The Wives

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Wednesday doesn’t know much about her husband’s life outside of their house.  What Wednesday does know, however, is that she is one of three wives.  While she resides in Seattle, the other two reside closer to her husband;s office.  She’s content with the setup until she finds a receipt for a doctor’s appointment and realizes one of the other wives is pregnant.  Wednesday becomes consumed with finding out everything she can about the other two wives, and when one of them keeps turning up broken and bruised, Wednesday must face the fact that it may be her husband hurting his wife.
	This plot races.  Pay close attention to every detail otherwise you’re bound to miss something.
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I really liked this book from the beginning, and pretty much couldn’t put it down. Unfortunately I was not a big fan of the ending, since it really is harmful to people with legitimate mental illness to use that as a plot twist in a thriller. We should all be working to fight against the stigma, not feed into it with cheap twists like this. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin - Grayson House Books for an advanced copy of this book.
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Thanks for the chance to read this early! Omgeeze I loved it, I read it in three sittings. I had to figure out what was going on. I was confused, then I wasn't, then I was happy,  then I was mad and then i was confused again. Just the way i like my books. I loved all the characters. I was hooked, I didnt see the ending coming I was believing everything. And the very end I believe that was my favorite.
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I love thrillers and was very excited about this book.  It was a BOTM choice and had seen so many people interested in it!  It started out really interesting.  I was fascinated with Hannah and her relationships.  I hated her situation and the relationship she had with her husband.  I really wanted her to get things straightened out.  

Then the story went on and it just felt anti-climatic and a little annoying.  I read it, I liked it okay, but it's not a book that I would jump to recommend to others.
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Top of the Globe and Mail bestseller list for weeks I had to read this one to know what all the buzz was all about.

I enjoyed the beginning half of the book, it kept me engaged and interested.  But then the book took some turns that I felt were haphazard and kept the book spinning.  At the end, I’m still not sure how I feel about the book myself but I know that those who enjoy books like Girl On A Train and the Woman in Cabin 10 may enjoy this one too.
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✨✨✨✨ 1/2

This is a tough book to talk about without giving much away. In short Thursday is married to Seth who has two other wives and she knows nothing about them until she accidentally discovers one of their names .Thursday  can’t help but do a little investigating about the other wives. What she finds is far more than she bargained for and nothing will ever be the same again

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher is my  first book by author Tarryn Fisher, and is definitely not going to be my last.Told from Thursdays POV this is one heck of a dark twisty ride and even though the ending was a little over the top it worked well for this book . Highly recommend 
I would like to thank  Harlequin -Graydon House & NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.
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 This story was something else. I have to give it points for being unique.

Thursday is married to Seth. Seth has two other spouses. None of them know one another, but as far as Thursday is concerned they are all living in this arrangement by mutual agreement.

As Thursday grows less and less enamored with her situation, she becomes curious about who she is sharing her husband with. 

Upon doing some online research, as you do, she manages to track down his third wife, the youngest and the one currently carrying his baby.

Befriending this young woman, Hannah, she begins to suspect that Seth may be physically abusive to her. This leads Thursday to take off her rose colored glasses.

There's some fighting, a lot of drama, a stay at a mental institution, it's a lot. Ultimately, even though I love an unreliable narrator, the ending of this didn't sit right with me.

There were a lot of twists and turns along the way, but still something about that ending...

Certainly twisted, so if that is what you love in a thriller, this one could be right up your alley. Check it out, you never know until you try.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Graydon House Books, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review. I appreciate the opportunity and this one was definitely a ride!
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Well, The Wives is getting a lot of hype and let me tell you--,it's all deserved! This twisty thriller that might be about a woman who loves her husband enough to share him with two other wives but starts to fear he might be harming one but it also might be about a woman whose grip on reality is skidding out of control when her formerly married lover marries someone else. Or it could be both. 

Yeah. Let that wash over you. Both. Both! And it is freaking awesome and honestly, The Wives is everything I wanted Girl on The Train to be--a thriller that can be read as being one story or another...or both. The Wives is a rollicking twist filled ride that nails the landing, because the ending is utterly mesmerizing and so, so perfect.

Very highly recommended.
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Great fast-paced, un-put-downable read.

This would be a perfect creepy read for a weekend holed up alone or to pass the hours on a beach. 

It's kind of wackadoodle in that I found it fairly unbelievable at a certain point, and I had some serious issues with the "arrangement" this wife and husband had, but it's still one of those books that you just can't put down.
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Twisted and throwed off!!!  I don't even know how else to explain what my mind just experienced.  

Thursday is in a polygamist relationship with her husband.  She is the 2nd wife.  Monday and Tuesday exist but she doesn't know who they are or where they live.

This book has me mind blown.  I can't even comprehend or make sense of this book.  I had no idea what was going to happen or how all this was going to end.   Wicked.
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I really like Tarryn Fisher’s stories but this one I struggled with to finish.  The concept was interesting and there was some suspense but the second half of the book left me really confused - was she crazy, sane or just unsure of what was happening. The ending was a real letdown.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

2 stars

Tarryn Fisher is known to be an edgy writer and I was in the mood for something a little different--a little less sweet, so I was glad when I was approved for the ARC for this title. It started off strong. The edgy writing was there and the character had a spark, which I appreciated. I was intrigued by the notion of a woman who is in a polygamous relationship and I liked how we were discovering the other wives with her. This continued for about the first third of the book and then things took a turn. The second half of the book was a downward slide, in my opinion. I no longer related to the main character, I struggled with the direction of the storyline and worse, I wasn't sure I even cared anymore. Yes, it was still edgy, but the end strayed into harsh and unformed which caused me to lose interest. There were several plot twists and rather than me thinking, "whoa, I can't wait to see how that develops", I was thinking, "what the hell???". By the end, I was just looking forward to the end.
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Based on the premise of a polygamist marriage, this book had an intriguing plot.  The leading character in this story, Thursday, is a second wife and exhibiting the same symptoms as a middle child. She feels jealous and overlooked.  She’s always looking for information on the other wives and comparing herself endlessly with their circumstances.  She knows her husband Seth divorced his first wife so he could marry her.  He wanted babies and the first wife didn’t want any.  So it behooved her to give him babies but then she miscarried and later wasn’t able to have babies anymore.

So now Thursday feels like she failed on her purpose, and when Seth goes on to attain a third wife and got her pregnant, she’s feeling more and more forlorn.

I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese soap operas lately, about the Emperors and their harems, and found a lot of the same behavior of the concubines in Thursday.  She’s conniving, ambitious, she wants to be the preferred one, she wants her husband all to herself.  Not content on only having two days a week with Seth, she’s looking for clues to help her attain a better position in the wives hierarchy.

The reading pace on this book is initially slow.  For me this was torture, because I like a fast pace in my reading.  Then I realized that the author is doing a slow burn, a slow crescendo of the suspense.  After 40% into the book, it went on from a chronicle of Thursday’s relation with Seth into a full-on investigation about his other wives.  Little by little the pace increases, more information is discovered, more fear and suspense is created.  From a slow and boring beginning, we get to a point where we feverishly pass the pages to find out what happens next and the anxiety grows.

Around 75% into the book, I already could predict the outcome and was not wrong, but even so, the author was brilliant in the way she pieced all the parts and the characters together into a cohesive and coherent whole.  The author was brilliant in keeping the reader in the dark and developing the characters.  At times I had doubts about each and every character in the plot and assigned them nefarious motives.  The end was not surprising but very spectacular.  There were some plot twists that took me by surprise and kept me guessing if my prediction was right.  I would say that the first half of the books is a 3 star and the latter part a 5 star in terms of the anxiety it caused!
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This was my first Tarryn Fisher book and I loved it so much that I also had to buy this book from BOTM! This will not be my last. I am finally feeling my grove in the Mystery/Thriller genre and I am loving it! 

The story line and plot was solid and highly recommend this book! This will not be my last book by this author. 

Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for the review copy. All opinions are my own.
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I don't even know what to say or how to review this book. I expected a story that was a bit off the rails but The Wives was off the rails and was set in fire! I am beyond floored. The first 50% of the story was a nice set up and showing you this nice neat box. Ha! Tarryn Fisher must not like nice or neat because she took that box and played basketball ball with it and then set it on fire. Everything I thought I knew, I didn't. I mean, woah!

The narration by Lauren Fortgang was amazing. She portrayed Thursday to a T. Her narration mixed with the way Mrs. Fisher writes was stunning. It came to life. Just a very messed up life that will shock all listeners!!!
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This was a crazy, twisted, wild ride. Thursday is one of Seth’s three wives and she agreed to this arrangement because she is so in love with him. None of the wives have met the other until Thursday discovers the identity of the third wife and after that things begin to unravel for her. Seth is enraged she has met the third wife. What follows next are so many twists and turns that leave you so confused as to who is telling the truth. This book is fast paced and entertaining. I really was rooting for Thursday and hoped she was the one telling the truth throughout the book. My only complaint is that the ending wasn't as strong as I would have liked. Other than that a binge worthy read.
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Wow! This book had many twists and turns that left me on the edge of my seat. The ending was completely unexpected! I had never read a Tarryn Fisher book before, but now I see why all the hype over her!
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I really enjoyed this book! The author had me guessing all the way through and I didn’t expect the twist at the end! I would definitely recommend this book!
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The Wives was the first book I read of the new year and it was a good one. It tells the story of Thursday as she embarks on a journey to discover the truth about her marriage to Seth...and his two other wives Regina and Hannah. 

I applaud the author for creating and sustaining a story line like this one. Although many were upset at the portrayal of mental health in this book, as a sufferer of anxiety myself, I felt as if Fisher simply wrote a fictional character dealing with a reality that is hard to comprehend and a traumatic event that is difficult to process. Characters are characters and, at the end of the day, stories need all types. 

The first half was wild--the second half slowed down for me, but still concluded in a way that was perfect for Thursday's character arc and development. Fisher finished the story that was true to her characters; she didn't just create a resolution that tied up in a nice bow. I appreciate that from a story! 

Overall, 4.5/5 stars.
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Wow..... what a twisty, crazy book! I couldn't put this one down.....a page turner from the very beginning. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, but obviously I was glad I did. I'd venture to say this is/will be a best seller at my store. Bonus points -- Im NOT the only one who is recommending this title!
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