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Twenty-five-year-old Bree Breckham hasn't been on Little Bridge Island for that long, she is not about to let a little hurricane chase her away.  Especially since she doesn't feel like she has a "safe" place to land.  Everybody on the little island is telling her differently, though. Her roommate, her mother, her ex-boyfriend.  Not to mention most of the island's residents and the local officials are telling everybody to get out.  But Bree still refuses to evacuate.  She thinks that she will just hole up in her little apartment with her cat, Gary.  She heads off to the local market to stock up on supplies and her boss's wife invites her to their home that night for a pre-storm party.  Bree is hesitant to go because she just knows that their hot nephew, Drew Hartwell, will be there.  Still smarting from a bad relationship, Bree just does not want to deal with the unspoken attraction between the two of them.  The party leads to Bree taking refuge at the Hartwell's with her cat, but when she learns that many of those who evacuated the island left their critters behind, Bree enlists the help of Drew to rescue the most helpless creatures on the island.   Will Bree finally be able to deal with her past and accept that Drew Hartwell may be her future?

I have always been fond of Meg Cabot's books.  They are like a "brain candy" for me.  I was excited to read No Judgements because it was a book about a natural disaster, which is also a favorite subject of mine.  Bree Breckham is a little bit quirky but steadfast in her decision to not leave the island.  I think her refusal to leave had more to do with her mother and ex-boyfriend, both demanded that she leave.   As a pet lover, it was tough to read about all of those people who left their pets behind.  It makes me angry and yes, I am going to judge. They should not be pet owners if they can't take care of them.  Of course, No Judgements glosses over the realities of what happens during in a Cat 5 hurricane.  The damage is minimal, nobody dies, the pets all survive, and the girl gets her guy.  I shouldn't be surprised, because the "brain candy" is generally one of my favorite things about Meg Cabot's books, but this timed it almost seemed irresponsible.

Bottom Line - Maybe No Judgements is proof that I am past the age where I find brain candy novels cute and entertaining.  I know that there was a time in my life where I  would have loved Bree and swooned at Drew, but this time I just was discouraged by the cavalier attitudes surrounding a Category 5 hurricane.

No Judgements by Meg Cabot
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Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 9/24/2019
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While the book over all was alright, I couldn't stand the main character Bree. She was insufferable and so completely stuck up. The writing wasn't bad and I appreciated the side characters, especially the many animals. It was also a very quick read. Not my most favorite book ever but it was decent.
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Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries was one of the first books that truly hooked me on reading in middle school - I was obsessed for years, reading every one as soon as I could get my hands on it. As such, I always try to read anything new she has  out, and I was immediately interested in No Judgements whenever I first saw its announcement. A romance where the main character is stuck on an island during a hurricane? Where she's rescuing pets stuck on the island as well? Where she falls for a gruff local? It all sounds so great!! Especially since Cabot lives in the Florida Keys where the book was set. Unfortunately, the execution is...not so great. Cabot's writing is lacking the humor that makes her earlier books work so well, and it felt as if the plot was plodding along. The romance was fairly dull. I didn't really understand why Bree and Drew fell for each pretty much felt like instant chemistry with no spark, which I can't stand if I'm branching out to read a romance novel. The ending was just as lackluster. A disappointment, really - I'm thinking Cabot wasn't given a lot of time to write this one. Here's to hoping her next book will be better.
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*I received an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.* 

I want to preface this by saying that Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors. I've read (& loved) almost all of her books. I wasn't overly fond of the Heather Wells mysteries, but I read those as well. No Judgments  did not disappoint. The premise of the novel is that our main character, Bree, has moved to a small town in Florida to start her life over. This town is in the path of a hurricane, and Bree has chosen to stay with her cat! instead of leaving him to fend for himself. After the storm passes, Bree, and her "friend" Drew 
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Meg Cabot’s new series (The Little Bridge Series) takes place in the Florida Keys.  It’s a veritable paradise with all that implies.  Sand, sea, and sky blend into one big beautiful backdrop for this tale of betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption.  Bree is a law school drop out with a soft spot in her heart for every animal she meets.  Gary is her 20 pound cat whom she rescued from the street and now is a purring pet pacifier for everyone he meets.  The only problem is that the weather forecast is predicting that a major hurricane is bearing down on the Florida Keys and expected to hit there in 48 hours.  Bree can’t even think about leaving here.  She’s got a job as a waitress she likes; and a roommate who is great especially because she likes Gary.  But her new ordered life is about to take a hit as everyone has been ordered to evacuate and Bree doesn’t want to go.  

She’s in Little Bridge to forget the recent major blows to her life. In all the chaos of the evacuation and all the things hurricanes can do to people’s lives; she meets Drew. Handsome and sexy Drew is her boss’s nephew. She is immediately smitten though she is fighting against it. As he helps her take care of all the pets that people had to leave behind, she gets to know him better.   With the hurricane as backdrop these two destined souls find each other.  Is Drew a keeper or a player?  Only Bree has the answer to that.  Fans will love these characters and this first story in the Little Bridge series. This is a feel good read for a cold winter’s night.
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This book just didn't do it for me. I just couldn't relate with the characters. As someone who has dealt with hurricanes, people that voluntarily put themselves in harms way when they had a completely plausible way to get out frustrate me. I can't take them seriously, and because of this, from the very beginning, I couldn't get on board with the character.
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Meg Cabot has a great way of writing a funny, sweet story without making it too sappy.  Her books are good for cheering you up and entertaining you.  This story is about a hurricane and its effect on a small island and its people.  There are a lot of interesting characters and good-hearted people.
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No surprises here that Meg Cabot has another winner. I'm a sucker for a charming small-town romance, and this delivered! Throw in a love for animals and a dramatic storm, and you've got me.
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To start, the very fact I had the ability/opportunity to read an advanced copy of a Meg Cabot floored me from the beginning. I have loved her books from the early days. This book definitely had the Meg Cabot feel with the female being a bit of a misfit type, the setting being just believable, and the hero is not what the heroine wanted but what she needed. Add in how this book came at the perfect time of year when hurricanes are a literal threat for the geographic area (Florida but especially among the “Keys”) and you have the amazing bones of a book. However, I think they got lost in the details and timing of the books other events.

I don’t think Cabot can write a female character who doesn’t grow and teach the reader a life lesson or two. Who doesn’t love a girl who will drop a cushy life for the life that fills their heart and soul? Bree finding her passion was my absolute favorite part of this book. The ups and downs she had pursued her passion were especially appreciated as a lesson in perseverance and honestly just that even your passion has challenges.

Again, the bones and overall feel of the story was great. I just think some of the “excitement” was missing. It at the time felt like a forced slow burn. They’re also just wasn’t a good romance arc in the story. I felt like we were robbed of some of the rising tension. It also felt like Cabot was hesitant to let the adult characters loose a bit.

Overall I am so glad to have read the book, but it just wasn’t a complete winner.
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This is a delightful premise about a girl who gets stuck on an island during a storm while she's trying to restart her life. It would be great for people who enjoy the enemies to lovers storyline, rescue animals, and charming small towns as setting. I think this would make a fantastic movie!
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I'm a big Meg Cabot fan! In high school, I, of course, read all of the Princess Diaries series. Once I was a little older, I moved on to her Queen of Babble series and Heather Wells series (which is still a favorite!). So I was pretty excited when I saw she was coming out with a new book!

I liked this book but sadly wasn't blown away. The description is quite different from the actual book, so that threw me off a bit. I was expecting the storm to play a bigger role in getting the hero and heroine together, but it passes pretty quickly. It's more the aftermath that throws them together. 

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to like about the book. It's light and fun, and I enjoyed the relationship between Bree and Drew. I think it could have dug more into their backstories especially since Bree had a major thing to work through. That whole side story actually was a bit confusing. I'm not sure it was absolutely necessary for the character or story arc. Knowing more of Bree and Drew's backstories would have helped round them out better as characters and I think I would have been drawn into the story more.

Overall, it was a light and quick read. I'm not giving up on Meg Cabot as I have loved her work in the past. Looking forward to seeing what she does next!

*Trigger warning: the death of parents, sexual assault
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Meg Cabot is one of the authors that I enjoy reading her books & this book was a quick, cute read. 

Bree is running away from her life in New York and goes to the place that always felt like home to her, Little Bridge Island. Dropped out of law school, away from her controlling mother and a bad relationship; to be a server in a local diner and live a simpler life. The hurricane of the century is coming their way and she decides to ride it out and finds that she has feelings for Drew, the local handyman and animal lover. 

The storm brings them together and they even begin to rescue the pets of those that were evacuated but thought they wouldn't be gone for too long and left their pets behind.
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Sweet and simple, but steamy enough to peak my interests. Meg Cabot writes a typical story of a young woman running from her family and past to an island in the Florida Keys. While swearing off men, she mets the island heartthrobe, Drew and the two of them rescue abandoned pets after a Cat 5 hurricane tore through the island. Enjoyable and a quick read, so I plan on reading the next adventure of the people of Little Bridge Island.
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Meg Cabot is one of my favorite writers. It started with Princess Diaries and kept going through her standalone books and the “Size 12 is Not Fat/ Heather Wells” Series. I mean, does she slow down? Thankfully for me, she does not. I got the opportunity to read her latest new series “No Judgements” from her new Little Bridge Island Series. I loved it so much, I went and got the novella from Amazon. 

All I can say I am super happy with this new series. As usual, the characters are relatable, the story is fun, and the writing is so accessible to anyone. I blast through these books and can’t get enough. While the synopsis below tells you a little about the book, just remember that there are always enjoyable nuggets whenever Meg write. If you haven’t made the leap, you must read.
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No Judgments is a cute romance that takes place during a hurricane. While I loved that idea and that plot line, I found the writing and execution to be just ok. It was an enjoyable "fluff" read, but not my favorite of Cabot's and certainly not my favorite of the romance genre. 

I like the take on the trauma our character has gone though-- no spoilers, but it is a very modern and timely conversation to have in literature.
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I love Meg Cabot, and I love fluffy romance reads, but unfortunately this one missed the mark for me. The characters just felt flat, and yet at the end Bree managed to feel completely out of character. Throughout the whole book, I could never warm up to Bree. There's a fine line between a character being independent and just being insufferable, and overall I thought she was insufferable. It's one thing to want to stand on your own two feet and not rely on your famous parents, but she completely refused help from all of her neighbors and friends in her new life when dealing with a potentially fatal Category 5 hurricane. I thought Drew was alright, but the only facet of his personality we really saw was "sarcastic". 

What I did love was the setting. Cabot did a great job describing the island of Little Bridge and its history, I could totally picture this little island in the Keys. I just wish the characters that populated the island had as much depth as the scenery.
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Not completely crazy about this book, although it was a very cute, summer beachy read.  Bree is new to Little Bridge Island, and waiting for a hurricane to come.  She's pretty sure she can weather the storm in her apartment, but her very friendly boss takes her in where it's safer.  There is of course a flirtation and chase and a very cute love story.  The part that made it a bit silly and unbelievable to me was that after the storm, Bree finds all these pets that were left behind when their owners evacuated, and made it her mission to save them all.  Who would leave their pets behind?  Maybe this is something that happened during Katrina and Meg Cabot was bringing the issue forward.  But it seemed a little odd to me, and it took over the whole book which made me like the book a little less.  That being said, I'm not a huge animal lover, and the animal lovers out there will probably enjoy it more than I did.
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This was a cute book, but I feel like the love story was instalove and could have used a little more 'before' story. I felt like it had a too tidy ending--the birth mom being a vet with all the pet food was one example. I enjoy Meg Cabot's book a lot and will continue to read them. The cover is super cute and accurately portrays the book.
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This was a fun, light read that I finished in two sittings. It didn't feel like there was any major conflict, mainly because the characters took things in stride (the storm). Sabrina had her experience with Kyle to deal with but even that was quite tame. Overall all, I enjoyed it and it was the happy read I wanted.
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3.5 rounded up. This is a cute, fun, flirty book. It is a great, mostly lighthearted story with a big heart. I have read several of Meg Cabot’s books and have enjoyed them all immensely. The characters in this book were cute and interesting (Gary was most definitely the star for me). They were quirky and funny, all while dealing with actual life and situations. I loved the hurricane aspect of the story. I have always been somewhat fascinated by weather events. I think the storm tied in well with the plot of the story and brought out aspects of the characters that we might not have seen otherwise. I do think it felt a little like the storm ended too soon. I know it was partially plot driven, but I felt almost like something was missing when it was gone. I also thought the confrontation near the end was out of character. It felt out of place with the rest of the books tone. While I did like this book quite a bit, I also think it wasn’t quite up to Cabot’s Boy or Queen of Babble series. Those series had a bit more spark to them for me. However when all is said and done, I am definitely invested in the future of Little Bridge Island, and will most definitely read more.
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