Twice in a Blue Moon

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I really enjoyed this book. While I don't think I love it as much as their other books I still found myself invested. There were times where I did find it difficult to connect to the main character. This was a quick and very cute read. I feel like it could've had more of an emotional punch however, despite that I still recommend this book.
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While this had a very different vibe from past CL books, I was still invested in the characters and their "life" choices. The beginning felt a bit like YA to me with the coming of age "love" connection of Sam and Tate. They meet while vacationing with family in London. We get to know them and their backgrounds.

Will Sam break her heart?  Did she share too much with him?

Fourteen years later, Sam and Tate meet in an unexpected reunion. I had mixed feelings about one of them and was hoping for more of a connection.

I missed the lighthearted, LOL humor that I was expecting from a CL novel, but I enjoyed the characters and the second chance theme!
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I am going to preface this review by saying that I absolutely adore Christina Lauren. This book makes my fourth one by them, and I’m still going to continue reading them. They’re always fun and fast-paced books!

Story | I absolutely loved the beginning of this one. You find out how Tate meets Sam, and you learn about her family’s background. The reader witnesses Tate’s struggle to open up due to the pressure from her Nana, Judith Houriet. You see this young love blossom over the course of a few weeks, just to watch him drop her after telling her to jump.

The story isn’t super exciting after that. She is filming a movie, Milkweed, with her father, which is odd and Sam just so happens to be the screenwriter of said movie. It shakes up her world after she meets Nick Tyler, another actor who shows an interest in Tate. Nick is the other main role in the movie.

This is where I start to have some thoughts about this book. I’m sure everyone knows how this book ends, but for those who don’t, I’m not going to spoil anything. All I will say is: what’s the point of Nick?

I had to snag the audio for this one to read along with because I was just bored. I didn’t have an interest in any of the characters after chapter 10. It’s unfortunate, but I’m looking forward to their next one, The Honey-Don’t List.

I will also say that there isn’t much smut in this, not that there is with Christina Lauren. If you’re going into this expecting that, then I would walk away. Or go into it with different expectations.

Writing | The writing isn’t really any different from the rest of their books. It’s really easy to fly through. I don’t find it super cheesy like I do most romance novels. It’s cheesy, but it’s more of a provolone rather than Swiss. I love cheese so whenever I can pop those references in there the better my life is. 

Characters | This is a book where I don’t have a favorite character. I was honestly more interested in Charlie, Tate’s best friend/makeup artist. I found her more interesting than Tate. I also wanted more of my boo, Marco Offredi, Tate’s PR manager.

Overall | I didn’t enjoy this one very much. It was slow, and I didn’t like the celebrity trope. Those are usually hit or miss for me, anyway. I just think it focused too hard on the exploitation of her history. I wanted more romance! *pounds my fist on the table*

I’m still going to continue on with Christina Lauren’s books. This does not change my mind about the authors. It just didn’t work for me, but I’m sure it’ll work for others.
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I usually stay away from novels about movie stars but I had to give this one a chance. Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren had so many ups and downs. The novel was broken up by spaces of time. From Tate and Sam’s vacation when they are young to reuniting later in life. 

Of course, I wasn’t disappointed in reading this novel. There is a bit of mystery, humor and spice. I love how Sam and Tate’s chemistry build when they met and how the authors brought them back together after so much heartbreak. There is the typical banter and humor that is expected of Christina Lauren, which I love. The ever-present supporting characters are great as well

I did feel like the novel dragged to get to the resolution but that’s just my preference. I recommend it to fans of romance who are looking for something different.

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Loved this take on the second chance romance, the fact that Christina Lauren made me laugh out loud while reading is what made this book so enjoyable. 
Sam & Tate meet as teenagers, and it's love at first sight...then it all blows up. 
Years later, they find themselves back together again, and the sparks fly.  I enjoyed watching this tumultuous couple find their way back to each other.
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Christina Lauren writes a fun story of Tate Jones and the life she is thrown into when her first love exposes her greatest secret.
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Twice in a Blue Moon is the first Christina Lauren novel I've read. I liked the idea of the divided timelines and the second chance romance, but the result seemed like each part was rushed. I would have loved to seen the sides developed a little bit more. I really did enjoy being on a movie set in the second part though, which was so fun. I actually read this one by listening to the audiobook and really enjoyed the narrator. In the future, I definitely want to read Christina Lauren's other novels!

Actual Rating: 3.5 stars
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Christina Lauren is my favorite romance author duo, so when I was approved for my second book by them in the same year I was THRILLED! The cover, the title, the synopsis- everything appealed to me, and I found myself procrastinating on starting it, waiting for a time when I could really sit down, focus and enjoy it. When I finally did have a chance to sit down and read it over the course of a few days, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, sneaking it in during lunch breaks, waiting for rides, etc. It’s one of my favorite Christina Lauren novels to date!

I’ll be honest- though this book was a strong 4 star read for me, what made it so enjoyable for me wasn’t the romance, but the overall plot and setting of the book. It follows protagonist Tate, who is the daughter of a really big movie star but has kept her identity hidden. Split between two time periods, it starts with a focus on her life right before the world rediscovers who she is, and then jumps over a decade later to her adult life as she navigates her acting career. I was so interested in reading all of the behind the scenes details of what the film industry is like, how her father acts in public vs. private, how movies are made, etc. I was so intrigued reading about how once Tate’s identity is released to the press she starts off as a vampire on a CW show which catapults her career until she’s a serious actress playing the lead in an Oscar-worthy period piece. The career progression fascinated me and though I can’t speak to how accurate the depictions were, I found it really interesting to read about how different parts of a movie are shot, staged, and created (like when they build a barn on set to actually burn it down for the film- wild!) I also loved the Northern California farm setting that serves as the backdrop for the movie Tate is filming- you could practically feel the crisp air and easily imagine the serene peacefulness of the rural setting.

Obviously, as a Christina Lauren novel the story is a romance, but it felt very romance “light” compared to many of their other novels (which may be a good or bad thing depending on the mood you are in). It actually reminded me a lot of their novel Love and Other Words although a less intense version, what with the dual timelines and the plot centering around a second chance love story. I felt like the first part of the novel that focused on Tate and Sam’s love story was really well done, and felt believable even though they were only falling in love over the course of a couple weeks during a trip to London. The authors really managed to capture the intense, all consuming feelings of teenage love and infatuation that move at a very accelerated pace, coupled with the tension of following your family’s rules and expectations. Though brief, their whirlwind romance as teens resonated more with me than their reunion as adults. I want to avoid spoilers in this review so I won’t go too in depth, but Tate and Sam’s reunion as adults didn’t move me much. There’s a betrayal they must communicate about and eventually move past, however I personally don’t think I could have 1) moved past it and 2) rekindled the romance after everything that had happened in the time in between. Also, Sam didn’t feel like the same character as his younger self to me, and I had trouble reconciling his older and younger self.

Overall: Twice in a Blue Moon has easily become one of my favorite Christina Lauren novels not for its romance, but for the plot, setting and intimate look at the movie industry and behind the scenes elements of how films are made. It felt to me more like a story of the personal journey of the protagonist who had a romance kick start the rest of her life, rather than her life revolving around a romance, which was a refreshing change.
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3.5 Stars. I just didn’t love how easily issues are forgiven. I wish there was more hardship because the resolution wasn’t satisfying. Other than that, it was as sexy and charming just like all of CL’s other books.
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A second chance romance story. This book may not be for everyone, for me, it had me from the beginning. Tate Jones is on Vacation in London with her grandmother, she also is experiencing like a lot of teens her grandmother’s ways. She paid for something and expects that, which at times embarrasses Tate. Tate and her grandmother meet Sam Bandis and his grandfather at breakfast, a friendship starts. The friendship continues at night because each of their chaperones goes to bed early. They become romantic and Tate shares with Sam that she is the lost daughter of a famous actor.
Everything crashes down around her one morning when Sam and his grandfather are not downstairs, she is also told that they checked out. Problems come when she and her grandmother walk out of the hotel and she is accosted by photographers and newspaper people. She is also taken by one person to a car and given a choice. To end all of this today or the person can use this and help her be a star. She does the later.
Now fourteen years later getting ready for a new movie, she runs into Sam the man she feels not only betrayed her but left her as well. They are to play nice for the movie and everything will work out.   
See I know that this is a book, a story and the story is good. But in life having known my wife since I was 14 ns now being married over 40 years, yeah if I would have pulled something like that when I was young, she may have spoken to me 14 years later but that would be about it. Taking that part out of the story it is good and like I said it is a story, to be fun, that is what I looked at ii as.
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A bit different than other Christina Lauren books that I've read that incorporated more sassy dialogue adn humor. But I still loved this.
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This had the perfect amount of steam for me (someone who is relatively new to the romance genre). I was so intrigued by the story and I LOVE Hollywood drama, so I had a feeling this would be right up my alley.

While the story was intriguing, I had a hard time connecting to the characters. I wasn’t expecting it to be so YA-heavy at the beginning. The teenage romance took up a pretty good chunk of the start of the book...and while I love YA, this just didn’t work for me. I also have a hard time with the enemies-turned-lovers trope and this book particularly made it difficult to enjoy. I never felt a connection between Tate and Sam because so much of the novel focused on their issues - by the time they fall in love, the book is already over. All of that being said, I finished it in less than a day so clearly I enjoyed it.

I do love several other Christina Lauren novels, but this one just wasn’t a favorite.
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This was an okay read. I am a fan of Christina Lauren books but I felt this was missing something. I feel like some of their trademark humor was missing. I also didn’t feel the chemistry between Tate and Sam. This isn’t much different from other CL books it was just lacking the snark that I am used to.
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Hello.  My name is Jillian and I’m a huge Christina Lauren junkie.  It should come at no surprise that I was beyond excited to get my hands on an advance copy of this book and as soon as I did you can bet your behind I dropped everything to dive in. Well, I’ve gotta give it to this dynamic writing duo….they’ve done it again. I mean is there anything these ladies can’t write?

From start to finish, Tate and Sam’s story pulled me in and didn’t let go. I’m already a sucker for a second chance romance and when CL writes it, forget about it! *swoon* These characters are beyond dynamic and the plot is beyond emotional and I loved every page.

Whether you’re a CL junkie like myself, or new to their work, I know you’ll love Twice in a Blue Moon just as much as I did!
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I was not in love with this book. I think we were supposed to root for Sam in order to forgive him and I did not feel that connection to him. 

I was entertained, but I never fully connected to any of the characters. I wasn't attached enough to want to see them get to their HEA.

I did really enjoy the past, until things with Sam happened. And I definitely enjoyed the being on set aspect of the present storyline. But, overall, it wasn't enough for me to give it anything higher than 3-3.5 stars.
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Twice in a Blue Moon unfortunately was not for me. I have reach other Christina Lauren books and I love the romantic scenarios and characters they create, however, in this novel I felt that the characters were not likeable and difficult to root for. 

Sam and Tate meet while both traveling in London in their late teens. After Sam betrays Tate, they don't see each other again for 14 years when they pick up where they left off. The pacing was off for me, especially with the Before and After structure. Some scenes or plot points took a very long time and while others happened in a matter of paragraphs, which I found frustrating as the book itself is not very long. 

I will definitely be reading more Christina Lauren books in the future, but I do not feel that this was one of their best.
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I really enjoyed a great many things about this book. Characters were fleshed out and the plot was well spaced. Some of the secondary storylines could've used a bit more page space but all in all an enjoyable read!
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i went into this with fairly low expectations - mainly because i did not absolutely love their last one + several of my friends were reviewing this as 'meh/fine'... so i just kept putting it off, which sucks. i used to get super excited about a new CL. i don't know. i don't know if it was my low expectations or the book but i just didn't click with this one at all. super slow paced (i was texting my friend 'why are we still in the past at 30%?! when do we get to the present?!') and i think i was at like, 55% or more and the two main characters had barely talked since being reunited... wait, what? mostly, i just didn't care. i didn't know the characters well enough to give a shit about them or their relationship. which sucks big donkey balls and honestly, i'm a little hesitant to read their new one now :\
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While on vacation in London with her grandmother, eighteen-year-old, Tate Jones falls in love with Sam Brandis. She also learns a few days later what heartbreak really is.

Tate meets Sam and his grandfather, Luther soon after arriving in London. Luther, Sam's grandfather and Tate's grandmother strike a conversation and at the beginning, Tate's grandmother is not very friendly. She's tired and upset that her room doesn't have a view. In a selfless act, the men decide to give their room to the ladies to accommodate them.

During the next two weeks, Tate and Sam will spend most days together (and most nights), learning about each other, their fears, their dreams. Tate confides in Sam, she tells him her deepest secret. When her trust is broken, Tate's life spirals into a nightmare.

Fast forward fourteen years, Tate is now an acclaimed actress who's going on location. Her latest movie will be filmed on a farm. Her father is playing her dad in the movie. Tate feels pressure to be at her best. She doesn't want to let her father down. The last thing on her mind was to come face to face with Sam.

I liked Twice in a Blue Moon. I can see it becoming a movie and having a great ending as the book does. I like both characters, I just didn't love them. I wish the second part of the book had more in-depth interaction between Tate and Sam. It was hard to believe they were still so in love with each other after more than a decade. I needed more dialogue. I also missed having the fun banter I have come to expect from these writers since it's one of the things I adore about their books.

Cliffhanger: No

3.5/5 Fangs

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Last night I drove to a book store that is 40 miles from my home to see them speak. I might have fallen a little in love with the Lo half of this writing duo I have enjoyed many of their books. I regularly recommend their books. They are never perfect books but typically I get drawn in and get lost in the story and don’t see the flaws.

This book was an exception. I didn’t like it. At all. The best part of the romance is relegated to the first 30% of the book. And they are 18 & 21. I don’t read YA but that part had a very YA feel to it. The rest of it was not enjoyable. At one point I considered DNF’ing it. The hero does a terrible awful thing, is barely remorseful, for reasons, and the heroine forgives him very easily. I wasn’t buying it. The grovel was almost non-existent. This angered me.

There is a story within the story as the heroine is an actress and the hero is a screenwriter. The movie bits were weird and felt like they dragged on. There is also part of the sub-plot that felt a little icky and left me with a lot of complicated feelings. My friend Suzanne, from Love in Panels did an in-depth review and that talks about this book and the things happening in it. You should definitely check it out. 

This book does have a HEA but I didn’t like the hero enough to care. I’m sure loyal CLo readers will probably really enjoy this book. Not enjoying this book won’t stop me from reading the next one. And if they do another book tour that is an hour +/- from my house, you’ll probably see me in the crowd.

What can I say, I’m complicated.
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