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The narrator is endearing if a bit misguided.  That's understandable when you've lost everything important to you, and it's the end of the world as we know it.  I started reading the book, and I got halfway through it, before I realized that I was still waiting for it to get better.  I stopped at that point.  The story is well told, but not for me.  I like a little more action in my stories.  I think anyone who enjoys sci fi will enjoy this book.
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What is “Seed”?  Seed is an alien cosmic warrior.  Seed destroys most of the planet and humans, but there are still small groups of humans that somehow have survived.  Sal is one human who lives in what was a military camp.  There is one human warrior named Sal who follows his adopted father and brother.  One doesn’t o outside the walls by themselves due toe dangerous Seed.  If Seed is killed, it has the ability to come back to life and heal.  Sal is an angry, young warrior who goes his own way even when it’s opposite of orders given.  He owes out alone and survives bringing back useful things and/or food.  Other human warriors follows Sal’s example.  People from the camp will ask individual warriors to go and get different items for them.  Sal is asked to find someone’s daughter who is special.  The mother less than say what is special about her daughter.  When Sal finds her, he discovers what is special about her.   What is special about her?  

This is a dystopian novel.  It fascinated me to watch Sal as he goes on his different adventures and survives.  I gather that this is the first book of a series due to the way it ends.  I hope I become aware of it when it comes out as I will want to read it!
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I received a free copy of Seed in exchange for an honest review from Net Galley.  This is the first book by Joshua David that I have read, and I am looking forward to more from him.  His style of story telling makes you feel as if you are immersed in the story and able to see it from the various characters points of view.  The energy and magic in this story is amazing.  It will bring many emotions to the surface as you read it, and the ending will truly surprise you.  Amazing story and great work!
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Very entertaining book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The ending was unexpected, which is always a pleasant surprise.  I look forward to David's next novel.
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The Beginning

   It is hard to read something the size of a small ball fell out of the sky and because it won't it won't spoil the story I will tell you this.
           "If the seed, was possessing everything, where did the seed go."

    I literally just debated with myself, if U would ruin something by saying that.  But I couldn't think of anything that would be spoiled.  This book will take you on a journey from start to finish.

The Magic

   I haven't read a book in a long time, that literally makes me feel like I am there. I could see every single detail, just like if I was there. 


   I have to say, I am not proud of this, but....  "This story, this journey that Joshua David took us on.  It broke me.  I literally cried uncontrollably, something I don't do very often.  But it happened, because I don't know what I would do if I were too lose someone important to me."


  Overall I would say," Seed is a definite must read for all ages.  I would definitely love to read more works of art from this amazing individual. 

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