A Dash of Christmas

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Such a great ending to a fantastic series!!

Carter and Emery have been rivals since they were children. Now as Carter's professional life is in turmoil and Emery's personal life implodes, they are forced to work together on a charity cookbook. Old contentions come back to life but new sparks fly as well.

I absolutely loved Carter and Emery's story! I loved the history between them and the new feelings. I loved Carter's fierceness and Emery's sweetness. I loved all the ways Christmas brought these two together. A lovely Christmas story and the perfect ending to this series!!
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This is the first novel by Samantha Chase that I’ve read but it won’t be the last. A Dash of Christmas is the perfect holiday read and I’m glad to see there are more novels about the Montgomery family. 4/5 stars 
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.
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Another winner in the Montgomery series! Carter and Emery have known each other since they were kids, and have been frenemies about that long. Always competing and trying to best the other. 

Emery is currently going through a tough time as her fiance deals with scandal (and the spotlight is on Emery), so Carter's mother helps her out with a place to stay out of the limelight. Unbeknownst to Carter, his mother pairs the two up on a project and they're even sharing an apartment for the time being. 

These two bring out the best in each other, help each other work through their weakest parts and are a great match in the end. I have loved reading the series, and this book is a great addition.
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Smart, handsome, and successful. That should be enough right? Not for Carter’s matchmaking mother. Carter helps his mom out with a recipe book for charity and Eliza sets him up with an assistant to get in done in such a short time. Turns out that person is Emery – his life long rival. Their banter and arguing was a cover for the tension they felt even if they denied it for a long time. Overcoming baggage is never easy and these two had plenty. As with all of Samantha Chase’s books, once the couple can work past their issues, hot and fabulous is the only way to describe them! They were a great end to the Montgomery family stories.
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I really enjoyed their story. I loved how there wasn't much drama yet you could see the pain and growth. I'd recommend this one.
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In the 9th book in Chase’s Montgomery series, she tells the enemies-to-friends love story of Carter and Emery. In this case, Carter’s mother Eliza is the scheming matchmaker when she asks Emery to help Carter complete a fundraising cookbook for her charitable organization. Considering that these two have been antagonistic rivals since grade school and are both carrying a load of baggage (from a lecherous, deceitful fiancé to distant and misguided parents), it’ll take a Christmas miracle to find their happily-ever-after. In the process, readers are presented with a feast for the senses with descriptions of Carter’s culinary creations. It’s a yummy romance full of sparring and steamy make-up sex.
I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me through NetGalley. This book was just absolutely wonderful. It was just so easy to get lost in and I just couldn’t put it down. This is the tenth book in the Montgomery Brothers series and even though I hadn’t read the previous books I was just so lost within this story that I didn’t even care that I hadn’t read the previous books. I most definitely will read more by this author.
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Another great read of Samantha Chase’s Montgomery Family collection. This latest book is a great way to end the series. So far all of this series has lived up to my expectation. Her characters were so believable and heartfelt I feel like I have a new appreciation for folks who complain. She sucked me in right away. I mean a political scandal, it’s like was ripped from the headlines just for us, some juicy gossip.

Emery’s misfortune to have tied herself to the wrong man is just the beginning of the real life problems both of the characters have to deal with. I’m super impressed how she shows us both sides of the relationship that Carter had with his deceased Father. He never got the praise from his father he needed to fulfilled in his life and this story explores ways to do that and that there is always two sides to the story. Since I recently lost my father, this story really hit home, and almost made me shed tears, and I never truly cry from books. I’m always amazed at how much I learn about different types of people and how you might deal with problems through books. This one especially I would say is great for someone grieving with some regret and anger.

This couple has tons of sex with out the nitty-gritty sex scene portion, but they do it all the time and she makes it steamy even without all the details. This couple is on fire like when water hits a grease fire, it’s explosive. No slow burn, just two people trying to be as honest as they can. There is lots of other family updates in this one and even though it is a Christmas novel, it doesn’t all take place at the holidays, so I think it’s a great fall read.

A special shout out to Samantha on this: Thank you so much for showing me the other side of the bad penny and maybe it wasn’t as bad as we thought. Also, after reading this,my grief feels less over my father and I appreciate that very much!! Sorry to see this series end, but you did a great job wrapping it up with a Christmas bow!!! I’m definitely putting this on my Top 10 list this year, so it’s a 5 of 5 for me.
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I love a good holiday romance – especially one that manages to make the holiday an integral part of the story without losing track of the people and things surrounding it. A Dash of Christmas does an amazing job of bringing out the Christmas without letting it take over too much.

Emery Monaghan is having a really rough go of life right now – and because of her crappy fiancé’s governmental position, it’s all out there for the public to see. When she sees a chance to hide away from all the prying eyes and get away from her horrid family and maybe to a little good, she jumps at the chance. The chance leads her right into the not-so-waiting arms of Carter Montgomery – chef extraordinaire – who has promised to make a charity cookbook for his mother.

These two have a past, and it’s a fun one. Both jealous of each other for a variety of reasons, both secretly liking each other, but always seeming to be at odds and arguing with each other. As they work together, they open up about their dreams, desires, pasts, and present. All while planning a huge holiday dinner to test and show off the recipes they’ve planned for the charity cookbook.

But Carter is driven, and he has a new restaurant that he must open – to prove to the world that he will never stop succeeding. And Emery is determined to prove she can stand on her own and make her own decisions. But are exceedingly stubborn, and when an exceptionally heated argument drags into not speaking to each other, I began to wonder if it would all work out.

Samantha Chase does a fantastic job of bringing our couple together, pushing them apart, and making them better people. All while weaving an intricate web of family and holiday shenanigans around them, setting the stage for a beautiful romance with just the right touch of Christmas magic.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**
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Carter and Emery have know one another since fifth grade and always have been in competition to one up the other one. Now as adults they dont really think of the other, other than they were a thorn in their side. Well when a scandal broke and a Emery needed to escape the reality of her life, carter’s mothers call was just the relief she needed. An enemy to lovers with a fun snarky path of their path to building new relationship.
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I. Loved. This. Book.

Here's what I loved. Characters, characters, characters ... oh! and the dialogue! Carter and Emery have been dancing around each other for years. Each one is at a crossroads in their lives and is seeking a path out. Due to a mix up (!), they end up sharing an apartment ... and soon start sharing meals, thoughts, and more. The dialogue, especially Carter's, will make you swoon!

If you're familiar with Ms. Chase's books, and even more if you're familiar with the Montgomery series, A Dash of Christmas is like an early Christmas present. Carter is what we've come to expect from the Montgomery brothers. Emery is a perfect foil for him.... she's strong-willed and coming into her own. As she starts to stand up for herself, everyone around her (ok, nearly everyone) falls a little bit in love with her. .... and Carter is no exception.

Here's what I didn't like ... nothing ... actually, the end of a fabulous series. I'm a little bit in mourning over that fact, but all of these books have been immediate re-reads. This one, like the others, have been familiar friends to me as I've needed an escape. I started the book at 10 pm and thought I'd read something as I fell asleep. What a mistake! The next day was tough at work and there wasn't enough concealer to camouflage the bags!

If you're looking for a book to kick off the holiday season, or just a good book in general, download this book. You won't be sorry.

I received an ARC. This is my honest review.
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What a perfect and fitting end to the Montgomery series. I loved these two from their initial meeting, minus the fainting part, through the ups and downs and the way this book ended was great. I really felt for Emery not only for the bad situation she was in but also with having to deal with her unfortunately misguided parents. Hats off to our matchmaking duo of Monica and Eliza for helping things along with these two. Of course this couldn’t be the final book without seeing our favorite Montgomery’s we’ve come to know and love. I just really enjoyed Carter and Emery and joining the on their journey to their HEA. I have to admit I was enjoying Emery and her food choices, definitely very similar to me. Loved Maylene and mini Maylene (now known as Comet) and of course the finishing touch on this great book were the family newsletters to give us our final updates. One of my favorite quotes from this book was, ‘I want to be your knight in shining armor, Em. I can’t help that.’ Samantha Chase this was the cherry on the top of the sundae of an amazing group of Montgomery stories.
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A DASH OF CHRISTMAS by Samantha Chase is a sweet holiday read!  Perfect read for an evening wrapped in a blanket.  Carter and Emery are old rivals constantly challenging each other to be better all through school.  Who knew they'd find themselves years later working together!  A five 🌟 read!
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5 He Has an Obsession with Gouda Stars!!!

I love a good enemies to lovers story and when you add in that this takes place in the Montgomery Brothers written by Samantha Chase and it’s a total win for me! This book revolves around Carter Montgomery who we’ve certainly met in all the previous books and Emery Monaghan. 

From the moment I started this book with his mom Eliza planning her “matchmaking” I knew this was going to be a fun read… I mean it’s around the holidays, there’s food involved, hence the Gouda reference, and it’s discovering who you really are when faced with adversity.

The fact that Emery and Carter have known each other since they were little and always trying to taunt and tease each other provided for some comic moments in the book but the best is when they see each other by surprise late one evening, in the family apartment in NYC thanks to Eliza is one of the best moments in the book. I literally laughed out loud with the way they bantered back and forth!

Little did they know that this meeting would change both their lives in so many ways and going on this journey with them was fun at times, heartbreaking at others. What can’t be denied however, is their pull towards each other. Emery is a woman that hasn’t had the pleasure of a family that wants only what’s best for their child whereas we know how the Montgomery’s stick together…although there’s some revelations in this book about Carter and his father that brought me to tears, so being drawn into a cause she believes in and getting to spend time with people who see her and who she is, has Eliza realizing that she’s lovable just as she is with no changes needed.

I adored how Carter loved her and how his life changed after spending time with her and had him making some changes that reflected in how he lived his life and allowed him to remember why he became a chef in the first place.

Like I said in the beginning, not only is this a love story, but it’s a story of redemption, discovery and most importantly a love that is never ending and going along on this ride was one that I’d gladly take again and again as long as Ms. Chase wants to keep giving us more of the Montgomery Family because they’re all that and a slice of Gouda!!!
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I love all of Samantha Chase's books and this was no exception! This book will be the perfect holiday treat.  The story was easy to fall into- it immediately drew me in.  I am a sucker for holiday romances and this was one I know I'll want to return to come Christmas.
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This is the 9th in the series so really what this means is there are a lot of Montgomery’s to keep track of and it is not easy. 

Besides the family we are dealing with Carter and Emily. They end up working together on a cookbook. But they have a past. 

I never really connected with the characters. The story is sweet for a holiday romance but just not one that had me staying up late to read the story. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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It’s always a bittersweet moment when I come to the final book in any series and A DASH OF CHRISTMAS, the 9th story in The Montgomery Brothers series has arrived. I’m going to miss this extended family full of love, laughter, heartache, and healing. Yet, as so often happens, the best of them all did come last as we not only get a complicated love story with Carter and Emery, we also got to catch up a bit with all the members of this family that I’ve had amazing adventures with over the years.

Carter and Emery have known each other forever it seems, and been rivals just about that long as well. Now all grown up both have gone their own ways to lives that have gotten complex over time. Carter has succeeded at his love of food by becoming a restauranteur with a thriving business doing what he loves yet feels it’s time to move on to another challenge – he’s just not sure what yet. Emery thought she had her life mapped out until it all fell to pieces at her feet. Now she’s looking for space, trying to escape the publicity brought about by her cheating ex. They both end up in New York City, working on a project that matters – and as usual, their rivalry plays a large part in their time together. Only this time something is different, they’re seeing the people they’ve grown into and as attraction flares so do tempers at times. They just might be perfect for each other – they just have to survive the courtship and dodge fiery banter and sort of intended insults to get to that happy ending.

I read A DASH OF CHRISTMAS with a satisfied smile on my face most of the time. Emery and Carter certainly do strike sparks off of each other, and watching them fight falling in love was an amusing, banter-filled journey. I had such fun with their story and loved seeing old book friends, couples and family that I’ve met throughout this series once again. They all will be missed – but what a ride it was.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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This is the story of Carter Montgomery, the son who went against his father’s plan and became a successful chef, though that decision continues to affect him daily. Carter has been competing against Emery Monaghan since fifth grade, but maybe this Christmas their relationship will grow.
This was such a lovely Christmas book and a great addition to this series. I liked how Christmas was present without being overkill. As well, I loved, as always, how big a roll the family played in this book. I loved reading how the mothers and aunts interfere while the uncles provide sage advice and the siblings are just regular siblings- handing out both help and ribbing.  All of the characters were well developed, complex and interesting. I can’t say that there were any stereotypical characters which was nice.
The plot moved at a good pace and was an interesting mix of both inner conflicts within each character and the usual problems between new couples.
This was a great read and would be a must read for anyone who has enjoyed the Montgomery Family series!
Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.
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Emery Monaghan’s fiancé is caught up in a scandal and instead of doing what her parents want her to do she decides to take up her friends’ idea of going to their apartment to be away from the spotlight. Carter Montgomery is in town from New Orleans for two reasons, one too works on his new restaurant and to finish the cookbook he started for his mother. When he arrives at his family’s apartment he does not know that his mother has let a family friend stay there. Emery is more than a family friend to Carter. They grew up together and went to school together. They always seemed to be in competition with each other but Carter always felt less than when he was around her. Now they find out that each one has been attracted to the other one and Cater finds that she is to work on the finishing touches of the book. Recipes get changed the past gets revisited and besides the past Carter finally finds what he is looking for in a restaurant, but what about the woman he has always thought about? Will he get the girl or let his career take first place instead of his heart. Read this wonderful story to find out.
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I voluntarily read and advanced review copy of this book

Emery is in trouble she is being pressured into something she wants nothing to do with. With no where to turn she gets safe refuge in the most likely of places with the most unlikely companions. Can Carter help to keep Emery out of the spotlight and safe in his arms or will the drama of their past keep them apart? Read and find out.

Overall a good book. I found myself laughing at a lot of Emery's antics and food quirks. Carter was just what she needed to get her out of her funk.
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