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Second Time is the Charm!

Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren is a stand-alone contemporary romance not part of a series. 

This story is about forgiveness and the bravery to throw yourself out there for a second chance.  Fresh out of high school, Tate Jones along with her grandmother take a trip to London for a 2-week adventure.   Staying at Tate’s same hotel is Sam Brandis.  Tate and Sam quickly fall for each other and Sam becomes Tate’s first love.  Tate confides to Sam that she is the long-lost daughter of Hollywood’s biggest actor and has been living in plain sight secretly in a small town.  Armed with this information, Sam is at an ethical crossroads and chooses the only road he sees open which is the ultimate betrayal of Tate.  Fourteen years later, Tate is as big of a presence in Hollywood as her father is and has fought hard to rarely think of her first love.    Sam fourteen years ago was her once in a blue moon love and now all these years later Tate steps into a new movie set finding her once in a blue moon love. 

I have become a huge fan of Christiana Lauren books.  These authors have become my unicorn and I very much get excited when they come out with a new book.   Also, have to mention the cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous.  One of their best!   I really wanted to love this book like I have loved many of their books but this one just didn’t do it for me.  The pace at the beginning was a bit slow but then it picked up but unfortunately by enthusiasm just never got there.    The two things that didn’t do it for me in this story was the paparazzi interest in Tate’s boy drama and Tate getting over Sam’s betrayal so easily.    Both of those things just didn’t seem so believable.  The other issue I have is that this book is labeled as a romantic comedy but this story is in no way a romantic comedy, it is very much a contemporary romance.  The publisher may want to rethink its category because a lot of people like me will expect some humor and there isn’t much humor in this story.   I do like the characters a lot in this book and the writing of course is solid as you’d come to expect from Christina Lauren but the story itself just wasn’t my favorite of theirs
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Christina Lauren is my favorite writing duo and one of my favorite all-time authors. When I found out that they had another book coming out at the end of this year, I was so excited! Twice in a Blue Moon is a second chance at love story. Tate, 18,and Sam, 21, meet up in London while vacationing with their respective grandparent. They hit it off and Tate not only shares her heart with Sam, but also shares her deepest secret: who her father is. Within a day or two, her secret is exposed and her life is changed. Fast forward to 14-15 years later, Tate is a famous actress and finds herself on the set of an upcoming blockbuster with someone who betrayed her trust and gave her heartbreak all these years ago. Overall, this was a decent read. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t the worst. My all-time favorite from Christina Lauren is The Unhoneymooners. To be fair, I’m not a fan of second chance love stories and typically try to avoid them, but I decided to give Twice in a Blue Moon a chance since it’s with my favorite authors. I really liked plot which was intriguing and the writing style gripes me every time. However, I felt like I was wanting more. It would have great to read Sam’s perspective on this and not just Tate’s as I felt his character fell a bit flat and I didn’t feel like we really knew his personality as an adult. I was a bit disappointed in the climatic part of the book as that fell a bit flat for me as well. In all in all, if you’re a fan of Christina Lauren, you’ll love this book. Also if you’re a fan of second chance love, I definitely recommend this one even though it wasn’t for me.
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Eighteen-year-old Tate Jones has been living with a secret for most of her life; she’s actually, Tate Butler. Daughter of world-famous actor Ian Butler. After her parents’ messy split, Tate is whisked away to live with her mother and isn’t heard from again. While celebrating with a trip to England with her grandmother, Tate meets Sam. The two immediately hit it off and for the first time in her life Tate reveals her secret to Sam. When the media suddenly shows up at her hotel and Sam has disappeared, she knows he’s the one who broke the story and her heart. 
Years later Tate has reconnected with her father and has become a well know actress in her own right. When she lands the leading role in a movie that’s sure to catapult her into bigger stardom and will also have her working alongside her father, she’s beyond excited. However, the excitement is quickly dashed when she learns that the screen writer is non-other than Sam. 

Tate hasn’t seen or heard from Sam in more than ten years and while her dislike for him is very strong she’s shocked at how her heart reacts to him. 

This story is told in two parts. The first revolves around the trip Tate makes with her grandmother and meeting Sam; the second is when they meet up again. I love second chance romances and I really liked the concept of this storyline as well as the characters but there was something that made this book hard for me to connect with. The second part of the story is where I had a hard time staying focused. It seemed to be rushed and I felt lost when it came to the supporting characters. It seemed like they were just…there. They had dialogue, but I just couldn’t keep them straight. 

Nice storyline but it didn’t hit me where I thought it would. I might have to give this one another try at a later date.
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I tend to be a huge fan of Christina Lauren, but this book was a miss for me. It seemed to cheesy and unrealistic. I think the authors have exhausted their stories... I absolutely loved Josh and Hazel, I enjoyed Roomies, I liked The Unhoneymooners... and now we have Twice in a Blue Moon, and it just feels overdone. I've read books like this, it didn't feel unique. And, what are the odds she's going to meet a cute guy while in Europe with her grandma, and he just so happens to be with his grandpa? It just didn't feel creative or sexy to me. As much as I wanted to like it, I just didn't.
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Sam and Tate have the most charming whirlwind romance in London while they are both on vacation with family. Tate reveals all her secrets to Sam, including that she is the long lost daughter of a famous movie star (George Clooney status). She is devastated and heartbroken when Sam reveals her secret to the press. Fast forward to fourteen years later and they meet on a movie set where Tate is the up and coming star and Sam wrote the script. Christina and Lauren write a compelling and addicting story of what happens when you get a second chance at the first love. There are so many layered characters here, some who almost steal the show from Sam and Tate. The added drama of family relationships and career choices, make this more than a simple romance. Must read!
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Holy macaroni! You’re gonna cry, like ugly cry! Such a great, heartbreaking book! really sweet and really well written!
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I liked the plot and the connection between the two main characters. I felt like we could have spent a little more time in London with them though to build it up a bit more.
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This was a little different from what I'm used to with Christina Lauren.  The story following Tate and her life before and after she became and actress had lots of serious undertones without all the steam we usually seen in the duo's books.  

Tate and Sam had a summer fling when she was a teenager, which ended abruptly and them not seeing each other for years. Until one fateful day 14 years later, sees them working on a movie set together.  How will they move forward when they're stuck in the fallout of the past?

I really enjoyed it and they focused on Tate and Kyle working through their feelings of what happened.  Tate does have some insecurities mainly because of her rough history.  I believe readers will relate to her character because of that.
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"I want every wish he ever makes to be for this. A penny in a fountain. The first star. An eyelash. Eleven Eleven. Just for one more time."

I'm crazy about Christina Lauren books. Twice in a Blue Moon is a fantastic read. The storyline is so unique. It takes place on a movie set, so you get a story within the story. I loved that aspect of it. Sam and Tate met and fell in love within two weeks. They were young and both on vacation. The connection was instant between these two. I was rooting for them from the beginning. There is an incident that happens and keeps them apart. Years later, they are thrown back into each other's lives. It's not easy for them to reconnect but, it also feels easy at the same time. This second chance romance was a fairly quick read for me. I'm pretty sure I read it in one sitting. If you are already fans of their books, it's a no brainer. It's a must-read.
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I've read almost everything written by dynamic duo Christina Lauren, so I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Twice in a Blue Moon. What's impressive about this latest work is the range shown in this book. At face, this is a book about first love and second chances between Tate Jones and Sam Brandis. At a deeper level, it's also about familial relationships, the cost of fame, and how deep the bonds of love go. 

Tate and Sam meet and spend two magical weeks falling in love together in London. A deeply buried secret and broken trust shatters their fragile bond. When Tate runs into Sam 14 years later, she's left with a difficult choice. Can she open herself up to love again? Can the harshest of transgressions be forgiven?

This book exists across time periods and with a strong cast of characters. Christina Lauren has taken her craft to another level with this book, and I predict that readers are going to love it.

Many thanks to NetGalley, the authors, and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Let's see.  How do I say I loved this book differently than the way I have said that about other CL books?  Hmmmm?
I adored this book.  Christina Lauren is the perfect read for me, for several reasons...first being, it is always enjoyable.  This book was different for me.
I'm not sure if it was the setting (both of them), the characters, the second chance love story (I am such a sucker for those) or the fact that I was interested in everything about this novel.  Spoiler:  It was all of these things.
I found myself trying not to fall asleep while reading because I just didn't want it to end.  I was entranced in Tate and Sam's world.  The characters came to life.  
If you are a Christina Lauren fan, you are not going to want to miss this one.  It was lovely and personal all the while just steamy enough.  Huge kudos.  They have done it again!!
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I typically love reading Christina Lauren books as they are a nice light break but also very dependable to get me out of any reading ruts. This novel just missed the mark for me. I never felt really connected to the main character and the side characters were not fleshed out enough for me to really feel or relate to them. 

Tate was a female protagonist that did not come across overly strong or independent. The acting career she ended up having was not very well foreshadowed in the beginning chapters that cemented hers and San's history together so, when time forwarded, her acting seemed to come out of nowhere and really threw me off. Speaking of those first few chapters, I LOVED her grandmother, Jude, as well as Sam's grandfather, Luther. I wish more was done with these characters but they disappeared almost completely when the plot was moved to present day. That was a huge let down to me as I really thought there was going to be some major female and familial bonding happening that would give Tate more body behind her character. Instead, the book chose to focus on the romantic relationship which, although it was very believable in the beginning, it became so forced and conjectured by the end that I was really wishing for more side plots to appear. The only visible side plot was the one between Tate and her father which was intriguing to a point but, again, I wish we had more to go off of for his character that would either explain his actions more or at least make the reader more interested in him in general. I found him boring and predictable.

The authors had so many routes to go down with this novel, whether it be more focus on Charlie or Nick or even Tate's mom. Instead, it became too much of a stereotypical romance for me with not much else to go on. It doesn't mean I will stop reading Christina Lauren because they have definitely put out some hits. I just hope they spend more time really expanding on the inner thoughts and motives of characters in the future instead of portraying women as being only motivated by sex and love. 

Many thanks to Gallery and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Twice in a Blue Moon is charming story about first love and second chances. The story had unique twist that I adored. I loved how it was split between past and current times. I only wish I could have read it from both points of view. I loved Tate. She was strong, brave and sassy. Sam was a little harder to love but I ended up falling for him completely. In true Christina Lauren form this book will make swoon, laugh and fall in love. I flew through this book and was sad when it was over. Honestly this story could have gone on forever and I would have been fine with it.
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Christina Lauren is somewhat hit or miss for me. BUT, I'm here to tell you that I LOVED Twice in a Blue Moon. 

All characters were well developed and I appreciate how they told this story. I enjoyed reading about a magical, blissful London vacation where two soulmates meet. Sam Brandis is so super duper dreamy and Tate Jones falls head over heels for him and lets him know about a key part of her past--that only few people know about. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, he is not at trustworthy as would seem. There's a reveal and Tate's entire life changes because of this situation. 

Fast forward 14 years later, Tate is a major star set to star in a movie called Milkweed written by S.B. Hall. This movie is set to push her into the stratosphere. The Big Misunderstandings abound when the filming of Milkweed begins, but Tate and Sam are able to handle them adroitly.
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What a story, it begins with Tate and Sam meeting in London when they were young. They have a whirl wind romance then ... major betrayal. 

Fast forward 14years later they are thrown back together , can tate find it in her heart to forgive sam? 

This book is everything you expect from Christina Lauren! This second chance romance is a must read you won’t be disappointed to add this to your to be read list , the only thing I wish this book had was an epilogue to see the characters in the future a bit
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I must say I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book but once I got into the story I was hooked. I instantly fell in love with Tate and Sam and omg their story was so swoon perfection! This book really surprised me with how much honestly was written into their characters and storyline.
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Twice in a Blue Moon is another great read from Christina Lauren! It’s about falling in love, making mistakes and the journey to finding forgiveness. 

There was great chemistry between Tate and Sam. I was surprised that a third of the book was dedicated to the time when they met and first fell in love. However, I loved getting to read about the details of when Sam and Tate first fell in love. Having the details made the betrayal that Tate experienced seem that much more heartbreaking. Even with their history, I loved when Tate and Sam met again. It felt like everything is set against them finding a way to reconnect but I found myself rooting for them the entire time anyway. 

Another binge worthy read from my favorite writing duo!
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A fabulous story.   I shouldn't be surprised since I almost always love books by  Christina Lauren.      However, this was a second chance at love story, which usually aren't my favorites.    But I fell in love with both Tate and Sam.   

I love how there wasn't any overly drawn out angst.
I love how the "betrayal" wasn't a made up misunderstanding .
I love how both characters had flaws, but accepted it in each other.
I loved both the young and the nature versions of the characters.
I love how sweet this story was without being overly sappy.  

I loved this so much im going shopping to see if there are any books by this author that I haven't read.  

I did receive this as an advance copy from net galley.   It didn't affect my review, which you will believe when you read this for yourself.
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This is a story about first love. During a whirlwind trip to Europe with her grandmother, Tate Jones meets Sam Brandis and falls for him over late night chats discussing life. Tate tells him about things she’s never talked to anyone outside of her best friend before, including who she really is, the lost daughter of one of the biggest movie stars in the world. When her trust in Sam is broken, and her true identity is revealed, Tate’s entire life changes. Fast forward fourteen years, Tate is an actress herself on the set of her first dramatic film role when she unexpectedly runs into her first love again. 

When we were chatting about the book, my friend said Tate gave her Suri Cruise vibes and she really does! Tate goes from a relatively normal teenager to being forced into the spotlight, and having her world turned upside down. While she becomes the famous actress she dreamed about being, she holds a lot of conflicting feelings towards Sam. Anger, heartbreak, desire, it’s ALL there when she see’s Sam on set after 14 years. This entire story is told from Tate’s perspective, and while I love dual POV, being in Tate’s head for the entire book works so well. Although I wanted to shake Tate at times, she can be a little clueless, I felt so sucked into her story. I absolutely loved the settings, London and Northern California wine country, and the side characters (minus Tate’s dad). Christina Lauren created real magic with this one! 

Twice in a Blue Moon was a 4.5 star read for me. I would have loved to have an epilogue (maybe from Sam’s POV?) and more steam
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Californian Tate and her grandmother  are on a dream of a lifetime trip to London to celebrate Tate’s high school graduation.  Staying at their hotel are Luther Hill and his 21 year old grandson Sam. Brandis from a farm in Vermont.  The four Americans hit it off and soon are enjoying the city together. As the young couple get to know each other they fall in love.  Both have had teen age relationships but this feels really different, more like a soulmate thing.  When Sam does something very bad, exposing a secret Tate told him, she feels doubly betrayed.

Cut to 15 years later.  Tate is an actress poised for her break-out role, a strong white woman running a farm on her own who dares to fall in love with black salesman.  She comes by her talent honestly as the daughter one of the most famous male stars in recent Hollywood history.  In fact, her estranged real dad plays her movie dad in the film.  It is the talk of the tabloids, the relationship between the rising star and the super star.  The drama on the set only increases when Tate finds out that the author/screenwriter is no other than her first, and so far, only love.

This is a very sweet novel.  Tate and Sam have to reconcile their past before they can have any kind of a future together.  The authors use humor and a succession of interesting secondary characters to help the pair along.  A fun read for romance readers.
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