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4.5/5 stars
Oh My Goodness Containment was an awesome sequel. It didn't suffer from sophomore syndrome. Containment was just as action packed as Sanctuary. We get to see more character, relationship and plot development in the sequel. Kenzie is still a great MC And it was also great to see more information about the other characters that escaped with her and are now on an alien ship. We also have a new set of problems as well as dealing with some from the aftermath that happened in Sanctuary. For example they have  to deal with like the alien ship they are on that is sending a signal to the alien planet about their and Earths location. My only complaint is I wish we knew more about the aliens. What's their plan are they an old or new threat and I hope we get more explanation in the next book. 

Overall Containment is an epic science fiction and horror filled young adult sequel that was a pleasure to read. You will not be disappointed.
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Really probably a 3.5 stars. The action, characters, and plot were all fast paced and exciting. A few out loud gasps lets you know I'm in deep. I'm really not a fan of 1st person narrative however which probably kept this from being a 4 or 5 star from me.

The fact that I finished it yesterday but kept thinking about it all day though shows me how much these characters have grown on me - despite the 1st person flaw I feel an attachment to these kids. I think the author managed the PTSD really well without being overdone. I will definitely read the next book in this series.
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I received this copy from NetGalley a while back without having read the first book in this series. Long story short I loved Sanctuary, I really found I could connect with the characters and the powers were unique. This sequel put all the best parts of the first book into overdrive and I found myself along for the ride. It was a fast-paced thrill ride that pulled no punches and the ending was just superb. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by receiving this book from NetGalley.

Since this is a sequel I often find that even the blurb on the back is full of spoilers for the first book, so I will describe Sanctuary instead. Imagine you have worked for a corporation for your entire life, wishing only to become a security guard to defend it from insurrection. You work on a prison space station watching over superpowered teenagers, then one day everything goes wrong.

The atmosphere of both novels were fantastic and it all had to do with the perfect setting. The first book was solely based in one place, but jumping between places in the sequel was actually a little more interesting. The author was able to describe so many unique places and her descriptions were on par. It really allowed myself to visualize everything.

The story was a little tropey, but in a good way. The tropes made the story better as it was interesting to see unique characters go through familiar situations. The introduced characters were also quite interesting and it was interesting to see the reintroduction of some.

The real pull that the story has on me is due to the powers, everyone had unique powers in the first book, but gradually throughout this sequel the powers got even more interesting. I wish that certain peoples powers were used more often or even used effectively in a fight, but that characters ineptitude was also a high-point in this fantastic novel.

Finally the ending. But what can I say, it was completely out of left field and is making me so urgently need the next book. I really want to find out what happens. At the ten pages left mark, I was so certain that the book would end in a really weird place as so many things were happening at once, but it pulled through and made a weird ending that was so satisfying.

I had a really fun time with this book, despite being forced to only read it on my computer, and I always looked forward to getting back into the story. Now I need to add the next book to my TBR, hopefully I won’t have to wait that long.

5 stars
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Containment is the second book in the YA Sanctuary series by author Carolyn Lix. I loved the first book and was excited to read this but I assumed (and we all know what that means) that, as the middle book of a series, it wouldn't be quite as good as the first than the first. Boy, was I wrong. Rather than just a bridge to take us to the next book, it is more like its own self-contained story (ha, see what I did there).  Anyway, it was a fun read full of action and excitement as well as tension between the characters as, having escaped the aliens, they are now on a new planet with not only Omnistellar but possibly more aliens hunting them. If you've read the first book, you really need to read this sequel and if you haven't and you like YA scifi full of great characters and lots of action you are really in for a treat.

Thanks to Netgalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review
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After reading (and loving!) the first novel in this series, "Sanctuary", I was thrilled when this 2nd novel in the series was available to request. 

I love the various personalities and dynamics of the various characters in this novel. They are badass, interesting, and unique in their own way and they are all likeable. I especially enjoy reading about the relationship between Kenzie and Cage, as well as Kenzie and Cage's twin sister Rune. All the characters in this novel have their own special unique powers and it is interesting to read about them and how they use those powers to survive in their strange world. It was enjoyable to read about the character development in all of the characters as they continue on their journey. They are faced with many tough decisions they must make, and they look inside themselves for some of the answers. As they struggle sometimes internally with their decisions, it is very interesting to watch them grow as young adults and try to make their way in this strange world.

I loved the journey this book takes you on, as the characters that survived in the first novel after a strange and deadly alien attack on their Omnistellar ship caused them to fight for their lives. Some made it out alive while others did not, and this novel follows the survivors as they try to escape the alien ship they now find themselves on. They now have new obstacles they must face to survive and we are introduced to many more unique characters in this novel. 

Well done Caryn, I loved this novel. I am hoping there is another novel in this series as I would love to follow the characters on their journey and see where it takes them next.
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Man, this book was a fantastic sequel! I totally didn't know where it was going to go-both in the story line, and where the characters physically where. I enjoyed spending more time with these characters-they face a lot of threats again in this book and they grow as human beings! 

Like the previous book, there's a ton of action in this book. It's not all our gang vs. aliens, the bounty on Kenzie's head was another threat, as well as Omnistellar as a company. But it brought in a interesting cast of characters of whom I want to get to know better since they seem pretty interesting! 

There's a good number of twists and developments in this book. Some good, some bad. Like the plan that Omnistellar has. That one, oh, man, I couldn't believe their audacity! It's not surprising, given their position and their lack of understanding of the threat. But come on! We know, and it was like, no no no, they can't do that! 

The ending of this book isn't quite as positive as the last one, since they're in a more uncertain position then they were at the end of Sanctuary. And I'm itching to find out what's going to be happening next, I know it's going to be very exciting! 

Loved reading this book, and I can't wait for the final book!
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Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review! 

I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Containment because I was a huge fan of Sanctuary and have been recommending to so many people all year. Sanctuary set readers up to deal with the fact that aliens have attacked and are assimilating the humans to continue their own race; spoiler, the teen prisoners escape the ship and kill the aliens that are in the stolen ship. The story ends with their commandeered alien ship floating through space with no idea where these kids will be safe. So where does the story go next? Turns out, there's still so much left! 

Excellent Surprises
I really have zero idea where this story would go, and Containment kept me guessing the whole time. We get to experience new planets, gain a deeper understanding of the different companies that apparently control the world, and spend more time with the "anomalies". The story moves very fast (I think it takes place over the course of a few days!), so there's little time for boredom. The teens are forced to deal with every new surprise quickly before they are swept up in another one. I really liked that there's little downtime in this story because it forced the characters to develop their relationships quickly. 

Good Character Building
One of the things I was most hopeful for in the second book of this series is that we would finally get more information about the other prisoners...and we did! Kenzie finally gets to know where Cage, Alexie, Mia, and the rest have come and understand some of the decisions they've been forced to make. In the midst of this, Kenzie is also trying to figure out how to tell the others that she killed Matt. The guilt of his death is killing her and the lies are starting to pile up on her. Plus, Imani is still grieving, Jasper's family might be in danger, and Rune is trying to figure out if she can forgive Cage for floating the aliens. Basically, everyone in this book is dealing with the aftermath of Sanctuary and no one is having an easy time with it. 

Great Cliffhanger
​Yup, we’re getting another cliffhanger (no surprise there) and once again I’m dying for the next book to come out! I love where Kenzie and the others end up at the end of Containment and think we’re in for another great story. No spoilers, but the book leaves us with a lot of questions, primarily what happened to some of the characters and what this new place with mean for the group. 
Overall, I think that Containment is a strong sequel to Sanctuary and I can't wait for it to be on shelves so everyone can enjoy it! This is a high recommendation for anyone who has read (And enjoyed) Sanctuary and wants to find out what happens next, to those who like YA fantasy series, or anyone who wants a fast-paced alien-invasion novel.
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