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I am so late on giving my feedback, but this book is wonderful.  In fact I've worked at two libraries since this book came out and both have purchased the title.  The art is exceptional, but the real value is in the stories that are shared in this work.  It provides an accessible way for most teens to look into Asian folklore, but also a great avenue for many adults who have never explored the subject.  I recommend this one constantly to patrons who are looking for something different as there aren't many titles like this one out there.
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The stories and beautiful images are sure to be a hit with school-age children and their caregivers alike.
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I was not able to finish this at 41%, but not by virtue of the content. It was the file I had a problem with, because it took a long time to open every time and my e-reader app would crash after a few minutes of viewing it. The book itself was good. I like the variety of stories and art included, because they were all new to me. I recommend it to anyone curious about the folktales and legends of Asian countries.
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I really enjoyed this!  I loved getting stories from different areas of Asia and not just the typical ones (China and Japan).  We need more books with Asian folklores that are less familiar to a Western audience.
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[The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.]

I really liked the stories in this book and the drawing style was adorable, but I'm personally not a fan of fairytales in comic style. I would still recommend this book for children though!
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This read was an amalgamated graphic novel and folklore from various Asian cultures mashup. For me it was a hit or miss scenario. Many of the stories were new to me and their ratings varied wildly. The History of the Spectre Ship was awesome and Frog Skin was Rumpelstiltskin-ish. My favorite by far was The Tongue Cut Sparrow which was poignant and a bit horrifying (even if it was just desserts). There were a couple I didn't get, like Two Foxes and The Flying Ogre. The stories were basically judged on: if lessons were learned, was the moral conveyed, and was the writing style and graphics written well and drawn nicely. Is that shallow? I don't think simply is what it is. 


The stories, for the most part, were intriguing (especially the ones where lessons were learned), engaging and new (for me). The varying graphics were interesting and showcased quite a lot of talent. Unfortunately, this is a one time read sort of book (for me) but I can definitely see parents sitting down with young ones and going over some of these tales repeatedly. SO, what's the verdict? It's a mixed bag of nuts (for me) and that is why the rating reflects it. Is it worth the time? Yes! Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe, it would depend entirely on the friend and their reading preferences  BUT ultimately it's a fun way to spend some time!

*** I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ***
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This is a fun collection of different myths and stories and different art styles as well. I enjoyed some and I didn't enjoy others, and althoughI really like asians myths and find them really interesting, overall it was average. This book just wasn't for me.
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The Lucky Teapot (Japan): 4 stars. Cute story
#EndoftheWorld (India): 2 stars. Meh. Didn’t care for making it “modern day.”
The Great Flood (China): 3 stars. So there was no consequence to them picking up the man?
The Demon with the Matted Hair (India): 4 stars. Really liked this one. Lesson to be learned.
Frog Skin (Georgia): 5 stars. This one is like Rumpelstiltskin!
The Girl Who Married a Tiger (India): 2 stars. Well, that’s cruel.
Ghost Pepper (Laos): 3 stars. Funny.
Two Foxes (Japan): 1 star. I don’t get it? Because the guy tricked the tricksters? Respect?
After the Rain (Myanmar): 3 stars. No moral.
From the Journal of the Monkey King (China): 2 stars. Too short.
Urashima Taro (Japan): 4 stars. Very dark!
The Ballad of Mulan (China): 4 stars. Nice and simple. No need for romance!
The Tiger, the Brahmin, and the Jackal (India): 4 stars. Harsh but fair.
Tongue Cut Sparrow (Japan): 5 stars. Lesson learned! Terrifying! She deserved it.
The Legend of Asena (Turkey): 5 stars. Sweet.
The History of the Spectre Ship (Iraq): 5 stars. I love the illustrations in this one! It’s all hand-drawn pencil sketches. Very cool! The story was very peaceful.
Tamamo the Fox Maiden (Japan): 4 stars. Having recently read Wicked Fox, I’m a little more familiar with kitsune than I was before and so understood this story. The font was hard to read though.
The Three Rhymesters (China): 3 stars. Clever! But short and a little lackluster.
Gold Sister, Silver Sister, and Wood Sister (Tibet): 2 stars. Didn’t like this one. Nothing learned.
Hoichi the Earless (Japan): 3 stars. Dafuq?!
The Flying Ogre (China): 2 stars. Point?
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I came in expecting something I have not seen before being knowledgable about Japanese folk tales. I did not leave disappointed. The one about the earless monk I had heard about once left me with genuine chills. This side of the world has some very intriguing viewpoints on how the world views conflict. I have even seen the work of a few of the artists on here and how their techniques bring light to these stories. Some of them have to cut an epic tale down to size though (it's the title tale). I'm certainly inspired by the art enough to continue some of my own plans.
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A beautiful and fantastical set of stories and illustrations. These stories were fun and culturally interesting and short enough that reading a few at a time was a good amount and I could easily pick up at the next one soon after. I am not sure if these will be coloured illustrations in the final publication but with such rich stories these stories would have excelled even further through colour.
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A cute collection of Asian myths, in graphic novel form. I think I learned a few things from these, and I really liked the different art styles for all of them. Gets 4 stars because some stories were significantly weaker than others, but that didn't take away from the overall great experience. I very much enjoyed reading this.
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I was excited to read a story about Asian mythology/stories but unfortunately, some stories weren’t really clear and I wasn’t read a big fan of some of the drawings/artists
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It was alright read, i really liked the Fox there :) so adorable. But i don't think it'll be a re-read for me. It was enough with one.
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A set of fables reimagined.  The artwork is stunning and the stories themselves leave you feeling a bit unsettled - as a good fable should.  Most of these are not the 'happy ending' stories that many readers are familiar with.  Definitely worth a read, even if just for the artwork.
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The retellings are very fun in their modern versions but can easily be read through with an older parent or grandparent who tells you what had actually happened when they were young. The art is very expressive and lovely to see and the characters are all well designed.
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An interesting collection of folktales from various Asian countries. A great showcase for new artists and fascinating to read. Lacked a certain flow or sense of central purpose but was entertaining.overall.
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This was a really great collection of Asian folklore retold for modern day in the eyes of artists through their own lens.. I was really surprised by the quality of art and the writing but pleasantly so! The stories were funny and each had their own lesson which you are supposed to take something back with you, of course. A lot of them were adapted for the modern world as well which I thought was exceptionally well done. All in all, this is a riveting graphic novel and deserves plenty of praise.
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This was a pretty good fairytale anthology. I hadn't heard the majority of the stories, which was really nice, and I had fun reading most of them. My favorites were "Frog Skin", "After the Rain", "The Great Flood", "Gold Sister, Silver Sister, and Wood Sister, "Ghost Pepper", and "The Legend of Asena". I was given a free ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 4 stars.

Individual Story Thoughts:

"The Lucky Teapot": I liked it. The tanuki was cute.

"#EndoftheWorld": Funny. It was about an elephant mermaid creature who thinks the sun has died and it's the end of the world. Short but cute. I enjoyed the social media. 

"The Great Flood": I liked it a lot! It was a bit longer than some of the others, and reminded me a little of Noah's Ark, what with the flood and all. It was pretty good, and I liked the boy, the granny, and the mother. Not the butcher though. I didn't like the art in it all that much, however.

"The Demon with the Matted Hair": A fun one! I liked the art, and a haughty prince in trouble is always enjoyable to see. 

"Frog Skin": Interesting. It reminded me of the fisherman who took the skin of a selkie and made her his bride. But with a happier ending. The young man was a bit silly! His wife seemed awesome! The lord was obnoxious, and I enjoyed seeing him get pissed off when the young man managed to do the impossible (with the help of his wife's parents, haha). I love the lord's mom! Also, this is probably my favorite story in the anthology.

"The Girl Who Married a Tiger": It was good with trickery and revenge!

"Ghost Pepper": It had nice art! It was really cute and funny, too!

"Two Foxes": Good. I liked the man and the yokai. All the trickery was entertaining.

"After the Rain": Awesome! I liked the friendship between Min and Yeik, and the romance between Min and the princess from the other country. Favorite line: "C'mon! When was the last time we went on an adventure?" "Last week, when you wanted to go to the end of the horizon, and you went down a waterfall." Hilarious! Good story!

"From the Journal of the Monkey King": Super short. I'm glad the magistrate's daughter eventually got out of that marriage.

"Urashima Tarō": One I've heard before. Not much to say about it, except people are predictable.

"The Ballad of Mulan": Interesting style. Impressed she kept the secret of being a woman for so long! I liked that her companions all accepted her at the end. 

"The Tiger, the Brahmin, and the Jackal": Hmm. Interesting. Conniving jackal. Good on him.

"Tongue Cut Sparrow": The old man was nice. The old woman got what was coming to her.

"The Legend of Asena": Cute! I liked the wolf and the warrior.

"The History of the Spectre Ship": A bit creepy, but had a happy ending. Nice art.

"Tamamo the Fox Maiden": Interesting. I'm glad it ended well.

"The Three Rhymesters": Meh. It was okay. I liked the wife.

"Gold Sister, Silver Sister, and Wood Sister": Kind of sad. Okay ending. Decent art.

"Hoichi the Earless": Poor guy, playing for the dead, The art suited the story really well.

"The Flying Ogre": Super short. Not sure how I felt about it.
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I've always been a fan of folktales.  Not only the stories interesting, but they reveal a lot about a culture in a certain place and time.  And that's why I was so excited about this collection.  But, while I loved the concept, and all the beautiful artwork, I feel that to some extent, it sort of missed the point of a folktale collection (or at least, some of the stories did).  There is one in particular that takes place in ancient India, but the characters are using cellphones and social media.  It just didn't fit, and the juxtaposition made it hard to get back into the book after that.  Still, I think that it was a clever idea for a book, and in the hands of the right reader, it will be a delight to read.
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3.75/5 stars *thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an advanced e-arc!*

I really enjoyed the concept of creating a graphic novel full of fables and fairy tales from different Asian cultures! The artwork was unique for each story which helped in making them stand out amongst the others. My favorites were "Frog Skin", "Urashima Taro", and "The History of the Spectre Ship" because their artwork and storylines stood out the most in my opinion! Most of the stories ended very abruptly which takes the reader out of the experience but it was an overall enjoyable and different reading experience!
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