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I have, and always will, love Meg Cabot. No Judgements is a fun little jaunt into what small town island life is like. There is a very real portrayal of what it's like to prep for a massive hurricane and what its aftermath means. The love story itself between the main characters is light and fluffy, and you can't help but root for them to get together. This is a fun beach read.
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This is my first adult romance by the author and I really enjoyed it a storm is a brewing and the main character is going to Florida and it has love and weddings and Florida I’m here for it all Florida and romance and weddings I love it all
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Bree fled New York after a series of horrible things happened - her dad died of cancer, she was assaulted and everyone told her to suck it up because the guy who did it is an alcoholic, she dropped out of school because she couldn't go back. She doesn't want to leave the island where she's been feeling safe even though something dangerous is coming (if you know nothing about hurricane prep or what hurricanes can do in terms of damage, you will learn a lot). In the storm's aftermath, both her ex and her mother are going to show up to shake up her safe space.

The first half of the book is leading up to the storm, and the second half is the aftermath. The aftermath is when Bree starts to acknowledge that maybe she might feel more than attraction for Drew. This is a big deal because of her slimy ex and his horrible best friend, who assaulted her. Her mom and her ex treat it as no big deal because she got away before he could rape her but it IS a big deal. She has been struggling to sleep properly since and avoiding men.

The setting of Little Bridge Island is basically another character in this book and made me want to go there despite the requirement of constant sunscreen and bug spray. The community is such a big part of everything throughout the book - planning/leaving because of the storm, the hurricane parties, post-storm clean-up, getting the pet info for Bree.

Drew has his own reasons for staying behind for the hurricane on his own with his dogs, even as it scares his family members that he won't stay with them. Bree has her own cat, Gary, who is simply adorable and I would 100% follow that Instagram account if it were real. The intensity of the hurricane really brings out the best and worst in people so it's a great way for the reader to see those traits in a short time period. Bree winds up looking after a bunch of animals after the only bridge to the island is taken out, and pet owners who weren't able to take their pets with them during evacuation realize they're not going to make it back in time to care for them (no pets die during this book).

I found myself impatient for the storm to just get here, already, because the back cover blurb had me assuming that most of the book took place post hurricane but it's pretty evenly split and the reasons for that become more clear (in establishing characters) upon reflection. Bree's journey takes its time as she has a lot to deal with in terms of her past and deciding to get out of her holding pattern for the future. No Judgments is a good novel for those looking for a unique setting with a hopeful ending.
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Fun story with some drama, romance, and action.
Bree is a flawed character who doesn't know what to do with her life. Running away to a small FL island after a breakup, she slowly finds her way. An interesting cast of characters help her through as they all prepare for and then survive a hurricane.
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Bree, or Sabrina, has fled to Little Bridge, her childhood vacation spot. She's wants to fit in with the locals so when she learns that a hurricane is approaching, she decides not to evacuate. Big mistake. The bridge to Little Bridge is washed away leaving her to face her feelings for Drew, her boss's son. 

I have to preface this with the fact that I LOVE Meg Cabot's work. The book was funny, interesting, and I liked the characterization and the overall feel of the book. However, there were a few moments that were out of place and the plot was predictable. If you want a fun read that you don't have to think too hard about, this is a good choice.
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Contrary to a few of the reviews, I enjoyed the book. Yes, it perturbed me a bit to see that no one took her (for no spoilers) issue seriously, but I also recognise that it’s a very real thing. Other than that, I thought it was a light hearted read and was great for the holiday weekend!
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I have read more of the author's young adult and middle grade novels than her adult books. I thought it was a good contemporary story with a cute romance. I especially liked the parts about the pet rescues. The main couple got a happy ending. Since this appears to be the first in a series, I hope the other books focus on new couples. The characters can make guest appearances, but I don't like when stories are dragged out.
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A category 5 storm being deemed a "storm of the century" is headed right towards Little Bridge Island in the Florida Keys.  Bree (short for Sabrina) is determined to ride the storm out with the locals, against the advice of her domineering mother and other family and friends.  Bree is slowly rebuilding her life, away from her family and abusive ex and is reluctant to leave. She can't abandon her cat Gary and there's also handsome local heart breaker Drew Hartwell who will be riding out the storm as well.  
As a long time fan of Cabot's novels, I enjoyed this fun charming story.  I loved the awareness it brought towards natural disasters and specifically the impact these have on animals, something that can often be overlooked amid the other destructive consequences of storms.  The sense of community and people coming together was endearing.  Watching Bree fall in love and become a champion for animals in need, all during the aftermath of a destructive storm was an interesting concept and made for lots of laughter and swoon worthy moments.  While I enjoyed Bree's journey of growth and self discovery, I do wish there was more of a focus on the romance at times and more character growth for Drew as well.  At times I felt the story was only skimming the surface of it's potential.  Overall I think the timing of the release is perfect, as it is a great read for summer vacation.
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Thank you, Harper Collins and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review No Judgements. As a resident of South Florida, June 1st is the dreaded day, the first day of Hurricane season. No Judgements created that apprehension a little earlier for me this year. Meg Cabot has created a sweet, hot, romantic love story set in the Florida Keys that takes place during one of the worst Hurricanes in history to ever to approach the Keyes.
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This was the first Meg Cabot book I ever read.  I know!  On the upside I can now go and read everything in her back catalog.  Great characters, delightful can't go wrong.
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No Judgements is a book full of quirky and lovable characters who you wouldn't mind meeting in real life.  Meg Cabot paints a picture of a Island town that is preparing for and then surviving what is expected to be a brutal hurricane.  The main character Sabrina has just dropped out of law school after her father's death and is trying to build a life away from her famous mom ,Judge Justine, as well as her ex-boyfriend Caleb.  Bree is also recovering from a sexual assault by her ex's best friend Kyle.  The family's party line is that nothing really happened because she was able to save herself and they seem to belittle the real emotional issues she is facing.  As the storm progresses, Bree gets involved with a swoon worthy local named Drew who she doesn't want to like but eventually falls for as they work to help the Island's animals.  It sounds like this would be a "heavy" read but it is actually a fairly light and humorous read with characters you want to learn more about!
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received an ARC from netgalley for honest review.

I loved this story! It was so much fun! The characters are a hoot and I really love the animal aspect to it. Gary the cat is my favorite and all the dogs named Bob. If you are looking for a quick, fun read give this a go. Meg Cabot is one of my favorite all time authors, and this story just makes her better. I see it's going to be a series, so I'll be happy to read more about these characters and their adventures on the island.
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She has done it once again!!!  Meg Cabot is such a fantastic author! 

No Judgements centers around Bree and Drew and all of the inhabitants of Little Bridge Island, Florida as they brace for a major hurricane.  Many evacuated, but some stayed and Bree and Drew were two that decided to ride out the storm on the island.  They knew each other...barely.  But as fate would have it they will get to know each other very, VERY well!!!  It was from that point in the novel that I was 100% all in!

It always blows my mind that after all of the novels Meg Cabot has written over the years that her writing is still so stinking good!  No Judgements is a light hearted rom-com that I truly never wanted to end.  I felt Meg did a great job with developing Bree and Drew’s friendship/relationship naturally and organically.  There wasn’t any parts of this book that lagged for me, hence the reason I flew through this book!   I also want to mention that I found Bree and Drew’s love and dedication to animals completely endearing!!  I honestly cannot think of one person who wouldn’t enjoy No Judgements- definitely check it out!
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This was my first Meg Cabot book I've ever read.  And I loved it!  It had charm, quirkiness, love and laughter.  

It starts with Sabrina "Bree" Beckham on a little island, Little Bridge Key, Florida.  She is going to ride out the storm of the century.  She moved to Little Bridge Key to get away from her ex, her mother, and a situation no one should ever have to go through.  Bree is currently building a life away from her affluent family and trying to get out of the shadow of her famous judge mother.  This story takes place during a massive hurricane, similar to the one that happened last year (maybe two years ago now), Irma.  There is mentions of things that I remember the governor of Florida actually saying, "If you are going to stay, please write your social security number on your arm to make it easier to identify you".  But Bree is determined to be a native and ride it out, especially with sexy Drew Hartwell, her bosses nephew.   

Key things I loved about this book: it was adorably well written and very easy to fall in love with.  The characters all had their own personalities and I could see aspects of all of them in my own every day life.  We all have some of Bree's friends in our life.  Bree and Drew were great together.  I like how it wasn't an instant match.  They knew each other for a bit of time first, and Bree was definitely warned by her friends to stay away from the heartbreaker.  Something else I enjoyed is how Ms. Cabot was able to bring to life in some small ways, the animals that were left behind.  We all know that happens IRL as well.  Some people are unable to evacuate with their pets, and unfortunate things happen.  

A few things I didn't enjoy with the book: The brief mention of what happened to Bree to make her flee her home in New York and how she had no support system.  Not one person that would agree that she should be upset by what happened and doesn't need to forgive the jerk that treated her that way.  It's mentioned numerous times in the book that she was assaulted, but there is maybe 6 pages that go into detail about what happened and the resolution of it.  I'm not sure if I like that.   Her situation with her overbearing, but extremely caring, mother.  There were times where I felt that I wanted to kick the judge, but there were times that I loved her as well.  

I feel that there were times that the pacing of the book could've have been better.  This was an enjoyable quick read though.  I received my copy, started reading it, and didn't put it down until I was done.  For a fun and light rom-com it was worth it.  

Overall, I loved this book!  And I want to think NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an advanced copy in order to provide my honest review.
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It is nice to know that Meg Cabot still has it. I have followed her all my life. Her teen books shaped my reading habits, in college I loved her babble series, and now her newest series hits all the right marks. It was interesting to read a romance set in the middle of a hurricane. I didn't honestly know if I was going to like Bree at first because I thought she was making really stupid decisions but I warmed up to her quickly. My only complaint honestly is that the synopsis for this book needs to be rewritten. On good reads it makes it seem like her ex coming to her small island is a giant part of the book in the middle of her new romance with Drew. Her ex showing up is literally a chapter. Anyone who likes a survival story/natural disaster suspense with their romance (plus adorable animals), will love this book!

ARC provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Sabrina "Bree" Beckham has headed to Little Bridge Key in Florida to lick her wounds, but ends up saving local pets when the Storm of the Century heads to this Florida Island.  Bree finds her way and romance with her boss's sexy nephew Drew.  As Bree and Drew bond over saving as many pets as they can and discover love.  I loved this book by Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries), but not just for fans of that series.  A great rom-com with a modern heroine.  Expect good demand from library patrons.
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OMG. I freaking loved this! It was cute and quirky and all the things I didn't know I needed. I stayed up all night reading this, smiling to myself. 

This book left me feeling happy and that served as a reminder of just how important a good book is. If the book sucks or is dark and depressing then when you're finished (if you finish) your mood will be in a mirror state, but if the book is good and leaves you feeling airy, then you can fly! Metaphorically. Please don't try to fly.  

This book was all the things and I highly recommend it. Legit, I read this last week and I'm still flying. (metaphorically) ^_^
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Full disclosure, Meg Cabot is my favorite author, so maybe take this review will a grain of salt, but I really adored the first book in her newest series Little Bridge Island. I grew up reading her teen books, so it's almost like I've grown up with Meg and now that I'm older I am really growing to love her adult fiction. This books feels more on par with The Boys Series or Queen of Babble, so it definitely has that romcom feel to it. Which is great, if you like books like that! Which I am finding that I definitely do.

I was really excited to get access to this book early, because I love Meg's work and I have really been on a romance kick lately. This book definitely felt like a Meg book to me in that I was totally obsessed with reading it at all times and I had to find out what happens. Like seriously, I could have held off reading and reviewing this one since it doesn't come until September, but I couldn't help myself and I definitely stayed up past my bedtime so I could finish it! In my view that's kind of the best part about a book.

Our main protagonist Bree, short for Sabrina, has gone through some things so she has picked up and moved to the little island in the Florida Keys to kind of figure out what she wants to do. Bree is a very lost soul, and I do feel like it took a bit to get into why she was this way. There's a little bit of mention of assault, and it's so bothersome how the people in her life don't really take it seriously. I did think this was odd, and maybe this didn't need to be included. It's resolved in the book, but I did find that part of the novel towards the end to come off a little weird and it didn't fit the tone of the rest of the book. I would die if my mother was like Bree's, she so controlling a domineering, that I kind of also understand why Bree ran away!

I did find it interesting that this tackles what people do during hurricanes and how some people don't evacuate. My parents were actually in Orlando during Irma, and there was actually no way for them to get out on a flight so they had to stay. Although, I don't think they were evacuated, but I think the point is a lot of people stay for different reasons even if there is a mandatory evacuation order. I do love the aftermath in this book about all the people coming together to help each other. It's definitely a cool way to see that the human spirit is to be kind and helpful to each other.

I loved the romance in this book, it was a slow build and then suddenly they were together. I love a sarcastic dude, and it made me laugh that Drew kept on calling her Fresh Water. HAHA! What a jerk, I love him! I also loved their shared love of animals and how Drew and Bree in the aftermath are running around the island trying to make sure all the animals are safe and feed. I do agree with Bree though, he can't name all of his dogs Bob!

I genuinely really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait for others to read it. There is also a novella based in the same town that comes out before this one, so I'm excited to read that one too. If you like Cabot's books, I think you will enjoy this one a lot.
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Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to read this book!  I appreciate the kindness. 
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I knew she was a good author, so I was quite disappointed to find an extremely predictable plot, very one-dimensional characters, and a very slow development. Really struggled to get through this one.
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