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After having finished reading 'The Regret', I can think of only one word to describe the book ' brilliant'...
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Thanks to, author Patrick Parker and BooksGoSocial, for the advance ARC copy, for my honest review. 

This is my first read from author Patrick Parker, the problem for me as I got into War Merchant has to do more with another authors character. While the stories have nothing in common. 

It's just her female character is 100% badass, well schooled with just about any weapon be it guns, knives or some new type of weapon. She doesn't need to use her body, alcohol or a silly gimmick like a chapstick looking tube that has poison in it. 

It's like the author makes her seem so tough, yet she has or he gives her a gimmick to eliminate people, way to predictable and comes across scared shitless just being by her boss Clay Zsigmond. 

The author leaves me gob smacked that he killed off Mac verse keeping him alive, because he could have been used by Dydre in the storyline to help her get out of the clutches of Clay and rescue David. 

The hard thing with this book at least for me, is the roller coaster ride the author takes the reader on with 'War Merchant'. One minute it's believable, unrealistic, the next it's predictable, way too easy and hurts the story. 

Although Dydre is the main character, it's really the character's of Anthony, Alice and Hector are what kept me reading, liked all three of them and entertaining. I also thought have the story start about the Rnager devise verse focusing on Dydre would have been a better read.
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A fast paced plot involving international arms dealers lots of subterfuge and suspense. I found the book interesting and intriguing.  
I liked the main character Dydre I found her to be a strong lead with a little bit of intrigue in her past to keep me interested.
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Dydre works for an arms dealer, Clay and has a son who she dearly loves. Clay has David in a private school and controls Dydre using David. She deals with some of the worst terrorists but then she is not a pushover herself. Dydre tells Clay she needs $5 mil to buy some new tech gadgets which could be deadly in the wrong hands.  She pays the owner of the company $3 mil and keeps the other two. This for her get away. Things do not go as she plans but lucky for her the US is watching and Anthony steps in to help. You have trouble keeping track of who is on which side.
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A NetGalley book. An interesting look into the subterfuge involved in everyday arms dealing. No one or nation have any ethics when it comes to profiteering from this insidious trade as this story shows. The different players in this story were totally believable with suspense building all the time. Congratulations to Patrick Parker on an excellent told story.
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