Twice in a Blue Moon

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Tate and her grandmother take a vacation to London. Tate meets a wonderful young man. Or so she thinks! In just the few weeks she is in London, she falls in love with Sam. She tells him her deepest secret. Then she is betrayed.

Years later, Tate encounters Sam on the set of a movie. This throws Tate completely off her game. You will have to read this story to find out their where’s, when’s, why’s and how’s.

This is not your typical story from this duo. It is missing all the snarkiness and the funny innuendos. But, it is still a good tale. I will say, when the story began, I felt like I was reading a teen love story. I will be honest, I almost put it aside. I am glad I continued reading. The connection between Sam and Tate is strong. But, is it strong enough to survive?

I received this novel for St. Martin’s Press and Book Expo 2019.
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A feel good story of two people who meet and fall in love, but wait, there's more.  At the beginning, they move quickly from strangers to more than just friends.  When secrets are shared, then sold, the two part just as quickly as they came together.  Fast forward and fate pushed them together again.  Can they learn to trust again?  Love again?  Well, it is a romantical novel.  But the journey they travel is a very entertaining one that will satisfy even the most cynical reader.  The ending is very good.  That big sigh you heard was me, I really enjoyed this book.
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This book was definitely one of my favorite books today!! It's my first book by Christina Lauren, and I'll definitely be going back for more!!!! Her writing is done so beautifully and so well! I feel like I'm reading a piece of true literature.

I really love when we get two parts to a story, a now and a then. Christina did this so beautifully!!!! When Sam & Tate met in London, it was so adorable. I loved the way she wrote their blooming romance. Their type of "insta-love" was so special, and so memorable. Who doesn't want to travel abroad and fall in love? Then, the insane heartbreak that followed, oh how my heart hurt for Tate!!! Each of these single moments were written as if we were a tourist traveling with them, from the moment her and Nana got to the hotel, to when she met Sam & Luther, to after Sam & Luther left. Every moment, every scene, just written so perfectly.

Now for the characters, Tate blew me away. I love how she has this past that no one knows about and how Sam is this farm boy who was saved. They seemed just so perfect for each other. Fast-forward years later, I equally love them as adults. Tate has grown into absolutely everything she wanted to be, and then we get this insane wrench thrown in the works with Sam. This wrench was EVERYTHINGGGGG. The movie that we see Tate do is life-changing, career-changing, it's a piece of art. To see everything that went into it was so special, but it was also special to see Tate in the role. Sam was absolutely everything I'd hoped for. He's this rugged man, who also followed his dream. It just couldn't have been more perfect. Also, soooo aptly named title!

The scenery in this book really blew me away. From the touristy things in London, to the farm on the photo shoot, to just about everything. I really felt like I was feeling the fire that Tate felt while filming, I felt like I was laying in the grass with them, I mean just everything was there! It was truly a big part of what made this book so special!

I have to say, I cannot wait to read more of their books. I can't believe it took me this long, but it definitely won't be my last!
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I really tried to finish this book so I could give it an accurate review however I did not find it capturing enough to keep me entertained to finish.
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I have loved every Christina Lauren book I have read and this is no exception! This is a bit more serious than most of their books but I still really enjoyed it. I love second chance romances and this was a fantastic one!
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Christina Lauren are a wonderful combo of authors that really do work so well together. Their work is so well intertwined. This is another terrific release from this duo. A quick and sweet romantic read that was a pleasurable change from some of the darker reads of this time of year. The story is a sweet romance of love at first sight with a wonderful setting, making the atmosphere part of the story. 
Their work is always great fun and with a great tone.
Definitely recommend.
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This was my first ever Christina Lauren book, I know this is a kick-ass female writing duo, and I have heard amazing things about their books in the past. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a hit for me, there many issues that I had with it, and the main one is something that I could tell was going to happen almost immediately.

The book starts when the two main characters meet on a vacation in London, how they grew closer, and ultimately the events that drove them apart, all of this last for about the first 30% of the book. Then it time jumps 14 years in the future to where they reconnect and everything that comes with that. I felt that since a big chunk of the beginning of the book takes place in the past instead of the present, the pacing in the present was thrown off. This book honestly needed about 100 more pages to fully develop the story and have more realistic pacing.

I feel like not much happens in the middle of the book and then in about the last 30% of the book, I feel like so much was jammed into a small amount of page, Many of the main plot points happened within a few days, which didn’t feel natural, and led to a disconnect to the book with the reader.

After finishing the book I sadly realized I never grew to care for either of the main characters, Tate and Sam. I also didn’t care or understand their relationship, I didn’t feel any chemistry between them.

I was hoping that the ending would redeem some of the books for me, but I was disappointed, The ending was rushed because of the entire book’s pacing being thrown off, and I felt that the story ended up abruptly without much of a resolution, and was very unsatisfying.

Though I didn’t love this book at all, I have heard amazing things about these wonderful ladies, so I do plan on giving some of their books a chance in the future.
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This was my first Christina Lauren book, and the author duo did not disappoint. I've been interested in reading their books for quite some time, but I never took the dive until I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. Many thanks!

I've heard that this duo are masters of romance novels, and that statement is absolutely true. From the first flirty-cutesy scenes to the full on rush that is falling in love, they have it all, and they write it well. There was so much chemistry between the main characters, which meant the ending came way too quickly. Let me stop you before you consider that a con; it's not. I enjoyed the story so much and am praising the writing so wholly that I absolutely wanted more story. Even if they wrote 1,000 more pages, it wouldn't be enough. Second chance love stories are special and can be a difficult feat to complete properly, but these ladies nailed it.
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It seems like Christina Lauren has been turning out books like crazy lately. Perhaps that's why this latest one wasn't that great. It wasn't bad, but it seemed to lack the heart of previous works.

Tate and Sam's relationship seemed rush. I understand that they were each other's first loves and falling head over heels while somewhere exotic is a popular trope, but it never felt real in this case. Fast forward to their reunion that any reader saw coming and it was more of the same. Nothing was surprising and the ending was completely rushed. Perhaps that would be OK if it had been a satisfying ending, but it wasn't. 

Every writer is allowed to stumble. I hope this is Christina Lauren's anomaly.
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Anything written by the amazing ladies Christina and Lauren is going to be gold! I loved the romance elements in this one and the character development made me wanting more!
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I haven't met a Christina Lauren novel I didn't like. That said, the magic comes late to this one - something that left me wanting just a little... more. There's still plenty to love about this tale, however, with a charming cast and plenty of drama. So excited for their next novel in Spring, 2020!
Much thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an advanced copy for review.
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𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼𝓷’𝓽 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓼𝓮𝓬𝓸𝓷𝓭 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮? ⁣
I know I do and this book made me FEEL!  It took me back in time to young love and made me remember that all-consuming passionate feeling of when you first find your soul mate.  How no matter how much time you spend together it is never enough because all you want to do is learn all there is about one another. 💏⁣
“𝑰 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒉𝒊𝒎 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒃𝒆 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒉𝒊𝒎 𝒊𝒏 𝒂 𝒘𝒂𝒚 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒇𝒆𝒆𝒍 𝒏𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒚 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒅.”⁣
The story of Tate and Sam will pull at your heart strings.  A second chance romance with some Hollywood drama thrown in.  In addition, throughout this story we learn what true unconditional love is and what it isn’t. ❤️⁣
Unconditional love sometimes comes from people who place themselves in your life because they want to be there, not because their blood or DNA says they have to be.  Tate learns through her journey what real unconditional love is and what it’s not... and what she learns will change her life forever because it only comes about Twice in a Blue Moon. ✨🌙 ⁣
This book released yesterday so fun out and buy your copy now!  You will want to devour this @christinalauren book!
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I have read so many of Christina Lauren's books that they are now an auto-buy whenever they have a new release. Unfortunately, this one didn't grab me the way previous books have. I will most likely revisit it at a later time, because I'm a total mood reader! This is a large gap second chance romance where you get that young love and devastation, and then get to dive into the aftermath as they meet again as adults. I think secnd change reader's will love it!
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3.5 - 4 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy contemporary romance that falls more on the emotional end of the spectrum.

When 18 year old Tate and 21 year old Sam meet by chance on vacation in London they fall fast and hard. With their grandparents they spend nearly two weeks together and become inseparable. Tate tells Sam her deepest darkest secret, that she's the child of famous actor Ian Butler. When Sam disappears and the press swarm their hotel, her secret is out and she knows she's been betrayed by the only boy she's ever let in. Years later, as a famous actress, Tate is going to star in a film with her father. Despite what they want the media to think, they're not close, and before the press found her, he wasn't in her life. Filming is going to be tense, and that is before she realizes that Sam wrote the screen play for the movie she's starring in. How can she put on the performance of her life, while he's watching her every move?

I meant to read Love and Other Words before I got to this one, but I ran out of time. I didn't quite know what to expect from a more emotional Christina Lauren book. One thing I love about their writing is the comedy. I found myself enamored with young Tate and Sam, and their whirlwind romance in London. I didn't want the betrayal to happen, even though I knew that it would. I also liked Tate and Sam in the present. I thought that their conflict and romance was very slow burn, which I liked, but there wasn't as much tension as I expected. I'm not overly into plots about famous people, so while I liked the parts where they were filming the movie, all of the PR and high profile stuff wasn't my favorite. I thought that Sam was really swoony, and that his movie sounded incredible. I liked the ending, but felt like it could have possibly used an epilogue. Overall I enjoyed this one, but I was hoping for a bit more tension, romance, and drama. All that being said, it took me about a day to read, so it is definitely captivating, just not my favorite CL book to date.
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They are the best at romance books. Another one that I would recommend to people who don't even LIKE romance.
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A young woman’s heart is broken after she reveals a secret. Years later, she comes face to face with the same man who betrayed her, and she must decide whether she’ll give him another chance. Author duo team Christina Lauren tackles the complications of first love coming back around in the dragged-out novel Twice in a Blue Moon.

At 18, Tate Jones can’t believe she’s in London. It’s a long ways away from Guerneville, California, the small town where she lives with her mother and Nana. In the U.K., Tate’s getting a taste of what life will be like when she goes to college. Well, if Nana goes with her when she leaves for school. But Tate won’t let her grandmother dispel the magic of visiting a new place. She’ll follow the schedule Nana set up and drink in every minute of the two weeks they’ve planned to spend on their vacation.

The magic becomes electric when Tate meets Sam Brandis and his grandpa, Luther. Sam is 21 and already in college; he’s handsome and funny and kind, and there’s no doubt he feels a connection to Tate too. Within days, the two become inseparable. 

Tate finds herself falling hard and fast in love with Sam, and he tells her the same thing. He feels something for her that he hasn’t felt for anyone else. Tate gives Sam her heart, her love, and her deepest secret: her last name isn’t Jones, it’s Butler. She’s the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor, Ian Butler. When she was eight years old, her mother moved Tate from L.A. to Guerneville to get away from the PR machine. She and Tate changed their last names and went underground.

Tate has never shared the truth about her identity with anyone. People in Guerneville think she’s just plain old Tate Jones, and the media have no idea where Tate Butler lives. That information would be golden to anyone, and it becomes especially true for Sam who leaks it.

Years later, Tate, now an up-and-coming actress herself, walks onto the set of a film that everyone says could be the turning point of her career. Tate’s excited about the prospect, as much for the challenge the role provides as for the fact that it’s the first time she’ll be working on a movie with her father. Maybe, she thinks, the surface-level relationship she and Ian have had all these years will sink deeper and become more than just a publicity stunt.

Then she discovers that that the scriptwriter is Sam, and the clock rolls back 14 years. As Tate grapples with her feelings and the movie role, she’ll have to face the reality of how he betrayed her and whether she can forgive it. Either way, Tate knows one thing for sure: she won’t be forgetting Sam any time soon.

Author team Christina Lauren build a believable story of first love during the time Tate and Sam spend in London. Readers who have had their hearts broken by someone will find themselves reminiscing about their own experiences. Tate’s wide-eyed acceptance of Sam and her indecision about whether to trust him ring true to life.

The problem comes after the London portion of the book, which takes up more than a third of the novel. The years that pass between Sam’s betrayal and when he and Tate meet again get tossed to the wind. Tate goes from an innocent 18-year-old to an actress in her mid-thirties adept at handling the paparazzi and the ancillary inconveniences of celebrity life. Readers don’t get the benefit of watching her struggle in her craft as an actor or through the subsequent relationships after Sam.

As a result, Tate’s success doesn’t feel earned; neither does Sam’s return nor his reason for exposing her true identity to the media. Both get mentioned in passing as if readers don’t need to bother with those facts. The events in the present day feel overtly orchestrated. Tate at 18 and Sam at 21 feel more genuine, more relatable, more real than their grownup selves.

Because the book is in the romance genre, readers will already know before they open the cover what the ending will be. The point of romance novels is how the characters get to that “happily ever after.” In this case, Tate and Sam seem to be treading water and not really fighting any great storm back to one another.

I recommend readers Bypass Twice in a Blue Moon.
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Christina Lauren has become an auto-buy author (duet) for me. I love their ability to develop characters that I connect with, stories I am invested in, and dialogue that rings true. I didn’t feel those attributes as strongly in Twice in a Blue Moon, but there were still aspects I enjoyed and appreciated.

The first third of the books takes place fourteen years in past. Tate, on a trip to London with her grandmother before starting college, meets Sam. The two connect quickly and Tate falls hard and fast, sharing things with Sam that are closely guarded secrets. When her trust is betrayed, she returns home to a life that has changed in an instant. No longer anonymous, Tate is thrust into the spotlight, eventually choosing to follow in her famous father’s footsteps and pursue an acting career. Years later, on the set of a movie that could catapult her career, she comes face to face with Sam and the past and present collide. Over a decade has passed but Tate finds all the old feelings are still there, but how can she possibly forgive and forget?

What worked for me:
I enjoyed the first portion of the book that focused and Tate and Sam together. The authors managed to make me feel that magical, exciting far-from-home feeling where anything seems possible, including a whirlwind romance. Tate and Sam were both such down-to earth, likable characters. I was shocked right along with Tate when her confidence was betrayed and was left wondering how Sam could do such a thing – and why? I loved that the chemistry between them was still alive and well years later and pulled hard for them to find their way back to each other… somehow. I especially appreciated Sam’s openness and willingness to put his heart on the line.

What left me wanting more:
The time spent on Tate working out her issues with her father began to feel repetitive and I found myself frustrated with her for continuing to allow him to push her buttons and leave her feeling so inadequate. Granted, I’ve never had such a toxic/complicated relationship with a parent, but Tate was not a child. I was a little annoyed that his approval was such a driving factor in her life as a woman now in her 30's. Beyond that, my main detraction is that overall it felt like not a lot happened. I don’t know if it was a pacing issue, my mood while reading, or something else, but at more than 350 pages the story seemed to amble along without a lot to move the story forward. Lastly, I really needed an epilogue. A glimpse into Tate’s future – both personally and professionally – would have done wonders in leaving me more satisfied.
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This venture into women's fiction still has all the feels of a Christina Lauren romance novel. I loved the exploration the heroine goes on and what she must discover for herself. The complexities of adult realtionships with your parents and in this case particularly your father are never easy. The way this was tackled had you feel every heartbreak but also every little happiness she would find with him (if shortlived).  I really enjoyed the premise of the novel which was being on a movie set. I liked all of the characters on there and wouldn't mind going back and reading about other characters from the book. The hero was a swoonworthy Vermont farmer that also had so much sensitivity. I was fully prepared to hate him and almost did. The explanations and his damn niceness just didnt let you. The chemistry between the two is immediate and usually I get annoyed with flashbacks but this was done very well.
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Twice in a Blue Moon is delightful, heart-wrenching romantic tale that starts with a chance meeting of two starry-eyed young loves in London. 

Right off the bat, I liked Sam. He was down-to-earth, kind, and I found myself wishing I was in Tate’s place. I struggled a little with Tate simply because I felt like she shared her secrets too quickly. I don’t see how it could have been done differently writing-wise, it was just tough to watch and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And oh boy did it. The beautiful, hope-filled romance in the beginning helped carry me through the angst of the middle of the book. Honestly, I couldn’t find it in myself to hate Sam. 

My main complaint was the ending happened so quickly that it all came to a head abruptly and felt disjointed. I also wish we had more time exploring the adult relationships. The timeline just didn’t allow for enough growth.
I don’t think I’m completely sold on the second-chance trope but I was in love with the initial romance between Tate and Sam. I also loved watching the complex relationships Tate has and her growth through the end of the book. This was an interesting departure from the light-hearted Christina Lauren books I’ve read and I’m looking forward to reading more of their work!

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Twice in a Blue Moon was entertaining enough, enjoyable enough but not particularly memorable. Fun while it lasted and then move on. Sometimes that is just what you need to read so it fits the bill.
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