keep you interested but not overly intense to where you can’t sleep at night. I’m looking forward to the next book to see where it takes us! Thank you Netgalley for the e-arc
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I have never heard of this author before, but picked this book up simply because I have a weakness for post apocalyptic and dystopian worlds.  

The premise of this book sounded different - a community where emotions and feelings are completely inhibited, the Elders of the community having developed a "Remedy".  The rationale behind this is that the reason the previous society, who they know as "The Before", destroyed themselves was because of their feelings, emotions, and desire for more of everything.  This is the only life Evangeline has ever known, but a chance encounter and the friendship that grows from it, changes the course of her life and she struggles to make sense of her dreams and her reality, and to learn what truth is.

I struggled with the first few pages because I couldn't figure out what was going on, but as soon as I had got past that, I was totally hooked.  I really connected with Evangeline, who can't gave been an easy character to write.  In fact, all the characters are wonderfully drawn, and the world in which they exist is incredibly vivid and extremelycreepy.

In summary, I found this book to be very well written, with great character development, excellent world building, very atmospheric, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I didn't want it to end, but couldnt stop reading because I had to find out what happened next.  Thankfully there is another instalment, I can't wait!

I received an eArc from the publisher via Netgalley, but my review is entirely unbiased.
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An interesting take on YA Dystopian fiction, Eckhardt manages to wrap the naivete of the world up in a neat little socialised bow. Whilst creating the characters for this novel, you can see that great care was taken to personify these people, and highlighted the way people can be brainwashed to believe their flaws are better for the many.
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The Remedy Files is going to be a series of books, and this is book one: Illusion. Although I don't typically like reading books without even a clue as to when the next installment will be available, I am really glad I read this one! The novel takes place in a small colony in the future where inhabitants of the colony cannot feel. They can't physically feel (textures, warmth, cold, etc.) and they cannot emotionally feel (love, happiness, pain, sorrow, even hunger) They are given pills called Remedy to dull their senses so they cannot feel and they have no emotion. Life is scheduled down to meal times, curfews, and even if you are chosen to be "paired" or "unpaired" to a spouse in the future. Our main character, Evangeline, starts to question if her colony, Impetus, really is doing what's best for it's inhabitants. Oh, and questions are not allowed either.

     The first few pages got going right away jumping right into the story almost making me feel as though I skipped a few pages. Very quickly I got into the story and that feeling went away and I started to understand where the story was going, immediately getting a similar vibe to The Giver. Along the way, I also started to get a little hint of Divergent, and sometimes even Hunger Games in terms of romantic interests. Although the novel has common threads to other dystopian stories, it carries its own and is a true contender in the genre.     I enjoyed the writing style of the author and found the book very easy to follow and the characters relatable. Some parts were a little more predictable whereas other reveals were not, so I think there is a little twist and turn for everyone with the biggest reveal at the very end of the novel which leaves the book on a major cliff hanger!

     I can't seem to find anywhere online when the next installment will be out, but I will be eagerly awaiting the day it happens!

I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next one in the series! I was captivated very quickly and couldn't put it down. I sometimes struggle in the beginning of books to get into the story, but in this case I was hooked quickly into the story of Impetus and Evie's journey. I already want to go back and re-read to catch things I might have missed. It kept me guessing at every turn - great, fun read!
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.    

Thank you NetGalley!!

Evangeline lives in the community of Impetus.      Everyone is Impetus lives WITHOUT emotion/feelings and decisions.       By taking Remedy, they no longer have to worry about the issues feelings cause like they did "in the Before."    They depend wholly on logic to get them by.

A chance encounter allows Evangeline to meet a boy outside of the walls named Gavin.   Gavin challenges her to reassess her convinctions and introduces her to a world she has never known.   

the writing is good, and the characters are as well. 

unique storyline
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This book was amazing!  It has everything suspense, love, friendship. I would definitely recommend this book and I can not wait until book 2 comes out.
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The Remedy Files: Illusion is a dystopian story. Although I liked the premise, the story was a little flat. I felt like I have read this book before. The writing is good and the characters are interesting, but it's difficult to find a truly original dystopian story. It's an okay read but predictable. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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