Twice in a Blue Moon

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How do these ladies do it!? Two novels in one year? They must never sleep. Twice in Blue Moon was a wonderful read and loved it! Nothing like a good second change romance story placed in Hollywood, two things I enjoy so much. We get great detail upfront about the relationship the first time and it makes the second half so satisfying. 

You will enjoy this one!
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I love everything Cristina Lauren writes and this was no exception! Although it was more serious than some of their other novels, I was quite invested in the characters and their lives. I think the only thing I would have enjoyed would have been the addition of an epilogue. I feel we were given so much truth and details of these individual characters, ot would have been cool to have it rounded out as a whole with after thoughts. 
 I loved Sam and Charlie. I enjoyed love spanning over years, commitments, families and sacrifices. Acting careers and privacy were very prevalent issues and I enjoyed the inside scoop on them! Broken hearts, forgiveness and true feel with your soul love brought me to the heart of this novel and I adored it!!
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The range of what these two can write about and make me love, somehow still surprises me every time I open up one of their new books. Their more erotic stuff (Wild Seasons and Beautiful series), their romantic comedies (Josh and Hazel, Half-Night Stand, etc.), and their more…poignant (?) novels (Love and Other Words and now this one) have all stuck out to me as being some of my favorite romances of all time for different reasons. While there were a few parts of this one that didn’t make me feel a 100% full-on, typical Arielle obsession, there is no doubt that I felt these words deep in my bones. There are (as always) quite a few quotes that I highlighted the crap out of because I know even just reading those few specific lines over again will have my heart racing.

I’ll been that there will be some people that will say that the romance between Sam and Tate during their brief time in London at the beginning of the book wasn’t believable and I will strongly disagree. I am and always have and will be a die-hard romantic. I’d like to think that I do, in fact, believe in a variation of love at first sight. I think that it’s entirely possible to meet someone for the very first time and have a ~sense~ about them that tells you that they are special. It can be a bone deep connection that you can’t shake..a feeling that your entire life as you know it has changed by this chance meeting. That’s how I feel about how Tate and Sam met. They saw each other, spent time together, talking, and they indeed felt that pull to one another that only happens between certain people. I personally loved that first part and it reminded me a lot of Gayle Foreman’s Just One Day duology.

The story ten fast forwards to about 15 years after their week in London. After the press is alerted to who Tate really is, in a whirlwind of events she is now an actress, just as famous as her father. The two are starring in their very first movie together and they are filming on a beautiful farm in northern California. In an….interesting….turn of events, the screen writer for this film that Tate has grown to love so dearly is, yeah you guessed it, Sam. They have not seen nor heard from one another in FIFTEEN YEARS so it’s a pretty big shock to Tate to say the least. Obviously the rest of the book is about the two of them trying to wade through the ocean of feelings and hurt that lay between them.

The one thing I didn’t like about this book, kind of spoiler alert, was that they didn’t get back together until very near the end of the book. I mean….in real life it’s obviously super realistic for them to have taken a long amount of time to heal their respective wounds before they could reconnect but damn…I selfishly just wanted more time with them actually together as an actual couple lol. It just slightly dimmed the story and knocked off a star for me but that still doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book. I mean when they got back together that first time the writing gave me goosebumps and took my breath away. It was incredible. 

So yes, overall, I would definitely recommend this one. As always. Just know it’s not like the last few light-hearted ones they have written!

Huge thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion! ♥
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This was a cute "second chance" romance. There's some cute humor and snappy dialogue that is trademark of Lauren's romances., but I struggled connecting to Tate and Sam's story. Overall, a cute read, but I wanted more character development.
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Christina Lauren May be my favorite romance authors. All of their stories make me care deeply about their characters and the events going on, but this one is special. 

I didn’t realize how much I liked the “second chance romance” trope until this story.  Watching Tate and Sam fall in love as teenagers was wonderful. I’m glad this look back lasted more than just a chapter or two, because it felt less like a setup to the current storyline and more like an individual story itself. Seeing how (and why) they meet later in the future is made even stronger and more powerful because of this extended backstory. 

All of the characters felt so real. Although the minor characters didn’t get a lot of development, I still felt like I knew each of them. There was enough detail for the characters to feel like real, relatable people.
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I wish I could bottle the feelings I experience when I'm reading a book by Christina Lauren. First there's anticipation, as I've now read eight of their books, and I just love the way they tell a story. Then there's excitement, as the main characters encounter one another and begin the awkward dance of attraction and emotion, tinged with the reluctance of acknowledging their feelings.

Excitement gives way to complete emotional immersion, and I find myself rooting for the characters to find their happily ever after. Then, of course, there's satisfaction, which quickly gives way to sadness...because I realize I'll have to wait at least six months for their next book! (Boy, am I fortunate they've been giving us two books a year lately!)

Their newest book, Twice in a Blue Moon, has now become my favorite. There's a love story, of course, but it's coupled with complicated family issues and the added appeal of the entertainment world. It's ironic, too, that a book which in part takes place on a movie set is one of the books I'd most love to see adapted for the big or small screen!

Tate Jones and her grandmother are on a trip to London to celebrate Tate's 18th birthday and her impending departure for college. Apart from the early days of her childhood, Tate has lived with her mother and grandmother in a small Northern California town, where everyone knows everyone and tourists are plentiful in season. She's always longed for more, but since she bears a secret that the world would die to know—she's the long-lost daughter of a famous film actor—she has always had to live life quietly.

While Tate enjoys everything about London, early on in her trip she meets Sam Brandis, a handsome college student on a similar vacation with his grandfather, who raised him. Tate and Sam are drawn to each other immediately, and over the course of a few late nights spent talking (and more), they fall in love with each other. Tate gives Sam her heart, and at the same time, shares the secret of who her father is, and all of the facts and feelings she's kept hidden deep inside. Within a day or two, her truths are exposed for the world to see, and she never sees Sam again.

Fourteen years later, Tate has made a name for herself as an actress. She's been lucky professionally, but romantically, not so much. She is set to make a movie with her father for the very first time, a movie she believes might change the course of her career, and perhaps the dynamics of her relationship with her father. And when she steps on to the set, one of the first people she sees is the one who betrayed her trust all those years ago, leaving her life and heart in turmoil.

Twice in a Blue Moon is a story of whether love can withstand anything thrown in its path, and whether a second chance is really ever possible. It's a story of the complicated relationship between fathers and daughters, particularly when both are in a business where image is everything, as well as a story of the sacrifices parents are willing to make for their children. The book also explores the idea of whether there's really one true love out there for everyone, or whether you can find it in yourself to move on.

Christina Lauren's books are always full of humor, emotion, steamy sex, chemistry, and an immense amount of heart, and Twice in a Blue Moon is no exception. Most importantly, though, the way they tell a story (Christina Lauren is the pen name for the collaboration of two writers who are best friends) is so compelling that I can never seem to tear myself away, even though I know I might be left without one of their books for a while.

I can't recommend this or any of their other books enough. Love and Other Words was my favorite until now, mainly because, like this book, I tend to like love stories that have some emotional history to them. But every single one of their books that I've read have left me in awe of their talent and left me a little teary-eyed at the end.

NetGalley and Gallery Books provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!

This book will be published October 22, 2019.
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I love the 2nd change at love angle. I loved the Hollywood aspect. I loved Sam's family story. This was just an all around great book.
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I don’t read second chance romances often enough to be an expert, but Tate and Sam’s story was touching, moving and beautiful. They needed a second chance. It was like neither was able to move on without the other. Both of them already found THE ONE, now it was just a case of letting the past be the past and moving on! The circumstances might have been unfortunate but the endgame was already written in the stars.

I love Hollywood inspired novels. It’s like getting a glimpse of how it’s done in Hollywood. Moreover I enjoyed all the movie related details about the set, the crew, the process.

Although part of the story was mostly about Tate’s journey, it didn’t take away from the overall beautifully crafted love story between the two star-crossed lovers. Instead it allowed for a more deeply insight into Tate’s life after the tumultuous event in London. The past and present collided in a very emotional, and heart tugging way. And I had a hard time putting the book down, which made going to work really inconvenient.

With each CL book, it has become more clear, that their standalone novels are some of my favorites of all in this industry. I’m always looking forward to the next, excited to see what it will be about, because each one is unique, distinctive and compelling in its own way. Twice in a Blue Moon was no exception.

The one thing I always lament about is the missing epilogue. The ending comes way too soon, I’m always unprepared and need just a little more time to say goodbye to my favorite characters.
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A heartwarming love story that will have you feeling so many emotions! Love isn’t an easy road, throw in life decisions that force you to choose between the family that loves you and the love you’ve just met and you’re bound to make a decision that will cause an earth shattering domino effect! 

Sam and Tate have had their fair share of disappointment and for a short time they both found friendship, and love in their short time together but the choice of one shattered all they thought they had! Years later fate thought it’d be funny and they find themselves trying to figure out what it all means! When the past repeats itself it’s up to Tate to decide if love is worth the fall!
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We should all feel blessed that the duo of Christina Lauren not only gave us one amazing book this year but two! They are at the top of their game in this book. Second chance romances are not my thing so I was a little hesitant going into this book. However, I was sold almost immediately. This is a more serious book in their line up with angst and emotions galore. My only complaint was I needed more book. An epilogue or more well rounded ending maybe? I just felt like it needed one epilogue for me. 

This book is for anyone that is obsessed with second chance romances, the city of London, Hollywood life, emotional love stories, and strong family representation.  

ARC provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved most of Christina Lauren’s other books.  In particular Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating and My Favorite Half Night Stand. But I only liked this one. I guess one things I didn’t like is the quick switches  for the female character, Tate. She changes her mind and forgives too quickly. It felt forced without actually change or growth. I love this troupe though, find a long lost love again. It is so romantic. So all and all a cute albeit proposerous love story for when you need something light, sweet and sexy.
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This is the fifth Christina Lauren title I’ve read. It immediately shot to second-favorite in the ranking. Though I didn’t connect either Ben or find him as sympathetic as the writers likely wanted, I really enjoyed Tate, Charlie, and Nick, as well as the glimpse we got into Hollywood’s inner workings.
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Christina Lauren have an INCREDIBLE knack for being able to perfectly capture young love and what it feels like. It's as if I am suddenly transformed to being a new adult when I read their books about 18-20somethings and I am completely immersed in that world. 

This book is very good at that. It does a great job of the flashback. I could have kept reading and reading that part. When it came to the present tense, however, something fell short. I didn't feel like the hero and heroine got enough time together as present-day adults and were just going off of their romance from years ago. I wanted more of the NOW. 

Other than that, this book was very well done.
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When I first discovered Christina Lauren, I was amazed to learn that they were actually a writing duo - there is no part of their books that feels disjointed or written by multiple minds! The more I devoured their backlist, I continued to be impressed with each of their contemporary romances and even more so, the rate that they churn out these novels without sacrificing quality. 

Enter Twice in a Blue Moon, the second novel this duo will be releasing in 2019 and in my humble opinion, their very best yet. I've always been a sucker for second chance romances and for Hollywood stories - so couple these together (no pun intended, okay maybe a little pun intended) and this book just spoke to me. The authors spend a great deal of time on the first part of the romance before we jump to the second chance, which I think is what makes this book so special - I felt Tate's feelings as she fell in love and then again years later the angst during the second phase. By devoting the time to exploring the feelings initially rather than a quick prologue before a time jump, we really get the opportunity to experience the ride alongside our characters. Throwing in a good Hollywood scandal and father/daughter issues, Twice in a Blue Moon is a great romance but more than that, it's a cast of characters I truly loved. 

Thank you to Gallery Books for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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Brings to mind Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal. Tate is 18 and on a post-high school, before college trip to London with her fastidious grandmother. On day one, they meet Sam, age 21, on a month-long trip with his grandfather. Sam, a writer by hearts' desire, gets Tate to open up about her life and what she'd really like to do with her life, revealing a deep secret that her father is legendary Hollywood actor. As her secret is leaked and her life is drastically changed, maybe for the better, Tate doesn't see Sam for 14 years. Until the run into each other on the set of the movie where Tate and her father will be both be acting. Will Sam and Tate find what they once had?

A fun story, predictable, but still a fun romance you'll want to read.
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How do you survive when your first true love betrays you by selling a secret that explodes your whole world? Tate creates a new life when her secret is shared with the tabloids and her parentage is revealed. But because of the betrayal she has never opened her heart again. Now she is about to make a movie that could win her awards when her first love and betrayer reappears in her life.Will Tate be able to find a way to let go of the anger and make this movie? Will she ever learn to let anyone into her heart? A story of love and betrayal and family and making your life your own. Christina Lauren has again written a book that will make you laugh and make you care about the characters.
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Twice in a Blue Moon is the story of Tate and Sam, who meet each other by chance in London.  Each in London for their own personal reasons, Tate and Sam end up making a rare connection.  Torn apart by what Tate believes is a betrayal, Tate and Sam meet again fourteen years later.  Dealing with situation at hand, the truth makes it way out--and making the decision on who to trust.
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Where to start?? I loved Tate and Sam. I'm such a big fan of young love reuniting as adults. What an incredible story. I felt a LOT of emotions throughout the whole thing. I couldn't put it down.
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When Tate was a teenager, she took a trip to London with her grandmother. There, she met a boy her age named Sam, and his farmer grandfather. Tate and Sam fall hard and fast for each other, making the most of their short time together. Sam tells Tate he thinks his grandfather is dying but hasn't told him, and Tate admits she's the daughter of a famous film star living under wraps. She is sure she can trust Sam with her secret, until he reveals her story to the press. Heartbroken and betrayed, Tate swears she is done with Sam forever. That is, until he appears in her life more than a decade later and she has to decide whether to give him another chance.
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Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book.
Twice In A Blue Moon is actually the second I read from this author, after my first book The Unhoneymooners which has just come out.  I enjoyed both of them although I liked Unhoneymooners a bit more.
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