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*Received for free from netgalley for honest review* Really loved this book! loved the characters and i can't wait to read the rest of the series
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A very well done story, The Shamer's Daughter is just right for the age group. 

Great characters and interesting story. I absolutely adored this book.
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I loved this book, though it was aimed at middle school readers. I believe readers of Tamora Pierce would enjoy this new series. The idea of people who can make you feel ashamed enough of your actions to confess on the spot is a creative premise. What if someone were incapable of feeling guilt? We find out here. I definitely want to read the next book in this series.
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I really liked it.  Well written and well developed storyline.  Interesting and captivating from start to finish.  

I'll look forward to reading more by this author.  

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me access to this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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Thank you NetGalley and Pushkin Children’s Books for this review copy of The Shamer’s Daughter by Lene Kaaberøl.

The Shamer’s Daughter is a middle-grade fantasy of 10 year old Dina and her mother who both have the ability to catch a person’s eye and make them feel shame. When Dina’s mother is caught in the middle of a plot for the throne it’s up to Dina to save both of their lives. 

Although the world building was on the minimal side (the book is under 250 pages) I found the magical side well thought out and intriguing. The Shaming power of their skills is unique to the genre and I look forward to seeing it used in the rest of the trilogy. The dragons are properly terrifying and disgusting. All the characters including Dina, her family and the members of the royal family are all well drawn and fleshed out. I did feel that at various points in the novel that Dina acted closer in age to a teenager and should have had her age adjusted to fit her maturity. 

On several sites this novel is described as middle-grade and recommended for 10-14 year olds. Although the main character is 10 and there is no sexual content there are some frank discussions and talk around a few of the characters being a “bastard” and another child is called a “slut” and “whore” and teased about prostituting herself. There is also a scene with domestic violence against a child and graphic  dragon attacks. Parents of younger children may want to keep this in mind. 

I actually enjoyed this novel a lot more than I thought I would. The world was unique (this was probably due to it originally being written in Danish 20 years ago) and it was fast-paced and kept my interest. I look forward to reading the rest of the Shamer Chronicles!
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I had never heard anything about this novel, but I read the description of the book and I was intrigued. It was picked as one of the books for the Children’s Book Club I run at work, so it was the perfect encouragement to pick it up and read it.

Honestly I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this novel, it is a great idea for a novel, however it just didn’t seem to deliver. The characters were a bit lacklustre and they weren’t developed fully enough to allow me to get attached to them and actually care about what happened to any of them.

It all felt quite disjointed, the beginning of the novel didn’t seem to match the rest of the novel, and the plot itself seemed to move slowly at the beginning, and then much too fast in the second half of the book. 

The novel seems to be categorised as either teen fiction or 9-12 fiction depending where you check. The ages of the novel are a bit odd, so although it does read like a middle grade fiction to me, I believe that had the author made it a teen fiction novel it would’ve have worked better and been more punchy that way.

Overall I was disappointed by this novel. The blurb intrigued me and its a great idea for a novel, sadly the novel didn’t quite perform for me.
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This is a fabulous middle grade fantasy adventure that feels classic and fresh at the same time. It's a low magic medieval setting, with dragons of the 'big lizard' variety, a castle town full of intrigue, and lots of peril and adventure. I loved the main character, Dina, and her journey as she tries to come to terms with her Shamer's power to see into people's darkest moments - the concept is really clever and allows the story to explore some interesting ethical dilemmas. Though the story is dark, with some murder and a lot of backstabbing, I thought it felt age-appropriate. It would suit fans of Tamora Pierce and Arthurian myths. There's no cliffhanger, but I still can't wait to start the rest of the books in the series. Five out of five stars.
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Terrific YA fantasy! I got immersed immediately and have enjoyed every page since. A jewel for the reader of any age in my opinion, with an adventurous heart (and a possibility to feel shame of their bad deeds - indicating a good heart).

Dina might be only almost 11-year-old, but she is valiant and wise above her years. This might be because she has inherited her mother's gift - she is a Shamer, able to see a person's most guilty doings just by looking into their eyes. While this ability can help when a right judgment is needed to recognize a perpetrator of a crime, it is a difficult gift also, as people are afraid to look into the Shamer's eyes. And a child longs for a connection...
Yet when her mother is called upon a crime to the Dunark Castle and then she is not returning, Dina will need all her strength to see the truth and fight for it. Because there is a betrayal waiting in the shadows of the Dunark. 

The concept of this world is as unique as it is totally absorbing the reader's imagination. 
This is also quite educational and uplifting book even for an adult like me. I like the strong yet gentle emphasis to the values and how people can be blinded into not seeing the truth and the right from wrong. Yet, this is is not a preaching book! I like how it also deals with the untrue shame (when others or you are shaming yourself unjustly or wrongly). Even the very Scandi concept of a single motherhood (Scandi in the tones and settings) is offered to be seen from the both sides. 

Also I like that the characters are not one-dimensional, but flawed and raw. 

And the most important thing - this is truly catchy! For ages I have been longing for the book what will prevent me from going to sleep - and this is it! 

And honestly - I know that Dina is 11 and Nico is 17, so: not yet. Yet they click so much in their adventures! So, there is hoping that in 5 or more years they can look at the other one with the new eyes of more than friendship. Read for yourself!
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It's a heartwarming fantasy book suited for everyone who likes fantasy. I know it's a middle grade fantasy book but.... I cried several times reading this book.
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I received a copy of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I’d never heard of a shamer before reading this story, but it sounds like an interesting and complex power to possess. This story is primarily about a shamers daughter, who is a shamer in training. A shamer has the ability to look in your eyes and see which past experiences have caused you to feel shame. They also have some sort of control over people when using a certain tone of voice. 
Needless to say, they are often sought out to deal with people suspected in committing crimes to determine whether or not they committed them. That’s pretty much how this story starts out, very innocently, until it turns itself upside down and some serious craziness happens.  
There’s conspiracy, murder, mayhem, dragons, a prince, a witch, and lots of scandal in order to steal a kingdom. 
I really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading the second installment in the series.
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it's 3am and i have just finished the Shamer's Daughter by Lene kaaberol which has been translated from Danish into English by the Author.  In the book we follow Dina who has inherited her mother's gift of being able to look into a persons eyes and see if they have something to be ashamed of.  Dina hates her gift but when her mum is called away to to Dunark and later Dina herself is taken there my Drakan to help her mum.  This story has Dragons, sword fights and murder withing in pages that any fantasy lover would love to read about therefore I am giving it 5 stars.  Thank you Netgalley and the publishers letting me read such an amazing book.
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The Shamer’s Daughter is being rereleased on the 10th of September with new covers, so this is a perfect change to pick up this wonderful series! I read this for the first time in 2010 and I remember loving them, it makes me happy that this can make more people pick up this great series. I have never read them in English before, and I think it is awesome that the author herself wrote them in English. If you have never heard about the series before it follows Dina who is the Shamer’s Daughter, that means she can look into people’s eyes and see what they are ashamed of. The first book follows her learning more about her powers, and her mother being hired to find out if this guy named Nico killed his family or not. Dina is throw into this as well, and the book also has dragons! I absolutely enjoyed coming back to this series and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and cute fantasy. 4/5 stars.
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An intriguing and original idea lies behind this Middle Grade fantasy. Dina is the Shamer's daughter, and has inherited her mother's gift, or curse , depending on how you look at it. As a Shamer, they have the ability to see the darkest secrets of others, the things they are most ashamed of, simply by looking into their eyes. While her mother is often used to ascertain the truth when a crime is committed, Dina is struggling with being either teased or ignored because of her ability. 
Late one night a knock on the door summons Dina's mother to a nearby castle to determine the guilt of a young man accused of killing three people. When she fails to return, Dina decides to go in search of her, and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving murder, inheritance and deadly dragons. 
As a book aimed at a younger age group I loved the language and writing style , it was engaging without being overly simple. The story itself is well crafted and moves at a good pace that should keep the reader engaged, Some younger readers might be upset by content such as the murder of a child, or the threat of death by dragon. The ending is sufficiently well resolved that the book could be read as a stand alone but it is intended as the first in a series, I did feel that it wrapped up just a little too quickly, but that is a very minor quibble. 
I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
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I liked this book. it's an interesting and engrossing read, well written and with a cast of fleshed out characters.
The plot is unusual and I appreciated the originality of the plot.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the Shamers. Both mother and daughter very intriguing characters. Keen to read on in the Shamer’s Signet to find out where their troupe takes refuge and how they might overthrow the Dragon...
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I received an Advanced Review Copy of The Shamer’s Daughter by Lene Kaabrbol from the publisher Pushkin Press through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

What It’s About: Dina is the daughter of the shamer. The shamer is someone who can look into the soul of people and see all the things they feel shame for. Dina has inherited this gift, but feels cursed because no one wants to be her friend. There is a shocking grotesque murder of the royal family, and Dina’s mom is sent in to get the confession from the accused. But the shamer finds him innocent and this angers the forces truly responsible. Suddenly, Dina is brought into a crazy adventure. 

What I Loved: I thought this was a really creative book and I hadn’t read anything quite like it before. The characters were likeable and it was an adventure. 

What I didn’t like so much: I don’t really know whom the author was writing for, at some points it fit really well with a middle grade book like advertised, but at other points it definitely seemed more adult for middle grade and not knowing the audience made it difficult to really fully review. 

Who Should Read It: If you like a young adult fantasy book with a unique premise. If you like female led books. If you like stories with an adventure and highstakes.  

General Summary: A very unique fantasy book that is a fun adventure.
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Enjoyed this book. Kept me interested all the way through. Would recommend to a fellow reader.  Love the cover.
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This was interesting and pleasantly different to other middle great fantasy I have read. I enjoyed the characters and think the story line was well written. I will look out for the next book in the series for sure!
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An excellent story for readers of all ages. The idea of a "Shamer" is unique and as such this book is fascinating and can even be viewed as a study of humanity.
I was entranced by the tale and can't wait to read the next book in the series.
5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I liked the concept of this book.  It definitely kept me interested from the first page to the last.  I'm going to read the rest of the series for sure!
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