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A female computer engineer - block chains are one of the latest concepts in supply chain management to ensure the validity and trustworthiness of the chain - has a husband in the Foreign Office who travels for work - abroad -  a lot. And he has a secret that she doesn’t know - even after 10 years.
And there is a plot.  And Sleeping Assassins. And quantum bombs and other elements of a good spy thriller with lots of suspense.
Unfortunately this book ends with a cliff-hanger and thus you need to start book 2 to begin to resolve it. You are given chapter 1 of book 2 and hints from the author in order to gear you to reading it.
I didn’t. The plot line and contents were too much normal genre for a spy thriller and there was not enough originality for me to continue.
I am going to give this 3 stars because although the style was good it didn’t grab me enough
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This is an interesting read. It has a BBC Torchwood like feel to it with it’s mixture of espionage and science fiction. It also reminds me of Showtimes’ The Rook. It has more of an UK feel to it with the author’s use of casual language between characters. The American characters used “Mum” and “bloody” which seemed out of place. The sex wasn’t that graphic. 

It’s fast paced and an easy enjoyable read. I look forward to reading other books from this author. Thank you for allowing me to review an advanced copy.
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#TheTrusted #NetGalley
I was in when i read the Blurb. Characters are good and entertain you throughout the story. Although it could be made shorter a little bit but overall a good read.
Highly recommended
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My thanks to the Author publishers and NetGalley for providing me with a Kindle version of this book to read and honestly review.
This book was a disappointment while obviously well researched and written, with good characterization, I found it a struggle to finish. I am an avid reader with always at least two books on the go. One in the good old fashioned format of an actual book, and one on my Amazon Fire. When duty calls and I have get back to real life, I usually can't wait to get back to my book in this case I had to force myself because I never do not finish a book once started.
My problem was the multiple genres, this has the makings of an excellent espionage global terrorism thriller with an hero with a passing reference to 'Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher' no bad thing, but then the advanced technology and weaponry introduced a Science fiction element, ok no problem, but then here come the 'Aliens' yes Aliens the President of the good old US of A became that with the help of Aliens who monitor his progress via advanced video links, if that was not enough there are a number of unnecessary sex scenes.
Spoiler alert.
Book one of three ends with our heroes wife being kidnapped, sadly I won't be reading books 2 and 3 to find out how this series unfolds.
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Between the cover and the blurb about the book...I was intrigued!  I mean… “He’s a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world…” Yeah, so a wild ride of shenanigans are about to go down!?! This was my first novel by Michelle Medhat, but it won’t be my last! I understand this is a series!?! I became invested enough in the way the characters (Sam & Ellie) were developed to read more into the series!  This was just the right amount of greed and government corruption to keep me on the edge!! I rated this book a ⅘ stars and recommend reading!!!
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Thank you Netgalley for giving me a chance to read and review this book.

I loved this book, I couldn't put it down. 
I was drawn to this book by the cover and the blurb.
What really made me fall in love with this book was the fact that it made you question what you really know about a person.
I went through every single emotion with this book.
I highly recommend it!
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Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.  It was outside the normal genres I would choose however, I found the book compelling and read to the end. Think James Bond with an alien/sci-fi twist. Slightly frustrated that there was no ending as such but appreciate that this is book 1 of a series. I would recommend you give it a try, you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.
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I really liked the blurb for this book and thought it was something I would really enjoy.  Sadly, it didn't turn out that way.  I found the writing style really distracting, far too wordy and adjective laden.  Unfortunately I didn't find any of the characters interesting and there seemed to be so many separate storylines that it all became jumbled, and I wasn't really sure what was going on but by then I didn't really care anyway.

I like the concept of the stor, it has promise, but in this instance, not the execution.  I realise this is probably just personal taste as it has mainly good reviews, but for me, this just didn't work.

I received an eArc from the publisher via Netgalley, but this review is entirely unbiased and the words are my own.
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This author tries too hard to be a fast-paced writer like James Patterson. This book didn't hit the nail for me. It was far fetched and poorly written
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Enjoyed this book. Kept me interested all the way through. Would recommend to a fellow reader.  Love the cover.
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"He's a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world…"
When I see this sentence at the blurb and knowing he is an agent,  I thought I will read the story about a man who will try to save people from bad men. Actually, I did watch a lot of movies about this kind of heroes and enjoyed watching them. But after reading the blurb I realize I didn't read a book about this kind of stories so I wanted to give a try to read this book. 
The story was almost the way I expected it to be. It was full of action/adventure.  But the way it is told was different what was I expected. [author: Michelle Medhat|7394518] tells the story a different way, not just the point of view of our hero but almost every important characters' point of views. I liked the way the story was told and how things developed. Another surprising thing was how aliens involved in the story and what more surprising was I didn't find it too strange to accept and actually find it interesting.  So this was one of the things make this story more original usually we don't have supernatural things in this kind of stories. 
I found all the characters interesting and liked to learn more about them. But I can't say I loved any of them. I wasn't charmed by the characters so wasn't worried for them but I go on reading because I like the story and was curious what will happen next. When I read series I would like them to have ending partially for some of the characters or learn some of the things I'm curious. But for this book (the first book in the series) that didn't happen. And the ending without answering most of my questions and I feel I don't know enough characters' stories. Because of that, I think the ending come early and wasn't fulfilling. But I enjoyed reading this story and I want to learn how will thing develope so I will go on reading other books in this series when they come out.
Thanks to NetGalley and the BooksGoSocial Publishing Group providing me a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review and making this available!
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Thanks to netgalley for the review copy of this thrilling read.  This is a little out of my normal genre zone, but I really enjoyed it, and will look out for the next book in the series!
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I received a free copy of The Trusted from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

Buckle up and hold on!  The Trusted grabs from the moment you start until it's thrilling end.  Even better, it is the first in a series.  Boy am I looking forward to the next book in this series.  Michelle Medhat is a new author for me and one that I will be looking forward to reading more from.  She has done an amazing job of building her characters, and pulling you into the story.  There are so many twist and turns, and double backs, that you never know what will happen next.  Just an amazing story.  Great job!
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I enjoyed this book. The pacing was good and the plot was interesting. I felt like there could be more character development, but as this is the first in the series then I expect this will happen throughout the rest of the books.  will be continuing on in the series!
I'm not usually a big fan of detective thrillers but this one caught my attention.
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Loved this book! It was fast paced and entertaining! I was excited about the story from page 1! I hope to grab another book from Michelle Medhat soon!
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Thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It was well written and flowed well and was easy to read. One you won’t want to end
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Well, we were certainly thrown in at the deep-end. Very happily married couple, husband a high flying diplomat but actually a very high flying spy and scientist, brilliant wife who had "an episode" in the kitchen early on which remained undisclosed although regularly brought up throughout. She finds out about his real job later on and is not happy. Massive terrorist group, with two hyped up beautiful-people leaders, who have more than grand ideas about world domination but not just by bombing etc, more a quiet acquisition of a great number of very poor, disenfranchised people. A paranoid President of the USA who also had an experience as a child but that, at least, is clearly related to an alien artefact and alien voyeur/meddler who's anywhere and everywhere throughout the story. Said President also plans to rule the world. There is quantum physics, nano technology, a modicum of gruesomeness, despicable politicians, double-crossing agents, confused readers,  What more could one want? An ending perhaps. Such a cliff hanger is oh so annoying and that's mostly why it got a 3-star from me. It's essentially a blackmail to buy the next in the series. Wrong. I won't. The writing is fast-paced and good, the characters well portrayed so from those points of view it was a good read. Plenty to think about and plenty of parallels in our own universe. There are, however, quite a few minor characters that just seem to be there and we do have so much in this book I wonder whether the author's imagination will take her through more.  Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Well what a ride this book is; the author calls it “a high-octane spy story”. I feel it is a no holds barred thriller pushing the boundaries of science and technology. To the point where advancement in gadgets and gizmos overtake the narrative. We all love it, Q in James Bond is always pushing that envelope. This though is 007 on acid and aliens thrown in for good measure to challenge almost all the laws of nature.
So we have Nano technology, Quantum compounds and energies, new drugs which are mind altering realities to place one’s fears into an imagined Room 101 and did I mention the aliens.
Being book one of a trilogy the ground work is needed to set the scene of good v evil and who’s side are the aliens on - bets still being taken. This is done a little clumsily at times and outside a linear time line. Did I mention that the aliens appear outside of time so they at least could follow along more easily.
However, despite the convoluted background stories it does all appear to come together.
It is about a MI6 operative whose wife thinks he’s a career diplomat rather than a high-tech killer. With deeply infiltrated double agents, disloyal civil servants and a President controlled by alien technology or just a bad speech writer we lament for world peace and civilisation. Especially when in the high stakes game of terrorist poker and world domination the baddies have all the high cards.
The president then pulls an ace from the pack and suddenly he feels his rise to power will make him the natural leader of the world. A mad president perhaps isn’t the hardest thing to believe in this expansive and futuristic novel set in our own timeframe . But that he can’t keep his party piece in his trousers makes the fiction seem almost believable.
Great writing, fun with serious implications regarding love and loyalty. Human values and black ops. Atrocities; condoned and allowed by government for a greater good but a sheepishness to torture and abuse human rights.
Set up well for further instalments, a series with an intent. Guess the author has included subliminal messages to read book 2 since it is at times both incredulous and all consuming.
Not a novel I’d be instinctively drawn to but the author’s passion and pursuit of this project overtakes the will and carries you with her for good or ill.
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This is the first book in a series. In some ways I feel the author tried to get too much information in this first book. Background for too many people. The primes of the story is good. Nano technology is one of the main technologies of the story. Sam Noor works for MI6 and has been married for ten years with out his wife knowing what he did until now. They are dealing with an international terrorist organization that seems to be everywhere.
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The Trusted nails readers attention Michelle Me that demonstrates an uncanny knack for exposition, introducing new characters and narrative possibilities with the confidence of an old pro...
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