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Overall, I really enjoyed this read. If you like good historical romances with a bit of steam, this checks those boxes.

The hero, Markham, is darn near perfect. The heroine takes some getting used to. She’s an excellent friend, and kind to those who rightly deserve her ire. Yet, to those people she seems her most forgiving and gratuitous. When it comes to Markham she is judgmental, selfish and dismissive. A definite victim of circumstance, she’s been ignored, bartered for, or abandoned by her father, brother and betrothed. In that light, it’s understandable that she’d be focused on looking out for herself. Yet, as she’s confronted again and again with a realistic picture of what is available to her, she’s ignorantly stubborn to the point that I did a fair amount of head shacking. Thankfully, she gets herself together and we all get the HEA that we deserve. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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After being rejected by Lord Bromton at the end of their ten-year betrothal, Lady Clarissa has decided that she never wants to be under the whims of a man and decides to reject marriage. When she refuses a request by the cruel Lord Moultonbury, he places a scandalous bet at the gentlemen's club. Not wanting Clarissa to suffer any repercussions, Lord Markham swoops in and claims he's courting Lady Clarissa. Markham has had a tendre for Clarissa for years and the more time they spend together, sparks fly between them. No matter how much she enjoys Markham's company, Clarissa has decided to stick to her decision to never marry. Can she let down her walls and let love in?

Ms. LaCapra has written an enjoyable story with the tables turned a bit in the characters. Markham gives control over their interactions and submits to Clarissa's desires, hoping to show her that he would never dominate her. I loved Markham. He was the ultimate gentleman. Clarissa was a strong woman who has been abandoned by everyone she counted on and she refuses to let her feelings for Markham rule her decisions. I liked the twist at the end that finally allowed Markham and Clarissa to be together because what's a romance with a HEA.
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Lord Markham is everything that Lady Clarissa desires, except she has decided that marriage is not for her. After her betrothal of ten years ends with Lord Bromton marrying another, Clarissa decides that she will do as she pleases. When her brother Rayne leaves without hardly a word of correspondence, she is left without any family and so, hardens her heart and stands up for herself. It is only when a wager is made that will see her ruin, does Markham quickly come to her rescue. Their feelings soon become hard to hide but Clarissa is determined to stay in control of her life, in all matters.
This was quite a different take on the traditional historical romance, with Clarissa being very assertive in all aspects of her life. This was quite refreshing to see develop throughout the novel, and has it intertwined with her relationship with Markham. Markham, also known as “Hearts” as he cares for the women he is involved with, in all aspects. This devotion soon becomes apparent when he and Clarissa become involved; however, she struggles with the consequences of these emotions. The intensity of the feelings of this couple were well explored and cleverly handled. Who could not melt with phrases such as ‘I would have given you everything that’s mine’ and ‘I want to get lost with you and then be found’ especially coming from Markham, a man both honourable and passionate. Definitely swoon-worthy!
This was such a delightful story and I look forward to reading more books in this series.
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Other Wonderful story in this series. It goes along with the others but can standalone Markham and Carissa were a very complex couple Markham was adorable and Carissa had a few issues about marriage I love the dialogue between the couple and the Stanley children who are all adults I can't wait for Julia's  story! Highly recommend this book and any of Wendy's
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I really enjoyed this book. It is part of a series but I had no trouble as a stand alone.  I especially enjoyed that the female heroine was a “dominant “ character! Very different for a historical. Thank you to netgalley for the ARC!
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I absolutely loved Clarissa and Markham's story!! I think it is probably my favorite of the year!!

Clarissa was raised knowing who she was going to marry, but when he suddenly changes his mind, she made the decision to never marry. But when a mean spirited man makes a wager, Markham steps up in her defense. They will pretend to to courting in order to save her reputation. But when Markham realizes that he has fallen for Clarissa, he has get her to change her mind on marriage. Will he be able to convince Clarissa that he should be a part of her HEA?

I absolutely adored this story!! I loved Markham for stepping up and helping Clarissa. It made her see him in a different light. I loved all the bantering between the two. It had me laughing out loud throughout the story!! 

If you read one story this year, this needs to be it!! LaCapra has hit it out of the park with this one!
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Upon marriage, a woman is then under her husband's control. He acquires everything, else provisions are made in a contract. Lady Clarissa's own childhood was one with no much affections. After being betrothed to man since she was 7 and then that said man cried off and her brother leaving England, Clarissa became stronger, managing her family's properties, and has no plans to ever marry. When she angers the wrong man, who places a wager on her, Lord Markham steps in to salvage her reputation. Markham deeply cares for others, including his lovers who he always makes sure he satisfies, hence the name "Hearts". Markham had to work hard to build his family up from the debt that was created. His father loved his mother very much and always tried to please her, which can appear as different perspective for a child, and Markham has no desire for marriage until it is necessary. It will be respectable, because men in his family fall deeply in love with one person. Markham tells Clarissa about the bet and they work out a plan. Neither expected the passion that would come from it. Each has always been aware of the other, but not really knowing who they are as a person. When Markham falls in love with Clarissa, he will do whatever he can to change her mind on marriage, but will Clarissa allow herself to stop being afraid?
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