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There hasn't been a book by Meg Cabot that I haven't loved and No Judgments is no exception.  This is a very quick read following Bree as she finds her place in small, island town in Florida during a hurricane.I am looking forward to a sequel
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Meg Cabot’s adult romance No Judgments is one of her usual trademark creations well-known for winning style of wit, humor, and  charm.
Massive storm and no communications isn’t Bree Beckham’s first rodeo.  
She escaped abusive relationships and wants to make it on her own.  
But sometimes we all need help and she reluctantly accepts help from Drew.  
Could their connection be a lasting one?
After the storm passes Bree is dedicated to helping all the animals that were left behind.

Finding love on all shapes and forms is what attracts to this light and compelling story that I  highly recommend for all adults and especially for those who are animal lovers.
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Thanks to NetGalley, William Morrow and Meg Cabot for the opportunity to read and review her latest book.  I'm typically a fan of Cabot's books but this one was just okay.  3.5 stars - I'm intrigued enough that I'd like to read the next book in this series.

Bree escapes NYC after the death of her father, a fallout with her mother and a sexual assault by her boyfriend's best friend that no one but her took seriously.  She flees to Little Bridge Island, part of the Florida Keys, to heal and start fresh.  But she is totally unprepared for a category 5 hurricane bearing down on the island.  While most flee for safer ground, Bree is adamant about staying put, although she eventually takes shelter at her boss' mansion complete with whole house generator.  Bree undertakes a mission to rescue all the pets that were left in homes when their owners evacuated not knowing that the bridge would fail and they couldn't get back home.  Meanwhile, sparks fly with the boss' nephew, Drew.

There wasn't a lot of depth to the characters and the ending felt a bit too contrived but still a fun escapism read.
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I received this book free from a Net Gallery in exchange for an honest review.
A big storm is about to hit Florida and her life is threatened.
Many people on the island have been separated from their pets and she is trying to save them.
Of course when power is restored on the island, romance abounds
A great read
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Meg Cabot does it again ! A hurricane is brewing and about to hit Little Bridge Island Florida
But the real storm is brewing in the love life of  Sabrina “ Bee” Beckham’s love life. Bee is feeling the pressure from her mother to find any guy and just settle down and has fled the cold climes of NY and pressure of her mother  for the anonymity of Florida. Having carved a slow paced sweet little life for herself , the last thing Bee has on her mind is another disaster of a romance. Her love of pets and her fellow islanders need for someone to care for theirs as they flee the island is what puts Bee is a pitch. Enter Drew Hartwell, the nephew of-her land lord who helps her through the chaos. all the close quarters of the storm related issues and caring for her four legged charges brings Bee and Drew closer . Will their fling weather the storm or will Bee’s sudden appearance of her ex ruin the happiness she has finally found in this tiny island oasis.? A must fall 2019 read! A must read for Meg Cabot fans.
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Real world issues meet fluffy romantic comedy in No Judgments. I wanted to like Meg Cabot’s first full-length Little Bridge Island book. And perhaps you can make a rom com set against the backdrop of a potentially devastating hurricane work, but it doesn’t in this story. In another setting, the quirky inhabitants of Little Bridge Island would be fun to read about and I did like most of them. Plus, any animal lover would be won over by the cuteness of the pets that threaten to steal the show (toothless Gary for the win).

Bree Beckham is the star of No Judgments and unfortunately she’s also its biggest weakness. She’s moved to Little Bridge Island for a fresh start and is determined to do everything on her own. This would be great, except Bree is, well, TSTL. She lacks basic common sense, makes poor decisions, is stubborn over the most ridiculous things, and honestly would not have survived this story if not for the rest of the cast. What Bree does have going for her is a big heart and a love of animals. Her take-charge attitude when it comes to seeing to abandoned pets’ needs warmed my heart. But it’s overshadowed by her often immature attitude and stunning lack of common sense. Her love interest is Drew Hartwell, her boss’s nephew and rumored town playboy. Drew is good looking and patient, but is kind of a cardboard hero. The thing that stands out the most about him is his love of dogs and his hilarious choice of dog names. Drew and Bree’s love story was pretty standard and enjoyable, but I can’t say it pulled me in.

There’s a lot going on in No Judgments and none of it is developed well. Sexual assault, family secrets, and mother issues are all thrown in and the way each of these storylines played out was unsatisfying. The first is the most frustrating of all because it’s a very real, relatable issue that is not handled well at all. And though it’s a minor moment overall, I really struggled with Bree’s characterization of an intellectually disabled young man as “slow.” It’s 2019 and we can expect authors to do better. There are also too many convenient coincidences in this book that make suspending disbelief an almost Herculean task. And as I mentioned before, the looming presence of a possible Category 5 hurricane doesn’t go with the fluffy tone of the book. The casual attitude and the way the characters ride through the storm are so wildly different from my experience, friends’ experiences, and what I’ve seen on the news, but I will admit I’m no expert so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

The animals are the best part of No Judgments and I can’t count the number of times they made me smile. The residents of Little Bridge Island were also so warm and welcoming (even Bree’s sometimes grumpy boss, Ed) that the town won me over and in a less dramatic setting they would have been a delight. Ms. Cabot’s writing did keep the story moving along at a quick clip and the secondary characters (human and animal) were charming enough to bump it up a star. But if you’re looking for a heroine you can root for, well-developed characters and plotlines, and a consistent tone throughout the story, you should probably look elsewhere.
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This was a cute, light, read. I could see myself picking this up for a day on the beach. The stakes aren't high, but the romance is great. It wasn't quite as funny as I would have expected it to be, but it was still a fun book.
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This one was so disappointing for me mainly because it was just overall pretty meh, and I was hoping for so much more seeing as I LIVED for Meg Cabot in middle and high school.  I will admit that I don’t think I’ve read one of her books since my early college years, so maybe I’ve just outgrown her writing and this is completely a me problem rather than a book problem.

The book as a whole isn’t bad, and is actually quite fast paced with a few scenes I did enjoy.  I finished it mostly in one sitting.  I think the characters just weren’t overly special to me and the plot was fine, but what was advertised in the summary really didn’t take place until the last third of the book.

I read the novella introducing this new series back in March and didn’t’ find anything overly excitable about it either, so maybe this series just isn’t for me.  It was cute and fluffy and fast paced, but overall nothing stood out, so it felt pretty mediocre.

Not my favorite, but I am 100 percent sure someone will love it.

*Thank you to Netgalley and William Morrow Paperbacks for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.*
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Let me start by saying what I liked about this book:

The setting: Little Bridge Island really comes to life through the descriptions. I found myself wanting to go there myself.

The characters: Sabrina, or Bree, is the main character. I liked her well enough, but I also found her to be a bit exasperating at the beginning. She is definitely better by the end.  Drew is the other main character with whom Bree has that "will they or won't they" chemistry. I actually think I liked him more than Bree? He just seemed to be more developed, but maybe I just have a soft spot for stubborn, but loving guys? 

The secondary characters: They were great and added a lot to this story. I really enjoyed their parts in the novel.

Now for what I didn't like so much.

The beginning: The first few chapters are a slow moving pace of whether or not Bree will evacuate for Category 5 Hurricane Marilyn. After she makes her decision (to stay) we are inundated with Bree and her comments such as "I'm staying, even though it's probably stupid" [paraphrasing]. I wouldn't mind so much, but I felt like that's all I read for most of the beginning. 

The pacing: The beginning of this book was so slow for me. I expected more of a page turner, but found myself able to put it down for days at a time and not miss it (not a good sign for me). It does pick up towards the middle/end, though. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It wasn't my favorite of the year, but I liked it well enough.
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I was able to read this book early thanks to #NetGalley

This was a really fun book! I was immediately drawn in, and stayed that way. This was my first Meg Cabot book, but it won't be my last!
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Thank you Netgalley and publishers for the ARC. I thoroughly enjoyed this light hearted easy to read romance. Bree the main character is frazzled and fierce. But once she confronts her past, the frazzle ends. This is a great story about overcoming the past and finally seeing talents and traits that were there all along.
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I have always wondered what it would be like riding out a hurricane on a small island.  Bree has elected to stay put in her new found community of Little Bridge Island with a large hurricane approaching. You get first hand account of what happens and how a the small community comes together. 

Loved how Bree was such an animal lover and wanted to provide for all. Enjoyed the relationship build between Bree and Drew, friends to so much more. A cute read for the perfect season that we are in.
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Two people who begin the book as enemies find common ground in pet rescue after a hurricane. If you like a romance with a slow burn and that enemies to lover trope AND you love animals; this is the book for you. The release date is during hurricane season so it feels very timely. There is a veritable pet menagerie in the book and were given enough attention to really come to life through Meg Cabot's narrative. An entertaining read that also explores sexual assault, distress from a DNA reveal and dealing with the aftermath of a disaster. Some of the resolutions seemed a bit forces while others were very satisfying. 

Thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A huge Hurricane is about to hit the small Florida Island of Little Bridge. Sabrina “Bree” Beckham decides not to evacuate as well as some of the locals, Including Drew, the nephew of her boss at The Mermaid Cafe. Bree wasn’t worried… at first. Until the storm started sending crashing waves into her love life. 

The massive hurricane cuts all cell service and power to the island. That means Bree will no longer be bombarded with texts from her celebrity mother, or her emotionally abusive ex who keep trying to get her to leave the island. 

But Bree becomes alarmed when she realizes how many beloved pets have been left behind by locals who have evacuated, and makes it her mission to feed every single one of them. But she can’t do it alone, so she has no choice but to let Drew, the sexy heartbreaker, ride on the back of her moped around the island. 

But soon the power is back on, and her ex shows up. Bree must decide if her stormy fling with Drew can last during clearer skies too. 

I grew up reading Meg Cabot books so I was super excited to be able to get my hands on this one! I read it in one sitting! I love the idea of the locals having a “Hurricane Party” and coming together as a community to weather the storm together. This is a fairly easy, and quick read with some mild steamy content! I really liked Bree. She was determined to make her own way and get a fresh start after some traumas in her life left her at a standstill. Drew was also a cocky confident guy but he was sweet to Bree.And he also had a bunch of dogs, who couldn’t love that! My favorite though was Bree’s cat Gary! 

Thank you to @williammorrowpaperbacks / @netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review! Available September 24th!
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NetGalley provided me an ebook for an honest review, thank you!

This book takes place before, during and after a hurricane at a small town on the East Coast. The main character, Sabrina, moved there after going through a few different struggles in her life--she has started her new one and refuses to let a hurricane make her fall back into old habits and comforts that she's moved on from. This story is about new love and discovering who you really are as a person.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book--I haven't read a book that takes place during a hurricane, let alone a contemporary "romance." I kind of wish there were more to the story during the hurricane. It seemed the lead up to the hurricane was great but then it was over pretty quick. This kind of reminds me of the romance between Sabrina and her new love interest, Drew. A lot of teasing and antagonizing each other, but once they finally have a steamy scene, it was quick and disappointing. I was hoping for some more.

There were moments in the middle that were slow but once I was close to the end, I really enjoyed seeing Sabrina facing her fears and becoming her own person. I am relieved that the author didn't have her rely so much on her love interest to become the strong woman that she always has been even though Drew tries to be the Prince Charming coming to her rescue; she wouldn't allow it.

Rounded up to 4 (3.75/5)
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This book was great! While it was a little much and a little unbelievable a couple times it was a great rom com read and I sat and read it all in one day. I just wanted to know more about the characters and couldn’t stop!
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I found this story really really cute! It made me giggle and shriek at times 🙊🙉 I loved Bree as a character! I thought she was funny and a bit hot headed. I also loved the romance! ⁣
This book does have it's flaws though. It is a bit info dumpy at the begining and the characters are not well developed. I didn't mind this though because I got engulfed in the cute 😆😆⁣
One thing I did mind was the over the top plot. At points I found myself shaking my head because it was so unbelievable. 🙄 This really happened in the last 10% of the book. It was just a little too much and a little too unbelievable for me.
Overall though I did enjoy this and do recommend! I feel like this is perfect for those who need something light and fun after reading something serious or to help someone out of a  reading slump! ⁣I also highly recommend for those who are animal lovers! Let's just say one of the stars of this book is Gary, Bree's cat who acts just like you would think a cat named Gary would! I love him! 🐈🐱😻⁣

I will definitely be checking out more from Meg Cabot and will continue on with this series when more come out! 
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This is your typical romance novel. I enjoyed it, but I often found myself skipping pages because it felt like filler between the core of the plot. The main plot is a new take on the typical romance storyline, and it's done very well. It's cute and easy to read, and it's exactly what you would expect from a contemporary romance novel.
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This book wasn’t for me. It was too far fetched and too much fluff. I was hoping for a cute, quirky story but unfortunately this didn’t work.
Thanks to netgalley for the free advance copy
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Sometimes you just need a cute and fast contemporary novel to pull you out of your reading slump or to follow up a hard-hitter novel and that's what No Judgements was for me. I'm so glad my wish was granted and that I was offered access to an advanced copy of this book even though the publisher was no longer taking requests. It was everything I needed in an adult book by Meg Cabot to be and more. And I just found out there will be a Little Bridge series so I'm pretty excited!

When we first meet Bree she's just recently started over in the town of Little Bridge and is running away from quite a few things it sounds like. She's working at the local Mermaid Cafe and secretly painting in her free time. It seems like she has transitioned well and made a ton of friends for someone only being in town for a short three months. Because her life is a bit of a mess due to starting over she decides she needs to figure some things out on her own and go on a boy-fast. Fair enough we've all been there. Enter the hottie nephew of her boss who is the talk of he town due to him leaving his truck parked all over town at a different house every night. While nice to eye at the cafe sometimes she doesn't need another playboy, especially one that gets under her skin. To bad he seems to be popping up everywhere and doing little things that make Bree's heart sputter. Top all this off with an incoming hurricane and she stubbornly refuses to evacuate for due to her cat Gary being in poor health and Bree might have bite off a bit more than she bargained for with Little Bridge. 

Bree was a fun character to be inside the head of. She was SOOO stubborn, but like same so I couldn't fault her. Plus if she had packed up and left like most people had the sense to do we wouldn't have had the story we did. Her love of animals was apparent, especially with sweet baby Gary. While she is toting a ton of baggage from her past, it never seemed to get her down and she was always looking on the brighter side of things. Her commentary on things happening during the storm was hilarious, especially when she and Drew played off each other. Her interactions with the animals she saved/took care of was so sweet and genuine. None of that felt forced but true to her character.

Drew and Bree together were hilarious. They played so well off of each other and while it may not have been insta-love things seemed to go pretty fast. One day Drew goes from the hottie nephew of her boss that ignores her presence but tips well to all of a sudden caring about where she's taking shelter for the storm. He was a bit mysterious and while a couple mysteries about him were explained, I was left wanting to know a little bit more about him. Maybe we'll get to see more of him and Bree in the next book.

The end was super weird and where it lost a start for me. There was a scene at the end that felt like it was written for a different book that had Bree acting super weird. I didn't like it and while it didn't ruin the book for me I could see how it might for others. After that scene everything felt a tad rushed compared to the pacing of the rest of the book. The epilogue is where things got back to normal though and I thought it wrapped things up perfectly. 

Overall this was a pretty good novel by Meg Cabot. Her novels can be a tad hit or miss with me, but this was definitely a hit. I hope the rest of this series goes just as well and I can't wait to see who else's stories we'll be getting.
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