Twice in a Blue Moon

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I've been on a Christina Lauren binge lately. I may or may not have checked out nearly every Christina Lauren book at this point and I don't regret it. I decided that despite the release date being far away, I'd give this book a go because, you know, it's Christina Lauren. It's a second chances trope between a Hollywood actor and a guy she'd met on a trip when she was eighteen. It skips forward to when she's thirty half way through the book and this is obviously where we see the second chances.

I'm going to be completely honest with you -- this book just wasn't my favorite Christina Lauren book. It didn't really feel like a Christina Lauren book to me either. The beginning of this book obviously takes place when the main character, Tate, is eighteen and on a vacation with her grandmother. They end up meeting an older guy and his niece who's conveniently also Tate's age. It feels SO much like a YA novel (something I'm not in the mood to read lately) because of their age and the INSTA-LOVE. They literally know each other for less than a few weeks and spend every waking minute together in London. I feel like if anything, she should've spent more time with her grandma on this trip. I just felt such a disconnection at this point. I didn't care for their love story because they felt way too old to be acting the way they did. Maybe it's because Tate is naive due to her situation but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

The climax of this book is interesting, at least. While on the trip, news breaks out about who Tate really is and she has to be flown home. She ends up getting, a PR assistant or something? who plays a fun character. It's very obvious who ended up telling her story and she feels horrible about it because she wasn't even supposed to tell people in the first place. I was sort of peeved that this happened but it makes for a more interesting second half of the book so I'm not going to complain about it like it's a big deal.

The second half of the book, however, was much better than the first half. Tate is now thirty and an actor. She's still very much talked about in the news day to day and has the same assistant. She ends up doing this movie deal with her dad who's not very present in her life due to his break up with her mom and him being  a jerk to the media. I hated that he became a present character because he's never likable and it's hard to believe that the author wants you to like this guy when he's never been in her life anyway.

In fact, I think the ending of this book was so, so predictable when in comes to her relationship with her dad and the re-entrance of Sam. I liked Sam in the second half of the book and I think it's fantastic we learned why he did what he did. He seems no different from the beginning of the novel so of course, he's a SWEETIE. Christina Lauren can't write a bad romance because I loved their relationship in the second half of the book.

I think I just have negative feelings towards this book because I feel like it was supposed to have depth but it didn't. I thought it was supposed to be much more focused on life lessons than it really was. It was just another really good 300 page contemporary novel I can give a solid four stars to and call it a day. Basically, what I'm saying is that I had higher expectations for this novel and they just weren't meant. It's not a bad book, truly. I've read a bunch of their other books by now and don't think this one is the worst but it's certainly not the best.

I think if you enjoy the rest of Christina Lauren's books, especially Autoboyography, you might enjoy this one!
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I just read The Unhoneymooners a couple months ago, so when I saw that Twice in a Blue Moon was available to request on NetGalley, I immediately had to get it. Christina Lauren has a knack for writing the perfect love story, full of humor and great characters, and this book was no different.

Twice in a Blue Moon tells the story of Tate and Sam, who meet when they are both on vacation in England and have a holiday fling. They reunite years later after parting under hostile circumstances. It’s basically lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers-again story. But speaking of that crazy relationship, that’s basically what this whole book is about: relationships.

And not just the new-romance relationship. A lot of this book deals with Tate’s relationship with her father. I think this book is really more about trust in relationships — romantic or otherwise — and what it means to gain and lose that trust. It’s different than anything Christina Lauren has written before, in good and bad ways.

It’s so good because it shows major development in their writing. The setting is extremely engaging and the characters are all amazing. The backstory, which is actually a lot of the main plot, is incredible. Like, by far, the backstory of Tate and Sam and of Sam’s grandparents, is the best part of the novel. The development is just so good.

But the bad part comes in with what readers typically expect from Christina Lauren. This is new for them. If you are expecting something similar to The Unhoneymooners, you will probably be disappointed. It’s just not the easy romance plot; it’s more about the development of a real relationship after being betrayed.

I still think long-time readers of Christina Lauren should get this book because it is great. I also think new readers would love it. Just know that it isn’t overly spicy or romance-y. The characters are vibrant and the story is unique. It is definitely a story of trust worth reading.
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Unfortunately, this was a bit of a miss for me. The intense miscommunication between the main characters, as well as numerous other issues with parental figures, was more uncomfortable than it was compelling or romantic. It felt like everyone was second-guessing their own motivations, and the stakes felt a little flat. I've enjoyed other Christina Lauren titles, but the intense miscommunication and shady manipulation left me cold. Everyone was sort of hot and unlikeable. 

I'd recommend other CL titles, like "Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not-Dating" in lieu of this title.
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Wonderful! Really enjoyed this story of a young woman’s first love and how life turned out for her years later. Both settings (London and a movie set) were  lot of fun and the characters were quite memorable.
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TWICE IN A BLUE MOON is a great story.  The main characters, Tate and Sam, get a crash course in the meaning of love, the meaning of trust and the meaning of forgiveness.
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4.5  We will always have Paris  Stars
Yes yes yes 
Second Christina lauren book that I have just lllluuuvvveedd!!!! 
This book is adorable!  This book is about Sam and Tate.  Tate fell in love with Sam while on vacation in Paris and gave Sam her first everything and all of a sudden Tate has no secrets and her entire life is now in the limelight and Sam is no where to be found.  What happens next is 14 years of a broken hearted Tate and a guilty Sam both trying to exist in a world knowing full wel they left their heart in Paris. This book is a quick read and really would be enhanced with an epilogue instead of such an abrupt end.  You eat every bite of this story and you also want to punch both of them in their stupid faces. I am so glad I got to read this!
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Available Oct 22: Twice in a Blue Moon
***** 4 stars: Loved it: Another great Christina Lauren novel - with a focus on a personal journey.

Recommended readers:

If you like Christina Lauren
If you like modern, witty writing
If like a good romantic drama
Here's my Rankings:

4/5 for characters
4/5 for plot
4/5 overall
Tate Jones has hidden her whole life from the world, being the daughter of a famous father. Finally on her graduation day, Tate takes a trip with her grandmother, where she meets the sweet, caring Sam Brandis, and they fall in love until Sam betrays her. Years later Tate is one of the most popular TV actresses trying to make her way as a lead actress and must face her past.

Twice in a Blue Moon has early heartbreak and personal challenges throughout for both characters. Another great Christina Lauren read, Twice in a Blue Moon has less comedy than their usual novel, and focuses more on a strong personal journey for Tate and Sam.

Available Oct 22: Twice in a Blue Moon
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I love everything Christina Lauren puts out. This, like their last several books, is a perfect rom-com. Tate and Sam have an instant connection that’s as palpable when they’re young adults as it is fourteen years later, when they meet again after years of being apart because of a mistake. I loved this quick, charming, sexy read.

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Christina  Lauren is a fabulous author
Her recent book my Favorite Half* Night Stand was incredible
All her books are very entertaining and breezy
Twice In A Blue Moon is a contemporary love story about what happens when love comes back into your life. and, when you least expect it
It is a story of the effect that first loves have on your life
I don’t want to spoil it but saying any more
Just run out and buy it. You will love it
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I had such high hopes for this book, but in the end, it didn't totally deliver for me. That said, I'm still glad I read it; it just wasn't my fave Christina Lauren book despite the fact it got off to a strong start!

I'm really not that big of a YA fan and especially "insta love" YA, but for whatever reason, I got sucked into the first part of this book. It could, in part, be because the characters were a bit older than typical YA at 18 and 21. While traveling to London with her grandmother, Tate meets Sam who is on vacation with his grandfather. The two hit if off and spend much of the two weeks together, quickly falling in love. But he suddenly breaks her heart and betrays her trust, leaving her totally confused. While the "love" didn't feel totally believable to me, I understood those feelings of excitement being away from home and majorly crushing on someone. And when Sam leaves, I was just as confused as Tate... How the heck could he do that?

Flash forward 14 years and Tate is now a well-known actress. She's still single and it seems she hasn't even been in love since Sam. But he's suddenly back in her life and she has to deal with all kinds of unexplored feelings. I don't want to give away too much and honestly, I feel like the synopsis of this book basically tells you the whole story (I luckily didn't see it before reading the book)... It just didn't feel like that much else happened. The second part of the book felt pretty slow and the movie script sections seemed totally unnecessary and out of place. I also couldn't fully understand why Tate couldn't let go of this 10 day "relationship" she had at age 18 or why these two still had such a strong pull to each other. 

One of the reasons I generally really like Christina Lauren books is because the characters are so strong and their relationships are so personable and believable. They also know when to add humor in. This book was just a little bit empty in terms of those strong bonds and humor. I'll still read everything the authors come out with, but this one won't go down as one of my favorites!
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BEST second chance romance I’ve read in a long time. I devoured this book, I simply couldn’t get enough. The characters and the plot were completely enchanting. 

Tate Jones is in London on vacation with her grandmother for her eighteen birthday. She's had a sheltered childhood, her mom and grandma always taking care of her, and shielding her from so many things; so she's excited to be in a different country and very happy to experience new adventures. 

On her first night Tate and her Granny meet the gorgeous Sam Brandis; a twenty-one year old farmer who is also vacationing with his grandfather. Sam and Tate spend a magical few days together, but then, everything her mom and grandma have been protecting her from comes back to Tate's world, shattering her heart and altering her entire life forever. 

Many years later, now Tate is a very famous movie star. While she's on location filming what is her dream script for her new movie she runs into a ghost from her past, Sam Brandis. Turns out he wrote the brilliant script Tate loves so much. Can they be professional and work together on this project, or will they get a second chance at love?

I loved this book so much. The plot was so perfectly created, I felt like I was right in the middle of this beautiful love story. My favorite thing about this author is how the stories are never, ever predictable and always so full of heart.
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3.5 “I want every wish he ever makes to be for this. A penny in a fountain. The first star. An eyelash. Eleven eleven. Just for one more time.”

Twice in a Blue Moon was a good read from Christina Lauren. This book takes place in the past and present of our main characters lives. In the past Tate and Sam meet while each on a London vacation celebrating life milestones. Sam turning 21, and Tate turning 18 and preparing to start college. I loved this part of the story because you could honestly feel the sweet tingly excitement of first love that Tate was experiencing with Sam. This part of the story takes place over two weeks, but it was very easy to fall for and invest in these characters feelings for each other. I loved every pillowy soft, with a dash of angst, new adult minute of it.

Then, comes the betrayal. Tate has a big secret that she shared with Sam. She’s the long time hidden away daughter of one of the most famous actors in the world, Ian Butler.  While Sam has supported Tate on this subject during their time spent together, in the end he essentially rats her out to the press. Everything she thought about him has been stepped on by this betrayal. It was only two weeks, but she just KNEW she could trust him. Her first love ends with sudden and unexplained heartbreak. It takes the “unexpected people coming into your life and changing it forever” idea to the next level, because Sam changes the course of Tate’s life in so many ways.

The next part of the story is a fast forward. Here is where things get a little tricky. The story essentially goes from a sweet new adult romance, to chick lit. Which there is nothing wrong with that at all! It was just simply less about romance and more about Tate’s journey from 18 and in love in London, to becoming a Hollywood starlet seemingly overnight, and then finally being cast in the role of a lifetime. A role that not only brings her a second chance at love, but allows her to have new eyes on her life in general.

Don’t get me wrong I ENJOYED the story immensely. How Tate dealt with life through everything. Her relationships with men. Her relationships with her family and friends. The set and message of the movie and all that good stuff. Her second chance with Sam. It was a good read over all, but I will say that the romance aspect kind of let me down in the second half. It was almost not enough about it, and too easy once things start rolling. What I will say is that some of the additional characters were an absolute JOY to read. I wanted more and more of them. Some were frustrating as all get out, but that lends to the fact that it was just an outstanding cast of characters given to us by these authors.

All in all this was a great read. If you’re looking for romance heavy, this may not be it, but if you’re looking for a young woman’s journey from first love to figuring out a successful and happy adult life, then Twice in a Blue Moon is where it’s at!
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This is a hard review for me to write because I so wanted to like this book and it just didn't work for me.

I was looking forward to another Christina Lauren book with their trademark humor and steamy romance. Alas, this book wasn't that

It reminded me of their adult contemporary Love and Other Words, but not for the good reasons I liked it.

The story starts off and both of the main characters are teenagers who meet on a trip in Europe. Of course, there's attraction and then young love and then betrayal. Fast forward years later, and they are thrown together again. The beginning part was too long and while I understand that the beginning was the big set up for the rest of the book, it could have moved along faster in some ways and slowly develop in others. It felt like I was reading a YA (not bad, but not what I was looking for). Also, the characters weren't developed enough for my taste.

I kinda wonder if it was the premise that took me out of it. Of course the young good looking boy (Sam) betrayed her (Tate) all those years ago, but he had a really good reason! (sigh.) And of course she can't stay way from him now, even though she thinks he is married with kids. (of course he is not, btw. duh.) Tate is now a super successful actor who is starring with her incredibly successful father in a new film! The entire second part of the book takes place on set as Sam the screenwriter watches Tate act out his very personal script. Sigh. 

The ending was anticlimactic. The most interesting part of the book was actually her relationship with her famous father (think Tom Cruise) and that thread tapered off into nothingness with no closure. I really wanted something to happen there and it just didn't. Meanwhile, wet mop boy and scattered main female had their ending which was less happy and more accepting. Their recent ones haven't been as good as their earlier works so I think I'll go back and read Beautiful Bastard.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this digital arc. 
I LOVE Christina Lauren and will gobble up any book up written by these ladies so it's hard to say that this book wasn't my favorite. It honestly felt like their weakest story to date. 
Tate (18) and Sam (21) meet in London while on vacation. They quickly get to know each other and seemingly fall in love. She confides in him that her dad is a famous actor and she's been out of the spotlight for many years. Sam betrays her and sells her story to the tabloids and her life is flipped upside down. Fourteen years later, she's filming a movie with her dad and the screenwriter happens to be the one and only Sam.
Something was off about this book and I can't put my finger on it. I really enjoyed reading Tate and Sam when they were young and the build-up was classic Christina Lauren. You get a mixture of YA romance and regular romance in this book but it doesn't feel even to me. Young Tate and Sam's story gets nearly half the book so the second half, set in the present, doesn't get nearly as much depth and detail as I would have liked. There are a fair amount of supporting characters to keep track of that I didn't feel that I could be invested. The story could use probably 50 more pages to really build the chemistry back up with Sam and Tate as adults because it feels a bit rushed. I didn't particularly like how the format of filming scenes was written either. I like that they tried and wrote movie scenes but it could have been cleaned up. The ending worked well and that's what earns the rating. There wasn't the same kind of comedy and snappy dialogue in this one as their other stories. While I appreciate the attempts to put more heartfelt moments in the plot, it doesn't work as well as Love and Other Words. I also wish there was an epilogue to this one because the story would have greatly benefitted from it. The story was middle of the road and I enjoyed the story as a whole (enough to read it in two sittings) but it's not one I would re-read and come back to. I would recommend other Christina Lauren books over this one but I will still be reading any future books published by them.
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A wonderful second chance romance novel from a duo I greatly enjoy.  Full of heart, passion and great characters, it felt like I was watching a rom-com in my head as I read.  I loved the story line and the premise. Some great swoon worthy moments too! Can't wait to see what these authors come up with next. Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I have enjoyed Christina Lauren's other books.  However, this was a different novel.  Ultimately, in a romance, I do not enjoy characters that are ill suited or immoral coming together in the end.  Her writing is it's usual quality, but the story turned me off this novel.
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I absolutely loved this book. The characters had depth and true personalities that came out in the great writing. The story was terrific with tension and so well written.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I have absolutely loved everything I've read from this writing duo.  My hopes for this book were super high.  I was bummed that this title didn't quite match my expectations.  The premise seemed far fetched and the male love interest wasn't quite as dreamy as some of their previous characters.  That being said, this is still much better than most of the other romance titles that are out there.  This book isn't spectacular, but is still worth the time it took to read it.
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Twice in a Blue Moon reads like an alternate version of Christina Lauren's Love and Other Words (a book I absolutely adored). Intoxicating first love goes wrong and the main characters meet again 15 years later. This second chance story focuses heavily on forgiveness, but left me wondering what kind of saint Tate Butler is to be able to give Sam Brandis another chance. Sometimes love just makes you stupid for a person. 

For me, this is more contemporary fiction with romantic elements. Although the first half focuses on Tate and Sam's relationship at 18 & 21, family issues loom large throughout.
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"Can you believe me, though? That the worst thing I ever did was for the best reason I ever had?"

A second chance romance that will have you dreaming of stars, quiet places, and love!

Sam and Tate met while traveling abroad and fall in love while stargazing. They trust each other with their dreams and secrets, but unfortunately, Tate soon learns she trusted Sam with too much.

14 years later, the two come face to face again when she's cast into the role in a play Sam's written. The play is about his grandparents and their struggles they experienced navigating a biracial relationship.

I enjoyed the scene within a scene aspect of this book. We have the story of Sam and Tate as a couple as they try to come to terms with the betrayal that kept them apart for 14 years, and figure out if life is truly black and white, or if sometimes, the end does justify the means. All the while, we are shown the story of his grandparents through the script. (This made me REALLY want a book about his grandparents. I want to read their story.)

I have got to talk about Charlie, Tate's friend. I adored her, she was more than a secondary character, she was a supporting character and she was amazing!

I only a few quibbles. I wish the HEA would have been more fleshed out. I wish we could have enjoyed Sam and Tate together in an adult relationship. I also wish Sam's character would have been more developed. I was left wondering about him, who he was, what he'd been through - was his life difficult when he returned to the States, how did he make a career out of writing, etc.

CLO write the kinds of stories I want to read. I love this writing duo's style and combined voice.
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