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This was a very unique read. I enjoyed the story and characters a lot. While some parts felt long (or dragging) the rich detail of the surroundings and world building kept me reading even when my attention began to wane.
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The weaving of history, culture, myth, and the religion of the people in the story that creates such a beautiful tapestry, and builds such a rich background without being overpowering. 

The characters were all completely wonderful in their very unique ways, they're very easy to distinguish between each other. Nor and Talin were both such lovable characters, and I loved the sweet relationship Nor shares with her sister. 
The was a wonderful world-building, and I loved it. The author did a wonderful job bringing the atmosphere to both of Nor's worlds - the warm, sunny Varenia in contrast to the dark, dreary, cold life inside of the castle. One of my favorite parts of a story is being able to immerse myself in the world. 

The settings were amazing, a city being completely out in the middle of the ocean, and a castle built into a mountain, both such unique idea's.t was such a fascinating to see these unique settings impacted the people who live there. The subtle mystery, which developed into a large part of the story, in the end, was so engaging, and I think a lot of readers will enjoy it.
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I recieved this as a free arc to review from netgalley. I was swept up in the plot of this book. I loved reading and it had such a nice pace.
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I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed are my own. 

I request pretty much any title I see that relates to mermaids. (Can I just add a blanket auto-request? Kidding!) 

This book is...okay. It wasn't spectacular (Although it does have gorgeous cover art) and it wasn't terrible. It just wasn't anything I was completely blown away by. 

There are some very quotable lines in there--the writing is very nice, not overly purple. It just moves fairly slowly, especially when you've read the synopsis and therefore have the whole of the story. 

Hopefully the second half of the series will be more revealing!
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I just did not care for this book. The characters for me just weren't likeable. I can see sort of a beauty and the beast twist but still didn't work for me. Sorry
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I enjoyed this book, and the creativity of the world, but I felt that the future husband was occasionally portrayed too sympathetically - like the author had considered making a love triangle but then edited most of it out.
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Disclaimer: This review MAY contain spoilers. I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own. 

The premise of this book really pulled me in. I adore a story where siblings, especially identical twins, have to switch places for the greater good or to thwart evil. Throw in marrying crown princes, court politics, and a mission to save one's people? Yep, I'm so here for this.

I found the world-building. The imagery was very elaborately detailed and the surroundings felt almost surreal. Very dream-like in its intensity. I loved it. I felt as though I could walk right through the mist of the dream and be in this world. I loved the different locations that we experience in the story. 

I found the integral parts of the plot intriguing and entertaining, but some of the story dragged on a bit for me. While this book does have some tropes that I have read before, I felt that the execution of these tropes was well planned. I did love that there were twists in the story that I didn't necessarily see coming. 

I adore a story with incredible sibling dynamic and this book really has that. Each of the characters in the story is beautifully written. Each character was developed arduously which only added to the overall plot and dynamics between characters. 

The romance was bearable but not ultimately my favorite. It definitely had its moments, but I am not a fan of insta-love. It felt very underdeveloped to me. I am hoping for some more to win me over to the romance in the next book of the series. 

Overall, I am very eager to see what will happen in the second book of this series. I am so overjoyed that I took a chance on this amazing story and I highly recommend it to all fantasy fans!
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I liked this book, I think it is a fairly standard YA fantasy, and I wasn't really able to fully immerse myself into the world. I loved how selfless the main character Nor was. I think that the monstrous prince was a little overdone as a villain. She had to be very resourceful when she met the emissary when she was herself instead of the role of her sister.  I really do not blame her for not wanting to marry that dude, and this story ending did remind me a little of ACOTAR.
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I really enjoyed this book - the character development, the pacing of the plot, the world-building - it was great. It's a new take in the Teen/YA group in that it focuses more on sisterly relationships rather than romantic, and it doesn't sacrifice the overall conflict of the text to neatly tie romantic bows. However, the relationships (in all facets) are a driving force in the text, and I'm impatiently waiting for the next book to arrive. If you're a fan of Victoria Aveyard or Kendare Blake, I think you'll enjoy Rutherford's work.
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This book was interesting and engaging. Not a 5 star read for me though. The characters weren't as relatable as I wold have liked but overall it was a good read.
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I'm always iffy about books with titles like this, because they are either incredible or overrated, but Mara Rutherford hit the mark on incredible. I couldn't put this book down. The plot was unique and fantastic.
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Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to read this ARC prior to the book's publication, but we did end up buying it for our library collection.
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Thank you to Netgallery and the publisher for providing me for a digital arc for my honest review.

I came for the beautiful cover, but stayed for the plot. I found "Crown of Coral and Pearl" had all the elements to make this book a winner. Sisterly love, scheming princes, and a princess in disguise, all set in an idealic seaside kingdom. All of these aspects arent new, but somehow this story delivers them in a way that kept me interested to the very end. 

This was a promising beginning to what I imagine will be on of my favorite series. There is room for growth, but that only means it should get better from here. Can't wait for the sequel!
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for a book about sisters. This book is no exception. I loved Nor and Zadie and their relationship and willingness to do anything for each other. You can definitely tell it was written by someone who has a sister (and I was even more excited to learn Mara Rutherford is a twin). I really enjoyed the world building, although sometimes I found myself frustrated by Nor's lack of knowledge because it meant we were kept in the dark as well. I hope the second book explains more about the politics of the world and unravels more of its secrets and history because I found that all fascinating. 
And of course I love a book with some good romance. This one was very swoon-worthy and I loved the contrast between the brothers. 
I'm interested to see what happens in the next book, especially with how this story ends. I don't think everything is wrapped up as neat and tidy as it appeared.
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This book was something else. And I don't know how to describe it. One of the major themes talked about throughout the book is beauty and how others perceive beauty. I find it difficult to review because there is a part of me that is saying it was predictable (though there was one twist at the end that I did not expect), the characters were good and I wish I knew more about some of the minor characters, and it wasn't the "best written" book I have ever read. However, it challenged the way I looked at beauty. For someone who struggles with the concept of beauty, it was a bit difficult for me to read, but healing at the same time. I like the way the book made me think and question the beauty standards of today and ask myself why they really matter.
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It took me a little while to get into this story but once I did, I was hooked. It is a fantastic love story. A set of twins. One is promised to marry a prince but she is in love with someone else. Her sister takes her place. The prince is cruel and if he finds out he's been tricked, it will mean the end to her family and village. To add to the drama, Nor realizes she is in love with the prince's brother.
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I absolutely adored this book and can't wait for a sequel! I read this in one sitting after a particularly nasty reading drought in which nothing could hold my interest. But Crown of Coral And Pearl was such great fantasy that I could not put it down. I love this world so much. Nor is my kind of girl, and her relationship with her sister is perfect. Honestly though, the ending of this book had me tearing at my hair because I NEED MORE.
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3,5 stars
I really liked the atmosphere in this book, but the plot lacked a little, especially towards the end.
I still plan to continue in the series.
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There was nothing "wrong" with this book, the writing was good and the story was good but for a fantasy it was not the kind to inspire a fandom or have students talking in the halls about it. It just doesn't have the depth and engagement that comes with the really good fantasy novels. 

That said, it was good. I enjoyed reading it as someone who likes fantasy books.
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First off, wow, I would not want to live in Zadie and Nor’s village of Varenia. Aside from the difficulty of having enough food or funds to care for a family are enough of a problem, but the insane pressure put on young women to be beautiful and to preserve that beauty it astounding. Nor has the tiniest little pucker of a scar on her cheek and with the way her mother treats her you would think Nor was a horrible cripple or a leper or something.

At least Zadie and Nor had each other to rely on. They are best friends as well as twin sisters, and it is clear from the beginning that Nor will do anything to protect her sister. This reminds me of the determination and protective instincts of siblings such as Katniss Everdeen. So when Zadie is chosen to marry the prince, when she is already in love with a local boy, Zadie decides that she won’t go, and that she is willing to injure/scar herself so she’ll no longer be beautiful. The problem is that a sketching of Zadie has already been sent to the castle, so the village is put in a problematic position because sending a defective girl will mean grave punishment for them all. This sets Nor on her path to save and protect her sister and her home. Covering her tiny scar with makeup, Nor pretends to be her sister and goes in her place.

And that is all I will say for specific plot details because that is all pretty much stated in the synopsis as well. The mystery and danger and political intrigue of this story is all rather well done, and I especially enjoyed the relationships Nor built while stuck so far away from her friends and family.

I was so drawn into this story, and found the characters to be rather intriguing, and the potential for romance was pretty great.

While this book could stand on its own, I feel like it did leave a number of questions unanswered, so I was supremely glad to hear the announcement of a sequel/conclusion to be released later this year. I am absolutely delighted to find out what will happen for Zadie and Nor and Talin and Ceren now, because it should be a pretty darn fascinating and dangerous and wonderful conclusion…or that’s my hope anyway.
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