No Judgments

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There were things I liked about this book and there were things I didn't like. I really enjoyed the romantic comedy aspect of the story and I liked Bree and Drew as characters. Bree's lack of common sense got on my nerves every once in a while, but for the most part I loved her big heart! I also enjoyed Drew and the comedic relief he provided to the story. Their love story was typical, but I enjoyed it none the less. 

I did sometimes feel like the plot was disorganized and there was a lot going on. I felt that there were a few aspects thrown in that maybe was unnecessary for the story. The feeling of the story was lighthearted, but then there were very serious storylines thrown it that kind of brought down the mood.

OVerall, I did enjoy this book though. I have been a big Meg Cabot fan for years and will continue to be in the future. The characters carried this story and I would love to see Little Bridge Island featured again!
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This was not my favorite. I think it can be a fun, fluffy book but the romance made no sense to me. All the characters were very flat, and I have no idea why the heroine ended up falling in love with the hero. (He has hot? He had a chainsaw? What changed?) There was no character substance or development. I didn’t appreciate the way that sexual assault was handled, and I really, really didn’t appreciate how hurricane disaster was handled. It just seems like the wrong kind of things to make a rom-com plot out of.
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Bree moved to Little Bridge Island off the coast of Florida 3 months earlier to start over. Now there is a Category 5 hurricane coming straight for the island and Bree is refusing to evacuate. Luckily, she is looked after by her boss, his wife, and their nephew and town lady’s man, Drew. 

Normally one of the things I love about Meg Cabot is her characters and these ones I didn’t quite connect with. Bree fell a little flat to me and it seemed like there was a bit of a cheap backstory meant to give her depth but it didn’t work for me. It wasn’t that I disliked the characters, I just didn’t find myself falling in love with them.

Other than the mediocre main characters, I enjoyed the story. I have never read a story about a hurricane and it was fun. I liked the hurricane party and I liked the aftermath of the hurricane too. I also really liked the secondary characters. Neveah, Drew’s niece, cracked me up. She loves animals and she’s a teenager, and I really appreciated her comments. Maybe part of the reason I liked her so much is because I’ve always enjoyed Cabot’s young adult novels. 

I don’t have too much to say about this book, unfortunately. It was a quick read and I found myself enjoying it while I read it. 

Overall this book was fine. It was a solid romance novel with decent characters, a cute connection, and a great setting. The writing was solid, as could be expected with Cabot, but it wasn’t anything special to me. It looks like this is going to be a series and I am curious to see what the next book is going to be about. I’m curious whether it is going to continue to follow Drew and Bree or whether it’s going to follow other characters. I think that Cabot’s previous adult novels were better, but again, this one is solid.
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This was such a fun, quick read! I adore Meg Cabot’s books . They always make me happy. But I wish all the dogs and the cat were on the cover!
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Thank you to the publisher for sending this to me in exchange for my honest review!

This was super sweet! I loved the town of Little Bridge and the prospect of an upcoming storm! I had never read anything like it before and I really liked the concept! I really liked the characters and the animal aspect to it too! Very unique! 

Overall I thought this story was very cute! It was quick and easy to read which is just what I was in the mood for! The upcoming storm brought a bit of a suspense element to it which made it addicting to read. The community element to the story I thought was one of things that really stood out. I love the town so much and I hope we get to see more of it in future Meg Cabot books! 

The romance between Drew and Bree was very sweet. They had good chemistry and I loved watching them fall in love! I think I did want some more between them though. I didn’t “feel” the romance till about midway. That being said, I really did like it! 

This was a super cute, sweet romance that’s perfect to read on a rainy day!
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I was first introduced to Meg Cabot with her Heather Wells mystery series. I then read a few of her stand-alone books and really enjoyed them. When I saw that she had published a new book, I definitely wanted to read it. I didn’t realize that it was the second in a series at that time.

While I really enjoyed much of the book, I was a bit surprised by the single somewhat graphic sex scene. I also heard a little too often about the fireworks going off in the shorts of our main character, Bree Beckham. I had forgotten that Ms. Cabot had once written erotic novels under the name Patricia Cabot so, in retrospect, I should not have been as surprised as I was.

However, apart from the repetition, it didn’t bother me too much. What did was the disjoined plot points. Many story lines were referred to throughout the story but were only brought in during the last few pages. It changed the whole direction of the book and made it seem very rushed at the end.

Also, I do wish the author had had the character seek professional counseling guidance rather than run away and then put herself in danger several times over. Of course, that would have made for a completely different book!

The dialog was funny and spot on for a Meg Cabot book. I’m going to go back and read the first in the series as perhaps that will give me the backstory that will make more of this book make sense.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
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I was so happy to be able to read this book! I love Meg Cabot and always try to read everything she writes.  This is the cutest, lighthearted book I've read in a really long time.  

Bree goes to Little Bridge to heal from her past relationship and to hide out from her very famous mother.  She finds herself super content with her job at the local restaurant and loves her roommate.  She even adopts a very needy cat to prove that she is living her best new life out of the limelight and away from the rich and entitled.  The only thing that bothers her is Drew Hartwell's need to get under her skin.

Drew likes his dogs, family, and peace and quiet.  Bree represents none of those things. He believes she is in over her head trying to pretend she fits in on his tiny little island.  His aunt and uncle throw a hurricane party and instead of evacuating like any smart person would Bree decides to stay.  The close proximity forces Drew to admit to himself that maybe he's a little more than interested in the newcomer. Then he finds himself helping her rescue stranded animals while waiting for the island to be open again.  Sparks begin flying as the hurricane picks up.

This is the perfect read for anyone looking to immerse themselves for a few hours in a warm and funny modern romance.
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In hurricane and tornado season, there is nothing better than a good romance to give behavioral tips, which things to stocking up and what to do with pets.

Bree is on Little Bridge Island after an emotional storm that engulfed her life and didn't think twice about dropping out of college and all her life in New York to escape to her father's favorite refuge.

Now she's about to face her first storm and can't imagine what she's going to do. Her desperate mother asks Bree’s  ex boyfriend to pick her up but Bree doesn't think it's necessary nor does she want to be around the guy.

But as the moment comes near the storm hits the ground, she finds herself standing in front of several people evacuating others protecting their homes, she wonders if she did right  by staying there.

The book basically focuses on pre-care, during and aftercare  and shows how this sweet warrior will behave during all the challenges she will face.

Of course having Meg Cabot involved we will also have a delightful, engaging and callient romance, I found myself smiling and remembering her previous historical romances  at so many  parts of the reading and loved how she handled the whole physical and emotional storm situation.

Drew is a true gentleman and just like Bree has suffered a lot in the past and  he truly loves his ‘Bob’ dogs so cute and funny. Bree and Drew come together to take care of the pets left behind by the residents that evacuated and moment by moment realize how much they have in common.

It was a pleasant and enjoyable reading, light and full of lessons filled with sweet pets and special friends. Each chapter is opened by a storm alert showing the change in temperature, wind strength and others important details and then displaying the authorities' warnings.

Loved the cover so much I just think that they forget to put Gary, Bree's cat, who is the highlight of the book too .

5/5 stars
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Meg Cabot works her magic again by creating this page turner of a book! The only judgement I have for this book is that it was such a true delight! As always, Cabot is able to create characters with such distinct, likable personalities in such a short amount of time. The setting was quirky and darling at the same time.

As a native Floridian, I have ridden out plenty of hurricanes but none were category 5s in the Keys - which ordinarily would terrify me, but sign me up if it’s anything like this one! (Otherwise I would evacuate!!) I read this book right after Hurricane Dorian and while another tropical disturbance was churning in the Atlantic, so it was incredibly timely.
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I have been a Meg Cabot fan since I read her Heather Wells series. So I was happy to know she has started a new series. I may be in the minority because I really enjoyed this book and took it for what it is.

A fun light read. If you're looking for a meaningful or dark read. It is not this. 

The book isn't just about our character but Little Bridge Island, New York itself since there is a category five hurricane on it's way to them. In the beginning our heroine, Bree decides to stay despite most of the island fleeing due to the storm. 

I couldn't decide if that made her smart or stupid. Still debating. 

The backstory is that Bree works in a cafe where she has certain interactions with our hero. Who is a well known heart breaker, and she has recently just broke up with her ex. But she still finds herself drawn to him. They are both animal supporters. When they find themselves two of the only people on the island, they decide to help save animals that were left behind during the evacuation. 

These two had major chemistry and meaningful talks that I really enjoyed. The sexual tension was off the charts. The pro's are the two main leads. They have great personality traits. I will leave those for you to find out for yourself. 

The con's start when where there is a part of the book where the tone of the book changes, and takes somewhat of nosedive. I don't know how to explain it but it is something you'd have to read for yourself. There are a few other points, like her relationship with her mom. 

I still recommend it for the two leads despite the con's. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars from me

ARC generously provided by Netgalley and Harper Collins and William Morrow.
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For all intents and purposes, this book should have worked for me. A romance, Meg Cabot and lots of dogs? But, for some reason, this one really felt like it was missing something crucial for a romance novel - and for me that was chemistry. This book felt more like Cabot wanted to write about people who rescued animals during a horrible hurricane and kept them safe but was told that her brand is romance so add that element - I just never felt it between Bree & Drew, despite my best efforts. 

I've long been a fan of Cabot's and will continue to be so for years to come, but this one missed the mark for me.
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Meg Cabot is like an old friend that I've lost touch with, but we picked up right where we left off.  This book is just as good as the Meg Cabot books from my teenage years.  Though it was somewhat predictable, I enjoyed this story and can't wait for the next book in this series.  I want to live on Little Bridge Island and get to know these characters.  The island itself was like a character and I loved how she described it and the people.   I would recommend this to any friend looking for a lighter read.
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This was a lighthearted read perfect for animal lovers and lovers of small town romances.
Sabrina/ Bree moves to Little Bridge Island after a series of events in her life and needed a change of scenery. After living there a few months the people in Little Bridge Island start to prepare for hurricane. But after the hurricane makes a turn and goes straight for the town Bree along with her bosses nephew, Drew, take it upon themselves to take care of all the animals that have been left behind after their owners evacuated. Some were supposed to be taken care of by other people but they also ended evacuating leaving the animals alone. Along the way Bree and Drew start falling for each other.
I love how everyone who was left in town got together and helped each other out. However, some topics of the book I think were not handled the best. They felt just thrown in there when they could have been handled or explained better.
Thanks to @NetGalley and @williammmorrowbooks for my review copy. It available 9/24!
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This one was an easy read for me! After reading the pre-book I was hoping for another lighter easy romance and that’s exactly what I got. I felt like the animal shelter aspect of the book was a little random and it felt like it was just thrown in there instead of having more of a back story as to why she wanted to help rescue the animals so much.
This book only had 1-2 super steamy scenes if you are the type of person that likes a more low key romance. 
I really liked that I was able to read this book in a couple hours!
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No Judgments is a quick, easy contemporary romance. Bree and Drew are likable characters with normal human flaws. I wish the characters had been a little more developed, but I enjoyed the story. The setting of Little Bridge was compelling, and I will read more Little Bridge books in the future.
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This book was really promising to start off with, especially since I started it the day after we made it through a hurricane here in South Florida! However, I thought Cabot came on so strong with the animal rescue angle that it was no longer believable. Other than that, I found the writing decent and the romance enjoyable. 3/5
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Fun, cute, quirky.  That's how I'd describe No Judgments.  Caught in a hurricane, our main character is scrambling all over the place trying to find to stay, while also taking care of various animals, people and maybe even juggling a possible romantic scenario.

This book reminded me a lot of the Shopaholic books, for no reason other than I tend not to read this type of book, but the cover looked cute.  Who hasn't read a book based solely on the cover?  Don't judge, you know you have.  Also, this book is called No Judgments, and throughout the entire thing, I couldn't figure out why.  It might be a random title, or I guess maybe I just missed something entirely.

Either way, it's a short book that'll take you up and down, through a hurricane, and even a bit of romance.  Enjoy!
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As posted on Goodreads:
Thank you to Harper Collins for allowing me to read and review this book on NetGalley! I absolutely LOVED it! I could not put it down and finished it in just over 24 hours. I read while I cooked, brushed my teeth, and even snuck a chapter or two in during church. Don’t tell. 🤫 I loved how each chapter started with a hurricane update, preparedness tip, or announcement. I loved the development of Bree throughout the story and am so proud of where she ended up. Through the eccentric cast of characters I got a real feel for the island life and could picture this quaint, small, beach town. I would recommend this to anyone...especially my animal loving friends. What a fantastic read!
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There hasn't been a book by Meg Cabot that I haven't loved and No Judgments is no exception.  This is a very quick read following Bree as she finds her place in small, island town in Florida during a hurricane.I am looking forward to a sequel
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Meg Cabot’s adult romance No Judgments is one of her usual trademark creations well-known for winning style of wit, humor, and  charm.
Massive storm and no communications isn’t Bree Beckham’s first rodeo.  
She escaped abusive relationships and wants to make it on her own.  
But sometimes we all need help and she reluctantly accepts help from Drew.  
Could their connection be a lasting one?
After the storm passes Bree is dedicated to helping all the animals that were left behind.

Finding love on all shapes and forms is what attracts to this light and compelling story that I  highly recommend for all adults and especially for those who are animal lovers.
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