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I've been following this series quite closely and enjoyed very nearly all of the books I've read in it so far. This is another one to add to the list of successes. David Bowie's career in playing music either as an amateur band member at fifteen or as a legend right before he died in 2016 at the age of 69, spanned over half a century. He constantly reinvented himself and in this spate of musical biopics (including the phenomenal Bohemian Rhapsody and then Rocketman, and the documentary on the Beatles by director Peter Jackson) which seem to be flourishing lately, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see one crop-up about him.

He's been in and out of musical success since he debuted The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars in the early seventies, and resurged with Ashes to Ashes and Let's Dance in the early eighties, and in between he had a minor film career. He was also a controversial figure regarding his androgyny, but it's not completely clear (at least to my knowledge) whether this was more of an image he was portraying or more of the person he actually was, so I didn't feel that omitting it was a bad thing in this particular case. Overall I enjoyed this and thought it a worthy and educational read.
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As a love of David Bowie, I was beyond excited to read this story. He was such an inspirational person to so many people. Not just because of his music but because of what he stood for. He was absolutely and always himself. And he inspired people to be whoever they wanted to be. A point that this book gets across beautifully and in a very Bowie way.

This book, more than any the others I've read, feels true to who Bowie was as a person. It tells his story in a simple but understandable way. It manages to show the impact he had. It is a beautiful and charming book. The illustrations are quirky and a perfect accompaniment. This is exactly the kind of book that will keep any Bowie fan or any Bowie fan's child happy.
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This is a cute but wildly simplistic book. I enjoyed the art immensely and I did learn one new thing so teh book does serve it's purpose.
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This new addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series is one you should definitely buy for your little readers. It is very cute with beautiful illustrations and tells the story of David Bowie. 
It is perfect for young readers and can offer children inspiring messages. The whole series is very empowering.
I wish this kind of books existed when I was a child.
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okay so to be fair I love David Bowie. A book could positively mention Bowie once and I'll love the whole thing, so imagine my utter Joy when there's a child's book of him!!! So perfect and such an amazing way to introduce children to him. I'd 100% buy this for my kid as a nice little introduction and then show them he was a real person and play his songs and movies. 

The art was completely adorable and spot on and my hearttt. Ugh I loved this.
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This is another outstanding children's book in the Little People, Big Dreams series!  In a few brief pages with simple sentences, young readers learn about David Bowie's childhood interests and rise to stardom while being comfortable in his own skin and remaining true to himself.
An excellent introduction to Bowie with great illustrations!
Thanks to Frances Lincoln Children's Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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David Bowie has always been my hero and it humbled me to discover that he is a hero to many children I’ve taught throughout the years. 
It is his ability to embrace what often we try to hide that inspires us all; something which I believe is perfectly presented in this book.
It’s a perfect introduce to the man who fell to Earth and by far my favourite addition and one i’ll be buying for many people when it comes to birthdays.
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Continuing on the tradition of telling the stories of the lives of influential figures in history in an approachable, child-friendly way, this installment of the Little Peope Big Dreams series introduces young children to the one-and-only David Bowie. 

Following his tale of always reaching for the stars and chasing his dream, this bite-sized picture book is a handy way to talk about the importance of cultivating creativity, not being afraid of trying new things and discovering our true selves. 

Though, like the rest of the series, this book is briefing nature, there is ample opportunity for parents to talk about their own experience of Bowie, to listen to his music or put on The Labyrinth, there really is something very clever about the way these books are designed to encourage connection between reader and listener and encourage a curiousity for learning more.
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David Bowie was never afraid to be who he truly was. Young people can definitely learn from this great installment to the Little People, Big Dreams collection. I am glad that, despite Bowie's death, children can experience his story and his music and be inspired by this great man.
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The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The ‘My First Little People, Big Dreams’ series provides informative and inspirational biographies about people who left a mark on this earth, no matter what difficulties they have encountered.
These stories are very short, but that’s because they’re books for children, so it’s totally understandable.
I think they are a very smart and wonderful way to introduce little children to such important figures.
This one is about Davide Bowie, the most unique figure in the music world. He was never afraid to show his true colours and I think this is an important lesson to teach to little children. Being different is not wrong, and you should be proud to be who you are.
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I think is a Cute illustrated book for kids, to let them know who was david bowie. Illustrations are bold and cute and the reading was easy, perfect for a kid between 3 and 8 years.
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While this children’s book, David Bowie (Little People, BIG DREAMS), written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Ana Albero, is short, it is big on message, and rightly so as the subject is David Bowie.

This brightly colored biography tells about David Bowie’s dreams and how he intended to do big things and his attraction to music. The wonderful message is that not only should you follow your dreams but be yourself as you do so.

I think this would be a great read for children who will learn about Bowie and may also feel inspired to follow their own big dreams.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Part of the Little People, BIG DREAMS series.
Vegara highlights Bowie's childhood and first ventures in the musical field. She then shares his musical philosophy and styles so readers see how he continued to reinvent himself and his craft.
Informative text and timeline included at the end of the book.
The illustrations are understated and bring aspects of Bowie's personality to life.
This series is a terrific first biographies series for elementary readers.
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I absolutely adored this book. I am a school teacher and thought the content, pictures, and story would be perfect for any class level. This book could be used for so many different lessons to teach children about music, different types of people, places, and art work. A simple, well-written book. Just amazing.
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David Bowie by Isabel Sanchez Vegara is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. I think this is a great book for kids to show them that they can be themselves! It tells of Bowie as a child growing up and his interests then. It follows his story to stardom! I am glad I grew up when I did to experience his music as it happened!
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This was a great little book about David Bowie. I'm a huge fan of his and I loved how Vegera touched on the different eras and styles of his life. The artwork was beautiful and really helped the argument that Vegera was making. This is a must for any David fan!
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David Bowie is a new biography for young readers in the Little People, Big Dreams series. I've reviewed a number of these titles and they all manage to pack an impressive amount of detail in these little books in an age-appropriate and accessible manner.

Due out 2nd May 2019 from Quarto on their Frances Lincoln imprint, it'll be 32 pages and will be available in hardcover, and ebook formats.

Written by Isabel Sánchez Vegara it's well written in clear accessible language. The gentle and sweetly humorous illustrations were well done. I loved the series of pictures of Bowie through his different stage incarnations. The art by Ana Albero is appealing and colorful and supports the text very well. The illustrations are rich in small subtle details which bear a closer look (like the little green alien who appears in cameos throughout the book).

Well written and appealing, I am really enjoying all of these little books. This one is a worthy addition.

Five stars. This would make a superlative reading circle book, classroom library book, or gift. Bowie was an intelligent and important cultural icon.
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I thought this was an adorable book!
It would be a perfect shower gift for a baby whose parent is a Bowie fan. 
The story is simple, focused on being comfortable with who you are, following your dreams—all that good inspirational stuff—and the accompanying illustrations are just the cutest.
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David Bowie is an excellent and surprising singer to add to the Little People, BIG DREAMS series. A unique and enduring artist and fashion icon, Bowie has influenced generations with his example. 

As in the other books in the series, Isabel Sanchez Vegara delivers a concise biography of the star appropriate for early readers while Ana Alberto’s illustrations capture Bowie’s wild style. As is fitting for a child of the sixties, the illustrations have a retro style evocative of the period.

The book praises his drive for success, his self-acceptance, and his ability to inspire others, leaving readers the message that being different should be celebrated. The references to outer space, aliens, and so forth combined with the inclusion of a cute alien on a few of the page spreads should be a fun theme for kids.

I do wish, however, that the book had been more specific in places. It names the friend (George) who hit him and gave him his signature eyes with two colors, but when his brother and the song “Space Oddity” are referenced, they are not specified. His wife, Iman, appears in a photograph but is not mentioned in the text by name or even referred to.

David Bowie adds to the diversity of profiles in the Little People, BIG DREAMS series and is a must for school and public and libraries as well as a wonderful addition to home libraries to teach children about an incredible artist and help develop empathy and acceptance.
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I'm an adult Bowie admirer and I adored this. This book shows, in just a few pages and sentences, what made David Bowie so unique and special, not just as an artist, but as a human being in general. 

For adult readers, this offers a very first, very basic glimpse into the world of Mr. Bowie. For children, it also delivers another strong message: Be who you want to be, don't be afraid to be yourself, dare to be different - the way David Bowie is presented as role model for pretty much everybody is wonderful. As are the most adorable drawings.

The book's condensed form, however, might also be perceived as its weakness, since it can only scratch on the surface on all things Bowie. But hey, dear reader, regard is as some kind of hors d'oeuvre to the banquet o'Bowie. There's so much more to feast on from here on onwards: book,. films, and, of course, music.

The gist: Adorable very first introduction that shows: one is never too young to have some Bowie in their lives :)
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