No Judgments

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I love everything Meg Cabot and this was no exception. The main characters are likeable, funny and full of spunk. The story Meg Cabot weaved fit in well with our current climate today and it had me cheering for the main character in the end.
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A hurricane is coming to Little Bridge Island, Florida. Though everyone is telling her to evacuate, Bree can't leave her rescue cat Gary behind. Bree, a pink-haired waitress with some secrets has reasons for not wanting to run away again. She's also on a vacation from men. Drew Hartwell, resident hottie and animal-lover is making that last part very hard for Bree.
While Meg Cabot does a wonderful job of bringing Little Bridge Island to life, it almost seems like her secondary characters are sometimes more interesting than the main protagonists. There is not a lot of character development for Drew and while Bree is fleshed out pretty well, some of her internal dialogue is cheesy and all about how she can't control herself around a guy without his shirt on. 
Overall, it was an enjoyable read. However, the animals are undoubtedly the stars of this book!
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Love love loved it!!!! 

Meg Cabot has a way about her writing style that makes me love everything she writes. This definitely did not disappoint. Loved every single minute of it.
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Another wonderful addition to the Meg Cabot collection of books! Meg Cabot writes with a charming and relaxing way that not many authors can duplicate. It is like a warm breeze that wraps you in a blanket of fuzzy goodness. No Judgments is a funny, romance that is set on a tiny island in Florida that is hit by a hurricane in more than one way. Love blossoms, but not before our main character realizes that can today last forever?
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What is it about Meg Cabot that makes me love her books so much? I have never picked up one of her books and not loved it. I literally could not put this one down. I stayed up all night reading this book. I loved the main characters. I loved the island. I am so glad that there will be more from the island. This book really hit home for me, I Love that Bree was open and honest with Drew and did not try to hide anything. I love that she was finally able, to be honest with herself and even with what she had been through, did not give up on love and what she cared about. And even though she was unsure and scared she still did it. And Drew said and did all the right things but was smart enough to see that she was able to be the hero for herself. Beautiful setting, Beautiful Characters. And It was a love story but Bree was able to love another man again but also realized she loved herself and deserved no judgment and did not need to make any apologies.
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No Judgments is an original contemporary romance by master storyteller Meg Cabot. I've enjoyed many of her books, and one of my favorite things about them is that each one is unique. She manages to break out of the contemporary rom-com mold once again with No Judgments, which is set during and after the events of  a hurricane. It is a testament to her skill that she turns a natural disaster into a fun and entertaining recipe for romance, and creates a town that provides a delightful escape.

I fell in love with the characters of Little Bridge Island, and I wish it was a real place that I could visit! Cabot's prose and dialogue flows very smoothly, and the cliffhanger chapter endings made it incredibly hard to put down. I especially enjoyed the male lead, who has a strong sense of justice, is great with a chainsaw, and possess a heart of gold. I loved how the plot involved lots of pets and animals, and how Gary the cat was as much a character as any of the humans.

Cabot is quite a prolific writer, and I am so grateful for this promising start to a new series. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the lovable characters on Little Bridge Island, and highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a refreshing take on a contemporary romance..

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing and advanced copy for review.
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I would like to thank HarperCollins Publishers and NetGalley for the ARC of "No Judgments" by Meg Cabot. 

No Judgments is set in Little Bridge, an island within the Florida Keys. The story and centers around a group of individuals who remain with a hurricane headed their way. I enjoyed the story and the rationale as to why individuals may stay with a hurricane coming their way (even though, I evacuated when I was stationed on the Gulf/Atlantic). I love the concept of not judging others for staying or leaving and some of the additional choices they may have been forced to make. 
I wish the epilogue had a bit more because I wanted to know more.  
With vacations and summer coming, this is a perfect read! I recommend. This book contains adult content.
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No Judgments tells the story of Bree and Drew who both live in Little Bridge, Florida.  Merely acquaintances, the two are thrown together in the midst of a Hurricane.  Forced to work and spend time together, Bree and Drew weather the storm (and maybe more) together.  I appreciate the subplot of the hurricane, as the true colors of characters start to shine through, but I would have liked more "action"  during the actual hurricane.  The aftermath of the hurricane was very vivid and accurate.  The lengths that Bree's mother and ex-boyfriend go through to ensure Bree's safety sound a little far-fetched.  I also would have liked a little more romance between Bree and Drew.
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A fun, light, breezy (literally, at points) read. It's like a beach romance but with cute animals and a hate-to-love romance plot. Maybe a little too casual mention/use of guns.
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I was provided the arc from NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for an honest review. I enjoyed this book. I don’t think that I have ever read anything bad from Meg Cabot. No Judgements had everything I wanted. Romance, some drama, and cats and dogs.  I didn’t see this as a will they or won’t they, but more of a when will they.  I would definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait for more.
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I almost feel like Meg Cabot needs a pseudonym for this book! But I feel like this wouldn’t sell without her name attached to it, so that’s an odd line to balance. This was much more generic chick-lit than anything Cabot I’ve ever read, and that’s totally fine, but my expectations were quite different and I think I could have been disappointed if I had gone in really expecting something like one of Cabot's previous standalone adult books.

The amount of DOGS in this book is absolutely delightful! Seriously, all the stars for the abundance of dogs. Dogs make me happy and thus this book made me happy.

There was a Me Too moment in this book that I'm of mixed minds about. It felt like it was put in there as a way to be culturally relevant and to make this about the times. But I did love the way that the character dealt with it all.

I wish we had had a much deeper examination of the love story that develops. It's instalust and then instalove and there were no real conversations shown. Nothing like that good ol' Mia and Michael romance that is to date one of my favourite literary romances out there.

I would three star this for being not at all spectacular, but I'm throwing in the extra star for the animals and for how well paced it was. Four times, I checked the length, because it absolutely flew by and it felt like it was half the size it actually was. Normally I'm going the other way and thinking books should have been cut down, but this was super fast.

I adore Meg Cabot forever (there's a reason the Princess Diaries is the one series I've reread in the past few years) and this is a new direction for her. I can't say I'm thrilled with the more generic romance that lacks her general wit, but she's as readable as ever.
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I enjoy Meg Cabot, especially her Heather Wells books, and this book was super cute.

On a sun drenched island in the Florida Keys, Sabrina (now Bree), is recovering from an attempted assault and working as a waitress in a diner. She's also recently noticed Drew Hartwell, a known ladies' man. 

All this, and a hurricane is on its way, and animal lover Bree cannot evacuate due to her adorable but toothless cat. This adorable romance is full of action from the animals to the storm, to the romance brewing between Drew and Bree.

I thought Bree was adorable with her pink hair and animal saving ways, and I thought Drew also was a great romantic lead. Some of the side characters blended together a bit, but this was my only complaint. 

I thought this book was cute, and it would be a fun summer read.
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I enjoyed Meg Cabot's series from the early 2000s like her Boy books and Heather Wells, so I was excited to when I heard about this new title. No Judgments is about Bree Beckham, who has moved to Little Bridge Island, Florida, to start a new life for herself. Just when she thought she was getting settled, a hurricane threatens her island paradise. 

If I were Bree, I would have taken someone up on the countless offers of rescue Bree was given before the hurricane struck. Of course if she had done that, there would be no story. I did like how Bree volunteered to help pets whose owners had abandoned them during the storm (no judgments, though), and I wish we were given more of that. Instead, we got a lot of Bree falling for her boss's nephew, who didn't really seem all that nice to me. He apparently was very good looking with a great body, so I guess that makes up for anything, right? The story is predictable, which I don't always mind when you have good characters, but I did not really like Bree or Drew. I also did not like the not-so-subtle foreshadowing that seemed to indicate some major catastrophe just around the corner, but it never seemed like anything all that bad happened, so I'm not sure what was actually being foreshadowed. 

It was an okay read, but I did not enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed Meg Cabot's books in the past. Still, I appreciate NetGalley giving me the chance to preview this book.
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Such a refreshing read! This light-hearted romance has a few twists and turns that keep you intrigued until the end. I am interested to see if the author continues Bree’s story.
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A funny, sweet romance

The main characters are stuck together because a hurricane has washed out access to the island where they live (other people live there too). 

Bree came to the island to escape a build-up of bad stuff in her life, and Drew’s family lives there. 

I mean, there’s nothing bad to say here. Animal lovers? Check
Good secondary characters? Check
Communicative gentleman? Check
Community involvement? Check
#metoo message? Check

Okay, that last one didn’t quite gel, and there’s a storyline with Bree’s mom that doesn’t really get resolved, but overall, it’s a quick, fun read.
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Bree Beckham is hiding. She left New York in a haze of grief and fear after her beloved father died AND her boyfriend's best friend assaulted her. She couldn't think of a better, safer place to lick her wounds than Little Bridge, the tiny island in the Florida Keys where her family used to spend summer vacations. But the truth is that she's hiding. She's dyed her hair pink and got a great job waitressing, but she's dodging her mom's calls and the man she's gotten to know best lately is her toothless rescue cat, Gary. Even the incoming hurricane isn't enough to make her pick up and return to her "real life" because she's pretty sure she's found the home she has always needed. Once the storm actually hits and knocks the bridge out preventing evacuees from returning, Bree realizes that her home might need her in return. People can't get back to their beloved pets, but Bree steps in and designs her own rescue operation with the help of a guy she absolutely does not want to notice or care about but can't seem to ignore. She's risked everything else to ride out the hurricane...why not her heart, too?

This was a very simple book. I didn't expect it to be a hot and steamy romance, but it wasn't even a very grown-up romance. Bree hangs out with her bosses' 15 year-old granddaughter for parts of the book, and their 2 voices were virtually indistinguishable. I know Bree has been through a couple of traumas, but she was just so extremely wide-eyed and naive about everything...not just about how to get through a hurricane, but how to interact with people as an adult. After talking with the Sheriff about his attempts to prevent post-storm looting, she actually suggests RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM that they break into a store and take dog food. She can't actually say the word "condom." She refers to it as, "Uh...the thing you mentioned." What?! She describes lust as being like fireworks going off in her shorts. Nothing is wrong with any of that, per se, it just read to me like it was maybe originally written as a YA book (with the granddaughter as the heroine?) and then Cabot decided to change it to an adult romance and added just enough parts here and there to earn it an R-rating.

Another thing that prevented me from fully engaging with this book was that the hurricane itself was given more attention than the story or the characters going through it. There were a lot of tips for surviving hurricanes and details about storm shutters that didn't really add much to the plot. Very few of the characters had much depth, and that made it really hard to care about any of them. The guy in a romance novel, at least, should be dreamy, right? My favorite characters were actually the animals Bree met through her rescue operations. They were given WAY more description (including fun names with nods to 90's TV shows) than any of the humans in the book. And the most interesting thing about our hero, Drew, was that he named all of his dogs Bob. That's funny and quirky, but not enough for a reader to understand why Bree falls for him.

There was an engaging story that could have been told here, with characters that should have been really colorful and interesting. I wonder if I would have liked it better in the hands of another author. As it is, this first book doesn't make me terribly interested to read any further in the Little Bridge Island series.

**Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins Publishers and William Morrow Paperbacks for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!**
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First, before I go any further with this review, if you are ordered to evacuate, for goodness sake, EVACUATE.  Doing anything else is putting not just your life at risk, but those of the emergency responders as well.  It’s just not ok.

Alrighty then, I’m going to hop off my soapbox now!

After the death of her father, an assault, and a bad breakup, Bree has decided to flee New York in search of warmer, more gentle climes…and people.  As a current resident of Little Bridge Island (a small key in FL), she’s not excited when the first hurricane she experiences is a Category 5.  She decides to stick it out in Little Bridge with her employers, the Hartwells and their hot-if-unavailable playboy son, Drew.  No Judgements follows Bree’s exploits before, during and after the hurricane.

Meg Cabot’s books are always hit-or-miss for me, and unfortunately, this one was the latter.  There were a few things that were approached in a completely inappropriate way.  For example, our heroine deciding not to leave Little Bridge even though literally everyone she knows is begging her to evacuate, she has no experience with hurricanes, and she lives in an apartment that’s only eight feet above sea level.   There’s also some insane gun usage later in the book, and a grown adult solves an issue with his fists and is lionized for it.  No no no no no.  The book, being a romantic comedy, has some fun romantic moments, but a lot of the comedy felt, again, borderline inappropriate to me.  Hopefully some of those jokes are removed before the book is published.

Why is the protagonist 25?  This book would’ve been much more interesting if it were about an older protagonist, and this woman, to me, did not act like most 25 year olds that I know.  She acted like she was a teenager, and not a very smart or mature one at that (see above examples).  Romantic comedies featuring twenty-somethings are a dime-a-dozen.  I wish Cabot had taken a risk here.  The male lead is not any better.  He likes animals and is hot, and we don’t learn much else about him.  They do fall in love instantly,  though, so…yay?

As someone who grew up in a hurricane affected area, I think the idea of a romantic comedy centered around a hurricane is a fabulous idea.  I just wish the execution had been less offensive.  I did like the pet-rescue sub-plot, though.  

Even though I didn’t enjoy this book, I’ll still check out Meg Cabot’s next one and keep recommending those books of hers that I do like (for instance, Insatiable or Queen of Babble).  I mean, I read this book in a day, so that says something, right?  I think plenty of readers will enjoy it.  For me, though, it was a 1 star read: I didn’t like it. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for the electronic advance copy, which I received in exchange for an unbiased review.   No Judgements will be released on 24 September, but you can put your copy of the book on hold today!
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This was a quick, fun read that Meg Cabot fans will enjoy.  Set in an island beach town, it's a perfect summer romance beach read.
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It’s been a long LONG time since I picked up an adult contemporary (I’m usually a YA dystopia/murder mystery kinda girl) but this story did not disappoint. I read the novella prequel Bridal Boot Camp prior to starting No Judgments and it served as a perfect introduction. From the get-go I enjoyed every moment of both stories and getting to know the people and geography of Little Bridge Island. Meg Cabot’s world building in this sweet story was phenomenal. I don’t know if this is a real place or not but it officially has a place in my heart, real or not. I truly hope this series takes off and that there is more content to look forward to on Little Bridge Island.
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I just don't think Meg Cabot is for me. I couldn't really connect with the writing style and therefore, could not connect with the characters.
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