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A Dash of Christmas

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It's been a while since I visited the Montgomerys, and it was such a nice escape into another sweet romance from Samantha Chase.

Carter and Emery sure had their hands full as they get over the past to think of a future, and of course the growing pains in building a lasting relationship is a cool read.
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Great Montgomery Family story. I loved Carter and Emery's story. I liked how they were there to support each other. I like the individual story line as well as how we get an update on the Montgomery Family. Cant wait for more.
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This was a nice read.  Carter & Emery were good together.  While things went fast to the lead up of Carter and Emery's relationship, I think Samantha Chase presented a good balance with the honeymoon phase of their relationship and the the differences, and challenges that rears its head in a relationship.  It has been a while since I've kept up with this series, so it was great to see some familiar names in this holiday story.
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A lovely story that touch me from the beginning! Watching these two banter and work together was fascinating!Samantha Chase knows how to make you fall in love with her words. It was great to watch as they both battled their past issues and worked to get past those struggles. The relationship between Carter and Emery is an enemies to lovers and it's one of my favorite tropes!
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I love the Montgomery Brothers series so it was fun to revisit the world & see Carter's love story.  I loved Emery and the entire story. The enemies to lovers trope is always one that I am interested in since there is so much potential conflict and the coming together can be so interesting! This was a delightful novel and I really enjoyed where the story went. Although it's a Christmas story, that really isn't the focus of the novel so don't let that put you off!
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I’m so sad to see the Montgomery’s come to and end but Samantha left the best couple for last! Who doesn’t love a little enemies to lovers troupe with some Christmas thrown in for good measure.

Carter has been struggling with the construction of his newest restaurant and he’s not quite sure why. After the death of his father last year and knowing how his father wasn’t fan of his decision to become a chef... he was feeling a bit lost. Then on top of everything the one woman who got on his last nerve was dropped into his lap to “help” with a project he had promised his mom he would help with.

Emery had never felt so isolated before in her life. Not only had her husband been caught cheating (again) but he had also been caught abusing women. And the kicker... her own parents told her to suck it up and go back to her husband. With his wealth and status, people are after him so she needs to stick by his side. So when an old family friend reaches out and gives her a place to hide away - the last person she imagined seeing with Carter.

These two were witty and fun - the back and forth. The bit of angst-fueled this romance and I really enjoyed these two together.

Although I am going to miss the Montgomery’s I can’t wait to see what’s next for M’s. Chase!
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I received a copy for review purposes.

I have to start by saying the moms in this series and how they have to scheme and set their kids u is outstanding. I liked Carted in previous stories but I wasn't a huge fan at the beginning of this story. The way he kept putting off his mom and talking about how busy he was made him feel a little stuck up.

The he ran into Emery again and she called him on it and how he's stuck up about food as well. She helped him work through issues he's had with the loss of his dad as well as pushed him to really figure out why he has the drive he does. If it really serves him.

He's there for her during this time in her life where everything has been upended. I love the two of them and the dialog between them as well as the fun memories while they planned the cookbook.

It was a great end to the series and the ending helped to round it all out for the entire family.
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Wonderful holiday romance.  The setting is inviting and the characters are very loveable.  While the plot is somewhat predictable, as are most holiday romances, it in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the book.  Samantha Chase is a wonderful storyteller and this book is a delightful addition to her Montgomery Brothers series.  Another Hallmark movie perhaps?
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This is a cute romance, but it wasn't exactly what I would classify as a Christmas romance. Most of the story doesn't occur during Christmas and it lacked the extra sparkle and Hallmark quality I expect from a Christmas romance.
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What a perfect Christmas book! I couldn't put this one down. Carter and Emery trip through to finding themselves and each other was sweet and fun. Carter is a chef (yummy in many ways) and is working on opening a restaurant only things aren't going super great, and he can't quite figure out why. Everything is falling apart for Emery. Her scumbag former fiance is in some serious trouble and Emery is trying to distance herself and put her life back together. I really appreciated how Chase showcased Emery's struggles through her strength. Emery is learning to be strong for herself, which makes her that much more amazing.

In addition to Carter and Emery we have several other characters making an appearance. I haven't read the other books in the series, but they're definitely on my radar now, I enjoyed meeting them and am eager to read their happily ever after stories.
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A Dash of Christmas is a beautful, fun and heartwarming Christmas story of found love. I had no idea this was part of a larger series but do not let that stop you from picking it up, it functions just find as a standalone book. 

Carter and Emery have known each other forever and have always competed. I loved their chemistry, their arguments and the way they truly love and respect each other. And I loved Emery's journey to reclaim who she is and her strength.
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Love, love, LOVED A Dash of Christmas!!! It has absolutely EVERYTHING a romance reader could love with a dash of Christmas (yeah, tongue in cheek, I had to go there) thrown in!!! A Dash of Christmas by Samantha Chase is the 9th book in Samantha Chase’s Montgomery Brothers Series. When this book hit my tablet, I could not wait to start it.
Emery Monaghan has had enough from the cheating low life she was engaged to.  She forgave his butt when she found out about that girl, he had cheated on her with.  He said it was the only time, and he would never do it again. Now, she knew the truth, and the reporters would not leave her alone so she could deal with her pain and humiliation in peace.  Emery knew she had to get away.  When Eliza Montgomery, a family friend, offered to let her stay at the family’s condo in New York, and a job working on the cookbook with her son Carter’s recipes fundraiser, she jumped at the chance.
Carter Montgomery has been running non-stop between all of his current restaurants and his newest venture being built in Montauk for a very long time.  He NEEDS a break in the worst way.  And, he is determined to do that in Montauk after a brief stop at the family condo in New York.  Yep, the same condo that unbeknownst to Carter, Emery is staying at….
Emery and Carter grew up together and have had a bit of love hate relationship.  However, the sparks were always there but neither wanted to admit it.  Emery and Carter were both smart cookies in school, but Emery hated that everything came easily to Carter, but she had to work her butt off.  
I loved watching the sparks fly when they started working together at the condo before Carter left for Montauk.  Then, when her ex’s lawyer shows up threatening to give up her hiding spot to the press, Carter steps in and brings her to Montauk to hide out there with him.  And the sexual tension really starts.
One of the things I really loved about this book, and one of the reasons I loved this series is the sense of family.  How they care so much about each other, and once you become one of the family…sigh.
I loved the whole book/series, but I think my favorite part of this book were the Christmas Cards…  Sorry Ladies, you will have to read this wonderful book to find out what I am talking about, no spoilers.
I was first introduced to Samantha Chase’s wonderful books when I was at my library looking for a new book to read, when I read the blurb to Meant for You the 5th book the series, I knew I had to read it. I fell in love with Samantha Chase and her story writing abilities when I read this book.  I went back and binged on the first 4 books; I could not wait for them to hit my Kindle. I have been a fan of this series ever since and this is why I am sad to see it end. I have also bought the audio versions of all of the books released thus far and have pre-ordered this one too, because I have loved it so much.  Ms. Chase and her books have become one of my go to authors when I need a pick me up when I am having a bad time.  So, thank you, Ms. Chase from the bottom, or rather ALL of my heart for all the “pick me ups” your stories give me. 
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Started this book and was so interested in the series that I’m pausing this one now and starting at the beginning! Didn’t realize when I requested this one that it was the last book in a 10 book series. Can’t wait to read more!
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Such a great ending to a fantastic series!!

Carter and Emery have been rivals since they were children. Now as Carter's professional life is in turmoil and Emery's personal life implodes, they are forced to work together on a charity cookbook. Old contentions come back to life but new sparks fly as well.

I absolutely loved Carter and Emery's story! I loved the history between them and the new feelings. I loved Carter's fierceness and Emery's sweetness. I loved all the ways Christmas brought these two together. A lovely Christmas story and the perfect ending to this series!!
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This is the first novel by Samantha Chase that I’ve read but it won’t be the last. A Dash of Christmas is the perfect holiday read and I’m glad to see there are more novels about the Montgomery family. 4/5 stars 
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.
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Another winner in the Montgomery series! Carter and Emery have known each other since they were kids, and have been frenemies about that long. Always competing and trying to best the other. 

Emery is currently going through a tough time as her fiance deals with scandal (and the spotlight is on Emery), so Carter's mother helps her out with a place to stay out of the limelight. Unbeknownst to Carter, his mother pairs the two up on a project and they're even sharing an apartment for the time being. 

These two bring out the best in each other, help each other work through their weakest parts and are a great match in the end. I have loved reading the series, and this book is a great addition.
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Smart, handsome, and successful. That should be enough right? Not for Carter’s matchmaking mother. Carter helps his mom out with a recipe book for charity and Eliza sets him up with an assistant to get in done in such a short time. Turns out that person is Emery – his life long rival. Their banter and arguing was a cover for the tension they felt even if they denied it for a long time. Overcoming baggage is never easy and these two had plenty. As with all of Samantha Chase’s books, once the couple can work past their issues, hot and fabulous is the only way to describe them! They were a great end to the Montgomery family stories.
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I really enjoyed their story. I loved how there wasn't much drama yet you could see the pain and growth. I'd recommend this one.
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In the 9th book in Chase’s Montgomery series, she tells the enemies-to-friends love story of Carter and Emery. In this case, Carter’s mother Eliza is the scheming matchmaker when she asks Emery to help Carter complete a fundraising cookbook for her charitable organization. Considering that these two have been antagonistic rivals since grade school and are both carrying a load of baggage (from a lecherous, deceitful fiancé to distant and misguided parents), it’ll take a Christmas miracle to find their happily-ever-after. In the process, readers are presented with a feast for the senses with descriptions of Carter’s culinary creations. It’s a yummy romance full of sparring and steamy make-up sex.
I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me through NetGalley. This book was just absolutely wonderful. It was just so easy to get lost in and I just couldn’t put it down. This is the tenth book in the Montgomery Brothers series and even though I hadn’t read the previous books I was just so lost within this story that I didn’t even care that I hadn’t read the previous books. I most definitely will read more by this author.
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